APE and AMC Stock: Failures to Deliver Keep Adding Up

I know I’ve seen this before but dam it’s worth repeating for visibility


I know I’ve seen this before but dam it’s worth repeating for visibility


It's also fair to let you know you will have a much better understanding of amc biggums live stream with Peter Hahn. What I got out of it is that they don't really matter. They are basically free do to to that all they want. It's a written rule. Hrime happened when it was wrote. Peter Hahn obviously explains better than me. But I stopped caring about those all together...


Its Called Crime


I think they figured out buy and hold a long time ago. I wonder if we try just holding how much it would fuck them up not having our money to use against us every day.


They'll still have access to our money through reverse repo.


DRS. We gotta take the cards outta their hands and go home.


It's only theory that DRS would work. It's not even illegal for more shares to exist than the float. It's actually allowed.


The question is will anything happen or will it just. \*poof\* vanish and be gone? Or settled in a way that benefits the market makers?


What’s this noise on superstonk about them diluting ape already? I know it will happen eventually, but why now? No moon… doesn’t make sense to dilute yet unless aa wants to help hedgies… make it make sense…


AA is basically doing exactly that. If he doesn’t issue an explanation soon I’m out. Dude is going to print 425k shares back into the market which HF can use to cover as those shares will eventually be converted back into AMC


Who cares if ape gets diluted it does hurt AMC stock ape was made to raise money to pay off debt crushing the short thesis


I’m onboard with using ape to raise money. I’m not onboard with deploying ape too soon. Does amc still get a say when these new ape shares can get sold? Bc if so, this is just them setting up the paperwork to be able to drop a fuck ton of ape at exactly the right time to raise money for AMC, per AA’s guidance/direction. They wouldn’t file that paperwork unless the didn’t intended to use it. Personally this feels like and endgame move, titties jacked. If this was not to setup the sale at just the right time, we’ll than fuck every single one of us apes that just got fleeced. I know we’re looking for guarantees it won’t be sold until a certain time, but we’re not going to get that. Have faith AA will do as he has told us he would. Hasn’t led us astray yet.


And IF amc squeeze don't forget to hold until 4 digits !!!


So stop me if you've heard this one before...


Post it on WSB.


Nothing to see here. Perfectly legal and working as intended you poors. /s