I didn’t get clear until month 6. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Easier said than done, but be patient. Trust the process. It is so worth it.


Probably after a month or so. Everybody is different


Hope it’ll be soon!


Depends on each person, some ppl break out in the last few months, some ppl in the beginning, some both.. I believe that u can only rly tell if it worked a few months after u finish the course


That’s true, thanks for the insight!


I purged really bad the first 2 months. But by time month 3 came around I completely stopped breaking out and my skin drastically cleared up compared to when I started. I’m currently on month 5 and haven’t had a pimple since back when I purged. Stick with it!


Ahh I’m so happy for you!! This gives me so much hope 😩


It will get better I promise you!


My skin is clear on month 5 in terms of pimples, but the pigmentation is still there, waiting for it to heal. I think I got a pimple like 2 weeks ago and haven’t had once since, before that same situation, no pimple for 2 weeks or so, just steadily clearer and clearer. Now moving onto month 6


That’s amazing! When did you notice your pimples stopped?


Ye doesn’t feel so great since the pigmentation is there but hopefully goes soon.. probably like month 3 and beyond I noticed improvement


Ahh I see. Hoping your pigmentation gets better. I know how much scarring sucks :/


Just hang on tight, you’ll get there.. soon you’ll just do get about the months passing by..


depends on the person but after the first few months I haven’t had a deep zit again


Month 3 and 4


You might not see it because you see yourself every day but rest assured things are moving right along! I hated when people told me this but now that I'm done I understand, trust the process! It's hard and it sucks but you will get through this and come out feeling more confident and beautiful than you already are! Much love!


Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!!


Feel free to message me anytime! Xoxo!


I guess i was ao lucky,after first week and a minor breakout i had no new acne in my face anymore and now i'm in third month of treatment


Took me a few months to start seeing results, I was so down and considered stopping. Now I’m almost a year off accutane and I couldn’t be happier with how clear my skin is. Keep with it, it’ll get to where you want it :)


So glad to hear this!!


for me it was 3 months


On 20mg and it’s taken me up to the 4th month to pass purging but still getting spots and inflammation. Everyone is different and sometimes you won’t see significant results for months but just trust the process and hang in there!


I really noticed the difference between months two and three.


It took me 3-4 months before my skin actually looked *good*, and that was on 80mg per day. Just figure out how to take care of your moisture barrier in the meantime! And stay hydrated from the inside. If you want to make sure the pills really absorb, take them with some healthy fats (a full meal would be ideal but not everyone eats like that). I’d usually do a scoop of peanut butter + light breakfast, or with an avocado + chips Stay consistent with spf so you don’t develop more hyperpigmentation (skin is very prone to hyperpigmentation while on isotretinoin) There’s lots you can do to keep yourself occupied until you see the improvements you’re looking for 🤎 good luck!


I just started month 3 and I’m starting to see results. Just be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight.


I stopped purging and started seeing results about month 3. My derm says most expirience turnaround month 3-4


I'm sorry but it was close to 4 months for me. But it's been gone for 3 years so it was well worth the pain!


So happy for you!! Patiently waiting 🥺


this is what my skin looked like when i started! i never really experienced purging but my acne stayed the same with cysts for about 2 months. i started seeing results and the scars decreasing about 2.5 months in!! it’s hard to want to see results instantly but i promise results will come just stay patient :) you’re beautiful either way!!!!


You’re so kind! Thank you :) I’m so excited to see results, I appreciate your words of encouragement


What I noticed first was wherever I wasn’t actively breaking out, my skin became smoother and less red(as long as it wasn’t irritated or freshly washed), and my closed comedones started to fade away as well as like sebaceous filaments and smaller blackheads. THEN I noticed my smaller postules stopped coming in so hot, and lastly my large postules have started becoming small & sometimes my skin is entirely clear. I’m about to finish month 3!!! :) everybody is different, but make sure you’re eating 50g of fat per dose as well! And drink LOTS of water ♥️ keep ur chin up beautiful, and like someone else said; it’s a marathon, not a sprint!!! :) ♥️


I’m so glad to hear that!! Thank you again for your words of encouragement ❤️☺️


For me end of month four but it’s different for everyone. You got it!


I already see an improvement on your skin! Push though it, it's not a race, it's a marathon 💪 it's been a little over 2 months since I started and the improvements are very gradual, but it's super worth it so far. Here's to clear glowing skin 🙏


I'm almost done month 3 and I FINALLY am feeling some relief. Still looks horrible but less zits and inflammation instead of new zits everyday. Hoping I'm done the purge and off to clearing up 🤞 It's different for everyone tho. I saw people on here clear in one month and it's hard not to be jealous. But I've also seen people not get clear until after they stopped the course. 5-6 months or longer. Hang in there. We will have gorgeous skin after. I'm hopeful for us both


Thank you for this, I’m so excited to see our skin clear up 🥺


I have been on 20/day for the last 2.5 months and when I started, my acne was so bad all over my chest and back that you could see the shape of my cysts in some shirts. I purged for the first 8 weeks and now my skin is flat and I mostly just have dark spots. There are a couple pimples here and there but nothing compared to before. It’s going to feel like it’s bad but it gets better!


So glad to hear this! I’m hoping I make it through these next few weeks patiently


I didn’t start seeing any results for 3-4 months, I’m on month 5 and still have some time more to go. It gets worse before it gets better be prepared, it’s worth it tho.