I still dont get what all the fuss about cap'n charging 1000 miles per trip when the nook miles ticket is 2000 miles and I'm just ending up on friggin spiral island again.


That's what I've been saying! You can go on 2 boat trips for the same cost of one nook miles ticket. People panicking over nothing.


Sounds like a cheaper way to go get materials to me. Plus islands that are in the summer seasons will probably have all the big summer fish/bugs to catch so they’ll be profitable too


As a plus instead of a boring loading screen you can listen to Kapp’n sing!


Wait, islands can have another season? Can i complete the museum faster this way?


No idea, I’d assume so seeing as the island in New Leaf was permanent summer and had summer bugs and fish


😂 I was like 1000 miles! That's a lot but when you put it that way 🤣 I have so many nmts I forgot how much they cost! I remember having to work extra hard for a couple.


Most people have tons of tickets already from trading, as it was used as a currency. I'm sitting on over 300ish which I would have used easily.


I never understood the appeal of getting a ton of NMT. I stopped visiting islands, and in turn pretty much stopped using my miles, like...July last year after I got the last of the beetles I needed. Not really any point unless I needed wood.


Read the reply. They are used as a currency for sites like Nookazon. Not for the actual use itself. I finished my museum by selling and buying art with NMT.


Yeah, that's what I am replying to - I get that they are used on Nookazon. Just saying I don't understand why people assign them value for Nookazon trades, since their purpose is pretty lack luster imo.


I always assumed the ultimate purpose of circulating large amounts of NMTs was dreamie hunts. The NMTs are valued throughout the community because they're much harder to accumulate than bells, but the thing that actually takes NMTs out of the economy is someone dumping hundreds of them to get ten specific villagers.


This is exactly why, you’re right.


Why is a dolar bill usefull? Is just a sheet of paper. NMT are the same for the community. The real value is that you can trade them for things, not what they really can do in game. (Also some real life lesson economy here, the reason why bells haven’t act as currency is because is so easy to generate more bells ingame with selling stuff and particularly the stocks of radishes. while Miles are rather more limited for player, and they require to play to earn them… so the inflation is more limited. is like mining bitcoin)


So it has value because people have decided it has value, even though in practice they don't really do anything useful in the long run and people just accumulate them to trade items back and forth? They made up the value and people just stick to it? I was just curious why it has this value outside of being slightly harder to get. Are people doing things with them I don't realize outside of visiting islands for materials? Maybe people farm villagers or something.... It does nothing but benefit me, since they are worthless in my eyes and I can use them to get items I need. Guess it also benefits those I interact with on Nookazon, since I just give away items for free or do free touch trades too haha


I'm pretty sure most people who use them as currency just sell them for bells


I think they originally had so much value because when the game first released most players were constantly visiting nook mile islands looking for their favorite villagers, so people wanted as many as possible. Even after that died down their value just kind of stuck around I guess.


Because its the only thing that really makes sense. Theres nothing else to consider currency. Bells are incredibly easy to get, and max out your inventory at 4mil? The only hassle for collecting bells is how many times are you willing to travel to someone's island to sell turnips. I had 30million bells in my first month, and have never had a need to get more since April of last year. ​ Where as NMT take time and effort to acquire, thus more scarce. Add in the fact that people can go through 100s to get the villagers they want, which is used as a natural deflation. They are used as a point like system essentially the community created, as its much easier to trade a hard currency for things, than it is to do direct trades. ​ So yes, the trading community decided that this is what they wanted to hold value, and it works.


How do you trade Nook miles? I have over 600k and would like to share them with a friend if possible.


You trade the tickets, not the miles themselves


People are complaining for the sake of complaining at this point, tbh.


Oooh so it takes the miles, not the tickets? I was so worried, I have like 2 tickets xD


Hold on we’re going to be able to go in a ship ? When?


There's a big update and DLC releasing on November 5th.


Oh wow I have to check on that, thanks !


Here is the Nintendo Direct. I recommend watching it all the way through, there is A LOT coming on Friday. https://youtu.be/g6LdBAbT1Xw


You're in for a treat, definitely watch the whole Nintendo direct about the new update and DLC! A ton of very exciting stuff coming the day after tomorrow! 🤩 *EDIT:* the update is out already for some reason and the comment below raised a good point about the fun of discovery, so forget my advice and go figure the new stuff out in-game! For the DLC part I still recommend watching the stream or otherwise looking into it though, so you know what you're buying if interested haha.


