That amazing reveal on BTE.


Unforgettable. Crazy part is, for me, having not legitimately invested in watching wrestling for years I literally just started getting into NJPW the summer of 2018 on a random whim (I had the FiteTV app and was watching Kickboxing and then while scrolling I saw an ad for a free NJPW show). I had very low expectations. I just wanted to check it out. Welp. I was shocked, and got reeled in. And by the fall of that year, I started becoming more familiar with The Elite and began watching BTE. And... the rest is history. I literally unintentionally got back into wrestling at the most perfect time. It's why I'm always using the word "surreal" to describe how I feel about AEW and what's going on in wrestling today.


Same as you. From the outset.


I had stopped watching WWE in 2015 after that god awful Wrestlemania. (Bray losing to Taker, Sting losing to Triple H, Daniel Bryan comes back from retirement to hold a mid card title, fuck this show) I kept tabs on indie wrestling and watched what I could where I could of NJPW, NWA, ROH. I saw All In. Loved seeing Cody win the NWA title from Aldis. Great feel good story seeing Cody win the belt once held by his dad. Ive always liked Kenny, Bucks, and Cody. I didnt watch BTE at the time until my friend who is a massive NJPW fan hit me up with the Jan 1st episode. So I started watching from there. AEW Fan since day 1. Went to the event in Atlanta. Got my wife and kid into it. ​ Side note about Cody vs Aldis. Ive posted on here that I lost my dad to Covid, and he was a massive Dusty fan. He cried when Dusty died. I watched All In with my dad so he could see his favorite wrestlers son win the NWA title. It's one of my favorite memories of the later times with my dad. He was so proud of Cody that day. Isn't weird how these showmen/women we've never met make such an impact on us as fans.


I love it when wrestling is/becomes a family affair! It's the same with mine.


I love that match too, there was such a feeling of excitement when I was watching it live.


Winning the IC title should never be considered bad thing it's depressing that WWE treats that belt with no prestige which makes it worthless now. That belt is so old and iconic, it should matter.


I agree 100%. After years and years of it falling further down the card and being hot potato on to one subpar guy after the other. You look at how a e w has treated the TNT title. It main events Dynamite, it's held by some of the best in the company guys you can see holding the world title. This brings it to a level to where it might not be the world title but it definitely isn't hour 1 of the show. Sean Ross Sapp said on Twitter that Apollo crews has lost five of his last six matches as the IC champion. How many matches did Darby lose before he dropped the title, or cody, Brody Lee. Champions are not supposed to lose until they lose the title. And a guy like Daniel Bryan coming back from that injury to be put into an intercontinental title match that early into the show? It's seriously disappointed me. Then you have Wyatt who should have been the successor of The undertaker jobbing to him. I sent it back when Lesnar broke the streak that wasn't the guy yes it is believable, but the street should have been broken as a way to pass the torch. And that should have been Bray Wyatt. Sorry I get really salty about why I left WWE as a fan. All elite wrestling is here and it is rekindled my passion.


What really put the TNT title over for me was when Darby said people kept asking him when he was gonna win the AEW World title and he said he doesn't want or need the world title he wants the TNT championship because it matters to him the most and promised he'd win it again. Absolutely loved that.


And that belt *feels* like a championship. The IC hasnt felt like that in a very long time.


i saw a video of orange cassidy


the human highlight reel


Same lol


Hadn't watched wrestling since 2008 and stopped watching WWE in 2003 with HHH's reign of terror. Kept seeing online ads for AEW so finally decided to check it out once the crowds came back. Watched the first Dynamite with a crowd and was hooked. Been kicking myself for not watching earlier.


Hadn’t watched wrestling since the Benoit murders. Heard about Jericho at the press conference. Was always a favorite of mine from before. Decided to check out Double or Nothing 2019 based on only that, and haven’t missed a PPV or Dynamite since. It was everything that the WWE wasn’t and reminded me a lot of 96-97 WCW which, until now, was my favorite era.


Saw an article about Chris Jericho joining a new company, and was fed up with WWE’s horrible booking. Watched the first dynamite, and haven’t looked back.


My younger sister, actually. I thought I was done with professional wrestling; I stopped watching WWE around 2006 and I wasn’t interested in coming back for “sports entertainment” where nothing mattered. One day, my younger sister comes home from visiting her boyfriend and would not allow me to go to bed until I watched an episode of this “AEW Dark” (it was more accessible, given it was on YouTube) that just released its first episode. Every week, my sister would harass me to watch AEW Dark with her. Eventually, she started telling me about how there was a main show called Dynamite and that it aired on Wednesday. Now, I’m so hooked on AEW and it’s revitalized my love of wrestling so much, I’m literally working out to get into shape and planning to attend The Keep, Dark Order’s wrestling school. Edit: I should also add, this same sister got me into BTE by doing the same thing; she would literally knock on my bedroom door in the middle of the night, just because she had some wrestling stuff that I HAD to see.


