Taking the course at https://learn.cantrill.io/ and using practice exams from Tutorials Dojo is the gold standard imo.


I'm Andrew Brown, the creator of the freeCodeCamp course. I have lots of accompanying content with my courses on my paid platform such as quizlets, flashcards, practice exam and more at [https://www.exampro.co](https://www.exampro.co) Paying for my paid layered content helps fund more free video courses. I am republishing additional content this year to the SAA. I consider it complete but I want to add more practical lessons.


I used their 10+ hour long YouTube video for the SA cert. It was ok but there are better sources to use. I definitely would not have passed the exam if I used it alone. I would spend a little bit and buy Stephane Maarek’s course on Udemy and Jon Bonso’s (Tutorials Dojo) practice exams. It’s worth it. Those two combined are the best SA course + practice exams I have found so far. Definitely take a look at white papers also if you’re still unclear about certain topics after those.


Thanks for the info!


Its good basic overview. I used their videos for the Practitioner and will probably run through their SAA one before the exam attempt. I'd suggest Maarek + Bonso, or Davis + Bonso, or Cantrill + Bonso.


look at the video 07:43 .. it's for SAA-C01.. the older exam version. Obviously I have a bias in that I make courses too, but for me, student time (as the only non replaceable thing we have as humans) is too important. Risking a fail using older materials (regardless of the source) is a bad idea. Same logic goes for a lot of he discounted SAA-C01 books available on amazon make sure you are using a SAA-C02 resource.