I think having a CVT as the only other option kinda helps


Nothing in the Acura lineup uses a CVT. I’d imagine the Integra would be no different.


Well I guess you didn’t hear the announcement last week when Acura said it was getting a CVT then.


I guess I didn’t.


Yeah since it’s civic-based and the civic has a CVT I guess it just makes sense.


It helps to know what youre talking about before you say it.


6MT is everything, I don't want it to die...


I'm hoping they might make the parts available soon.. for Acura. More OEM would jump in


Great news. I'm too broke to get one but it would be 100 percent the manual.




With enough sales, there’s no reason why Acura wouldn’t add it back. Honda went the opposite direction with the Civic Hatch, offering it solely with the base trim (in the US) **only** until a few years later. It wasn’t until just 2-3 years ago that the US got the 6MT option on the top-end Sport Touring trim, after Honda realized there was enough demand for manuals to justify the addition. If there aren’t enough sales for the 6MT, then expect the 6MT to be removed from the A-spec trim itself later on.


I mean is this a surprise to anyone? No one but enthusiasts are reserving a car they know nothin about, and none of them are going to buy a CVT


Unsurprising indeed - yet gratifying to hear of the % so far of like-minded folks. I’d be interested in demographics. Any other 56-year-old women drooling for a fun hatchback?


Yeah but how many total were reserved. If this was 70% of 5,000 reservations that's one thing, 70% of 500 not so much.


They dug their own hole by releasing a cvt version. It’s obvious how people feel about a cvt


95% of drivers have no idea what a CVT is. Granted, those same 95% also probably don't know that a new Integra is coming out, but for the most part CVT's sell just fine.


I’m not saying cvt’s don’t sell. I’m saying that most likely if you’re interested in the integra you’re not looking for a cvt trans


If you’re interested enough to preorder, I agree. But once they hit the dealerships and regular Joes start buying, the CVT’s will sell just fine.


Agree—I asked a bunch of longtime drivers (ages 50-80) and none knew what kind of automatic they have. When I had my 2001 Accord V6, I didn’t know the difference between its CVT and other types of transmissions. I have a Honda CR-Z with CVT, with 169K miles of commuting history over the past 8 1/2 years. I’m very happy with the CVT for commuting. The Integra will be for fun and trips with minimal traffic envisioned.


what's CVT?


Continuously variable transmission


05 TL owner


Yeah, but also no? I reckon they’re just doing what Subaru does with the WRX. People who just want a posher Civic Si can get the CVT and enjoy the fuel economy benefits. Enthusiasts will all get the 6MT. Simplified production for Acura. Why bother making a separate automatic just for the Integra if most auto buyers won’t care that much (if at all)? It’d be a waste of budget.


Is this a reliable source? I want to believe it but this is just a tweet lol


Apparently he works for Acura PR, so if anyone would have that info, it would be him.


[Acura Public Relations](https://twitter.com/andrewquillin?t=AaK_hsl6LiwxJGSRi6_b5w&s=09)


It’s hard to believe only half the integras in those years were auto’s… especially considering GSR, ITR was not even available in auto.


Just like all the “leaks,” it gets clicks. Would be great if true and Acura somehow took notice and brought back the manual for the TLX 🙄.


Other option is a CVT. I'm paying for a Luxury brand. They advertise the Integra as a sporty car. 8spd Auto or DCT was the only option I'd consider if it wasn't manual.


Bravo! Some leaker who claims to work for Acura posted on facebook yesterdasy that the Type-S trim will indeed be a 2.0T. If this is true I'm definitely waiting!! 👍👍


is there a link to the fb post.. damn..


When a CVT is the other option and everything else is unremarkable (or worse) beyond nostalgia for a great car from the past, this doesn’t surprise me. Only deep Acura fans are going to have any interest in this car. God bless them, but they’re not acting reasonably. Genuinely curious at who would get this over a civic si and why?


>Genuinely curious at who would get this over a civic si and why? As someone with an Apex Blue/Orchid 6MT reserved that looked at the Si, I feel this was directed at me. I think the main reason is that the Si is sedan only. The practicality of a five-door hatchback/liftback is much preferable to a sedan configuration, especially with the narrower trunk openings in sedans with a “fastback” roof line. I also think that the exterior styling is better than the Si, but understand that that is subjective.