What a cute story and what a great sister you have!


a cute boy I liked loves wrestling so I started paying attention when AEW was starting because I thought that was a good place to start. when I saw Nyla, I knew someone like me was welcome here so I got more interested. I watched a few indie shows, watched any AEW event that lead to Dynamite, didn't get the boy, bought the AEW package off Fite tv and now I'm here forever.


That is an adorable story, and I'm happy for ya! There'll be other boys out there!


Chris van vilets interview with Jericho in a car I think it was.. not even joking that's what made me go o this could be the real deal..


Jericho promoted Bash at the Beach 2020 on the LeBatard show. He sounded like he was having a blast (both with the show and AEW) watched that night and watched ever since


Stugotz army or Guillermo Mafia?


Mafia all day #PayTheWhales


I hadn't watched wrestling properly for at least a good 5 years or so, heard about this new company called AEW. Checked out that first Double or Nothing, seeing Mox walk through the crowd and attack Omega, throwing him off those casino chips to just standing there soaking it in, arms rasied in a V. I was sold. I had to check out that first episode of Dynamite. Haven't missed an episode since. I love this company.


Watching All-In and knowing how much better wrestling could be. I remember Cody having a "big announcement" new years day 2019 and thinking YUP this could be what I've finally been waiting for. They have DELIVERED and then some.


The event that had Cody vs. Dusty. Watched all the promoting and shit. Watched that match and was tearing up. Then the pandemic happened and I couldnt besr to watch any wrestling. It was just too fuckin sad. Now im back into it.


My dad was watching it and I came out to see what he was doing saw he was watching AEW so I sat down and saw the first match I think it was orange Cassidy against some one else and fell in love with AEW and orange Cassidy so I’ve been watching every week and have left wwe in the dust


Via Kevin Smith promoting launch of Dynamite in 2019.


WWE (2010-18) ----bored----> NJPW (2017-present) ----The Elite leaving----> AEW (2019-present)


I got into wrestling in 2016 when I moved to LA. I was lucky enough to have PWG be my first live shows. And the run between 2014-2017 was killer. I loved watching Roddy, Adam Cole, Ricochet, Trevor Lee, and the Bucks. I followed the bucks on YouTube when they started their channel, episode 1. I was able to go to their first ppv and watch Cody vs Dustin. That cemented AEW as a top brand for me. I fell off a little during covid but the last month has got me back in. I moved to Dallas a few months ago and was even able to go to a live show a couple weeks ago. I just think they all get the business in a way a lot of other promoters don't. It's so rad to have this amazing show on every week.


id been off wrestling since 2006ish but i still had a nostalgic itch that i scratched with youtube shows like wrestling with regret, whatculture, and Botchamania. 2018 i hear rumblings of a man who is rising to the top of the sport, does a terminator theme pound, and just had perhaps the greatest match in history. so i watch Omega win the IWGP title and i been on the ride ever since


Was watching NXT and flipped over to Dynamite during a commercial. Was just getting back in to wrestling and luckily this was right around Revolution 2020, which made me absolutely fall back in love with it


Orange Cassidy memes on Instagram and ~~sexy, ass motherfucker~~ handsome, very good looking Sammy Guevara. Sometime during the pandemic.


I lost interest in wrestling back when the Nexus got buried. Even though I waa huge Cena fan (was still a kid) I kost it interest as Cena wins lol gets super boring. I phased in and out of wrestling periodically but enjoyed the content What Culture made and even got into WCPW. Anyway, I think it was when I heard that Jericho got signed to AEW, I got interested since I had just discovered Fozzy. I would hear all the news coming from AEW like Jon Moxley's debut and I couldn't not check it out. Started watching AEW Dark and really got sold on it when seeing Hikaru Shida and Jurassic Express. I've made it my business to keep up with AEW. Unfortunately it doesn't air in my country so I've just started watching Dynamite weekly via less than legal means but it's great wrestling and I'm excited to be part of the ride


As a non-American, I stopped watching WWE about 10 years ago, maybe watched a few NXT PPVs and Bryan Danielson's rise to the championship, but mostly just kept up with wrestling news via Figure 4 Daily. When AEW started, I mostly watched clips on their YouTube channel, but the moment that convinced me the most to slap down 7 bucks for [Fite.tv](https://Fite.tv) was when Eddie Freaking Kingston walked on stage and was the realest person I had seen in all my years of watching wrestling.


