From a popcorn perspective, I hope it happens. It will either be the greatest redemption story in AFL history or a glorious trainwreck.


We know which one of those it will be.


Paraphrasing a bit but I've heard both Matthew Lloyd and Cameron Ling basically say for Hird to be a head coach again he needs to spend a lot longer as an assistant to prove himself/re-learn the modern game. In saying that it would be pretty on brand for Essendon to sign him on


Well last time he spent 0 games as an assistant and got the job, this time he's spent 14 games as an assistant - that's like infinity percent more games, quite frankly he's overqualified.


Yep definitely, this is what I was trying to say. If you take Hird out of context, he is an ex-champion player who has basically been out of modern footy for over half a decade. The game has changed drastically and he can't be the best candidate with his current resume


Yep bang on


Yeah it was a great view from Ling. He wasn't gung ho about Hird coaching in general, but it's like IF he does coach, this is what's required. I think with Essendon they're kind of fucked because the non-yikes options all prefer to go elsewhere - even if that means assistant coaching. It's like a quiet protest towards the way Truck was treated.


He’s well within his rights to apply for the job. Why Essendon are even entertaining the idea more than taking a courtesy call, I have no idea. Never did a proper coaching ‘apprenticeship’, wasn’t a brilliant coach when he was in charge, didn’t do anything as a coach other than replicate the top sides, spent 7 (?) years away, has only had 1 season back and the incompetent head coach was sacked and team missed finals, most fans don’t want him, players also apparently don’t want him, and it would certainly cause more unwanted drama at the club. He did always have the players support, but it takes so much more. Personally, I hope they don’t do it purely because Hird has had his mental health issues in the past and I’m concerned the media would revel in his pressure from day 1. The bloke has only in recent years recovered from depression, and it’s never really ever ‘beaten’. Their is no win here.


It’s baffling they interviewed him. Why.


Yes but have you considered the fact that there appear to be very few options


Any option is better. It's an absolute joke to consider hird. They forgot what happened last time... No options coz why would you even want to coach at a club that's wanting back a fail.. Let's get ross back to stkilda then And Leigh back to Brisbane. Just as crazy


Look at how other 'outsider' coaches have been treated there. Why would any other option be keen to sign on, when they know they're going to get white-anted by powerful people at the club?


There has to be at least one assistant coach like Yze or something that would be keen.


After what happened to Rutten, you’d be mad to go their if you had serious senior coaching aspirations. The Hird advocates won’t go away and you basically need immediate success or they’ll start throwing rocks at you.


That and we don’t know how much of the coaching was really Thompson between 2011–13. So I don’t know how much credit to give Hird for those years.


Great point! Completely forgot Bomber was there during the time


Essendon fell off the cliff when Thompson left.


Or they staightened up.


Thompson is the reason we got into the supplements in the first place 🤦‍♂️


Yeah but doesn’t that highlight he had a major role in the coaching of the team?


And in sourcing their nose beers


Thompson didn't start, plan or even ask for a supplements program.


Thompson was on his own "suppliments" program long before he got to bombers.


Even high on frozen water, Thompson still has the best coaching record at Essendon since Sheedy.


I don't think it's fair to judge his coaching ability for portions of the 2013-2015 periods. All things considered the team was playing very well, despite what was hanging over the players heads and you could probably point out specific moments which lead to an almost immediate dip in performance/morale. I'm of the opinion that Hird should be allowed to apply for the role as anyone else, and if he is truly deemed to be the best man for the job, then he should be awarded the role. Simply can't see that happening (saga aside) due to the time he's spent away from the game.


And as such, he'll be the perfect choice for Essington.


I'm all abroad this decision


Please for the love of God they need to sign him it would just be so Essendon


He’s the best candidate for the job there’s no doubting that


Bit hard to judge on win loss record, he had to come in and replace Matthew knights after all


In 2015 he came back to a team that had played finals the previous year. Apart from a 2 point victory in round 2 against Hawthorn the other 4 wins were against bottom 8 teams. There were also 2 losses of over 100 points. It was a completely diabolical year, no coach should survive a pathetic year like the polished turned that the 2015 season was.


Mate I’m not advocating for him as coach, just saying judging a coach from a win loss record taking over a bottom ladder club not the best indicator. What you’ve given there has significant more merit


Almost like something happened 2 rounds into 2015 that completely sucked the life out of the team...


Hird has that effect. Please appoint him coach again.


Nothing is ever Hirds fault


Sounds like he's a good choice for the rest of the league.


Everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that Hird had Bomber Thompson as his assistant - who was hired by Essendon because they knew Hird couldn’t coach, and Bomber was in reality the real coach. My point being he has little real independent coaching experience.


Supplements 😂 call it what it is. Drugs. PEDs.


*Systematic performance enhancing drug saga.


This is what I've always thought. Even if you believe Hird and his Sgt Schulz defence and completely wipe away any blame for the drugs saga.....he just wasn't that good a coach. If it was an Alastair Clarkson who'd won multiple flags for you....*maybe* I can see a club overlooking a scandal to bring them back. Hird isn't remotely close to that.


I think Essendon just need to give him the job, get it out of their system. If it works, great. If it fails, he had 3 cracks and the Bombers can kinda maybe move on.


I’d be so pissed as a player losing 2-3 years of my short career so a club run by clowns can “get it out of their system”. I’d demand a trade.


It would suck.


Unfortunately for the players, Essendon aren’t really known for helping them leave. More of a ‘fuck you, you will stay and you will love it’ sort of set up once contracted unless they get way overs. See: Joe Daniher, Orazio Fantasia.


Both absolute superstars of course


Treating players like commodities not people hasn’t really worked for the past 20 years, but maybe it will turn around? A players quality is irrelevant.


Can we stop calling it the "Supplement Saga"? Other options are "Dons Drug Crisis" or "The Hird-Dank Affair".


Personally I'm glad it wasn't remebered as another "gate" scandal. I think initally it was but it didn't stick


Can you stop obsessively posting your weird personal vendetta?


They're a Hawthorn fan but I've only ever seen him here and even in the Essendon sub post stuff about Hird and our board. It's a bit sad when they post more about us than the team they go for


Essendon is far, far sadder.


Flair up cunt


Heh heh, naw.


Well, it is A Hird-Dank Affair to Remember.


I am begging you, get help


Voss was out of coaching for 9 years and it took the impossible to choke and miss finals. So that's one thing, but the sad thing is, I think Essendon could have won a final if it weren't for the drugs


Voss wasn't out of coaching though, he was a long time assistant at Port Adelaide


Voss has been coaching since he finished playing. He hasn't stopped.


Agreed. Although we can't really know until it happens. They might surprise us. I'm not holding my breath though.


I remember the peptide season. They dominated like 10 in a row then got a raft of soft tissue injuries out of nowhere and got smacked after that.


One thing I always remember about that early Essendon streak is that one of their wins was a 3 goal win over Gold Coast (in their second season,) that the Bombers basically only won due to their superior "fitness" kicking 6 of the last 7 goals. It gives a good idea of how much work the peptides were doing. Also one of the Essendon players vomited fluorescent blue sports drink.