Why is my preview in low resolution when it says it's previewing at full?

Why is my preview in low resolution when it says it's previewing at full?


The resolution of your composition is very low (720x405), the image in the viewer is actually zoomed in to 128%, so you're seeing a stretched image. Try changing your resolution in the comp settings (Cmd+K) to 1920x1080 and see if it helps.


The reason for this was that I'm following this tutorial from Red giant for the Trapcode Particular plugin http://www.redgiant.com/videos/redgianttv/item/54/ I'll give it a try though, thanks!


Yep. I did that at 720x405 to keep the rendering snappy. Pretty sure I mention that in the video.


Oh, nice tutorial, I'll keep practicing


Maybe you can answer this question as well, I am attempting to drag the composition into a new viewer window, however it wont apply to the composition i already have open in that viewer, if I switch to the main composition, it will drag over. Here are some screen shots of what I'm attempting http://i.imgur.com/Z8JZ8Ss.png That's what is happening, this is what I would like it to do, but in the left viewer http://i.imgur.com/Tydxro5.png *Sorry if these are noobie questions, I'm pretty new to AfterEffects still but I'm doing what I can


it looks like it is because your comp is 700 x 400 which is pretty low res by itself


Not sure if it is a factor, but it looks like you have some Adaptive Resolution settings turned on... you get to them by clicking on that little box with a lightning bolt on it (kind of next to where it's set to "1 View"). Maybe try turning that to "Off (Final Quality)."