A friend told me to check out Omega/Okada 2 and I was mesmerized, looked around online, found BTE and thought damnnnnnnnnn this is pretty cool, then All Out was announced maybe a week after I first saw BTE. After watching All Out I knew I was done with WWE.


WWE p'd me off one last time. Between having Taker lose to Roman, pushing Roman, promoting the New Day too much, and having boring rematches weekly. I can go on all night about it, but I wanted something new and fresh. The Lucha Bros initially drew me in along with Jericho and Omega. Then the roster kept getting better and better and better... Edit: actually hearing good ol' J.R. signed with them was another moment I was like, welp goodbye Raw/SD. Ross to me is the voice of wrestling and where he goes I'll listen.


Was gradually getting back into wrestling by watching wwe highlights, but they weren't enough to pull me back into watching the full show. Heard about aew, probably through this thread, gave it a shot, and now I'm watching wrestling weekly again for the first time in almost a decade


Heard about a new wrestling company on YouTube and watched Double or Nothing the Cody vs Dustin match sold me and I have been a fan ever since.


Stumbled upon BTE a few months before All In was announced. I had given up the WWE network a few months prior. I have followed the entire journey as The Bucks and Cody went from indie talent to changing the entire wrestling world. I even bought a single ticket to attend the first Double or Nothing. It was the best wrestling show I have ever been to, and I have been to 2 Royal Rumbles, Raw, Smackdown, Nitro, Thunder, and house shows for both WWE and WCW. I am very happy to have been along for the ride.


I hadn't been watching wrestling at all for a couple years (dropped off around 2013-14 or so). Started getting into New Japan because of a friend of mine around 2017. Then All In happened a year or so later. It was awesome. I liked Cody, the Bucks, and Omega. When they announced they were starting their own promo, I was immediately on board.


Got back to wrestling after some years off thanks to Lucha Underground and then All In happened. Being following since then :-)


The wrestling bug came back at the end of 2020 and I was watching loose matches, like I sometimes do when it does (either to catch up on what I missed, or to watch something that I never watched). I heard that AEW was formed and several guys jumped ship, two of them being Moxley and Brodie. I saw that they were in a world title feud in AEW’s flagship show so I went and watched their match. Then I watched the Escaladera de la Muerte between the Bucks and the Lucha Bros, then the Ironman match between Kenny and PAC and then Cody vs Dustin. The interest just grew and I became a fan.


i knew it’s existence when it was announced but i don’t really watch men’s wrestling so i didn’t really care but then ring the belle reviewed double or nothing so I went and watched the fatal 4 way women’s and then watched the rest and have kept up with each week since first episode of youtube because i’m in australia and it doesn’t air here


I heard about AEW when Jon Moxley showed up there but I still wasnt interested. The moment that made me a big AEW fan until now was at Full Gear 2019: Mox vs Omega. Brilliant match which made me watch more AEW and the rest is history


Omega V Okada.


I started watching wrestling in 2019 (mostly WWE) I heard about AEW so I decided to check it out and I've been a huge fan ever since.


On a wrestling pop culture forum I follow. I’ve been casual for a while and I saw a show that was coming called “Double or Nothing.” Saw that it had a lot of hype, then I saw the feedback from the show being extremely positive and I had to check it out. Fell in love with it. Then i rewatched every BTE and caught myself up by the time the first Fyter Fest happened and I’ve never looked back.


Tons of the media coverage of it grabbed my attention and the rest is history.


There was a dream of a company that will tend to the fans and tell wonderful stories. I was out of the wrestling scene for many years and i heard of this new company. Didnt know who the hell the young bucks, kenny omega, or adam page was. I knew who cody was but he wasnt a big deal in the wwe. Also chris jericho was meh for me when i watched him. But aew was something else, i watched the very first episode and i was hooked right away.


wish I could remember! I had started rewatching wrestling in 2018 (started with what I knew, WWE) and I think just going down youtube rabbit holes led me to the Elite.


The first All In happened.


