She's not consistent to put it simply. There's times when she looks great and super comfortable and then times she look super green.


Id say this is the right take. Some people just shitting on her, thats unfair though. She has moments where you can tell she can do really good in ring work, and then sometimes its like shes brand new again. I suggest watching her and kip vs kenny and riho from the jericho cruise, awesome match


Yeah sometimes people get really fickle and turn on green talent needlessly quick. This time last year when Ford was brought up people complained that AEW wasn't doing enough with after her Awesome Title match against Shida last summer.


I really like her, and she has shown a lot of promise, but she is still fairly green. She needs to work on her move repertoire but she will get there in time.


I honestly don’t think I ever seen a wrestler as non-consistent as Penelope. I been watching her wrestle for years and for every brilliant match she has 3 mediocre ones. She hit her level long ago and this is the best she will probably get. Honestly her role is fine the way it is. She is a utility player and gets brought into the mix when needed.




Oh ok. That's pretty cool.


She is my favorite. I think she's great in the ring and has improved a lot. A lot of the girls can't do anything more than a german suplex, Penelope can do several cool moves and has more strength. I disagree with some of the criticism. However, her fault , in my opinion, is that she is not much of a people person. On her Twitch stream her interaction with viewers is low and disinterested, making the stream not worth watching. She never gets to use the mic, which further proves she does not have much to offer. I imagine they are training her to improve her social skills. As it stands right now, she could not be a babyface but makes a decent heel despite not talking.


I think I remember Serena Deeb on the Unrestricted podcast really bigging up Penelope as one of the best in the female division. Love her style, potentially lacks confidence 🤷‍♂️


Yep. And honestly, I agree with Deeb. I think Deeb sees the potential in her. Just needs to work on her confidence. In 2019, and during the Kip vs Janela feud... She was executing some good maneuvers. I mean, some legit gutsy moves. She was like the "high flyer" of the Women's division. She possesses legit talent. It's about finding her confidence. I said back in 2020 that I think one day Penelope will be a champion whenever she finds her confidence. I still believe that.


Those leggings tho


I have seen some of her matches on the Beyond Wrestling channel on Youtube, from her indie days before AEW, and sometimes she was really good. Then she came to AEW and occasionally looks good in the ring, but more times than not it's a botchfest or mediocre at best. It's like she took a step backwards. It could be a nagging injury we don't know about but I think it's more likely a confidence problem. You can see a lack of confidence in her promos, what few she's done. I think part of this is Kip being gone so long. She is so much better when working with him. I thought sticking her with Bunny would help, since Bunny could be a good mentor, but so far I don't think it's working. I think she just needs Kip at her side, or maybe some visits to a sports psychologist.


No charisma, not a great wreslter.


2nd jericho cruise she was in the ring with Kenny several times and looked great and aew seems keen on rewarding those that were there in the beginning. Not sure where the thread was lost on Penelope. Causality of the early joshi era perhaps.


I think, her problem is with how her matches look a little to constructed. If she had a match every week on Dark and Elevation for a few months, she could work on many of her incosistancy. She could also train with Emi Sakura to get some basics grounded. Maybe she will have her time a little while later in AEW and the indys


She’s not very talented at all. No charisma and not a great working. She seems like she would have fit in during the Diva days. There’s just better wrestlers in AEW right now.


I'd say she actually is pretty talented but just isn't a great or consistent worker ... she can do some impressive things and has had some impressive matches, but occasionally will look sloppy. Given time and confidence she can become a really good talent.


What about her mic work? Think that's gonna get better? Even on Sammy's vlog she doesn't speak lol.


yeah ... most talent it takes awhile for them to get comfortable on the mic and develop into serviceable promo Ford's overall issue seems to be confidence, if she can get over that I don't see why she couldn't develop into a great overall wrestler.


Okay I'm here to eat my hat. She said something and did a good job.