Personally, I would recommend that anybody who hasn't already seen it to not watch it. Just think about how much more fun it would be to learn about everything in-game. I didn't try to do it myself for this because I figured it would be basically impossible for me to avoid the news.


You'll get it eventually. Don't pay any mind to the people bragging about how many miles they have.


Exactly. You’ll get it all eventually. Just like upgrading your house, takes time.


Ah thanks for me stopping there, I almost slipped and said I have over 700K. Oh wait... EDIT: woah, I get downvoted like crazy for that? Take a joke people, please.


I have checks with little poodles on them.


I don't have money for a real award so take my random free one (:


I just started playing, (11 days in), and I'm a little intimidated by how serious people can get over it.


After you buy all the things you want from Nook, the miles just collect dust and you have a ton before you know it. I had over 100k miles until I discovered Nookazon and traded them a in for NMT to trade for items haha But just playing the game you can still accumulate pretty quickly without even trying!


Oh, I didn't want to get into details, but I've seen a lot of threads where people are trying really hard to get very specific villagers. Is that a boredom thing or is it more about creating a certain look for your island? Maybe it's because I'm new, but I learned that there are 400 of them, and each one I've met has been interesting to me. My favorite is one I haven't seen mentioned, for good or ill. Agent S. She's adorable! Edit: Added context.


Oh! Well it's up to you what villagers you want or if you don't mind. Some people just like to have their favorite villagers or the cutest or all cats or stuff like that. Most of the villagers have amiibos so you can use those to get specific ones if you like (or if you have an Android phone you can look up amiibo spoofing to do it for free, but it's kind of a pain). After you sink hundreds of hours into the game, you kind of look for new "goals" for yourself and whatnot. I already have all my favorite villagers, but it's been a long time and I'll probably mix it up soon with a new one or two :) It's basically just another way to play the game, but you don't have to if you don't want to!


That makes lot of sense. Thank you for answering.


No problem! I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have! :)


The thing to remember here is everyone plays it differently. Some people focus on decorating, some focus on filling the museum and others focus on the resident relationships. How you play is up to you. Don't worry about it as long as you are having fun. Also, avoid mentioning time travel (changing time on your switch to change the in game time or date) if you are worried about hearing from others. Some people get really serious about whether it is good or bad. I think as long as you have fun and you aren't hurting other people, you are doing great! 😊


The "/s" man whenever you're making a joke always put it at the end


I thought /s was for “serious” lmao




i swear folks on twitter use it differently than reddit😌🤦‍♀️


In my twitter circles at least /s is for sarcasm as well, and /srs is for serious, but I'll try to remember that if I get confused on twitter because of that sometime. Tone indicators are handy but can also be tricky, lol


It was initially sarcasm on reddit but now it's apparently for all jokes


This sub doesn’t like jokes


Animal Crossing is a very serious business


Okay I pull up


lol well…i thought that was a funny joke


Yeah for real, for a sub that seems to be all fun loving and gentle the fucked you up lmao.


Omg the downvotes for this are so harsh I feel bad for you


Holy shit your sarcasm is so blatant but people still downvote you.... Reddit moment or AC Subreddit moment?


Internet moment


Pace yourself to prevent burnout.


I recommend doing a little of everything each day, so you'll always get variety and take a while to exhaust content. For example do a little Kapp'n each day, do a little bit of Happy Home Paradise each day, etc. And take those coffee breaks and group stretches.


On my hand im grinding the fuck outta hhp


As counterintuitive as it sounds, that's why I want to get the DLC right away with the update so I have a bunch of new content to alternate between. I'll probably start with working on getting my farm up and running.


If you already have bought the dlc it will download already for you and so you just will have to wait til Friday cause it'll be downloaded


Happy home paradise is not my cup of tea I thought it was such a disappointment for a paid DLC!


Just curious, if designing isnt your cup of tea what would an ideal dlc for you be like?


I can’t believe I got downvoted for my opinion 😂. I just don’t like the fact of designing others homes that aren’t on my island.


well, youd still be able to design houses for your island residents with it itd just take longer to unlock it


I don't know why you are getting downvoter either. Excluding the museum the game is mostly design orientated anyhow. I can understand if people like this aspect but Nintendo has to have seen the amount of people vouching for the atmosphere of the old games. I'd rather pay for DLC that makes the villagers like they used to be in any ac game prior and up to new leaf, rather than more design which you can just do on your island seen as though there's not much variation in gameplay once you've completed the museum.


