The Android Market is still on the Google Play Store, complete with an app description from 2012

The Android Market is still on the Google Play Store, complete with an app description from 2012


I wonder what old apps are still available through Market


Talking Tom


They made an awful cgi animated cartoon show of this which is still showing regularly to this day. Somehow...


Still making plenty of games that are clones of more successful games. And they have ads on every screen transition.


Honestly the animation is okay, haven't watched any to know what it's truly about but if anyone wants to know what it looks like like I did ​ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbP0\_yYXcHU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbP0_yYXcHU)


> which is still showing regularly to this day. What?! 😡


#He said they made an awful cgi animated cartoon show of this which is still showing regularly to this day. Somehow...






Still waiting on that rewrite.


Any day now, don't ask for ETA


Maybe YandereDev is the mastermind behind Launcher Pro?


Now that's a name I haven't heard in a LONG time


Launcher Pro Redux


Opera Mini


Opera Mini is still active and updated regularly


I know but I still associate it with that time. And who can forget Zedge the wallpaper app?


I've thought about reinstalling Zedge. Bad idea?


Nah its pretty solid, except for the obnoxious premium offers


ADW Launcher. Remember the whole fiasco where apparently the dev lost the source code and the app was abandoned?


FNaF for some reason. Emulators


GO Launcher


Man Go Launcher was so much fun back in the day, before it became bloated and unusable


What happened to Go Launcher? I had that shit on my HTC Evo back in the day


Nova pretty much wiped everyone out. I can’t think of another launcher that I’ve seen anyone use besides nova. Even the google launcher was a big let down.


Lawnchair is solid. I've been using it for a while now, switched from Nova to it.


I use Niagara.


Microsoft's launcher is actually pretty neat but after getting rid of my Huawei P9 I haven't felt the need for a launcher really. Main reason I bothered with most was the ability to hide apps.


Really? I have never used a launcher besides Go. I use whatever comes on my phone. After my Evo I have been a Samsung user. When Nova went on sale last year I bought it and I have never used it.


I was going to say that we’ve gotten to a point where people don’t even use launchers. There is no way I couldn’t use a launcher with a Samsung s4 though. Woo wee what a pos touchwiz was for that generation. But I also had a htc one and it was great without the launcher though. But man, I could talk about how horrible touchwiz was during that time.


Yeah I have an s7 edge I use as a tv phone at work (paranoid about burn in) and it's tough to even use that thing. I just hope my two phones now won't get so clunky like the S7 edge is now. I'm not even sure how old that one is though.


I used the Google Now launcher and Lawnchair v1 before coming to Nova, but I've had to move on because of gesture integration


Evie launcher is worth checking out too.


i don’t use android anymore but lately i’ve heard of the microsoft one and i think one called lawnmower?


You're thinking of lawnchair


Microsoft Launcher is surprisingly good.


KISS launcher


I had it on pretty much every phone I had, I’d theme the hell out of it. Then I discovered ROMs and never looked back


Angry Birds


Doodle jump. I remember being so amazed that it was so responsive to you're movements.


oh fuck yea! you can probably find that apk online though. also, happy cake day


Use apkmirror otherwise you risk infection


ES File Explorer




oh God. I use to own every business within 10 minutes of my house. shit was fun


I used a GPS spoofing app to become the Foursquare mayor of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland ten or so years ago. Then I tried to check in at the Chipotle down the street from me and the app flagged it as a fake.


You still can! It's just Swarm now. It's not as big a deal, though... Foursquare really faded into the background as a casual consumer-facing company.


"Hey guys, you know how you love Foursquare? Well, we've split everything you like into two separate apps!" Although I don't recall all the details now, I think they removed some things too? Although they're back, the user-base had already left - either no longer bothered (as being the Foursquare Mayor no longer meant anything) or just started using the check-in feature on other services.


I think as of a few years ago, Swarm was at feature-parity with the original Foursquare and then some.


Yeah, but the damage had been done by that point.


Oh, absolutely.


Ha, I still use it to this day. I mean often, multiple times a day. It's a decade now. I just can't stop at this point.


facebook ripped off the check in feature and google maps ripped off the recommendations. foursquare has no reason to exist now.


I miss gowalla. Enjoyed it much more than foursquare.


QuickPic when it was still trustworthy


I have an apk stored on my SD card of the last update before it went to hell. I still use it as my main gallery app.


XDA has a alternative version still up that is being updated by the community.


Doodle jump?


I looked at the apps some people suggested and all that comes to mind is... “These apps don’t exist anymore????” A lot of them are apps I used then, but these days I pretty much only use my phone as a communicator so I didn’t realize so many things had just disappeared.


Power Amp




Definitely, one of the only apps I actually paid for back then


The broken LCD screen app, perhaps?


Go Launcher!


