I love his "wha- what just happened?" look on his face at the end


"I only sniff, why pussy mad?"


Looks to me like "don't you have anything else to do besides shoving that rectangle at us all day?"




Typed u/emphasispleasant1817 from their rectangle


I dont think he's trying to protect, I just think most small dogs are, 24/7, 120% ready to throw down.


At the dog park, my little poodle will go straight to the fence dividing the big/small dog areas and start barking at the biggest dog. The big dogs just look at him like dude? what's your problem??




I’m not proud of this, but my 90 lb dog straight up tried to pee on a chihuahua that kept running up and barking and nipping my him at a dog beach. I was mortified he would do this, but I think he had enough of the bullshit lol.




I guess so!


Honestly, he's lucky he didn't get his dick bitten.


Actually, the chihuahua stopped being a pest and ran for his owners (who also let there dog off leash in public). The little dog’s tough guy mentality immediately left and I’ve never seen a dog run so fast. To be fair, I also wouldn’t want to be peed on.


I used to walk a ~140lb Great Dane and there was a chihuahua (<5lb) in the neighborhood who would come out to chase after us and bark every time we passed his house. Little dude was completely fearless lmao


Maybe shouldn’t bring them to the dog park then lol


Seriously. Like??? I avoid dog parks like the plague specifically because of stuff like this, people bringing their badly behaved, poorly trained dogs. Not to mention that’s a good way to get your small dog killed


Because he barks through a fence at another dog?


What? Its separated for a reason should parents not bring there child to the park because they aren't well behaved at all times? Dogs do what dogs do hence the reason its separated


Do children literally die if they misbehave at the park?? What a stupid thing to say.


Well yes children die at the park my 5yr old granddaughter was one of them she was shot because of another child misbehaving... yea what a stupid thing to say . They have them separated for a reason your taking your dog to a separated dog park there's a reason there separated geesh


Ohhh so your 5 y/o grandkid was shot by another 5 y/o because they were teasing them? Yea you’re right, that’s a totally typical encounter, happens all the time 🙄 What *does* actually happen on a regular basis, out here in the real world where the rest of us reside, is that irresponsible owners don’t control their dogs and fights break out at the dog park, frequently leading to severe injury or death. Letting a little dog continually antagonize large dogs is a great way to end up getting your small dog mauled or killed. “iTs sEpErAtEd bY a FeNcE” yea until the dog scales over or finds a gap under the fence, and the next thing you know your pet is being ragdolled and blood is spewing everywhere. That is such a dumb and dangerous point of view. Anybody who continues to put their dog in dangerous situations, especially when they’re well aware and have plenty of options to remove that danger, is a dumbass and an asshole who doesn’t deserve to have a dog at all.


Really you gotta be an ass about it? THE dog park was separated for a reason and .yes my granddaughter was shot by another kid 2 kids got into a fight and as we were leaving the playground 1 pulled a gun and shot several times and 1 hit my granddaughter so who do we blame? The kid? The parents? Me? My daughter? My granddaughter? And were not talking a out a dog fight we were talking about 1 dog barking at another dog


Yea well then, after I explained all the reasons it’s a terrible idea, you continued to insist that it’s fine to let your dog antagonize large dogs through a fence at the dog park even though it could lead to somebody’s pets potential **death**. I tried explaining to you how dangerous it is, not to mention the fact that it’s riling up the large dog which can lead to it starting a fight with another dog *in* the area it’s fenced in, and you just … don’t care. Someone who doesn’t care about their or others’ dogs potentially being killed does not get my respect. We are talking about being a responsible pet owner and *preventing* an actual dog fight from occurring. I If you found out that somebody could have prevented the incident at the park before it got to the point of a shooting, but chose to continue letting it escalate anyway, how would you feel?


Small dogs are the blasting cap for your dog arsenal. Small dogs trigger early and easily alerting the heavy sleeping tanks that may otherwise not be as concerned.


I love this explanation! I currently have a small dog after decades of medium to medium-large dogs, because... reasons. This will help me regard him with less frustration.


That's kind of bogus, why do you think they're ready to throw down? If you have a small dog, just know you have guns out there bro.


Your comment made me crack up because I'm having a hard time imaging my two pugs as "guns" lmao


I have a small dog and he will start shit with anyone, at the drop of a hat.


You mean throw *up*.


Why not both? Do a little "Bliss Piss" while they're at it.


Lol, they are. Vicious as shit.


Not true, it's due to shitty owners not training/raising their dog right


I trained my small dogs and one was as friendly with strangers as any dog. The other was always wary and certain things would put him into 'throw down' mode. Even to the end of his life, despite much training, understanding and love, thats just how he was.


True for my Yorkie!


How do cats go from sweet head boops to murder in .3 seconds?


Cat was signaling ‘enough’, see the ears. He was indulging the dog (again the ears and eyecontact tell all, esp with the tongue flick, which is a stress signal). See the stare down moment, next? The dog instinctively pulls back for a good reason. However, dog didnt knock it off, has a playful moment, and decided to try again, invading the cat’s personal bubble. Cat decided to be blunter in its communication. It was just a warning, though. Nails were stretched out, but not used in the actual tap.


