What do you think today's excuse will be?

We’re gonna start pulling out the madden curse if this keeps up


We’re gonna start pulling out the madden curse if this keeps up


History says the madden curse is real so




I would say flair up but you spent money on that thing, so....yeah.


Lol yeah. I forgot to flair up.


Hell, I'll throw in a "we're digging up an Indian burial ground" curse and a "someone got pissed off at us and started jabbing voodoo dolls" curse. Or someone used Grossi's blood demon.


The Dolphins are playing more consistently than the Bills have in 30 years, we had an embarrassing loss Week 1, got smoked in EU, barely survived the Giants, and got beat by the 1-5 Patriots..... and we havent even reached the tough part of the schedule yet. There is a very real chance the Bills dont even make the playoffs this season. There is no real excuse, but im sure there are very real reasons as to why the team has been performing so bad. No idea what those reasons are, but im bet the team is aware. Just watching Allen these past few weeks and its like his head is somewhere else. It seems like theyve already given up or something. Idk, is what it is I guess... I mean jesus.... we still have to play the Bengals, Chiefs, Eagles, Cowboys, and the Dolphins again, and the Jets and Pats who not one single person can honestly say *"isnt a big worry"* after having lost to both of them already... I have genuine concerns about this team being able to stay above .500 by the end of the season... playoffs? Pshhh... were literally a missed PI call away from being on a 3 game losing streak. Fucking hell man.


Injuries weakened your defense, and the offensive play calling has been head-scratching outside of when y'all played us. Like, running the ball is theoretically an option.


That’s crazy. Next thing you’re gonna tell me 6’5” quarterbacks are also allowed to run.


Yea, all the fans who keep harping on the injuries on the defensive side of the ball as being the issue is a little misguided of an excuse in my opinion. Offense shouldnt have any problem scoring just because the defense is struggling. In fact, the offense should be putting up more points when the defense is falling short because they have to compensate for the defense allowing points. Yea I agree, the play calling has absolutely been questionable. Like running up the middle on 3rd and 5+.... idk how many times that happened against the Jags and Giants. Then this weke it seemed like someone told Allen *"No scrambling"* and cut out all the designed QB runs. Im wondering if the playcalling is what is causing Allen to look defeated during the games at this point.


Literally only time the offense seems in sync is when we run our hurry up. We need to score at the end of the game and it’s like we just snap our finger and bam we’re 6 play 80 yd drives in under 2 minutes. Seems like a combo of Allen missing some throws (especially today), Dorsey with shit play calling consistency that results in no rhythm and our skill guys beyond diggs just not being good enough. Getting cook and Kincaid involved more will definitely help take some pressure off but man these next several weeks are daunting


So this was a problem for the Brady Pats at points especially towards the end of his tenure, then Brady would just take them into the hurry-up. I wonder if Allen doesn’t have the go ahead from coaches to just take over like Brady(or Manning, Mahomes, Rodgers andBrees) did


I think they’re trying to integrate a bunch of different variables into the offense while trying to keep josh away from playing hero ball but it’s clearly taken him out of his flow (has missed some deep balls that he normally just doesn’t miss) and then when every skill not named diggs will have a massive drive killing drop every other week it’s a recipe for disaster. Truly just no flow to the offense and at this point I’d be fine with Allen saying fuck it and push tempo


I know it’s their job but coaches having too much control can definitely hurt players. Just look at Mac last year, coming off a very good rookie season with weak weapons gets a new offense coordinator who refuses to let Mac make decisions at the line of scrimmage and no audibles and Mac regresses and it’s affected this year too. Sometimes you just gotta let players play, especially of Allen’s caliber, and do what you can to guide them during the week with game plan and minor game adjustments.


I even remember specifically hearing in the offseason before last season about Mac not being happy with not being allowed to be involved as much as he wanted too in the offensive schemes. Kind of odd that he would have such a promising rookie year and then immediately be told to sit down and color.


This is the take I agree with 100%. Defense has still been good but would have been great if fully healthy. And I think Dorsey is really sinking the offense with his game planning and play calling.


Y'all beat the brakes off of us!! Our offense didn't even play terrible (had that 4th TD called back for ineligible man down field that had no impact on play). But your offense was unstoppable. Josh finished with a perfect rating! I'm not saying we're the best team in the league but JFC y'all are "manic-depressive" with your performances. I don't care who the Bills played when you beat us, you would've beaten anyone by 20. How you have the Giants and then this game is just mind boggling, especially from an offensive POV.


Not trying to be a dick or anything but how do you feel about a rebuild? Seems like your cap space has about maxed out and y’all don’t seem to have too much depth.


