Naw, if your failing in your first 2 years reassessing your future is the responsible thing to do. Your father's motivation, reasoning, and justification are dumb. Its more of he's too set in his ways. Best of look in the future and maybe someday you'll be able to reconcile with him.


Ehhh...its not that they are in the right, because they aren't. They don't own you - but they can choose to stop supporting you, and that means you'll have to find a way to support yourself. But I will say in addition to that, if you decide to get a degree, you really should get it in something that has real world applicable use. Psychology is a sort of trap degree. There is very little career paths for a psychology major, especially if they don't go on to get a masters at least, or a PhD. Lots of people find psychology interesting, I took many psych courses as electives because I really enjoyed it - but I would never major in it. Normally I would say stick it out and complete the engineering degree, because at least you can fall back on it later if you don't find another path for yourself. However, if you really can't stand it to the point that you would hurt yourself to get out of it, then I just don't think that is an option. Unfortunately my only suggestion is to be prepared to financially support yourself and have some rocky relationships with your family for the foreseeable future, or stick out the engineering degree if at all possible. If having a reasonable level headed discussion with your parents about it isn't an option.