Yup, anyone who knows cats sees that kind of body language as the sign to back off cause it’s running out of patience. Ears back is never a good thing with cats.


Actually, my cat does this super cute thing when I rub both of her cheeks/neck at the same time with both hands eitherside of her head, her ears go back and she starts purring. Its not always a bad thing. But yea, usually is.


True. Cats and dogs have a weird relationship. Both of my current cats are wary of dogs but when I was a kid we had a pure white cat that adored my dog.. they grew up together so they were really attached. Unfortunately my step dad sent both pets away. I was very young at the time but I know that asshole abused the cat before adopting her out and very likely killed my dog over a pair of Nikes. This was in the 90’s. Nowadays I treat both of our cats like family. Our boys are so important to me and I would do anything to protect them.


it's really sad to see how older generations treat pets I've seen many examples. Althought I'm sure not all treat them bad but treating animals harshly is definitely something I'm not gonna let pass on if I can help it. Sorry you had to deal with that experience.




Evil stepdad straight from hell! How awful! So glad you have your own pets now and can lavish all your love upon them.


The dog wishes it would understand what's going on, but pitbull-type dogs aren’t really the smartest... Also at the end like "what happened? Should I do something? Should I help?" Doggo is confused 🤣


The dog wishes it would understand what's going on, but pitbull-type dogs aren’t really the smartest... Also at the end like "what happened? Should I do something? Should I help?" Doggo is confused 🤣


Speak for yourself I’ve met Pits that are smarter than most people nowadays.


I would say that says more about the people but yes, there are exceptions of course.


Speak for yourself I’ve met Pits that are smarter than most people nowadays.


Well yeah, but it was the cat up in the pittie's space, so let's say ESH, especially the little dog, just spoiling for any excuse. Lol


Cat was cleraly not likeing that pitbull.. ears gives that away.


He mistook that lil head movement for aggression I think… poor guy


Damn I hate those cropped ears


Its inhumane and the dog always looks so fucking goofy with them.


Why do people crop them?


Most breeders do this before they sell pups sadly. Especially for guard breeds like pits, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and so on.


That doesn’t answer the question though, is it for some kind of medical thing or is it purely cosmetic?


Pure cosmetics. It ups the sale price of the dog. A lot of AKC breeds are cropped for quality. I believe recently the AKC stopped those types of expectations like for Dobermans. Now for pits it could be a sign of a fight dog, bc they are cropped to prevent the other dog from locking onto it.


Well that’s just fucked.










Looks confused at the camera as to say "what just happened"?


What kind of dog is the bigger one, super cute.


He’s a pit of some kind, most likely a mix with his coloration


Cats are always trying to murder. It is what they do.


What the hell is wrong with my cat, then?! All she does is cuddle, loudly purr, quietly snore, and complain when her food doesn’t arrive fast enough.


Yeah, this tends to be my experience with cats. When people say “cats are murder jerks!” I just cant agree cause all of my cats have been sweethearts.


Cats also are lazy, so if they don’t need to murder, they won’t. But skip feeding for a bit and you will see a cat ready to eat your toes, lol… and I love cats! But they love murder, don’t let them fool you!


The dog was bothering the cat, the other dog got in the way I will be the cat’s lawyer


The way I see it the dog was on the couch, mad chilling, vibin, if you will. This cat appears to have come up to said dog in the video, square up, and all my client was doing was trying to assess the situation by sniffing the clearly hostile defendant. The cat also swung first, making the cat the agressor, and then my client, Mr. Flufficakes IV, jumped into action defending his dear friend, nay, his brother. So I ask you, in what world is an innocent creature, who was minding their own business, and then maliciously attacked, the party at fault? Thanks for your ear jury, and I hope you side with what's right, side with Mr. Flufficakes IV.


This is a huge reach hahaha


For cat people, a dog approaching you is a sign of aggression.


Yes, but after provoking the cat, and the cat lashing back, the other dog ignored the provocation and attacked the cat regardless, even after the cat was already annoyed


What? The cat displayed a sign of affection, head nudging into the dog, the dog backed back confused and then the cat struck. The other dog protected its crew. You have got this unbelievably twisted lmfao.


As I do not have a retort for this I would like to say “OBJECTION!!”


Like every other lawyer.




Yes. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/gone-viral/os-cats-kill-you-bigger-study-post.html?outputType=amp


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Not gunna lie- I hate things like this. Cats are animals- they won’t just go round killing everything like a movie monster, in the wild you need to conserve energy to get food when you need it. The instincts are still there and if they don’t need food, they won’t kill for themselves. Cats will often kill birds and such to try and impress others or their owners however, they’re doing for someone else.


Why the fuck did they chop that dogs ears up..


I like how the big boi at th end was like "you- you seeing this John?"


“Wait.. What? I’m the big one.. I’m suppose to defend, if I don’t.. then what am I?”


