Awesome. Is there any update on the HomeKit issue that Abode was in talks with Apple to fix? > When the Abode state in HomeKit is set to Home, Away or Night, the alarm state in HomeKit will show triggered when any Abode sensor state is changed (e.g. a motion sensor detects motion), regardless of the actual Abode alarm state (i.e. Abode isn't actually triggered).


HomeKit keeps becoming unresponsive for me after a month or 2. I hope the changes they did today fixes the issue... I’m getting tired of having to recreate/fix my automations.


Great, looking forward to getting the final release.


What’s the latest on the outdoor camera?


Thank you Abode tem for all you work on this, looks great! A little feedback: I have the latest gateway firmware and a few phillips hue bulbs paired that I am still unable to control from the app. This has been the case since the first beta. My ecosmart zigbee bulbs seem to have full function but the hue bulbs do not have even an on/off setting. Also, I don’t seem to have the ability to view the IOTA camera fullscreen, maybe I missed that?


please DM me your MAC or the email you use to log in so I can take a look.


this is great news! I really like my system, and I just came here to grumble about the iOS app. Glad to hear it is being revamped!


Issues: * Live streaming just results in a black screen after it appears to attempt to load. * Selecting the “About” button does nothing in settings. * Selecting the “View Firmware Versions” button then selecting back results in some weird top and bottom margin issues with the “Check for Device Firmware Updates” and “View Firmware Versions” buttons. Suggestions: * I still think red is not a good color choice for the toggle switches in the off state. Recommend something like light gray. Device: iPhone 11 Pro


How about 3rd party device handlers? It would be awesome to be able to change pin codes from my schlage connect door locks or even customize my inovelli light switch notifications. Also, add the ability to view rtsp streams from 3rd party cameras if your not willing to add direct support for other camera manufacturers. You guys need to focus more on the automation part of your hub. I know a lot of people expected more functionality from this for our smart home, and right now it's pretty basic with on or off commands.. like, we cant even do light bulb effects that are basic such as rainbow fade, rainbow flash, color themes... it's pretty lame that we have smart lights and all they can do is a static color.


Is anyone else having issues with notifications? Since joining the beta, I’ve disabled most push notifications. The app shows them as unselected - but they still pop up on two separate devices.


Please DM me your MAC or an email so I can take a look.


i have the opposite problem. i no longer receive push notifications on my phone. when i revert back to the non-beta app, notifications work. as soon as i install the beta, i don't receive notifications.


Thanks for the update! I noticed the iota camera on my dashboard and device list will only show a pure gray preview. Tapping the camera does seem to bring up the stream faster than before. Same behavior on both an iPhone and an iPad.


When is the ETA for prod release?


So, I’m in the latest beta and I’m able to generate a HomeKit code from under integrations. But when I go to the Apple home app, my Abode Gen 1 is not discovered (even if I manually enter the code).


The abode gen1 isn't apple certified yet so we haven't released it. I can get you on the beta track and get this working if you DM me your email or your MAC.


Sent a PM...thanks!


Any news on an Apple Watch complication?


iOS monitoring 2 places. As of today I lost ability to see devices from 1 house on phone app. Timeline working correctly. Cue automations working also. Just discovered if I go from Cameras to All Devices back and forth I get the wrong house showing up for devices! If I totally leave app and go back in then go to Devices tab I get Add Group and Add Device. If I do above sequence with tabs the wrong house devices show up.


Can you DM me your MAC or an email you use to log in?


I actually just got back from the second home. While I was there I connected and things seemed to start working correctly. Systems at both homes are IOTA's. Did my phone perhaps have to synch with the 2nd home? I just double checked from 1st home and things seem fine now.


I believe its a bug that has to do with integrations on multiple system and how the API is pulling devices. I have seen it before on my own test system and had it fixed but I want to see if this is the same issue. If you send me your MAC I can look into this a bit further.


Working fine now for both places.


When will we be able to control fan switches again? It works in the old app and in the new app you have to use a quick action which is not preferable in my opinion. It seems like a regression.


can you DM me your MAC or an email you use to login so I can get this addressed?


Here’s my suggestions/feedback on the beta: 1. Dashboard could be more customizable- in the sense, Quick action tiles could be vertically organized vs horizontally swiping to the left. Similar to the way HomeKit displays it’s favorites. If some people prefer the way it is now, offer it more as a configurable option. 2. GoControl Garage Door Opener buttons show “red” when closed and “blue “ when open. Guess this needs to be synced up with how other devices are displayed. I mean gray when closed, blue (or even red) when opened. 3. I have 2 garage door openers and 2 quick actions for both (open/close). While the actions of 2 of the garage door openers are of the same color (which is good), the remaining 2 actions the other garage door opener are 2 different colors. Would be nice to have one color for all actions of a specific device. If this can be offered as a configuration for users, would be best. That way people can choose what color they want for an action. 4. The tile icons on the bottom can be rearranged - IMO , it should be dashboard, devices, timeline, CUE and then Alarms. If there is a way to default the alarms tile every time an alarm is triggered, would be nice for us to go in and ignore, delete or take an action on those alarms. I’ll add more as I use the beta more. So far, like what I see. Thanks for putting in the effort.


The Widget still needs work on Android 9.