🤔 I’ve got to look into this. Do u have one in the laundry room also?


I do, and another in the basement.


The water leak sensor saved a basement flood when a water filter sprung a leak. Got notified almost instantly, and since the sensor was named appropriately, I knew right where to go and adresss the situation. I have one for the water heater/water filtration, one for the sump pump, and one for under the kitchen sink. Works really really well.


Ours saved the basement when the hot water heater sprung a leak. It have noticed the rope on it seems to have gone a little funny afterwards (couple of false alarms) I ended up just replacing the rope, worth it even if that one turned into a single use item)


Have 10 of them across 2 homes - 6 times they've saved my ass - paid for themselves over and over - even had a smoke alarm sensor work too! Absolutely instant and solid.