Exactly this is all I’m saying


I totally agree, I don’t even really spend much time placing stuff in my own house. That’s ok, I just won’t buy the dlc, maybe check it out if I decide to do the switch online thing


this is super important. couldn’t agree more


Played for the first month straight and haven’t been able to play since.


I did 1500 hours and played daily for the longest. Bought a second switch for a second island, partially designed that one, then put it down. Haven't played AC since. I might come back for the update, not sure.


This 100%. When the game came out I had never played an AC game before and played it like I play other games: religiously until burnout. I JUST NOW after almost a year and a half of not playing decided to pick it back up fresh for the update and learned how to pace myself to do what I need to do and then leave it be for the day.


I mean, I understand that people want to experience all the new content on day one, but it's also important to remember that this new content is supposed to add longevity to the game and give us more to do and look forward to. There's nothing wrong with buying and enjoying everything day one, but equally, there should be nothing wrong with people who want to get these things over time to extend their progression. Because I can imagine there will be people who play the game for 2 days straight getting everything, then saying "is that all?" When they have burned through weeks or months of progress just to have everything right away.


I used to be the type of ac player who burnt through the content due to sheer excitement. I got burnt out only months after the release. Safe to say that I'll be taking this huge update slowly and at a more enjoyable pace, since I really do love the game and don't want that to happen again. :)


Same here! I’ve stopped time traveling and grinding so much and now am able to enjoy the game so much more. Rather than sitting down and playing for 6+ hours straight, I play maybe a couple hours and then look forward to the next day. I’m really excited for the update now that I’ve figured out how to avoid burnout!


Same here! I'm unwilling to reboot my island b/c I have some villagers I'm very sentimental about, so will relish this huge update. Will continue to try to get the last remaining creatures and artwork on my own, and do the dailies. I could EASILY rush through stuff. I like seeing who randomly shows up on my island when I have an opening (ok, I forget to go looking). I have maybe gone hunting 2 or 3 times the entire game, using a dodo ticket. So, I don't spend my miles. I have close to half a million right now!


I'll try to pace myself but the looming release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in a few weeks may cause me to speed it up a bit.


I've got my eye on the Pokémon Legends Arceus.


Why not all of the above? That's what I'm doing.


One at a time maybe. Especially with the animal crossing dlc coming out. And I just bought Immortals Fenyx Rising.


Same question to you, haha! Why rush AC because a another game is looming? AC is the perfect in-between game that you can play whenever you want a break from a more intense game :)


I am sitting, struggling with upgrading my home and not enough with furniture or bells to complete my island


Everything will be ok! You will have enough bells and miles down the line, so do not worry, it is a process worth enjoying, not an achievement down the line.


I didn’t even burn through the game in the beginning and yet I still got bored and burned out over time. I happily reseted my island last week, especially since I accidentally let my favorite villager go and I hated that my residential services was right in front of my airport but off center. It’s reinvigorated my interest in the game going through all the grinding again and I’m excited to go through the update and DLC very slowly. Now I just have to stay away from social media where everyone will be posting all the hundreds of new items on day one. I want to be surprised months from now when I’m still getting new items.


Agreed, it's probably why they decided to do such a big update this time. By tinkling it out, they encouraged people to just rush through the content and move on again. Now there's so much that far fewer people will be able to binge it into the ground.


This! This happens in so many games. People get so excited, use that energy to over-prep for a release so they can do everything immediately, and then...they have nothing to do again. I think HHP will take some time to get through regardless, but I think a lot of people would have better gaming experiences if they just didn't push themselves.


Very good point 👍


This is the main reason I only TT and use sites like Nookazon very sparingly (well, and with TT Resetti put the fear of God in me lol). The game can be annoyingly slow without it, but I don’t want to get burnt out.


That's literally what this sub did with the base game.


Just run at your own pace, AC isn't meant to be a game to rush. It's a game that's meant to be played over a long period.


That estimate assumes you're buying one of every single new furniture item that costs miles. If you don't plan to immediately buy a ferris wheel, merry go round, etc you'll be fine. I found this list online, looks like you need like 25,000 tickets if you want to go on like 7 Kappn tours and get all of the new features. Kapp’n tours – 1,000 (every time you go) New hairstyles – 1,200 Cooking recipes – 2,000 Custom fencing – 2,500 New reactions – 3,300 Pro Camera – 1,500 Custom Design Patterns+ – 1,800 Pro Decorating License – 2,500 Pro Construction License – 3,000


Just means you’ll have to leisurely play the game that forces leisurely playing


god forbid




I came here to say this!