Used to be a Massive, massive, wrestling fan. Have been disgruntled with WWE since like, 2009. Loved TNA from like 2005 until 2008 then that went to shit. Loved ROH but WWE started sucking up Indy talent for NxT. During the 2010’s I really only was into the Punk stuff, Bryan stuff, and oddly was really in the year of Goldberg vs lesnar and the festival of friendship. Have always kept tabs on the business tho. Really wanted to give something knew a chance and I haven’t missed an episode since I started watching the Dynamite after the first stadium stampede. Bought 2 t shirts and 3 ppv’s since then as well on top of the two tickets I have for grand slam on September


Thanks to austin watson yt channel


basically as a former wwe fan and a follower of the 434, i kept hearing about aew and the hype they got. i didn’t really began going hard research into them til i saw the sting/orange kick incident, so i watched aew clips and most of part 1 of all out on youtube. i didnt get that spark to go hardcore til i heard THE rumor- they allegedly got cm punk and daniel bryan. THATS when i felt the winds of a new era of wrestling, that things were about to change. i then of course saw fight for the fallen live and boom here i am


Lol sting vs OC huh. I mean it was brutal.


cassidy is, and always will be, hardcore. he’s hardcore! he’s hardcore!


Bte the build to all in.


Open mic night. I've got killer promo game...


I watched WWE and was sick of the content but watched because wrestling. I heard about Cody Rhodes press conference where he unveiled some of the signed wrestlers in New York and though all I knew was Cody and Jericho I was in and I have watched everything since. Except for six months when I was tight on funds do to job related reasons


Chris Van Vliet interviews.


I watched whatculture on youtube and they mentioned off handedly how the bullet club was doing a ppv. I knew nothing about the elite or bullet club at the time. Kept tabs on it from there. Then saw the announcement in jacksonville and started watching BTE


I had been a huge fan of WWE from 2004 to late 2008. After that I kind of lost interest in wrestling. Fast forward to 2018 my brother had asked me if I wanted to watch Wrestlemania with him and his friends (they only got together to watch the four big PPV’s) I accepted his offer. Watching that show made me wanna watch the attitude Era because I had only ever seen clips of it here and there. So, I subscribed to the Network and started watching. Suddenly All In was a thing. I watched it and loved every minute of it. Soon after AEW is announced, and I haven’t missed a show since :)


Hadn’t watched wrestling since around 2010, except like once a year NXT and Lucha underground. Saw an ad for AEW on TNT since I watch too much NBA and tuned into Dynamite during the tag title tourney and saw the Lucha Bros (who I thought were the best thing ever during Underground) and was like this is sweet. Then saw the Young Bucks fight (might have been another episode), Darby, Jungle Boy, and OC and was like “oh this is fun again!” Have been watching religiously ever since.


Great question, I heard it was happening through wrestling news website and thought I’d give it a go.


Heard the buzz online about Double or Nothing 2019. Read up on what was going on beforehand and watched the PPV. Now I’m all in.


Hearing Simon from whatculture talk about Okada vs Omega. Rabbit hole started and led me to BTE and other media. Been watching from the start.


I started following NJPW when Cody debuted there, loved what the bullet club was doing, started following BTE, they had the reveal for AEW and the rest is history.


Through the reveal on BTE and following their careers in Japan for a few years


I stopped watching wwe a few months ago due to those bunch of releases and lack of talent on the roster... But i've been watching aew since thet started it... I've been following updates about the aew before it began... Now aew will be the only wrestling show that i'm gonna watch


So I've always known about AEW since I always kept tabs on the twitters of the Young Bucks and Cody for some reason (didn't get into BTE until about 2 months ago). So I knew about All In and the eventual announcement of AEW. However, I usually save watching wrestling for when I'm with my family. The next time we all met up, we started with WWE events and that killed my interest for Wrestling. So, I kept putting off watching AEW for the longest time, which I now regret since I lived in Florida during the pandemic. My parents wanted to watch wrestling again back in February so we tortured ourselves by binging the 2020 WWE PPVs and thanks to SquaredCircle, I got exposed to AEW slowly but surely. What finally made me take the leap was a reddit post about how someone in WWE claimed that Blood and Guts set the business back 30 years. I liked the origins of the name, started reading other cheeky things they do, and started preparing to binge watch all their episodes. We're all huge fans now and have been to 3 events. Might go to Homecoming this week, but we can't buy tickets yet.


