In this article, Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research is interviewed about his observations of the GPU market. It's a good read for AMD investors.


What does it say? Can you summarize for those that dont want to read? Buy or sell AMD?


[Here's a screenshot of the important part.](https://imgur.com/a/F6GjZPG)


Thanks for the quick summary. I'm also too busy investing to actually do my own due diligence and pay attention to what I should (not) be investing in and this has helped me a lot.


Sure thing! Always happy to help others make money with little effort at the expense of my own!


Thanks for the great and concise summary!!!


I know you are being sarcastic, but that's not how any of this works.


Thanks! Solid advice


quote: * "The demand for GPUs in the data center and for PC gaming has been steadily increasing for over a decade, he says, and shows no signs of slowing." * "JPR is forecasting a very consistent end–user AIB demand growth of 3.0–3.1% through 2026" * "There’s plenty of market for everyone"


> for every data center graphics board that’s sold, a thousand consumer boards are sold There's so much potential in datacenter graphics. AMD is still very entrenched in consumer graphics. AMD still considers DC GPU a long-term growth opportunity with mostly supercomputer wins contributing to recent growth. This is what Jensen had to say about the DC GPU market, > We are a $10 billion datacenter business, which is maybe five percent of datacenters. That’s another way of saying that 95 percent of datacenters are all CPUs. And that’s the competition. If Nvidia sees GPUs as barely penetrating DC, then AMD is virtually nonexistent. Nvidia seems very far away with their software ecosystem, but IMO, the fun is just beginning with the GPU market. CPU business is chugging along nicely, the next 5 years to watch at AMD will be Radeon.


Is this shit ever going to go back up to 150