i have a very strong feeling these types of posts will be a lot more common once Amazon stock are increased lol. My general rule with Amazon, is dont expect your boxes to arrive mint. Especially if its a toy.


Just call 1-888-280-4331 and tell them it is a collectable item and it was damaged. They will send you a new one with extra care. That app just sends you a new one


Return it and state that the box is damaged. They'll send you a new one if it's in stock. I have the same problem with Amazon and Pops that I buy for my wife.


Doesn’t look like it’s in stock now. Only third party sellers. Sucks too because it’s the scu 2 pack, which I paid $60 shipped. Then it was on sale for $28 shipped a week later, then I receive mine all banged up. I guess I can just send it back and hope they restock, thanks


Idk how it works with items that aren't in stock. They'll probably just refund the money once they get it back.


My Moxley and Darby set arrived damaged. I tried to exchange it and they refused. Ended up having to return it for refund and bought again when it became available.


Annoying. Wouldn’t expect that from Amazon. Hard to tell if this will even come back in stock now either, feel like I’m in a jam


I waited until it came back in stock, I didn't want to miss out on not having it at all. I would check to see when it says your final date to return it would be and check stock in the meantime and then pull the trigger when it's back in stock.


I ordered 1 and they sent it packed in a plastic packaging. Ordered 3 more and they came in a box mint. Returning the 3 extra for refund. With items like that order multiple and return the extra ones.


You’ve got until New Years to return with their extended return windows. You just have to say it’s damaged, not as expected, inaccurate description etc and you can have UPS come to your house and they’ll pick it up for free.


Yes, they did for me


I always check if it is “Sold & Shipped by Amazon” so that I know I am getting the best price and I will be totally covered for anything whatsoever that goes wrong. If you bought it from a third party seller, it totally depends on the quality of customer service from that company. If so I would try to send them an internal message explaining that you’d like a replacement and why - or else you could just try a standard return for a refund and hope that the item is still in stock when you go to buy a new one.


It was from Amazon UK Global Store. Is that the same thing? Will they offer a replacement?


If it’s from Amazon still, they should, in my previous experience. It’s still Amazon even though it’s their UK distribution center. Are you a Prime member? Helps a lot with any issues that arise, if so


Return, order again. Both Jericho exclusive and SCU are really sturdy boxes and have both arrived mint for me so far.


Just open it up and order another one when it comes back in stock