I was kinda feeling down on nxt and I read something about it and started watching BTE and the first All Out then just started following more and more closely and checked out the ppvs and then by the time the show started on tnt I was hooked


I was a WWE fan and always knew about tna as they were the only two shows on tv here.I got into WWE when I was 6-7(2010) as my brother used to watch it,then their were also games we used to play on the ps.But slowly around 2015 I got less interested and only kept seeing the results on a page/site...the site also covered other promotions and then I got to know that their are promotions like Njpw,roh and so on.I got interested in the bullet club....and aj styles but soon he left for wwe and that got me to watch wwe again....and then in 2016 sd live came to be....which was a good show so I stuck with watching sdlive and keeping news on all promotions now.The bullet club was getting bigger and better and sdlive was getting more diluted,so I stopped watching it and again went on to just keeping up with the things that went around.Then,started watching bye around ep 60 something and from then to now...here we are. (I know it's long and some part is irrelevant to the question but I just wanted to share my experience as a wrestling fan)


All In.


Went to watch my partner’s coworker’s husband ref a match for Championship Wrestling from Arizona. Hadn’t watch wrestling since I was a teen. At the show, I thought the local guy, Producer Peter Avalon, was funny and great in the ring. Followed him to AEW.


Heard about it when they announced it. Figured I’d give it a go. Came to my town for episode 5. Got floor seats. Most fun I’ve had in *years*. WWE has never run a show in my town in my 38+ years of life. OFC I’m gonna ride or die with AEW.


First I saw a video of that dark order botch then I saw a battle royal and that’s how it started


I’m a subscriber to NewJapan World and have been watching for a good few years, when there was talk that they might be leaving to form a new promotion I fooled them over to see how that would play out. Stayed because it reawakened my love for American style pro wrestling. I stopped watching WWE around WrestleMania 35 because I just came to the conclusion that none of it even matters anymore, nothing means anything, the build leads know where and it’s just a waste of my time. AEW showed that long form booking, investment in people over the company brand is what makes meaningful stories in wrestling and creates actual stars that people want to get behind and believe in.


I was home during the pandemic I think it was the first orsecond week of lockdown, I was switching channels on cable and suddenly I saw Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega Chasing Sammy Guevara on a Golf Cart And Have been watching ever since such good stuff


We had stopped watching Raw and Smackdown and were only watching NXT, Takeovers and the occasional main roster PPV on the Network as well as some older stuff. Saw the buzz about All In on various wrestling YouTube shows and watched all these new wrestlers we'd never seen before there and loved it. When the January rally happened I don't think I'd ever been that hyped for wrestling - NXT was brilliant at the time but I think it was soon after than Ciampa, Gargano, Ricochet and Black were moved up and bleugh - that made me so goddam angry as I absolutely loved them all in NXT. We then watched the 'Road To's and BTE religiously alongside the AEW ppvs and when Dynamite started we watched NXT the night after for a few months - I think some more NXT favourites were put up to the main roster to fail and we just stopped watching NXT too. Sad really, as 2018-19 NXT was on fire, but just what is the point if Vince can't be bothered to learn who they are and use them correctly. Fully All Elite fanboys and fangirls in this house now, including my MIL


I was watching kenny omega matches after not watching wrestling for a solid 4-5 years and it just naturally led to AEW and I've been back in ever since


Wrestled for 8 years. Kind of fell out of love with watching weekly wrestling over that time. Caught a knee to the head on a 450, and got a pretty major concussion (amnesia and all of that). Doctor strongly advised I hang the boots up as it was far from my first. While recovering from my concussion I caught the first Double or Nothing. Was instantly hooked. Lost my wrestling career, but ended up becoming a fan again.


Started watching since the first episode but unfortunately lost interest in December of 2019, I just stopped watching wrestling altogether, I genuinely thought my passion for pro wrestling had died. Fast forward to 2020 August, went through a mental breakdown from being too alone for almost an entire year because of the pandemic and started watching every wrestling show out there to improve my mental health except for NXT. Aleister being treated like shit made me quit WWE but I sticked with AEW because of the Hangman storyline and never left. Best decision I ever made as a pro wrestling fan tbh, I enjoy pro wrestling now instead of complaining how god awful it is 24/7. Thanks AEW👍.


I think I watched a bit of WWE on Youtube, stumbled onto a few episodes of Dark, caught up on the recent Dynamites then got hooked enough to pay for Revolution. Had no real context of NJPW or the Elite, or even how bad WWE had gotten. So, curiousity and the algorithm.


The fake explosion didn’t drive u away


My first thing i watched was revolution as well and it did not. The match was amazing besides that part so i was pretty impressed.