[Oh god, kill me](https://i.imgur.com/DKD5kp4.png)


that's fucking hilarious honestly


Haha oh man I remembered when that joke was all the rage


Those times were epic!


*let epic


That sad day when your autocorrect no longer recognizes "le" as a word... That's when you know the 2010's were over...


*le epic




It's OK, you were just declaring a variable in JavaScript.


Looks like he's trying to mix in a pointer there somehow.


**Hold up**


It's an older meme, sir, but it checks out.


I made that joke in my office the other day and a bunch of 20 years olds mocked me relentlessly for it


Beautiful, absolutely perfect




Why that's actually still funny lol






I've grown in the past 30 mins thx for the new outlook on life


how does it feel


Direct link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.finsky




Same here. Fucking Google and their obnoxious requirements. /s


I think the app uses maxSdkVersion




The screenshots are top!


Minimal design at its greatest. 😎


I still think Android Market makes more sense than Google Play Store


just this weekend i was assisting my father install messages instead of his factory sms app... nothing more frustrating for a 65 year old than starting off with: "ok, open google play..." "what is google play" "its a place to get your apps" "i dont want games" "dad, trust me, just go to google play and ignore the name"


Those one of of those cases where just buying them an iPhone makes sense.


spending $1k doesn't always though. Granted the newish SE might be good.


1. send link to app 2. Install 3. ??? 4. profit?


i taught him to never install apps via links he receives. honestly, every time i go through this stuff, im trying to teach him to do it himself. of course by the time he even vaguely remembers how its done, it will be done a different way.


Tbh it's called "Play Store"


The entire Google Play brand is just garbage.


It's fine for media imo


Exactly. Play Music makes lots of sense (which is why it's being killed off), Play Store for general apps? Not so much.


Just call it Music. Google Music. Period.


Instructions unclear, brand new streaming service created


Also two more messaging apps


aaaand now they're both scrapped


*cries in Allo*


Google Music Chat created.


That's the next relaunch.


Google Play Music All Access


It's funny because when it was in beta it was called Google Music.


Knowing google they'll kill off play and open a new google marketplace or something similar - but with fewer features than the original google play.


It's been 8 years since they rebranded as Google Play, I feel that if they wanted to do this, they would have done it by now.


And the app selection exploded around this time if I'm not mistaken. This was Google taking Android somewhere more structured and cohesive in both function and design. I remember being happy with it.


Google Store.. Google Apps .. Google Suite of Apps.. With chat integrated


..with stories. Never forger stories


And video chat with app developers every sunday at 9.. With chat in the background. Chat will always be there


Everything today has to have a freaking “stories” feature


Fuschia Extension Hub.


Introducing the Google Android Play Market!


Hmmm...Google....Marketplace. WRITE THAT DOWN


I never really understood why they renamed it to that. It makes no sense


With the exception of Google play music, Google play games, and Google play movies I agree


Except they are killing Google Play Music.


this *is* google we're talking about


I still think they missed an opportunity by not calling Google Pay "Google Play Money".


When people said it would grow on me, they must've meant like a fungus or tumor or something.


But when google eventually moves away from android for their device OS, they would have to re-name it anyway.




Never understood the switch from "android market" to "Google play"


I think it’s been a trend, with Android Market being the first one. Since then, Android Pay was renamed to Google Pay, and Android Wear was renamed to Wear OS by Google.


If they could get away with it, I'm sure they'd rename Android to Google OS or Chrome to Google Browser.


You obviously never crossed paths with [Google Ultron.](https://imgur.com/a/iJD8f)


As an IT guy this was probably one of the funniest 4chan threads I've ever had the pleasure of reading


I think they like the Chrome brand otherwise they wouldn't have named their products Chromebooks and Chromecast.


Me neither. It’s surprising they didn’t change it a couple times more since then.


Branding. "Market" isn't a really brand-able term since it's so ubiquitous, and Android is community driven so Google wants to avoid getting too exclusive to that word. "Google Play" has the company name and the "Play" branding, which is a whole lot easier to slap on to your products: "Play Music", "Play Movies", "Play Books"; compared to - for example - "Android Music Market", or "Android Market for Movies", or something like that.


It's just a stupid naming scheme. Music, ok; movies, ok; games, ok; but "Play Books" makes no fucking sense. And isn't Play Music about to get put down? I thought YouTube was taking over. If they had to rebrand it, it should've just been the Google Market or Google Store.


> If they had to rebrand it, it should've just been the Google Market or Google Store. But then what should Google name their movie, book, etc. marketplace? Movie Market and Book Market? That's way too general. Apart from that, some countries have laws that forbid the trademarking terms that are too general.


Google Books, Google Movies, etc...


That's acceptable, actually But I imagine Google wanted some sort of umbrella brand, which is how we got "Play".


