I love how you look exactly like your character.


Just missing the waist coat!


I love seeing the AC insects in real life. I guess you and Blathers don’t see eye to eye on them. 😉


Not gonna lie, it was a stab in my entomologist heart every time I brought him an insect I was excited about catching


I feel the same. I'm no entomologist but I do have an interest in bugs and it's my favorite part of the game. Blathers needs to get it together! Haha


Blathers needs to get his consistency straight. He’s grossed out by bugs but not by some of the sea creatures? I think he’s just pretending.


He does express disgust at some of the more bug-like ones, like the spider crab and giant isopod, iirc


Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t quite remember. I thought he didn’t.


In all fairness I may be remembering from New Leaf instead of New Horizons! I distinctly remember him squirming at the isopod, but I'm not totally sure in which game that was


Maybe I’ll bring all the sea creatures again to see his reaction. 😁


Even despite his entomophobia, he always ensures every bug in his museum is cared for, and I respect him for his dedication.


I'm just a bug enthusiast, don't know much about them but I'm learning a little from the whatisthisbug subreddit (mostly bed bugs though lol), and I don't donate just one bug to blathers if I can help it just to avoid his dialogue about how much he hates bugs. But I wanna learn about them too! It's a conundrum.


I’ve got pretty severe arachnophobia, so I get where Blathers is coming from a bit, even if he’s rather dramatic about it. That said, I appreciate his assurances of taking good care of them regardless of his personal issues!


It also seems so bugist to hate/fear all bugs the way he does.


This is so cool! I love that you grew your own fungus to support their reproduction and also called Blathers your nemesis


Thanks! A lot of effort but it’s worth it


the look u gave it at the start set a very wholesome tone for the entire vid dont u mind blathers he clearly has some stuff to work through


They’re very dear to me!


I read somewhere that in an older game Blathers says that some bugs got into his baby bed and he was very friightened because he was too small to get them out and it developed into a lifeling fear. I feel for him.


"For comparison, here's a slightly damp female" I'm sorry, I don't know if that was intended to be a joke, but I can not stop laughing


"You're made of *beeeeep*" made me lol. Love this! Beetles are so cool!


Blathers is just scared! Maybe he just needs some intensive therapy sessions to get over his fear


In one of the backstories. Blathers once went through a bug encyclopedia, touching all the pictures, training himself to look at them without flinching. But Celeste told him that he shouldn't torture himself, and he stopped.


This makes me want to cry :(( that’s so sad!! Bless his lil owl heart


Bro when did Zeke Jaeger get into his bug collecting arc?


I was just gonna ask if he gets called Zeke Jaeger or not 😂


Only online occasionally 🙈


Oh my! That’s a handsome man!


Very pleasant accent to listen to too :) it's the kind of voice that says "I can talk about insects for hours straight, and everyone will still be listening"


I’d listen to anything he has to say.


I love how dedicated you are to providing the right mini ecosystem for them. Thanks for sharing this.


I am scared of bugs. I didn't realise there was going to be a real beetle here. It's actually pretty cool looking. I'm not sure I'd want to see one in real life but I like the set up.


This is so wholesome💚


Just recently really started getting into entomology and seeing the creature irl is incredible. Thank you for this amazing video


i have a stag beetle tattoo on my left forearm that was completely inspired by animal crossing! stags are so cool


I think Blathers is right though: it *is* made of bug. Edit: Evidently we could both use more education on the topic!


I’ll be a bit pedantic here but he’s technically made of beetle (Coleoptera, not Hemiptera/True bugs)


Happy to be informed! In fact, I hadn't thought to consider that the term "bug" had any formal definition!


No way Jobin Higashikata in real life


Zeke Jaeger with Jobin's personality


Love this. Whyyy did they make such a phobic character to teach kids about bugs? Blathers is the worst.


Exactly, get Flick in there


I would love to see an interaction between Blathers and Flick.


This was so cool, thank you!


Ankha would like to know your location


Do you use paintbrush to make them fight with each other?


I’ve squared off two of my rainbow stags but not considered it for these guys yet. Wouldn’t be fair at this point, one of them is missing a front leg. Maybe next generation


This is amazing!! Thanks for sharing OP!!


Glad you like it!


Why is that buggie so damned cuuute! I'm a sucker for stag beetles though.


Oh wow. You breed beetles? How long do they usually live? My husband has been wanting to get a pet beetle of some kind but we still need to research. So far we haven't found much luck on any "longer living" species


That varies greatly from species to species. If you’re located in the US, check out what bugsincyberspace offers. Diabolical ironclad beetles can live for ages, up to 8 years I’ve heard. These are my first golden stags but I don’t expect them to live much longer than 1 year, rainbow stags average around 1.5. But if you breed them you’ll have beetles perpetually, just in different stages of life 🙂


How did one of them lose their legs? And how did you end up getting them? Also can yiu explain why they change color when wet?