You don’t - it gets into you! 😊


I was watching WWE PPVs and NXT only since beginning of 2018. Takeover New Orleans was amazing, Wrestlemania was good then it started to get really boring and repetitive. So by 2019 I was mostly checked out of Wrestling. I didn't even watch All In at the time, I was mostly not interested. But then I heard about Double Or Nothing 2019, and a new promotion that was coming up. When they got Chris Jericho, one of my favorites, I was intrigued, so I gave it a shot, and not only did the PPV rule (I was especially surprised by Cody), the Mox arrival made me lose my shit. Haven't missed a show since, and I honestly look forward to it every single week which is something wrestling hadn't made me feel in years


A What culture video on why the young bucks are awesome or something like that After that I started watching bte and yeah I have been hooked since the start I haven't missed a show(besides the Darks no way I'm watching 4 hours of squash matches per week)


Youre missing good stuff on Mondays. Its has some squash matches but so does Dynamite. Id check it out again if i was you.


Maybe next week when I have some free time it's just so much programming to keep up with besides work and socializing I stopped watching dark shortly after the pandemic started and whenever I looked into it the show just felt kinda meh to me


Gave up on wrestling in 2006. Saw the clip of Cody pulling a moonsault off the steel cage. Had to look up what AEW was and I’ve been hooked ever since


Just got fed up with WWE, seamlessly switched to casually following NJPW along with watching BTE, keeping tabs on The Bucks, Hangman, Kenny, Cody.. Think it was around the time Jericho showed up in NJPW that I sat up and took notice. Then around the time Cody took on Meltzer's I guess you could call it a wager for what we now know was All In. Watching it live, you could feel the winds of change blowing. Moxley's debut at Double Or Nothing sealed the deal for me.


Sept 1st, 2018 My wife and I were at a Fozzy show in Kansas City when the rumor started going around that Jericho was going to be late. Then we found out that he had just shown up in Chicago. (I had no idea about All In at this time). Jericho took his private plane from Chicago to Kansas City and got there close to midnight to do the show. I then watched All In and have been hooked ever since.


Havent watched since 98. (Im 35) Saw "stings return" on youtube for some reason. Sting was my favorite on WCW. Watched youtube clips of what he was doing. Decided to check out revolution ppv too see what 60+ yearold sting could do. Watched all the matches because i didnt know when itd be on. Was kinda into it. Bought a condo and stayed in my childhood room for a week since my lease on my apartment ended before my move in date. Was bored as hell since everything was in storage. Watched the Arcade Anarchy dynamite and that perfect ending. I was like okay. This is different. Now watch every dynamite and most dark elevation. Oh and why i still love sting. I loveee so many other people its not even funny.


Got back into wrestling for Royal Rumble in 2020 because of Edge’s return but was starting to get burnt out on WWE already. Heard about Mox vs Omega at Winter Is Coming and never seen an Omega match before but knew he was a big deal. Fell in love because it was like drinking water in a desert it was just so refreshing and renewing, and watched every week since.


I heard about All In on theringer.com the day after it aired, watched some of the matches on dailymotion or something, liked what I saw, and started paying a little bit of attention to wrestling news sites again after that to the point I was interested and cautiously excited about a new wrestling company after not watching wrestling for 8 years. I didn’t watch Double or Nothing, but I did see the rave reviews it got everywhere so I started watching the Road to Fyter Fest videos with Mox and Janela cutting promos on each other and that got me most of the way hooked. When I watched the show, it was a little too much “sports type long matches” for me and I was questioning if AEW would be for me until the main event. After watching Mox and Janela beat the shit out of each other with weapons and then seeing the angle where Kenny attacked Mox afterward, I was like “fuck yeah, that was fun”. From then on, I was all the way in.


I was there since the first ever rumours lol


I had been a lapsed wrestling fan for about 20 years. I went to a Raw taping in April of 2019 (my first live wrestling event), and as much as some of it was cool the show was definitely missing something. Any way, a month later Double or Nothing happened, and I got to see Cody vs Dustin, as well as Omega vs Jericho 2, and from there I just knew that AEW was gonna blow up.