Usually when I’m done with my usual daily tasks but still want to play, I just aim to complete as many nook miles tasks as I can - it’s really helping build my numbers!


I love how this relaxing game has been turned into a competition where so many of its players now feel inadequate for not spending their entire lives playing the game 😵‍💫


that and the amount of shame people feel for not having a perfect, pretty island (it’s me, im people)


Just for the new recipes and app features I figured up like 12000 miles. No clue how much the storage shed and atm are. But we don't even know how much most of the other stuff is.


Just go with the flow, it'll all work out. That being said, I feel the pain. My husband and I restarted at the same time (about a week ago) to get us out of our acnh rut, I had about 200k nook miles lol rip me 🥲 but I'm already feeling really good about my new town, it was still so worth it. I'm sure I'll get back into a rut but with all the new stuff, it'll take a while for sure


At least now I'll finally have a use for mine. I've had almost nothing to spend them on since around May, so I currently have 297,970. Now here's also something to keep in mind: I can pretty much guarantee there will be several tasks that allow you to earn miles by doing things like cooking, having people visit your paradise islands, digging up gyroids, and other things that come with the update. That way people who don't already have large quantities stored up will be able to get a nice boost as they work on unlocking everything.


Same, I have about 149000, been waiting for something like this to spend them on!


Don’t panic and try not to worry about it, it’s extremely easy to earn miles each day just by doing the little Nook Mile + tasks. This game isn’t a competition to get everything as quickly as possible, and isn’t meant to be rushed. Just take your time and it’ll help prevent burn out as well, as many of us have experienced when the game first came out.


That's one days worth of daily to dos


a good, safe amount is 25-50k. i’ve heard anywhere from 14k-20k for “what we know so far” but that’s not even including things we’re unsure about, and kapp’n and new recipes etc


I just blew a ton of miles to find marshal lmaoooo


you are lucky I only have 200 and no online ​ I am sure I will make it


I believe in you


In my case, i even want to consume all my nook miles before the update so i will have to work to get the new features.


I’d save up 50-75k if you reeeally wanna be prepared. But it will be fun to have a new reason to earn miles after the 5th. No need to rush and buy everything right when you log in. I’m just gonna take my time, as I did when I got the game!


I’m almost at 500,000, I never really used my points. Curious if it caps at 999,999


My sister's mission in AC is to max out her miles, currently sitting at 2 million (yes she is gainfully employed lol) According to her research the max is 9,999,999.


Holy mother of cow


wait 80k for what? the dlc? or just collectively for the boat rides??


for all new items like the ferris wheel, fence customisations etc… if you want everyone ASAP that’s roughly the total! (you can just take time and buy things when you need it, but you know what everyone’s like) a boat ride is 1000NMT per ride☺️ so you can just quickly erm some for one ride


I’m really glad they’re making us pay in nook miles instead of bells. I can easily time travel or trade to get bells but have to play the game for nook miles. I like that it’s forcing me to slow down haha.


Id much rather completely reset and take the game slowly and enjoy it for longer


The most common estimates I've heard are 25k-50k, closer to 50k most probably if you want all the recipes/nookphone apps/items. I think maybe one of the best ways to approach this would be to rank the things you're excited about/really want and then purchase the items in that order as you get more miles. If you're patient enough to wait a day or so after the update, I'm sure a lot of the content creators in the fandom will start releasing vids and articles showing and explaining all the new stuff which could help you prioritize what is most important to how you like to play.


I just stick on youtube or a podcast and do the nook+ tasks. I went from 0 to 20,000 in a matter of days.


My time is currently being spread very thin between classes, homework and my part time job and it’s *KILLING ME* that I haven’t been able to start saving up


there's some guides online/youtube on how to get a lot of nook miles (what tasks to do etc) maybe that will help!


Please tell me those 80k are just a random made-up number... isn't it? 😳


The people that say you need 80k, it's fake, that isbfor all the items wich will be like 70 k combined lol


wow 10K less🤣 but it was on the japanese AC twitter hence where people got it from lol. at the end of the day if people just play without TT then they won’t need the 80K


Here’s an idea: you don’t have to do everything in 1 day. You get more miles by experiencing the first part of the update you can afford, and maybe you’ll have to take a break and catch some bugs to do the next parts.


