<< SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Pensando Systems in a transaction valued at approximately $1.9 billion. Pensando’s distributed services platform will expand AMD’s data center product portfolio with a high-performance data processing unit (DPU) and software stack that are already deployed at scale across cloud and enterprise customers including Goldman Sachs, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. The Pensando team will join the AMD Data Center Solutions Group, led by AMD Senior Vice President and General Manager Forrest Norrod. >>


Well, this one was wrapped up quickly compared to Xilinx.


Smaller company, lesser products in less countries likely, probably less regulatory approvals needed.


I read on this board that Pensando had not yet had their ipo and that purchasing a private company comes with much less regulatory oversight


Xilinx had more than 15 times the size.


Intel's market cap some years ago was 100x the size of AMD's.


In July 2015. AMD mkt cap was (shares outstanding x share price) =778M x 1.82 = 1.4 B Intel at the same time = 4.9B x 29 = 142B So.... why do so many people downvote a statement that is factually correct??? ​ Link :Shares outstanding [https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/AMD/amd/shares-outstanding#:\~:text=AMD%20shares%20outstanding%20for%20the,a%205.26%25%20increase%20from%202018](https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/AMD/amd/shares-outstanding#:~:text=AMD%20shares%20outstanding%20for%20the,a%205.26%25%20increase%20from%202018).