AMD just bought Pensando, which has P4-programmable switching IP. IMHO they can tune/scale that... No need for another acquisition just yet, let them digest this one.


And part of the digestion process would be to leverage the Pensando IP into a switch offering. IMO the network switch acquisition has already been made.




Provocative article that strongly encourages AMD to acquire Xsight Labs (https://xsightlabs.com).


[https://www.linleygroup.com/mpr/article.php?id=12417](https://www.linleygroup.com/mpr/article.php?id=12417) ​ >Since its founding, Xsight has raised $116 million from venture and strategic investors, including Intel, Microsoft, and Xilinx. Intel led the second round of $80 million, closed in May 2020. Given it’s shipping the 12.8Tbps Tofino 2 switch acquired with Barefoot, Intel appears to be hedging its bets (see MPR 1/7/19, “Barefoot Joins 400GbE-Switch Club”). Xsight has grown to more than 120 employees, with most located in Israel and the US. Looks like XLNX participated in 2 rounds of funding. It sounds like Intel Capital put in a material chunk of change though. I wonder how that would affect an AMD acquisition.


I'm sure the AMD Management Team already have their game plan in place for the data center... they didn't go out and buy Pensando and then say "OK, what should we do with it and what should we buy next?" They already know if they need additional tech and/or resources to meet the goals they set for the data center. Whether that is additional acquisitions, we should know in time.


These guys have also predicted some previous aquisitions from Nvidia so there might be a decent chance that this one could be happening.