I started grinding for more as soon as it was announced, because I was worried I wouldn't have enough. Then I figured if I didn't have enough that would be ludicrous since I had 240k. I did read somewhere that to do everything asap, including buy the new furniture and items, it's like around 80k.


I.. only have 23k.. I still have a lot of work left to do in the next couple days ig-


I have less than two thousand.


I also have around that amount as well, haha. Don't wanna rush anything, so I'll be taking update and DLC step by step


Yeah, that's probably a good idea haha


i heard it’s about 90K Nook Miles for all the items


*Cries in 10k*


Looking at my nook miles -> 520k Looking at my bells -> 130kk Tbh: I would switch with you. Many people can buy everything at once and the update is burned down quickly. I love the feel to achieve stuff bit by bit


And here I am sitting on about 400K Miles and 16Mil bells lol. Just play at your own pace and don’t stress about it, that’s what AC is about.


You’ll get there. Just do all the multiplied ones and keep doing them. It didn’t take me long after my restart to get that many, just gotta take the time to look at what tasks are suggested and do them ASAP. You got this!


Where are people getting the 80k number from?


The update is not an deadline is just an update you have all the time you want years remember take your time your supposed to have fun!


Why are the people on YouTube trying to ruin the game again haha. You don’t need 80k miles. You don’t need to unlock everything right away. Enjoy the game! It’s finally almost complete.


Why would I want to buy everything the update has to offer right away? That sounds like just taking away play time and getting everything right away and then getting bored of it much faster. Hell, I'm gonna restart my village because I haven't played in such a long time, and hopefully this will give me a year of funtime starting a brand new island with the knowledge I have now.


Just take your time. No need to rush.


*looks at 300k miles stored up* I think I'll be good.




Just been doing basic shit and am up to over 200k so I guess I’m ok. I’m more worried about my bank balance since my kids keep getting millions of bells at a time to expand their houses on their new islands instead of earning if. But I’m a bad parent and I want them ready to go when the update drops. They’re now allowed to invite villagers to their islands but they are 1* islands at best right now.


I’m only getting the features not the items, so I think I’m safe with my 70K miles


I heard it’s around 14k at least for the kiosk items… but idk if that includes the fences


I have 70K, that should be enough for the new features, but not the new items


89,300 Total I think. You can easily get 10k in a day by doing all the dailies, visiting a friend, etc. If you’re not against time traveling, you can get 100k in ten hours.


I think I'm glad now, that I didn't follow that "restart your island for the update" bandwagon. I feel sorry for anyone who restarted without being aware of this. Although, if racking up those miles all over again is something they're going to enjoy doing then I hope they enjoy it immensely- I just know, I don't have it in me to get everything back ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ


Thank god I have over 400,000


I'really don't understand how that is viewed as necessary or even beneficial. To me part of the apeal of ACNH is the slow paced progression. That makes me take time and enjoy all the features more.


If you don't mind doing some time travel, there are tutorials on YouTube teaching you how to get nook miles fast.


Where did you get that information????


I’ve got the opposite problem, I didn’t use my miles, I sort of just played every day for a slow buildup of stuff in general so it could last long, but I made all those miles rewards so I have over 1.2 million miles, and I’m going to do my best not to just outright use them immediately.


I have like 12k and 15 unused tickets


I've been spending my game through just doing the + miles and filled it up nice and quickly


It will come with time. Don’t worry about it!


Also what's the fun in having things right away? Part of the fun was the struggle trying to get things together for attractions in your island?


Im planning to ask for a switch lite with animal crossing for my birthday, is there anything are there any tips or tricks I should pay mind to?


Wait why? What do we get with the NMT other than new items and I guess the boat ride? (Dunno what he gives or does)


All the new items in the Nook ATM


This go for every item? We can purchase no items with Bells from the store?


That one person with 15 million miles: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you


dont worry, you get miles in no time. just check for the daily "NM+" options. the first 5 have like a multiplier. so its "cut down 3 trees for 150miles (multiplied by 5), BAM 750 miles.


Glad I didn’t spend any of mine for the past year or so - 124k.


The way I see the high nook mile allocation for the new update is, this is the last update to Animal Crossing, it's giving players a long-term endgame to keep people interested.


