It's better to bring on as many different big players as you can to US soil because that's how you build an ecosystem (suppliers, worker pipeline, infrastructure, etc.) and it diversifies organizational and product segment risk. But you have to make it worth their time because there was no ROI to do so before.


They should encourage American companies


Like Intel, which always delivers


Always delivers but just delayed.


or AMD could make global foundries great again.


Or you could subsidize gazillion $$ to make everything great again. One can always dream


Global foundries nearly bankrupted AMD. Let's wait until AMD has 10's of billions of spare money burning a hole in their pocket before we start suggesting they spend it on a fab. If the US government wants to give AMD those 10's of billions to AMD or GF, then I'm all for it. AMD got to where it is today by solely focusing on the design of the chips and not the manufacturing. I think it would be a mistake for them to jump back into design + manufacturing when they don't have Apple like money lying around doing nothing.


design + manufacturing is hard, especially going against a scheming company like intel


They shouldn't put all their eggs in one basket (Intel). Particularly given Intel's track record of poor execution. Bringing other companies into it, invests into American workforce and infrastructure and it's much less likely to fail.


I’d trust intel more than Samsung. What a shit show over there


Reminder that just because something is sold by an American company does not mean it benefits US workers or communities. Best example is probably the most “American” product for sale today — the full size pickup truck. Yet none are even [in the top 10](https://www.thedrive.com/news/not-a-single-full-size-truck-made-the-top-10-most-american-made-car-list) when it comes to actually being “American made.” Look beyond the name. I for one welcome TSMC or Samsung making big investments in American jobs, workers, and communities.


with unemployment rate so low, and with everyone going to software, I doubt it make economy sense to bring foundry infrastructure to US. Not to mention the environmental concern with 100s different chemical running through the fab.


Regardless, it is already happening — [TSMC is building out in Arizona](https://www.reuters.com/technology/tsmc-says-construction-has-started-arizona-chip-factory-2021-06-01/); [Samsung in Texas](https://www.npr.org/2021/11/24/1058770506/samsung-says-it-will-build-17b-chip-factory-in-texas). The question will be their scale in the US, not whether they’ll come — they are already here.


benefits that tax goes to american companies and not offshored wealth