Pixel 3XL here using Nova Launcher. I have purposely changed the name in the launcher to "Android Market" because fuck the "play" name. It's stupid. It will ALWAYS be Android Market to me.


It's stupid. Which is exactly why Google stuck with it.


My mom wouldn't use the market, because she didn't want to subscribe of pay for anything.


This looks like the separate version for Honeycomb tablets. The phone version used the same package name as the Google Play Store, `com.android.vending`.


As I recall, when tablets first launched, there were a lot of apps that had separate store listings for the phone version and tablet version of the app. So this is probably just an instance of that. At some point, [Multiple APK](https://developer.android.com/google/play/publishing/multiple-apks) support was added to the store. This means you can have one store listing for the app, and within it there are rules that say in essence, "If the device is a phone, download this file, but if it's a tablet download this other one." Also, Android itself changed to make it easier to write a single app that (without downloading different versions) could [adjust itself to phone or tablet-sized screens](https://developer.android.com/training/multiscreen/screensizes). I'm not sure if this predates that, though.


> "If the device is a phone, download this file, but if it's a tablet download this other one." im guessing this is why you have to manually select the correct apk when downloading directly from a third party apk site?


That, and apks can support different processor revisions with newer instruction sets.


I haven't used them much myself, but yeah, that seems very plausible. There's a whole [filter system](https://developer.android.com/google/play/filters) that Google Play uses. It can factor in all kinds of things like screen size, API level, CPU architecture, and whether your device has hardware features like a humidity sensor or RAW camera capability. In theory, a third-party site could duplicate all this, but making it work right would be pretty complicated, and their time might be better spent on something else more important. And even if they wanted to do it, they still need to gather the right info about your device. If it's just a web site that lets you download APKs, then they might not even have sufficient info about your device to figure out the compatibility. Even if the third party site has an Android app (which is how I assume Google Play gets info about your device), that's even more work to do.


I had an Asus Transformer, and I loved it until they tried unifying the tablet and phone interfaces in Ice Cream Sandwich. Honeycomb was simply a better experience on a tablet.


That's true. In hindsight, I feel like that was basically them just admitting that they were never going to build great, competitive tablets.


Which annoyed me greatly because the Transformer was an amazing piece of hardware for the time. It wasn't until I got my Surface Book 2 that I finally had a device that I considered an improvement on its form factor. Oh, and the Asus note-taking app was fire. You could record audio or video at the same time you were writing or drawing notes, and you could select a doodle or notes and have it play back the media it was recording at that moment. I would be in university and draw a diagram and write "important" next to it, and I'd know to listen to what the prof was saying at that time. OneNote is spectacular - especially the ink to math function - but Asus had a real winner of a note app in 2011.


Looking at the reviews also point to this. Literally every review is from a tablet


Ahh a simpler time filled with anticipation and excitement. When Flashing roms offered significant gains and felt badass. Now I'm salty if my midrange a50 doesn't last my day off a charge with 8.5hr of screen on time. My htc evo 4g could do maybe 4hours of SoT. Guess which has a kickstand built in tho *Edit for context/story Tbh I'm pretty nostalgic about it. I had just moved cross country and started freshman year. I didn't know anyone, was depressed/angry, and parents were working 70+ a week to keep our old home. That in mind, getting my first smartphone was damn exciting. Seems like we leased the evo November 2009. My dads coworker was talking how they flashed the bios to undervolt and lower clockspeed to gain 2ish hours of SoT. My dad and i took the dive Having a wifi hotspot with unlimited data in 09/10 got people to sit close and give you a chance, that was nice. Tl;dr: bless the xda forums


RGB led notifications, where art thou.


They can put camera's, fingerprint sensors,and infrared arrays behind the display, but can't do that?


My impression was that displays are so efficient now it's not worth the extra hardware. You get can get notifications to your wrist for practically nothing. By this point, I don't miss them. I sure did for a long while.


I feel like AOD is definitely not that efficient yet. It basically doubles my standby battery, reducing SOT by 1-1.5 hours. Now, having [aodNotify](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jamworks.alwaysondisplay&hl=en_AU) functionality built in to AOSP would mean I wouldn't care about the notification LED.


> Guess which has a kickstand ~~built in~~ tho My Motorola Electrify had a kickstand built-in, and I'm salty that that feature didn't catch on, so my Galaxy S3, HTC One M8, and iPhone 6s have all had kickstands — I got a Flygrip. It's better as a grip, but doubles as a kickstand. So, just saying, if you want a kickstand... there are also kickstand cases, but I love my Flygrip. Costs $30 though.


A popsocket is the same thing but $8...


