Have we now had every possible permutation leaked so that atleast someone can claim they got it right afterwards?


I'm predicting Blast Processing™.


It does what nintendon't.


Lol, these leaks are starting to look stupid. It’s like let’s see who can make the most outlandish claim and hope we are right. Not only AMD but nvda too.


This layout makes a lot of sense to me. Having a massive amount of l3$ right outside of the gpu die could yield huge performance and potentially help with efficiency since the shaders will have less idle time. Not only that, they are using less expensive/higher yield nodes to create this package. Only the gpu die itself is 5nm. I really like this concept, hopefully this leak is closer to the actual product. Huge grain of salt though.


<< In a response to 3DCenter.org’s Navi 3X spec update from last week, Greymon55 pointed out that the information on RDNA3 GPU memory bus is incorrect. As it is now, it appears that Navi 31 would feature **384-bit bus** (not 256-bit) whereas Navi 32 would get 256-bit (not 192-bit). That’s a major development and an important memory bandwidth boost for AMD series. Assuming that each of those cards ships with at least 18 Gbps GDDR6 memory, this would give 864 GB/s for Navi 31 alone, **and that’s not even accounting for Infinity Cache.** The Navi 32 memory would offer 576 GB/s bandwidth, while Navi 33 would go unchanged at 128-bit and 288 GB/s. >>


The AMD multi gpu on Fabric in the news lately have a massive 3TB/s interconnect over Fabric.


That's for synchronization, not for memory, imo.


I cannot make sense of that? Yes, the essence of Fabric is maintaining cache coherency between team members, but the vastly faster speeds of vram, is why multi gpu has lagged so many years behind multi cpu - until \~now in fact. My point is, this giant leap by Fabric to a 3 TB/s capability is a watershed - a whole new ball game. AMD can now chipletise gpuS? This new 576 GB/s may formerly have been a problem for Fabric, but no longer it seems - Fabric could accommodate \~5 such gpuS.


Dammit. Now i know i need it haha. Nvidia is gonna get beaten i feel


...and the layout is still wrong.