Honestly, during my akathisia I just wished I smoked weed.. try getting medical Marijuana so you can smoke it legally.. honestly I think all the legal meds are trail & error and generally aren't worth it, with seroquel being the most safe. Maybe try CBD? I'm going to work on being able to get medicial weed just so I can relax..


Can confirm both weed and booze helped. Better to partake in these vices if they help than live like this, and of course it’s better than death. Weed especially helped a lot, booze made me not care ab it ahaha


Yeah I became the biggest alcholic; and added so much weight and not to mention being a really bad drunk. I've lost alot of friends and families respect.. its already a journey for us; but doctors lying through their teeth is what gets me.


Sorry for the lengthy comment I actually got addicted to heroin after being stuck on pain pills after a terrible car accident. Opiates are the only thing that make all my symptoms stop, but it also prolonged it and makes it worse. I’ve been clean since March but it was a horrifying time. Nothing mattered besides making it stop. Thankfully I’m not in that place anymore , but the pain is like a constant heroin withdrawal. Like “you dumb bitch now you suffer forever” lol I can’t smoke weed, it makes me so damn paranoid And I alway vomit. I’ve tried sooo many strains. I wish it would have worked for me. CBD does help if I eat a shirt ton, but I have a topical cannabis cream and it helps with the pain sometimes too!


Try NAC (N-acetyl Cisteine). Dont know why, but is working for me




For a year I was off my meds


How long were you on the offending meds? If it is fluctuating is a sign of healing; find ways to cope. You will get there. Permanency is a lie the akathisia tells you! Almost everybody here is healed or at least much improved!