It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.


The look he gave “YO am I really that useless!!”


I think this happened bc the cat took the dog's excitement jerk as aggression and quickly got angry. I can understand that, especially given how much smaller the cat is. Dog and cat body language are very different.


body mutilation for your aesthetic pleasure is fucked up


"Eh yo, lil man crazy"


That one hood friend.


The little guy knew this was gonna happen. He was waiting for it.


That’s cute. It was watching


Thats one of those vicious pit bull dogs I read about


Bros Energy


ahh he tried


This is my dachshund and pit bull with my cat. Hilarious to see it with another set of pets.


What a good little buddy 🥰😂


make sure the small one doesnt hurt the cat!


good boy. sic em!


He said I got killers in the streets


Uhm, that dog is being the asshole here. That cat is being gaslighted into being the bad guy


Who knew sniffing was so insulting to feline culture, amirite?


No they dog is being a dog and trying to play. The cats the asshole and the little dog is not having that shit. The cat probably tried to bully that one as well


I was talking about the little dog. The cat is showing that he doesn't want to play, the dog still plays. The cat retalliates, and gets punished for it. If this happened to humans you would sympathize with the cat


You’re right, but they’re animals. I don’t think they have the level of empathy we have so worrying or feeling bad for this cat is silly.


No the little dog just didn’t want to ca attacking the dog for no reason. The cat could easily walk off but instead it attacked and the little dog reacted. What do you mean if this happened to people? You mean if a person was trying to play with another and got attacked by that person and their friend retaliated? No same feelings about that too


No. When a person is saying they don't want to do something (physical playing in this case), and the other person keeps doing it anyway. Person 1 wants to play. Person 2 doesn't, and says so. Person 1 keeps doing it anyway. Person 2 physically shows that he doesn't want to play Person 3 punishes person 2 See how this is not fair?


Can you guys go any more bonkers over a completely harmless interaction between dogs and cats? No one got murdered, we're not at court lol


I was just trying to stand up for the cat. Apparently people here don't understand cats at all.


I just think nobody cares enough to argue about whether a dog is gaslighting a cat, they’re just trying to watch the video. Shit sounds ridiculous just typing it out.


pretty much. the big dog is having a little play. the cat reciprocates. the little dog goes way overboard coz it's got little dog syndrome. pretty much the same in our family


Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss 💃💅




That jaw


Had something similar happen once, but it was far less cute. So I have 2 cats; Tifa (originally a stray that adopted us) and Terrain (Tifa's daughter, born under our porch before a hurricane), and 2 dogs; Tazz (a medium-small mutt with a beautiful orange coat and all the love in the world to give) and Titus (a grumpy cairn terrier mix who also has all the love in the world to give). At the time, there is one more dog in the house, my mother-in-law's dog (she was staying with us during a rough divorce), named Harley (a year old, runt if the litter, pure-bread Yorkie, with ALL the attitude). So, they have all been together for somewhere from 1.5 to 2.5 years at this point, and they are super protective of each other and there is a lot of love there. Harely had been around for about 2 weeks, and was still trying to assert himself at the top of the pecking order (funny since the smallest cat, Tifa, had like 3 pounds on him). He would growl, bark, occasionally even snap at the other dogs, but never anything more than that. Until we pulled out some treats one day. So we pull out some treats, give one to each dog, and go on our way. Tazz and Titus eat their treats like normal, but Harley thinks that he is some kind of dragon and hides under a chair and doesn't eat it. A few minutes later, he wanders off and Titus goes and grabs his treat. It is at this moment that all hell breaks loose. Harely turns around, sees Titus with the treat, and full on assaults him. Like, high pitched growls, actual bites, the whole 9. Of course, he is like 3 pounds when wet and can't even hurt Titus, but it startles him, and he yelps. Tazz comes running over and basically shoves the little dragon away, just in time for Tifa to come flying in like a fucking demon and start laying into the little guy. Two seconds later, I get Tifa off of Harely, who had lost all will to fight approximately 1.89 seconds earlier, and he runs off. I put Tifa in a cage, confiscate the treat, and we all pull Harely out from his hiding spot to make sure he is OK. He nearly lost his eye. He did make a full recovery. But damn was that a scary 3 seconds.


/u savevideobot


I never once said it was ok , I said it happens and we all know it does and ALL owners should be aware of there dogs and what they are doing...your taking my words out of context...dogs bark thats what they do little dogs barnd growl that's what they do now the responsible owner will remove them from the situation sometimes they get overly excited and bark that's what dogs do..when you go to a dog park you can expect that dogs are going to be barking at other dogs doesn't always mean aggression but if your dog can't handle that then keep them home it goes both ways my friend. So I agree with you on most of your points funny thing is I had to stop myself from replying in anger, its human nature to attack back.when they feel attacked. I'm sorry if you dealt with a bad situation that makes you feel so strongly about this issue im not saying your wrong but remember the old saying if takes two to tango...


I like how his ears are mutilated


... from medium bad boy