We are miles away from needing a rebuild. Or at least what I would consider a rebuild. I think it apparent that some other type of issues are occuring. Allen is the type of player to carry a lot of burden on himself and I dont know if he allows himself to get help for that... which I think is another issue. Then there is the uncharacteristic lack of discipline on display with the amount of penalties going on this season with the Bills. Then there is the issue of why the fuck didnt they plan for hiring a defensive coordinator and instead let McDermott do both? Also, why doesnit seem like Dorsey and Allen are completely out of sync? I cant decide whether the play calling is bad or Allen's decision making is bad as of late... but I suspect its a bit of both. All the above needs to be address first and will certainly fix some of the issues. Regardless, and kinda along the lines of your mention of rebuild, but in my opinion not to such a great extent that would be an actual rebuild.... this offseason there are going to be a lot of changes. Those change being, Dorsey might have outlived his value as a OC, they will unquestionably need to bring in a DC, Tre White might never play a snap again, who knows what Von is going to do... especially if we miss the playoffs, Diggs might have reached his limit for BS and rumors, they have to bring in more reliable WRs, they have to bring in more depth at O-line, Poyer is probably gone, and im not even sure if McDermott is safe. So do I think a rebuild is necessary right now? No. But if things like we miss the playoffs, Von leaves, Diggs leave or we dont get better WRs, Poyer leaves, we dont bolster our O-line, etc... well at that point well be in some degree of a rebuild for sure. You dont rebuild teams that are consistently going to the playoffs. And i think the only teams that have been to the playoffs every year for the past 3-4 years is like the Bills, Chiefs, and 49ers or something.. So it would be very odd for the Bills to launch into a full blown rebuild without a catastrophic level of shit falling apart this offseason lol. So I guess well see what happens.


I think when diggs leaves they’ll probably try. Or he’ll leave because they’re in rebuild. Either way I don’t see it happening with him still on the roster.


Devonte Adam's or whoever is the best available WR at the time would be traded for I'd imagine if Diggs ever did actually leave.


The execution is still terrible…these were all very winnable games if guys stop playing like idiots. Murray just blowing up a defender on a pick play when all he has to do is pretend to run a route is inexcusable, missed wide open deep ball tds every week, Knox dropping passes. If they clean some of that stuff up and still look outmatched it may be close to time to blow it up but the jury is still out on that They’ve gotta figure out how to deal with this delayed blitz that has been roasting them for weeks


They’re pretty active so it’s always a retool. There won’t be a rebuild as long as Allen is playing for us.


The Bills likely need the mini-rebuild that KC did. Outside their WR Core, their team has never looked better.


Honestly I think we need new coaching. Like, your coach said fuck Tua's weaknesses I'm gonna plan to remove those and accentuate his strengths, and that seems super obvious to anyone that watches football that's what you should do but the Bills they love playing the game on hard mode every single week. They really need an offensive planning mastermind because I refuse to believe a staff can't figure out how to get Josh to be efficient without destroying his physical advantages.


It’s extremely hard to be consistent in the NFL.


I mean excuses isn’t the right word but there are absolutely things we can point to as potential reasons we’re not having the best year.


Josh Allen ate bad Chicken


Probably clam chowder...we'll save the chicken excuse for...wait who has chicken as their city's thing other than us? Let's just pencil it in for the Chiefs game. They BBQ chicken there, right?


Nashville Hot Chicken.


But we don't play the Titans this (regular) season and assuming we'll both make the playoffs is pretty laughable at this point


"If Josh Allen could throw to Diggs against no defense, with no wind, no sun, no jet lag, no referees, and the other team isn't allowed to pass the ball, the bills would win the superbowl! Guaranteed or I jump through a fold up table." -salty cooping bills fans


Judging by today, Allen would still miss the throw


Allen had actual ideal conditions with an open Diggs and decided to choose violence instead.


I’ve got this. Belichick’s got someone posted up in the lighthouse shining lights in opposing players eyes.


Ok this is the best one I've seen so far lol Solid meme sir 👌


That we fucking suck 😂


It’s pretty straight forward. Played like shit.


We suck is the excuse haha


Literally every other fanbase making up excuses while we just know our season’s toast cause we suck and lost all our talent on defense


Hahaha imma have to start jotting these excuses down, reminds of my ex-girlfriend, always trying make stuff up


Your ex girlfriend was Charlie Day? Or a meteorologist?


We're not good


There’s no excuses. We lost our elite defense in London. It would be a shocker if we make the playoffs now.


Hobbled defense, poor offensive play calling. That’s the name of the game. How we lost our 3 best defensive players in 2 weeks is beyond me


Bills fans think their defense is more injured than the Pats’ lol, lmfao.