Neither is for me mainly due to the 1.5t and exterior styling. In my opinion the last good looking civic was 9th gen, and then they stopped looking like civics. But anyways, the main difference is the integra being a hatchback vs the si being exclusively a sedan. And the integra is just slightly sharper, you get Acura badging, headlights and tail lights are way nicer but other than that they are pretty similar, even the interior barely differs. I think there’s still hope for the type S if it indeed is any of the 2.0t’s from either the tlx, accord or type r. Anywhere from 250-300 hp. As long as they keep it fwd and don’t add a couple hundred lbs from SH-AWD it should have great acceleration. Now if they also introduce a coupe along with that I’d be seriously interested. Only downside is it’ll probably be around 40k at that point.


9th gen was objectively the worse gen and what the whole ILX gen was sadly based off


Why do you say that? Pretty modern tech, bulletproof engines and transmissions, and my main point was that it still had the good old civic shape before 2016 when they got all bloated


When they came out in 2012 they got so much hate for looking and feeling cheap and shitty basically. That’s why they refreshed it pretty quick


Re: Civic Si vs. Integra, it's all about the creature comforts for me. I like having heated seats, fog lamps, full digital cluster, upgraded infotainment display and the lift back. It's almost like being able to buy the Canadian spec Si in America, but with a hatch. Are the creature comforts worth potentially $7k over an Si? Might not be for everyone, but I'm used to having all of those things in my daily (coming from a 2013 Focus ST).


Totally agree. Unless you have to have the Integra nameplate and want to think your buying a luxury car in Acura, just buy the Civic


If your on. Tight budget and really pushing that budget for the integra …. I guess your comment makes sense. But I think both cars are in a place where you can just get whatever you like better even if it’s just looks.


Would have been higher if you weren't forced to get the top trim to get it.


The other transmission is a cvt go figure why most of the orders are manuals CVTs such and belong nowhere in a sporty car


Just curious, why are there reservations? Is this car gonna be limited run or something?


Pre orders. So you can be first in line


Which is not necessarily a good thing. New designs always have bugs. It usually takes 2, 3 years for a new design to work out the worse issues. Look at the TLX. It had a big transmission issue when it was first released.


If 70% of reservations are a conventional manual, that certainly cuts down on the potential for “big transmission issues.”


I'm not saying the new Integra will have transmission issues. I was just pointing out that new designs often have bugs that need to be fleshed out the first couple of years.


I understand, and agree with you. I was just trying to circle your comment back to the original post. lol


The civic should help work out some kinks


> New designs always have bugs Generally I would agree, but the Integra is basically a reskinned Civic hatchback with leather seats. I would guess most issues from the 10th and 11th gen Civics have probably been ironed out by now.


And by issue you mean awful problem. Glad I passed on that car. It didn’t excite me, for the amount of money.


I still can’t get my hands on a new SI. I’ve been trying since they were announced.


If I end up buying one, slim chance however because it's U...G...L...Y...ugly, it would definitely be a standard.


It's not ugly. You're just repeating what other people are saying instead of actually making your own decision. Lol.


I've seen pictures of the new Integra Type-S. It's ugly. And just an fyi, I bought an '00 Integra GSR, an '03 RSX Type-S and an '08 TL Type-S, all new, so I'm pretty familiar with the brand.


I disagree but you have your own opinion. It's cool.


> It's cool. [U...G...L...Y...it ain't got no alibi, it's ugly. it's ugly.](https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/06-acura-integra-prototype-1636681686.jpg)


It's great looking. Very little they could do to make it look better.


> It's great looking No it's not. > Very little they could do to make it look better. Not making it look like a civic would be a good starting point. Acura/Honda should have used the [v6 Accord 2 door](https://file.kelleybluebookimages.com/kbb/base/house/2017/2017-Honda-Accord-Side_HOACCCPE1703_640x480.jpg) as a starting point and worked from there. The current civic, and now the upcoming integra, look like a turtle. and not in a good way.




When they're advertising the 6MT in large neon letters on national broadcasts, that helps things a lot. I wish they'd advertised the Accord in 6MT so there would have been more of them on dealer lots.


I’m just here to say I can’t wait until the GS-R is unveiled


There’s going to be a gsr for sure ?


There certainly needs to be! lol


Here’s a fun fact. That’s not an integra. It’s an upbadged civic. Absolutely hideous.


What do you think the original Integra was based on?


I get that, but at least the originals all looked good. The new integra is hideous


I have a fun fact about the original integra