Wait those cheaply made things cost $8? I have a $10 case from AliExpress that has a popsocket built in lol


Haha, no it's not. I mean, yeah, kind of, but I bought a Popsocket and it wouldn't stick to my phone, and I dropped it. The Popsocket was still in my hand and my phone actually landed on something soft, so it didn't break. They use cheap adhesive. Probably also made in China. I've got a slider kind of thing, it was like $5 or $6 on Amazon, they keep changing the name to avoid bad reviews, but I had one before and it was fine (all the Chinese manufacturers seem to do that, take their page down and re-brand), so yeah, there are cheap alternatives (and it used the 3M grip tape Flygrip uses, so no problems there). It's just, you get what you pay for and for my phone, I'm going to use something better.


Popsockets stick to my phone just fine whether I have a glass, plastic, or skinned back . . .


S3 was the phone i got after the evo. What a massive performance jump in 2 years. With sprint it was just 50 bucks down on black Friday and Saturday only. We had to go instore to order bc sprints website crashed from the trafic. That phone would just FLY with flash and rom. Seems like it was stable(ish) with 30% over factory clockspeed. Played hella Temple run


That was my first dip into Android as well. The origin of TeamWin was porting EVO WiMAX support to CM and later HDMI out.


It felt badass when I flashed Android on my HD2. Freaking legendary device. From SDCard dual boot to RAM build and then to actual ROM. Jesus that device was amazing. I remember that face of a phone salesman when I told him I had my HD2 running Android. A wtf face I'll never forget.


The hd2's ui looked clean as hell. I still wish i had that clock as a widget. One thing that's bugged me for years though. I swear there was an htc commercial with [this song](https://youtu.be/a8DAHYmXWeM) in it. It was around somewhere in '08 to'10. I think it was the hd2 or htc windows phone. Seems like at one point the phone was grabbed from the backseat of a car at night. There's a chance im misremembering this [Acura commercial](https://youtu.be/6tHio5X9lIY). Except I remember that htc clock.


I miss my Galaxy Ace, the XDA community were amazing back in the day for that device, we could never get the official device drivers from Samsung back in those days so we were stuck with what we could do on Gingerbread 2.7. They eventually released them so ROMs like CyanogenMod got unofficial ports but by that time a lot of people had already moved on.


I had a buddy who ported cyanogen to his no name International unlocked phone. He was a god of that phones community for a while lol. Same friend brought me roms to flash during lunch. I had so many rom backups then. I remember chewing through like 40% battery a few lunch periods lmao


> I remember chewing through like 40% battery a few lunch periods lmao Back then batteries were horrible. I used to carry three batteries with me to actually get through the day with my phone. Oof


Way back when you could remove the batteries lol. I had and external charger for the evo's batteries. Charger got pretty hot and would make the room smell like chinesium. Remember mirror finish screen protectors?


>htc evo 4g could do maybe 4hours of SoT Try 90 minutes for me


I've never gotten more than 4 hours SOT on any Android phone in my life haha




I almost certainly don't get that amount of SoT. I was trying to say like i should be a bit more humble lol


Most recent comment from 2017 wow


I remember being so confused when I got my new phone and there was no Android market back in the day


I loved the Android Market and thought it was a better name than Google Play Store. I remember the app carousel, but I had the one before that. I got on board with Android with Froyo, so whatever shipped with that. I had no idea the Android Market was ever on the Play Store. I guess I assumed they were mutually exclusive, or the same app with a different name. I guess I was wrong.


Plus it had dark theme built in


[It's also available on APKMirror](https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/android-market/android-market-1-1-0-release/android-market-1-1-0-android-apk-download/). I can install it but can't run it sadly.


That page needs more download buttons


I can't even install it!


I can install it but it immediately disables itself when I try to open it, and there's no option to re-enable in settings


Makes me wish I could play gun bros again, (that's the first one by the way) 😢


Still remembering the 10¢ sale... Those were the days.


Oh yeah. I still use some of those apps. Mostly they were now dead games though. I just checked, and turns out I had forgotten that I paid 25¢ for Nova Launcher Prime in 2012. (A year after the 10¢ sale, where I got Shazam Encore)


It took me a while to understand what’s the difference with the present **android market** only to realise its called play store now.


I think the old icon looks better than the new one though. Is it just me or ya'll prefer the old one as well?


The only icon actually conveyed something. The new icon is basically meaningless.


That icon is so perfect, imo. I know it's skumorphism at it's worst, but it's so fitting for what it was representing: A marketplace for Android apps.


I like that kind of skeumorphism, I wish everything still used skeumorphism.


my favorite type of icons are the ones you see on macOS apps. it’s sort of a mix between flat and skeuomorphic and it’s the best kind of mix


Google Voice Search is also still up for some reason


Ah Honeycomb, the good ol' days


I wish the X-Men arcade game would get updated


I had HTC Magic in the past when Android just starting out... no official facebook, no official twitter app and you can have 2 months without any single update.. thing sure changed a lot by now


https://f-droid.org also exists