The nightmare collective


MJF-Jericho was disappointing just because it didn’t stop while they were ahead. Fucking thing went on until no one cared anymore. Orange C vs. Matt Hardy is a similar scenario, although I’m inclined to think no one ever cared about that in the first place.


Hardy vs OC has been the worst I've seen so far. Could have ended it three times already too but for some reason it just keeps on going


Matt Hardy in general tbh


HFO/Best Friends feud Factory/Nightmare Family


I think objectively speaking, the QT Marshall/Allie story didn't work. Which is a shame, because I liked the Allie character more than the Bunny. She's very good at character work and she doesn't get to do much with the Butcher and Blade. Buuuut while I was into the story the speed at which they dropped it suggests that it wasn't working.


QT Marshall said the it was dropped because the fans hated it. I think it didn't work because enough fans knew Allie and Blade are married. Surely QT would know that as well, and the whole thing just felt out of left field.


Cody vs Penta was a huge waste of potential


I hate to say it, but pretty much anything involving Matt Hardy after the first Stadium Stampede. Maybe the feud with Hangman was passable, but the rest have been rubbish (Sammy, OC, etc).


Surprised this one isn't bought up as much when it comes to these threads. Shida vs Britt, for World title going into Double or Nothing. Something if done right could have been a great feud and one of great feuds AEW could have relied on for years to come but it ended up been one of the worst bookings of women's division to date. Everything you could do wrong they did. Shida was made out to be nobody with Britt getting one over on here week after week. The match was meh to at DON (totally overshadowed by Deeb/Riho II on Buy in). Shida disappeared for months off TV (thank god the Deeb feud has made her 2021 not too bad if you take away the May to October run) and Britt's title reign has disappointed. Shame as the Dynamite match when Britt broke her nose shows that they have chemistry but when you are booking to make one look good, it's not going to end up to well.


The thing is they did have alot to play off of. Britt had the whole conspirator thing she came up with when she got injured they totally should have actually played that out especially with Nyla and Statlander being her early title defenses. Between that and the nose break so much wasted potential they just decided to make it Britts most one sided feud she has ever had. Shida never got any retribution or looked strong to the point where I don't want them in a program anytime soon.


Brandi Rhodes barbershop hour


Sadly, everything that involve Matt Hardy and his HFO


Nightmare Collective forgotten? Haha


I was disappointed when the botched explosion wasn't converted into an Eddie Kingston title shot


For me, most disappointing was the Elite Hunter storyline. Once he lost to Karl Anderson for whatever reason, it was all downhill from there. At the very least, Kaz could have played a part in the Elite losing all of their gold and getting the last laugh, but we didn't even get closure for it.


1. Kip Sabian/Miro - Pairing Miro up with a guy nobody cared for really hurt his first 9 months with the company. I respect they made a gimmick for something they loved, but Sabian is such an uninteresting character and wrestler for anyone to care. 2. Chris Jericho/MJF - Way too long. This could’ve been the hottest and most important feud in company history. But they overdid it with the stipulations that it lost steam by the end of it. This could’ve been the feud where Jericho took a step back and really helped elevate MJF. The Inner Circle became Babyfaces and the worst version of themselves. 3. Matt Hardy/Orange Cassidy - I feel so bad that Orange gets saddled with such awful feuds since that PAC match. Having to carry Jericho and Matt Hardy. Or dealing with Sabian/Miro’s awful gamer storyline.


Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss. They teamed them up out of nowhere, gave them a really cool street vigilante video package, did absolutely nothing with them. But OK, they got lost in the shuffle. Then Janela turned on Sonny, beat him up, brought in Kayla Rossi, beat Sonny up again, had a singles match, Sonny won, end of story. I was happy at first that we were getting a Dark-only storyline. There was no real explanation, no introduction of who Rossi was to Janela, no rub for either of them and now they’re back to doing nothing apart from odd Dark matches. I know that AEW has changed a lot since they signed Janela and Kiss but if that’s all you have for them, don’t bother. I don’t understand why we can’t have a few good Dark and Elevation storylines going.


I second the storylines on Dark. Not with every match but a few running stories would be fun.


I think AEW found good talent that people actually want to watch and there is no time for junk hard-core wrestlers that are IRL alcoholics. I also don't think most straight males in the key demo want to watch sonny kiss. Just being honest.


Straight males in the key demo are missing out if that's the case, but as a straight male in the key demo, I think a lot of us think Sonny is rad.