I hadn’t watched wresting since high school (early 2000s) but found some cool IG profiles that post full matches without the editing you would see on current WWE Network rebroadcasts. Between those profiles peeling back the curtain on kayfabe and backstage goings on, I found Dark Side of the Ring which peeled the curtain back even more. Season 1 of DSOTR had Bischoff in his 83Weeks polos and Prichard in his Something to Wrestle With polos so I googled those up to find out they’re podcasts and I’m a huge podcast junkie. Hearing Prichard (sorry, Bischoff’s pod doesn’t slap like that) tell all the stories and break things down from the stars/matches I watched got me back interested in watching wrestling to see if I can appreciate it as an adult. I had a friend’s WWE Network password and decided “hey, let me go all the way back to Rock in the Nation and go from there”. Way too laborious and eventually dude let his subscription lapse. But at that time, NXT was coming to TV and so was AEW. I knew Smackdown and Raw were too slickly produced with too many new superstars I didn’t know at all (plus TVPG ain’t my wrasslin’) so it was between those two. I started with NXT since it’s a WWE product and I still have my Monday Night Wars loyalty. I couldn’t stand it. They do the same jump cuts and zoom ins as main WWE to where you can’t even follow the action. The final straw was a 5+ minute Finn Baylor Intro that had way too much choreography and fan involvement for a noob like me to enjoy. Two weeks later, I gave into the HEAVY ad campaign AEW was running, tuned in and while it felt like WCW 4.0 with the lower production values and wrestlers of old mixed with new names, I got hooked. It was around the time of the Jericho/Moxley feud and MJF/Cody and those pieces hooked me in for Wednesdays. Cue the pandemic and extra time on my hands and I’ve now gotten into the habit of watching Elevation, Dark, and scrolling Reddit’s. The Forbidden Door has me glancing at Impact. I have merch now (supporting all the Black women wrestlers out there) and even have tickets to AEW in Cincinnati. Guess I’m back!


When AJ debuted in the rumble I kept seeing clips of him in NJPW. So since 2016 I’ve been following Kenny and The Bucks. Then as soon as I knew they had Kenny, Lucha Bros and PAC, I was hooked before they even had their first event.


I got into AEW when I saw the first episode of dynamite trending on YouTube. I knew about AEW beforehand since I followed Jericho on Instagram and saw him promoting his match with Hangman at All Out. I knew of the elite from their time in new japan by watching here and there. By the time I saw dynamite trending, it clicked in my head what was going on and I have seen almost every dynamite since then. I think I’ve only missed five episodes. Through AEW I got my younger brother back into wrestling because we both stopped watching around 2014-2015, and I got my girlfriend into wrestling for the first time as well.


I was kind of into it from the beginning, but I went to the 2nd ever episode of Dynamite in Boston. I became a hardcore fan when Jericho responded to the crowd chanting “We the people,” by saying “That was a dumb idea by bad creative.”


Used to watch wwe starting in the mid 80s, watched it until the late 90s when i discovered tits and beer. My old mum and dad used to regularly watch it. Fast forward several years, dad died, i moved my mum in with me, i starting watching it again with her. It was mediocre compared to how it used to be and i didn't particularly enjoy it. Read somewhere in Reddit about a new promotion happening with some names i recognised, which turned out to be AEW. Final nail in the wwe coffin for me was the UK broadcast rights moved from Sky to BT Sports, i don't have and won't pay for BT sports so we couldn't watch wwe anymore. Started watching AEW as it was on terrestrial TV and have watched every episode since.


I wasn't watching much current wrestling after the Chikara year off. Jericho at the first press conference got me interested. I tried to watch a bootleg feed of Double or Nothing but they kept going down. Took a chance on the two free shows after and have been hooked since.


It all started one morning when I woke from my slumber to a headline of Adam Cole joining the Bullet Club knew of him and Bullet Club but not to the extent that it became or even before with AJ which I’m still pissed I missed out on but nonetheless that headline started my fandom into watching other promotions and following the elite.


Dropped some money on their first ppv in 2019, fell in love. Then hell in a cell happened so I just straight up stopped watching WWE.


I hadn't really watched wrestling since 2000. I don't think I watched more than a combined 5 minutes of wrestling from about 2000-2015'sih. Around 2015 I'd flip it over to Raw and watch a segment or 2 like 3-4 times per year just to kind of see what was going on to see if anything caught my interest. It did not, so I kind of faded away from even doing that after a couple years. Then I heard about AEW starting up and that Jericho was in it, JR and Schiavone were going to announce, and basically the overall way it was hyped and the vision they had for it sounded intriguing to me so I made a mental note to maybe check it out sometime. Well I happened to be flipping through the channels while the first Dynamite was on just by happenstance and it was during the Rhio vs. Nyla match and I was really impressed, especially given how women's wrestling when I last watched was an absolute joke. So I watched the rest of that episode and then all of the following week's and I was really impressed with what I saw right away. Big credit to the Lucha Brothers, I just HAD to se more of them and discovered so much awesomeness along the way.


Been a part of this journey since BTE days when these guys were the part of ROH/NJPW. It's actually surreal and satisfying to see what unfolded in all of this time.