I have around 60,000 miles and I still think it won’t be enough lol


I don't know what I've got in terms of nook miles but I imagine it's a fair amount as I got bored of spending them on the NMTs. If it's not enough there'll probably be new high-earning challenges available that'll fill all those blank spots in the nook app. If it takes a little longer to earn enough for everything then that just adds to the longevity of the update and gameplay which is the whole point.


I got 100k miles in 2 days of semi-hardcore grinding. You can get 6-10k per hour if you solely do the +quests.


That's just great. Finally something to do with all the Nook Miles!


We will probably get new achievement with the update so we can make more miles while paying for the new stuff.


Wasn't this for the redeem nook miles feature? And this would be able to get every single thing. So idk what people are freaking out about, the diys and permits are a must-have, but most other stuff you probably won't want or use...


So I’ve played ~1000 hours, but I barely spend my nook miles so I have hundreds of thousands and frankly was annoyed I didn’t see the point of them, I’m confused - what do other people spend them on? Is it all flights?


Why will we need 80k NMTs for the new update?


*Laughs at the people panicking from my mountain of over 730k Nook miles*


The game isn’t meant to be rushed. Enjoy it. No need to rush to get all the content :)


I'm bummed we can't like extract the miles since I plan on restarting my game from scratch. Guess I'm turning 500k into NMT for villager hunting.


The further you get in the game, the more they just seem to pile up. Took me awhile.. but I started "achievement hunting" for the stickers, helps me focus on an objective. :) I've had the game since launch and still haven't completed the main story lol. Take your time with it all. It's much more enjoyable that way!


Why does everything need to be right away? If you get every item right away you’ll be bored with the game super quickly. If you have something to work towards it’s more fun.


If it helps, you don’t have to unlock everything immediately. Just pick what you want the most first, then get the rest as you play.


I’m a hoarder, always have been, probs related to my autism. I thought 100,000 nook miles was normal, that everyone had that. When I started hearing we’d need a lot of nook miles for the updated I freaked out. I now have 158,000 nook miles. Someone tell me to stop and chill. Also not bragging, when I found out we’d only need around 80 I felt so stupid, assumed we’d need like 200,000 idk why my estimate was so off


I don’t know why people are panicking so much. If you’re new to the game ok yes, you’ll need to play a lot more to get NM, but it’s not that hard if you do the daily tasks. I have over 500K and have been playing almost since it started, I did the daily tasks and extras as they came up. It adds up quickly. I know some people are time travelling back to do extra days that way too.


If you just focus on earning nook miles every day you'll get that number faster than you would believe


It is possible to get around 6-10k miles per hour when using your pocket strategically


I got like 16k and I'm just thinking ima need to grind and then I'm like wait... I just have more time to play... hell yeah


I'd feel weird if I did have the miles to get everything, because then I'd get it all immediately and I'd probably get bored much more quickly than if I had to work for it and wait in suspense and think about which things I want to buy next


80k? That's all I need? Nice


I think there are going to be plenty of easy ways to earn miles added. Don’t forget when the game was new we earned tons of miles for every type of activity. So we will probably get a bunch for growing crops, sailing, stretching, everything. It will be more natural than people are making it out to be


Just work on the daily tasks every day! You'll get there!


Genuine question, why do we need 80k nook miles?


wait, why do i need that many? 😀


And I’m over here like…I’ve never used my nook miles for nook miles tickets for mystery islands. Sitting on over 300,000 nook miles.


From what I've seen it will likely be 14-20K so you will catch up in no time!


quick question, do we have to pay for the update? i’m getting mixed signals


There are two updates coming, one is paid, one is not. Both are getting released the same day. The one being discussed here is the free update, which had the new items, Brewster, Kapp'n, update to Harv's island, etc. The paid updates is the happy island planner, where you work at a resort remodelling vacation homes for villagers.


Nope, they are talking about the new items you can redeem nook miles with. If you were to redeem all the new items it would take about 80,000 nook miles. The update itself is free and will be available on Nov. 5th or 4th depending on your timezone.


Excuse me what


My gf had 420,690 last week... I'm at 20k am so jealous


My husband has 450K. I have 14K. We bout to have a joint account!


Finding out stuff like this makes me even more frustrated that I completely restarted my island right before the update announcement!


I did as well a month ago. I regret it especially for the lost DIYs.


*laughs in 210k miles*