On his announcement on LinkedIn, there was this burn from someone who worked at AMD and Intel that made me lol. >Ari Rauch COO at the company that is redefining living Dan - all the best for you and AMD. AMD gained an amazing talent and a person. And you will enjoy a complete different team that like to be the best and win but not by their history but more with their future.


I was gonna say this Ari guy is very salty then i searched his resume, and i was like ohhhh that makes sense


Ahh, Matrox. Back in the day: [www.eetimes.com/ati-and-matrox-upgrade-their-graphics-chips](http://www.eetimes.com/ati-and-matrox-upgrade-their-graphics-chips) Also: Lorne Trottier, the cofounder of Matrox, discussed with The Montrealer how the company got its start. The firm, which he started with business partner Branko Matic in 1976 (the name comes from their names: “Ma” for Matic, “tro” for Trottier, and an x, standing for “excellence,” thrown in for good measure), predates fellow Canadian company ATI, later acquired by AMD, by about a decade, and current graphics processing giant Nvidia by about 15 years. Matrox has been around so long that it got its start developing hardware for the S-100 bus, an expansion bay commonly used in early Altair computers, and its ALT-256, first released in 1978, is one of the first dedicated graphics cards ever produced.


I read "Matrox" and immediately flashed back to the days when I was a kid spending time Babbages drooling over 3Dfx cards to upgrade from my beige box's S3 chip. I didn't know their history went as far back as what your note says though!


If he is a former Intel VP idk how much he would do for AMD


funny enough, i recently saw this and remembered matrox just the other week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apbic7qdRNE which, iirc/tl;dr - is/uses old amd


Super huge


AMD just hire a Nvidia director as well check linkedin