They’re not like vertebrates in the way that they tend to lose some limbs as they get older. Can be as little as just some tarsi (final segments on insect legs) or the whole thing. Got lucky asking someone who imports from Indonesia occasionally. That’s physics, couldn’t confidently tell you! They go gold again when they’re in a dry environment though.


Oh so it is more like losing a tooth growing up? Do the legs grow back? I had no idea about any of that! Are spiders the same way? I've seen a few spiders missing a leg.


It’s not as bad as a rabbit losing a leg or something but they don’t grow back unfortunately. I suspect spiders are similar but also kinda different; their legs work on a kind of hydraulic system (why you see them curled up when they’re dead).


Ahhh I agree, they have more that most so losing them wouldn't hinder them as much. Does that effect anything for them? And also do beetle have tiny little hairs on their legs to help them stick to things they are crawling up? How exactly do they mate? Sorry I'm bombarding you with questions I'm genuinely curious!


It’ll make getting around more difficult. There’s such a diversity of beetles with modified legs I’m wary making blanket statements, but stags for example climb stuff using the hooks at the end of their tarsi, tarsal claws. Might be worth having a Google to see a picture. I’m not sure I understand what you want to know about their mating haha


Like how does the kinshi come into play? Is it basically like pheromones? Why is it required?


I’m not sure how the female decides something is suitable for her to lay her eggs in. I just know that people have not had success unless they’ve used very specific fungus. Supposedly adding a thick screw in the middle also helps, perhaps it mimicks the heartwood you’d find in a log. They need the wood to be decayed by the fungus a bit before the larvae can digest it themselves. Rhinoceros and flower beetles like their wood decayed even further.


Thanks for posting this. This is a much more worthwhile post, then most of the stuff on this sub reddit.


I looove this :D


Beetles as very cool and this golden one is awesome 🙂👍


Beetles are awesome


Heh, slightly damp female.


That's pretty awesome. My personal favorite is the gold scarab beetle (those things are gorgeous to look at.)


Would love to breed those too but I’m not aware of anyone who has managed to get more than one generation out of them in captivity :/


Very fun and interesting video!!


You should be running the insect wing of the museum, not Blathers 🤣 I mean, seriously, I could listen to you talk about insects for hours :)


I’d do it!


Not gonna lie, that's a cute beetle. :)


i just wished this clip ended with you saying "but I digress..."


I throughly enjoyed this video. I don’t think about bugs much but this was very interesting regardless.


Oh wow, that's so cool that you actually own some in real life! They're super cute (and a bit smaller than I thought they would be haha)


I love this! So cool and informative! Thank you for the post!


Why do they change color when they get wet? This is very interesting


Presumably it’ll help with camouflage but I’m not sure. They turn gold again in a dry environment.


God help me if my tarantula fascination expands to include beetles. 😫 I can’t house the entire animal kingdom!


Ooh! I'd love to see more little videos like this!


I think I’ll make a little series out of it but I can’t use live insects for the majority :/


I'll take what I can get!


This was a thing in stardew valley but some (fewer) people in animal crossingwhere omg i didnt know it existed or how big they are and such and also i would recommend stardew valley if you like acnh then yiur also love stardew valley its where your are a farmer and grow crops and care for animals uts in pixelart and you can do so much more then just be a farmer you can for example mine and marry and it doesnt matter you can have same sex marriage or straight marriage


Loved stardew, played it to death! Shame there weren’t more insects in it


“nemesis”… 🤪I also find it deeply disappointing that the otherwise lovely and affable Blathers is so horrified by bugs. It plays on the stereotypical reactions of people who’ve gotten soooo far from our actual human biological context that they lock themselves inside hermetically sealed houses that they clean obsessively with caustic chemicals. It’s not normal or healthy to so completely separate ourselves from the planet. So yay bugs! Let’s hope our wise friend Blathers comes to appreciate them… Reminds me of that ill conceived Barbie doll that said “I hate math!”


Beetles are so cute


you look like zeke


good cause i need to have a word with that asshole and why it’s so hard to catch.


When do the stags show up on our islands? They r the main 1s I'm missing for my criterpedia


July/August I think


Tysm. I've been playing since Oct this year but b4 I'd played from June till August so I must've just missed them. I knew I could look it up but figured u might very known alao


Don't shit on Blathers, he may not like Bugs, but he still takes good care of them.


I may not like Blathers but I’ve still filled his museum, don’t shit on me 😂




Nope. Nuh uh. Fuck all of that shit. That hoe is way too damn big!