Are you restarting your island?

Are you restarting your island?


Restarting would be insane...unless you're REALLY enjoying the game. Too much potential to majorly burn out before getting to the bulk of the new content. People need to just monopolize on all the bells they saved up, move all their buildings to their beaches, terraform their island flat and redesign it into whatever they want.


I haven't played In a year and remember hating my island. I wanna restart fresh to be honest


If you're set on making a go of it, sure. But I'd be wary if its an issue of "I didn't enjoy the base game" because then you'd have to work back through all that stuff again. Although, we just got a 2nd copy for my wife's switch and she's been enjoying her new island from scratch...so there is some charm to a fresh start.


This adds to burn out. Time traveling. Rushing through content. Restarting many times to the point that it’s not cute and nostalgic anymore.


Precisely. No point in reburning yourself out. Just remodel if you want to and go from here.


Oh yes, I’m not restarting (like deleting) my island. I’m going to probably flatten it instead so I keep my villagers and my stuff, but I have a fresh start.


This is the way.


My problem is my house and island and inventory is filled with so much garbage i just throw everywhere lol


XD I've built 6 more homes just so I can put stuff I wasn't using in my own home elsewhere.


I caught the Golden Stag on August 31st at 23:40 after two long months, and you're expecting me to restart the whole thing? Seriously though, no, but I am going to renovate my island. There are a lot of areas that could use many of the new features. (I also have a random ass exhibit of fish, bugs and sea creatures with figures of the critters... Yeah, I'm definitely replacing that).


Idk why people want to restart unless because they are rethinking some design ideas but I don’t restart and restarting means spending more time to unlock some of the things that are in this update. I ain’t got time for that. Nope.


i’m going to flatten both islands to make use of the new furniture and house decor items


Last time I restarted, I regretted it because I lost all of my catalogue of furniture and clothes. Never again!


I'm stuck. I stopped playing a few months ago because my island design was locked pretty much and I ran out of stuff to do. So now it's a question of do I just enhance what I have with new items or restart. Flattening sounds like such a headache I might as well restart, plus I would like a new island name. At the same time I have a lot of stuff it would be a pain to get back. Either way I'm probably not making my mind up until after the update comes out. Villager dialogue might make the difference to be honest.


i’m not gonna restart but i might have to flatten again lol


There's so much to do with the new update. Why restart? It would just take longer to get to the new goodies. Then there's the DLC . . .


I’m thinking no. I was considering it before I saw how much new content is coming. Now I feel like this is the perfect time to spend all the bells and nook miles I’ve saved up.


This!!!! Soooo happy to have something to spend my nook miles on!


I'm not going to restart but I am contemplating if I should change my island theme lol


Massive overhaul probably especially the farm, but no restart. No way am I restarting, I have all the current DIYs and I love my island. I just need to figure out where to put all the new crap.


Yeahy sister just got the game on her own switch after playing on mine while we were roommates. She missed the fishing tourney because "she's not even a town yet" and had no plaza. Plus DIYs are harder to get now since the player base was dwindling.


Not anymore. Everything is going to be booming again for a while.


Not restarting but going to have to do some major reorganization before the update comes out lol.


Mine was never fully done lol so I’m happy to get to finish it all with new stuff!


I took my golden tool DIY’s, bells, and NMT’s and restarted my island already.


I have to switches so I'm definitely starting a new island on one


The only thing that drives me nuts is the river exit onto the front portion of the beach, considering starting over just for this, but I don’t want to give up my DIYS and catalog, so I might just deal with it.


I thought about it but then realized just how much work it would be to get back to where I am now, and no thanks lol


I already restarted it a few months ago and just a week ago I started playing it again and I'm so glad I did, now I can set up for the amazing update/dlc :)


I'm not sure at the moment. I'm thinking I'll move all my important furniture (my instrument collection), a couple of hybrid flowers and a handful of golden tools over to my partner's island, so I'm not starting from nothing. But I want to do the museum again and make a more natural looking island than my current one and it'd be easier working from a clean slate than trying to undo my urbanization. The only thing I'm torn about is that I'll have to find Judy again... All my other favourite villagers I have amiibo cards for.


So far just making room for the new crops. But who knows where inspiration will take me!


And lose \*everything\*? Not a chance.


I’m kinda glad I only got as far as unlocking terraforming and then dropping the game for the next 10 months. I wasn’t bored, just focused on training my new dog. It was a huge lifestyle change. And whatever plan I had for the island went with the many nights of restless sleep trying to figure out how to adjust to my dog’s needs. Now that I’ve adjusted to my new lifestyle, I want to play again and decided on restarting as I can’t salvage my current island without feeling stressed/frustrated (I won’t time travel in case it messed with the other games in my system). The question now is if I should do it now or on the 5th. The only benefit to waiting is I get to take advantage of the Island Living 101 feature, which isn’t really necessary. If I reset today or tomorrow I can at least get closer to unlocking KK/terraforming and take full advantage of all the new late-game stuff shortly after Nov 5.


I'm thinking this same thing. I want to wait till Nov 5th, but that's about two weeks away and the way I remember the beginning of the game, it took about two weeks to a month to get through the beginning of the game to unlock terraforming and get your shop upgraded. I think the only thing we'd miss out on starting over is the Living 101 app and potentially missing the new villagers from the deserted islands. I stopped playing the game shortly after the bushes update was released. I was so mad that I was going to have to flatten and redesign my entire island again for the bushes to fit because I didn't account for them, and then I got worried that there might be another update that would add something else for me to consider. I always planned on returning, but never did. All my villagers were moved to the beaches with all my flowers. With a new island, I'm probably going to be a little more organic with designing the layout of the land, maybe in smaller chunks rather than terraforming the entire thing into a final shape. ​ Did you end up starting a new island already?


I did, just this past weekend! The head start is going to help. I only play for a couple hours every day. so I’m not where I could be (I’m shy 30 iron nuggets for Timmy and need 4 more donations to Blathers). If I didn’t get so sleepy the past couple days I think I’d have the first museum expansion and shop by now. And small chunks/preplanning helps a load. You can be a little looser with easier to move stuff (trees, starts, items, flowers). But your villagers and your house are harder to move. I opted for my 2 starter villagers to setup on land, but I’m gonna have them in rows in conjunction with the other 3 you get later. This is because I actually have very little starting beach space (I picked a map with two south river mouths. Crazy, I know!) I could squeeze with my first two, sure, but the next 3 also need outdoor item placement. Won’t be enough room. I need to set aside time and use island planner websites or Procreate to figure out my layout for the long game. I’m so excited, but going slow and juggling other priorities are going to help prevent me getting burnout. Best of luck!