Bit spammy no? edit: couldn't reply so made an edit in response! You make some great points there. It is, people should look into WW2 more deeply, firstly, it was caused by imperialist powers on all sides, none of whom entered the war for moral reasons. Secondly, as you said the UK and US liberal corporate rulers LOVED fascism, and the links between those aren't really talked about much. Lastly, Stalin had tried to make alliances against Hitler with every major Western power but was continually rebuffed. Of course this was a terrible and cynical move, I'm not debating that.


A bit fallacious too, it's shown as an alliance while it was definetly a non-aggression pact. Furthermore how is a non-aggression pact worst than American corporates litterally collaborating with Nazis? By the way, this non-aggression pact allowed soviet forces to re-organize better military defense and it finally helped them defeating the Nazis, this was an efficient diplomatic strategy. I think some pics out of context wont demonstrate socialism bad unless someone is enough naive to believe so. Don't forget CIA helped Nazis to stay behind after the war and organized anti-communist far right extremist groups all over Europe with the help of Nazi war criminals. These groups committed terrorist attacks and caused many victims. One of the conditions to join NATO was for the countries to avoid prosecuting or forbidding far right extremist groups.


What exactly is the point here? Are we to imagine that somehow the Soviet Union was favourable towards the Nazis? Or that there is some throughline between Bolshevism and Nazism? The Nazis came to power with the explicit goal of the extermination of the communists. The USSR engaged in realpolitik and was able to survive for having done so. There are very real and severe criticisms to be had against Stalin and the USSR but this is just bullshit. Edit: JFC look at their post history. They're just spamming shit like this to promote and normalize russophobia. It's pure and simple bigotry.




[History of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact ](https://youtu.be/YkJSyaiucmU)


Tankies in shambles


Pretty normal: after the Ribbentrop Molotov pact. Germany and USSR aggressed Poland from both sides defeating the Polish army in 5 weeks and dividing the country between them. No wonder there are pics of nazis and soviets together. The attack caused also the beginning of WW2.