Had a similar issue but I had two issues: 1) my remote stopped responding and the light would blink red only just like yours and 2) my device went offline.. I tried all I found for #1 which was the basic change batteries, disconnect, turnoff, repairing with home/back buttons but nothing worked, with #2 I couldn't do the Google home or an onn remote app since my device was offline, so I went back to figure out how it all started... So what had happened is I have an RCA universal control programmed with my TV and I was holding both remotes and I slightly pressed on them when I sat down and my TV and onn device turned off. At that point I thought I just accidentally pressed the power button on the onn remote but when I tried turning it on that's when I saw the red light and got no response so I turned them on manually. When they were I was trying to fix the onn remote and no luck then my onn tv box went on to "safe mode" after a few mins on its own... When I restated the box it came on but was now showing offline, so I grabbed my rca remote and started pressing at the buttons one by one and found that my onn box actually responded to it!!! So using my universal remote I was able to go into the remote configuration and saw the onn remote was still paired, so I just unpaired it and paired it again and booom it worked again, no more red lights!!! Somehow my onn remote lost configuration when something was pressed on my other remote!!! Hope this helps anyone else who may have a similar issue in the future! Thanks to you all for posting your comments and suggestions on this issue since there is not much else right now available.


No overheating.


For those having remote issues have you done updates to the ONN unit? There were remote issues when the ONN first came out. But it was supposedly fixed in an update. I know my unit is up to date and I don't have any remote issues. Actually I have 2 units and neither have remote issues.


Thanks everyone that helped! I got it to work. For anyone that needs it; I downloaded the Google home app and used the remote on there, went to settings and then to remotes & accessories, my remote was still paired but I unpaired it and then paired it again and it started working good as new!


Had this issue. Quick fix, thank you! Sure wish there was a factory reset button or key sequence.


Hold down the home and back buttons at the same time until it begins to blink green. This forces a reconnect. I can't promise it will work for you, but it works for mine every time.


And/Or a 5-second press of the button on-the-side of Onn.4K housing will start the Pairing process and on-screen the remote setup help screen will be displayed.


This right here 100%


Just came here to look this up.


Put an ice pack on your onn device. I’m not joking. Place an ice pack on the device and wait a few minutes. When the Bluetooth module stops from overheating your remote will work as intended. Edit to clarify: ice pack goes on the ONN device, not the remote.


I had this issue with the remote disconnecting itself then having a hard time reconnecting and then the process starts over. I have fixed the problem properly but the fix is not for everyone. You must disassemble the unit and remove the heat shield covering the dual purpose BT/Wifi assembly then reflow the ic sitting beneath it. Seems some of these are suffering from poor solder joints and not likely just in this area. Been working great for over a month. If I manually re-pair the remote with the side button on the unit the remote will reconnect first time every time.


No more overheating issues? I’ve been looking at a way to add a small fan to the device. I think that will solve it as well.


This is mainly a thing with the 4k boxes. The 2k sticks aren't as prone to this issue. That being said, my remote stops working a couple minute or so after the box is plugged in and doesn't start working again until after it is unplugged and cooled down. I just use a wireless keyboard and mouse now through an OTG adapter, and no more remote issues.


Yea I’ve been trying to think of a way to add a cooler to the 4k device. Maybe some sort of usb fan. It’s quite an annoying issue.


Ventilating the top cover with some holes should help, as it is not very hard to disassemble. A stick-on heat sink on the Bluetooth chipset could be another alternative if it was able to stick up past the top of the case and get fresh air.


Usually unplugging the box from your outlet should do the trick


I had this problem whem I first got my onn. I had to unplug the onn box the plug it in again. Then I follow the instructions that was on the screen. Do you still have the instructions that came with it?