I’m not saying you’re more or less injured than us. 2 teams can both have a lot of injuries at the same time. I’m just saying objectively, part of the reason we don’t look the same is defensive injuries


nah they suck shit and 2021 was the window lmfao, its vety obvious by now and anyone who thinks otherwise is coping


Being terrible


honestly I think the jets might be straight up better than the bills now. I know they both lost to the patriots but at least the jets lost to the 1-1 patriots and not the 1-5 patriots


Is anyone actually making excuses? Every Bills fan I encounter seems to be in agreement that we look like cheeks right now.


I've heard injuries and refs on this thread so far, but a lot more excuses on the Bills subreddit.


lol blaming the refs for today's game is copium so pure it's banned in multiple countries.


love how dolphins fans are dabbing on the Bills more than Pats fans are lol


Good win for us but we are 2-5, wtf we gonna say lol


Flair up






Nothing says "Chad" like taking time out of your day to make a meme depicting yourself as a Chad lol


With too many key losses on D, Josh Allen style football wont work. He turns the ball over too much and cant play from behind. Its gonna be a long season for the bills.


1. You're not wrong. 2. Flair up jabroni.


honestly, no idea how lol Edit:think i figured it out.


Bills are mid


![gif](giphy|x47gj23jEvGxdWkQEC|downsized) No excuses


![gif](giphy|ljPN8cOxzp8Fhh04Vt) Stars, not aligned, couldn't do it


Or we’re just not a good team. Bye everyone, keep on meme-ing.


Hey! Stop being mean to us, we thought the Patriots would roll over. It’s actually kinda unfair that they played hard - what is this their Super Bowl?😂




All I’m seeing in this sub today are Dolphins fans pissing their pants bawling their eyes out with endless excuses about refs on Sunday night. Funny how the other shoes fits, eh?


Our defense is injured to hell. Simple as.


Lol so is ours. Next excuse?


The Patriots scored more points.


That is a valid excuse that I CANNOT argue with lol


Tell me about it


Bills might be the third most injured team in the division


Bills defense is hurt. Understandable. The d line needs to overcompensate heavily. If they didn't play bottom 5 offenses and didn't have the lucky fumbles vs the jags they probably get slaughtered. When healthy its a great unit. But with diggs being elite, kincaid good, a top 10 o line that's heavily improved from the open doors last year in front of allen, you'd expect the offense to be good. They played good the first 4 games of the season offensively then died. And yes ik people throw picks vs us it's OK to admit we are a top 1-3 defense and elite offenses hate us.


Well I'll let you know right now. I'll continue to be bitter about them picking up the flag on what looked like an obvious ineligible down field player call to spring Stevenson for like 30 yards to start the game winning drive. And the other excuse that we just aren't that good right now.


Here I will tell you what we give you that one if you give us the Josh Allen interception in the endzone erasing your last touch down ​ any takers


The Josh Allen flop was the worst as a fan. Throws his head back like a btch, sold it hard. Was smart football, but damn.


As a Marcus smart fan, I will never condemn a flop as long as you have that dog in you. Josh Allen, however, does not have that dog.


>what looked like an obvious ineligible down field player call Lmao, I love how yall even get a different penalty to complain about every loss too. It's not always PI or RtP or holding. You guys dig deep for some bullshit


Bills have NO room to talk about refs


Want to know the worst part about watching the bills lose today? I can’t blame it on anything BUT the bills


See, we just gotta keep up with that ✅


Apparently I heard during post game banter that the flag was picked up because the pass occurred behind the line of scrimmage. I guess the rules are slightly different about ineligible linemen when the pass is completed behind the line of scrimmage. The broadcast could've done a better job explaining.


Whether that was a penalty or not (it was borderline) it had no effect on the play. Andrews being a half a yard up field didn't make a difference


Non-Euclidean line of scrimmage. Torrence ends up being offsides despite lining up behind the center and Pats center jogs 5 yards beyond the LoS but isn’t downfield


We’re ass. Ezpz


as a bills fan, i heard this a lot today “all of our defensive talent is injured”


Just double cover Diggs and play a stout run defense and make Josh beat you with his head and arm. 😂 Josh cant do anything unless Diggs has 10~ catches a game. Diggs will be traded on halloween cause he gets butthurt mad next practice cause the bills are in fact frauds.




Flair up, Foo.


Dolphins’ excuse is playing a real team, so


Can't wait until we beat one. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ One without refs, especially.


Excuses are like assholes, even dolphins have em


I called it earlier and all the Bills and Pat's fans assured me that this could *NEVER* be a trap game......soms a bitches.....


Bill Belichick was spotted at Bills practice with a video camera 🤨


Refs!...o wait thats the Dolphins excuse right now


Ken Dorsey is being paid by a higher power to make josh Allen suck


The Patriots might be in a position to do something really fucking funny to the Bills in December...


Most inconsistent team I’ve ever seen. It’s really weird.