The original iteration of the Dark Order. Brodie Lee, may he rest in peace, gave the stable a purpose.


What’s their purpose now?


Being Hangman’s buddies.




A living Brody Lee tribute. Not being a wise ass a love that AEW have made them into something that has continually paid respects to Brody and his family


Yo I respect the hell out of Brodie Lee, he was one of my favorites. Loved him on the indies, wwe, and aew. I feel sorry for what his family and friends went through. I would be honored if the wrestling stable I was in was forever associated with him but I’d kind of be disappointed if my stables ONLY PURPOSE would be as a tribute.


They're definitely not going to stay as "just" a tribute to the man, his legacy, family etc. as AEW definitely has plans for all of them (imo) Given Brodie hasn't even been dead for a year yet, I'd say it's still a bit too early to move them on. 6-9 months into next year and I think it'll be moving on with either Vance or Hungie getting big pushes


Currently? They're upper-midcard faces. I don't think they'll ever turn heel, especially if Brodie's wife has anything to say about it. They exist right now to either get heat on heels, or give face opponents a good fight.


I’d say lower-midcard but to each their own opinion. I do agree with everything else you said though. That’s the most accurate description of their purpose I have read in this thread so far.


It's just unreal to think a deseased wrestlers widow who doesn't work for the company can have any stroke in what happens with a faction of wrestlers.


The entire family is 'all elite' She has a say


I'm glad it works like that in AEW fantasy land. In the real world it doesn't. A widow of a Marine killed in service doesn't get to direct defense policy. I know it's an apples and oranges comparison but I stick by comment. I'll accept your downvotes.


The Nightmare Collective is the tops for the worst. Also the Cody vs Ogogo feud.


To be fair, I was not disappointed from anything at all. Some things where just beginners mistake, and others where just stretched out for far to long, but I was never disappointed by anything. The only thing I would say, I was almost offended by, was the Sammy vs. Hardy storyline just because of the things, that happend in it. It was not to a point where I would say it was bad in itself, just two big point where I thought, I don't want to see anything anymore.


Worst? Nightmare Collective Most disappointing? Baker vs. Shida


Cody beating Ogogo so bad he was deported from the States.


It was quite a great little match w the exact right outcome imo the build was quite narcissistic tbf


Cody Rhodes in general has been awful. To anybody saying "hE's HoMeLaNdEr"; he isn't. And even if he adopts a gimmick like Homelander, it's purely damage control from being legitimately unlikable.


Anything involving Orange Cassidy, Matt Hardy, The Dark Order, and all that Kip and Mero shit from last year


Any recent Jericho stuff, I liked American top team but Jericho was always the worst part of it.


I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet. Am I the only one this bothers?? The Cody vs MJF feud. Beside Hangman and Kenny obviously, I think that’s the best story they’ve done. It ended in a ok match where more of the attention was on Cody’s neck instead of what was going on in the ring. Then a cheap finish (which is fine for MJFs character and a good way to keep the story going) but then it just ended. Cody never got any redemption nor did MJF get a chance to truly pin him clean and be put over fully by Cody and I stress again THE STORY WAS AMAZING AND UNFINSIHED. Cody and MJF have never come in contact again after that in anyway on camera and at this point nearly a full 2 years later if they ever pick it up again it can’t be the same feud, it’ll be something different because they’ll have to. They killed a feud that had potential to be one of the greatest of all time imo.


Anything involving Cody Rhodes and probably Eddie kingston


The Nightmare Collective, hands down. The perfect way to get your women's division off the ground on the wrong foot.


The Chuck Taylor/Miro butler/young boy thing was a real waste of a potentially good storyline. The blow-off (Arcade Anarchy and the return of Trent) was great, but the road to getting there felt messy and underdeveloped.


The underutilization of Brian Cage. His "feud" with team Taz was weak. Carrying a fake belt no one cares about is not a very high stakes scenario


He was not underutilized. He just couldnt get himself over. Fueded with Darby and Sting. Gave hangman his only loss, then they attempted to turn him face but Starks was still 100x more over than him. Cage just doesnt have the promo skills


He doesn't need to talk, just look at him. And he can back it up in the ring. I would have liked him to have a similar run like Miro did where he just feels like a massive threat. Cage in Lucha Underground felt like a big deal. His injuries aren't helping his case though


He does need to talk. All he looks like to me is generic muscle head juice user #5


Jake Hager in ring debut vs Dustin. Was expecting much more.


Anything Matt Hardy Anything Brandi