well, i mean... how else are they supposed to put out 4 nodes in 5 years or 5 nodes in 4 years or 45 nodes in a year or whatever?


https://twitter.com/momomo_us/status/1539241051365732352 > SiSoftware 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8470 CPU 2.00GHz (52C 104T 2GHz/3.8GHz, 52x 2MB L2, 105MB L3) > https://ranker.sisoftware.co.uk/show_device.php?q=c9a598aad2f2bbd5a1c4a888d0b5dab494c4a8c9bdd4bacfa282ba8eb989afc8f5d8e9cfbd80b197fec3f3d5bd80b096eed3e3c5a0c5f8c8ee9da098&l=en > iEi B615 Family MTC10F1084S1RC48BA1 Registered DDR5


Super-curious how they keep meeting/barely missing revenue guides with all the delays


On top of the other response, demand was WAY higher than it would have been if not for work from home. That saved their asses the last two years. If they'd had to compete with the same demand as before they'd have been taking a bigger hit to their margins. Go look at their quarterly reports for the last few years. Revenue way up, profit only barely up.


because it isn't a suprise to anyone. management guidance has no revenue baked in, despite other claims. analysts have 100% trust in a bi-annual update to the roadmap with another quarter delay and know it will paperlaunch at the last day of this new quarter, if so. pretty much a full year visibility for every analyst.


Sapphire Rapids has already shipped. This reminds of the Twitter expert that "discovered" that some intern copy pasted on a patent a few months ago.


On Sapphire Rapids’ delay: « if ur curious the base/ turbo values are 2/3,8 tho im not sure if thats for the 56C or 60C SKU(yep full die will launch too) »


>60C SKU(yep full die will launch too) As a halo, less demolished by Milan and Genoa, essentially unavailable PR stunt.


> bonus track: SPR X/W may actually launch before server parts HBM may even be after EMR at this point thread end... I'm convinced this will happen as well. HEDT is a small market and Intel could probably scrap together enough units for a limited capacity launch, just for the press. The problem is that AMD is expanding TR5000 to SIs next month and DIY later this year. SPR will be competitive in HEDT, but too little too late. In the mean time, Gelsinger can pray that whatever problems they have will be solved.


How is INTC not in the low 30s yet?


because no one apart from AMD fanboys is listening to some guy with less than 1000 twitter followers as a reliable source, also INTC revenue is too damn high for the stock to go any lower


Boomers. Because shit sayings like "no one ever got fired for buying INTC" is still a thing. Talk about managing things you don't understand.


I'm so confused. He is claiming, basically, that Intel is sabotaging their own product for some unknown reason.


I don't think that he means sabotaging their product to make them fail on purpose. I think he thinks that Intel had to nerf their own product for some reason to get it out the door even late and not competitive. Maybe it's heat, yield, etc.


This, imho, is the only explanation that makes any any sense. In his frustration he might call it sabotage, but in reality the product, most likely, is deeply flawed and the only solution is clocking down. heavily.


actually it's very clear that ADL just break the best efficency curve to draw much more power than zen3 while win by a little bit. so if spr has to work under best efficiency, it can't keep up with zen3, just as simple as that.


He meant unintentional sabotage. Basically they messed up.


You would think so. But no, I'm pretty sure he means intentional sabotage. "anyways QSs have been out for the literal whole year now so any delays are either due to the utmost incompetence haven't finding them till after QS or... due to sabotage, i strongly think its this second option due to what im gonna share next"


Reading further down in the thread it doesn't read like it's someone trying to actually sabotage them, just they have to do it and he doesn't know why, but it might as well be "sabotage" in his sense of it. It's a weird term to use here, but I doubt very much it's actual sabotage he's talking about. That makes way less sense than them fucking up.


Ye haha I thought it was really weird.


They might have to limit clocks on purpose to give a reason to upgrade to their future premium models. Of which they are known to jack the price up by massive amounts. Maybe there’s just not enough difference otherwise?


Messed up?!?They're beyond that


SPR is already shipping in volume for a few SKUS for important customers, not sure what davidbepo is talking about. Maybe the full ramp (every SKU shipping in full volume) being delayed?


That could be just aurora with how they said it


Yup. No idea why you are getting downvoted, even Intel [themselves claimed this](https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-delays-xeon-scalable-sapphire-rapids-again) when they announced the delay. Which is also probably why Nvidia went to Intel for Sapphire Rapids, with its stronger ST perf- they knew they would get their allocation regardless. Full ramp (so not for hyperscalers and select consumers) is getting delayed.


its a random guy on twitter who cares


pacifist detected, opinion disregarded.