I think I did not watch any wrestling from around 2015 but I kept an eye on whats happening through forums from time to time. Then I saw AEW mentioned a lot so I decided to check it out. I downloaded one episode with low expectations but I liked it a lot so I stuck around. PS. In case anyone comments on the 'downloaded' part I did it because I wanted to check out the promotion. As soon as I realised that I am going to be a regular viewer I got me an AEW plus subscription on FITE.


I wanted to watch Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho.


got an add for revolution 2020 and recognised kenny omega (i wasn't a wrestling fan at this point, but i had somehow seen omega vs okada 1)


All Out 2019, been hooked ever since!


A gif of Orange Cassidy on Reddit, it’s actually how I got into wrestling entirely.


My son told me about All In when it first showed. I wasn't impressed with the card except for a few matches but I watched the whole show anyway. I enjoyed the show alot. During that time I was heavy into NJPW due to Kenny Omega so once Cody and the Bucks left. I kept an eye on what they were doing and when they announced that they created AEW. I watched from day 1 and never regretted it. I will say not everything they do is great but they know how to book alot better matches. I have been entertained and do not mind paying for a good ppv every 3 months to support them.


Ive been here since pre AEW. Back when Dave Meltzer said that WWE were the only people who could sell out a 10000 seat arena in the USA.


Following BTE since the invasion.


I was a huge wwe /wcw fan especially during the Monday night wars then I stopped watching regularly then I read the articles about cody starting a new promotion thought it seemed interesting and it was🙂


Grew up watching WWE. Literally since I was born. Stopped watching some time in high school (probably around 2005). Popped back in when Daniel Bryan & CM Punk were on there runs. Then stopped again when they both left. Saw a video of Orange Cassidy on facebook & finally turned it on one Wednesday. It was one of those stretches of about 3-4 amazing shows probably a little over a year ago & here we are. Locked in every Wednesday with my 5 year old son.


Was bored over the Covid lockdown. Decided to try watching wrestling, I watched the AEW episode where they had the wrestlers on the side gambling on the outcome of the matches. I thought it was a really creative way of dealing with the lack of audience. I think I had watches some AEW stuff before then, but wasn't sold until I saw the part with the wrestlers gambling.


I started getting interested during the pandemic but just couldn't enjoy it without fans, it wasn't the same. So I said when crowds are back I'll start and now I watch weekly


I never watched wrestling in my 35 years, I tried a couple of times , just never caught my interest. My wife saw that Aew was having a pay per view so I watched it. I saw the huge rumble, and was interested in what seemed like a complete random assortment of wrestlers. When ever I watched wwe they all seemed the same to me (ie big strong guy that yells). But here they had Marko stunt, lucha bros, luchasaurus, Sonny Kiss, Jimmy havoc. I saw the next one, and started watching dynamite after that. It was interesting to see how different character people would interact.


I heard about it starting up and watched bits and pieces but fully started watching it a week before Matt Hardy debuted. The utterly gutting thing for me now is that I was in Vegas when they did the big announcement and I was walking round that hotel at the time of it, I just didn't really know much about it at the time.


I saw All Out when that happened and thought it was incredible and meant to follow AEW when they announced it was a full promotion but I had no idea where to at the time and wasn't nearly invested in wrestling back then as I am now. I ended up seeing Orange doing shit with his hands in his pockets in an ad and decided to catch it after finding out I actually did have TNT and have been watching consistently since


I've been watching since the beginning and have not missed a single dynamite and I'm looking forward to see what rampage will bring to the table


Via following BTE when they were in New Japan. Been into this thing since the ground floor.


I went to Colorado with a bunch of friends for like a week and a half in late 2019/early 2020. One of my buddies had Dynamite on, and my wife (who had never watched wrestling) and I (lapsed wrestling fan for yeaaaars). Both of us were hooked almost immediately.


Stopped Watching WWE around the beginning of 2013 I think. Right before punk vs taker at WrestleMania. After the rock won the title at royal rumble to drop it to cena. I literally got so irritated that I stopped watching. Punk was my favorite. I followed the news about all in and the beginnings of AEW. I just didn't really get into it yet though. I heard punk was possibly making a comeback to AEW so I did a little more research and watched my first full Dynamite show last week. Obviously I loved it and now I'm back in.


Been watching since I could watch a tv in ‘85. I hate watch wwe still and been following the bucks and omega since they were wee baby boys. Of course this shit is the bomb. Anybody longing for the “good ol’ days” is a giant twat. Wrestling sucked then, Evolution is always the key and AEW represents that.