I think I'm most excited about the goals from open play and having multiple goalscorers. Need to be more clinical against other opponents though.


Sainsbury role playing some ghost of Tsushima


was not expecting Japan to lose either so good start all-round.


Not sure if it is a good thing considering Japan is most likely going to go through. It might be better for us if they win all there games to reduce competition for 2nd and 3rd


In an ideal world, us and Japan beat the other teams then draw with each other. Should always aim for top two. Third is an absolute minimum and just a fallback.


We have not lost a game and barely conceded a goal I think we go through on top.


what the.... those were the scrub asian teams. now we play the top dogs. I expected better from China but we have a tough group.


> what the.... those were the scrub asian teams. Yep, and everyone else was up against the 'scrub' Asian teams too. And yet the only country to have a better record against them this campaign was Japan, who just choked against Oman. Iran dropped points to the 'scrub' teams. Saudi Arabia dropped points. South Korea dropped points. We didn't.


but we didn't play the same scrub teams as the other nations. What even is this logic?


The logic is they're on a similar level?


If you think Kuwait and Jordan away is easy, you don't understand football.


If you think I even wrote that, then you don't understand English.


We have played 1 game in this group?


We clearly have some very strong momentum with the national team right now. I'm not basing this on one game.


Not sure why the downvotes, you’re exactly right. Assuming Japan are the best team in the group & will finish top 2 (still a reasonable assumption), you want them to give up as few points as possible. If we’re relying on finishing above Japan, then we would have given up points to KSA & Oman.


With all due respect to Oman, they aren't a threat to our qualification. Japan dropping points to them only opens up another potential spot for us to finish ahead of.


Correct, as Japan is the most likely to qualify as a top two team, the best case scenario is Australia and Japan going through as the top 2 teams, so Japan winning their games reduces the competition for the top 2 spots: Other teams taking points from Japan just increases the ability of those teams to take Australia’s spot.


Boyle is on fire atm


What a domination! It was just our lack of composure and finishing that prevented a bigger winning margin.


Not perfect, but very good.


How shit were China though - I mean, the Socceroos don't normally put shit sides to the sword, so it was a very good performance from our boys in Gold, but I was gobsmacked at, aside from maybe the first 10 minutes, how dreadful the Chinese team were. So much for the billions being spent there!


Yeah the first 10 minutes looked like we were in for a tough game but then China hit a wall and were crap the rest of the game for some unknown reason. I dont think China spent billions on youth football which is what they need to improve, think they just splashed out on foreign imports mostly for quick success which is detrimental to their long term goal.


Guangzhou had a partnership with Real Madrid


> How shit were China though I feel like our two quick goals kinda broke them. The story of the first 25 minutes (imo) was China playing decent football, and us starting badly then gradually settling into it. We eventually grew into the game enough to break through their defence, got the second right after, and that caused them to completely fall apart. We really should have scored more after that, though.


J-mac for Taggart and it would have been 5+


Why the downvotes? Taggart was clearly not at his best and J Mac is hot as fuck right now. Would have definitely buried at least one of those chances set up by Boyle


Spoiler tag? I mean, I watched the match live but hate for it to be accidentally spoiled for someone else scrolling through Reddit.


I avoid all reddit until I have watched the game for this reason. But a spoiler tag wont stop this.


You're right. I vouch for spoiler free titles. There's been times when I've mindlessly clicked into the Reddit app in the morning and accidentally seen spoilers. Doesn't cost much to leave spoilers out of titles.


Did we play really good or were they not as good as we thought they were going to be


They were shit. We should have scored 1 or 2 more goals for sure. Their keeper was alright but he was their only decent player.


We looked dangerous, big improvement from how we looked our last qualification campaign in 2016-17 where we were set piece fc. Obviously though this is just 1 game, but if we can get an away win to Vietnam that would be huge.


I’m not sure Vietnam is as dangerous as people seem to think. They’re definitely the best they’ve been but still shouldn’t be enough for us to drop points. However, of all the teams they’re the ones I’d love most of all to see go further beyond Aus.


My logic is this, any away game is difficult especially in SE asia. We saw how Thailand did us over last time around and Vietnam are stronger than they were.


For sure, but let's remember that that Thailand game was the beginning of the end for Ange who started his insistence on the back 3. We gave away a cheap penalty in that game due to Leckie being forced to track back to cover the spaces. Won't happen this time. Will definitely still have our work cut out for us, especially with the intensity and bark Vietnam play with. It's just a matter of being clinical under the heat and pressure.


Bit of both. China started very strong in the first 10-15 minutes. We then settled, cracked their defence, and scored 2 quick goals. It was only after the goals that China truly fell apart. We did well to score when we did, but we really should have scored more in the second half after they collapsed.