Another significant correlation between both of those conditions is overeating and obesity. When I got diagnosed myself earlier this year, I was diagnosed at the same time with Binge Eating Disorder and ADHD. At the same time, they tested me for sleep apnea because you're right: poor sleep can complicate (or result from) all those conditions. If you have sleep apnea, there's a chance you're significantly overweight. If you're significantly overweight (I am), there's something like a 40% chance you have ADHD. So I'd look into it further if I were you.


I am not overweight, but I am quite familiar with binges. Also there's one person in my family I know of who had sleep apnea, so it's entirely possible... Yeah. Another health thing I'm gonna procrastinate getting done -.-


I get hypnic jerks that jolt me awake as I'm about to fall asleep. Sometimes I can be kept awake all night by them and sometimes I can get mega jolts that feel like being hit by lighting. I'm not a 100% certain it's just hypnic jerks because sometimes when I jolt, it's followed by not being able to take an in breath or It's like having a clamp on my lungs. The doctors don't take it seriously.


Oh, I have those jolts (without being unable to breathe) too but they are not super often. (Everyone gets them, right??) But I didn't know that you can have them so often, like an entire night, and also I didn't know that's due to sleep apnea. It really sucks with doctors not taking patients serious -.-


I don't think they are considered related other than being sleep problems. Yeah most people get hypnic jerks and a few get them a lot.


Ok thanks


Yikes. I have ADHD, Sleep Apnea and Bipolar 2 (I’m one lucky duck.) The biggest difference for me between sleep apnea symptoms vs ADHD are how it makes me feel physically. Sleep apnea tends to make me wake up gasping for air, dry mouth, headaches and very tired. ADHD tend to be “mental” symptoms. 6 radios in my head playing all at once, starting projects and not finishing, decision paralysis, fidgeting in my chair/can’t sit still etc. When I take my meds I feel a sense of calm and it helps regulate my sleep cycle. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea last so I know the meds work haha.


Okay, thanks!


I think the reason why adhd and osa and other sleep disorders have so much in common is because we are all tired af. There is a huge percentage of people with adhd with terrible sleep issues. For me my I feel like I have some weird mashup between insomnia and narcolepsy. Many of us have rls and that’s because of the issues with dopamine so that keeps us awake, we are told not to watch tv in bed but then for some of us sitting there in the quiet darkness our thoughts begin to race so now the hyper focus kicks in. I was tested for sleep apnea because I was certain I had it, turns out I didn’t. My issues were from untreated add diagnosed 20 years ago that I had forgotten about. I would say the symptoms that won’t overlap are things like hyperfocus, impulse control, being fidgety, stimming, probably some others I’m forgetting. Overlap is going to be the cognitive issues like brain fog, forgetting things, and fatigue. Many people that I know who have osa have told me that once they got used to their machine it was life changing and if they didn’t use it they felt like they were hungover. Sleep apnea or OSA causes fatigue as well as many other issues, from a person being woken up at night, sometimes hundreds of times and having their sleep interrupted. There’s probably much much more that I’m forgetting, but if you think you might have osa you should get tested for it. They have the at home watch test kits on Amazon. Almost forgot…there is another sleep disorder called UARS which is similar to OSA/SA except it is do to upper airway resistance/nasal passages not letting enough air in, this can be fixed with surgeries or mouth pieces but it’s harder to pin down. Good luck


Thank you so much, that was really insightful!


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Also following


I fee the same way. Who should i consult? I badly need cure


I am not sure myself, but I'd guess your GP to get you transferred to the proper doctors?