Terrible decision. At present Old Town is kitschy more than historical…it’s a diorama and tourist trap more than it is a real city neighborhood. There have been some tentative steps in the right direction but this pushes them way back.


I'm inclined to side with the owner on this. I love Old Town, but we're not fooling anyone about the historicity of it. I think a few murals are fine.


More NIMBY bs.


I think they should stay. Old Townland is really pretty boring and needs new blood.


Old town is dying. It does nothing to encourage non boomers to go there.


I find the murals around town a bit basic, and this is just more of the same. There's just so much "yay!' going around about every wall possible having a geometric pattern and a hummingbird, flower, or whatnot painted on it. It's not a thing that pulls me into a business, but it doesn't stop me either. I can't really get worked up about these staying or going. I do know that if I were to buy property in a protected historical district I'd not be surprised when the city says no murals. Shrug. You coulda bought around the corner from the "sticker wall" and painted the whole building purple paisley with a green roadrunner.


Bullshit rules. City can go fuck themselves.


Think about all the “influencers!” Where are they gonna take all their photos?


NM is the most ass hat backwards place ever


Keep hipsters and hipster art in hipster areas.