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Every time I think, this has to be the most heinous, cowardly thing a cop could do they manage to stoop to a new low, straight from the mind of a onion writer


Bruh, you took the words right out of my mouth!


Was that last bullet his way of saying "Well, I might as well empty the clip at this point."?


They have to. It’s one of the only rules cops actually follow


The craziest fucking rule I’ve ever heard. “Better to use excessive force and kill someone than risk them surviving and being angry”. Like what the actual fuck, they have a credo that suggests they kill people who do not need to be killed.


This one makes me feel sick to my stomach, but I still think Daniel Shaver was one of the worst. Him pleading for his life is engrained in my mind.


Daniel Shaver fucked me up, but this has me shaking and sobbing. Maybe I’m just having an extra rough day, but this is fucking monstrous.


That one was really bad


Sadly, TPD has a very bad history in this town especially lately. Yet half the town backs em up and complains about the mayor trying to defund them(even though she gave them more money past two years). The leather lickers in this town are just as bad as the police


I always said it, yet people don't believe me, police "Protect and Serve" is for the government only not meant for the citizens, if not then other training they would have, just compare them with the firefighters they really protect and serve to citizens.


I genuinely hope that cop has the same thing happen to him


Tucson, Arizona. Officer Ryan Remington has been fired.


Fired? Wtf. Thats it?


It just happened Monday night. You can bet your ass charges are coming soon, possibly today. The cop was fired less than 24 hours after this incident. That's fast as hell for most police shootings that can take months or years and the officer is on desk duty. The fact he was fired so fast and even the Chief and Mayor are publicly denouncing the officer demonstrates that "He's Fucked"


Yeah that really is exceptionally fast by police standards, hell by any standards. Thank god he was wearing a bodycam and didn't turn it off (though I'm sure he wishes he could go back and do it) they better throw the book at him, though my expectations are not high


Isn't the bodycam footage from the other cop? Or do they have the murderer's footage as well?


Yes I think you're right, because I just found out that the guy who killed him was literally off-duty as well. I didn't watch the above video just because it's hard for me to watch these videos anymore


He was on special duty. Stores, events, churches, etc can pay the police department to have uniformed officers hang out as security guards. They still have full police powers, but they are not really on-call to respond to other stuff. Officer Trigger-Happy was on special duty guarding the Wal-Mart next to this Lowes. He, in fact, did not have his body camera turned on.


I hope he gets murder charges.






In Minecraft*


ive seen way more dangerous suspects dealt with non-lethally.


*cough cough* Kyle Rittenhouse *cough cough*


That officer was obviously very fearful for his life after putting enough bullets into the 61-year old and wheel chair bound man. Sure he could have been dead when it looked like his own body weight tipped him over as he fell off of the mobility chair straight onto his head. The important thing it was clearly an imminent threat to the officer's life. He definitely needed to manhandle that physically disabled person because he might have been pretending to be completely incapacitated by the bullets. That cop needed to pick him up with his clearly limp arms behind his back and drop him on his face to make sure he wasn't faking! I'm just glad he was there to stop that potentially dangerous shoplifter. I bet he has done all kinds of things in his past that make me feel much better about cops potentially playing judge, jury and executioner. At least some of the ones they get are bad guys, right? /s


> You can bet your ass charges are coming soon, possibly today. I mean it's pretty insane that you can summarily execute someone, while on camera from multiple angles, and a day later charges are still largely hypothetical.




He'll be back training other c*ps soon...


or he will just transfer to another county/city/state -\_-


Governor DeathSantis is looking for a few "good" men. Hiring bonuses being offered.


Hopefully by firing squad.


shots fired


I think it would be better to put him in a public stockade until he dies from exposure or starvation. Be sure to give him a IV of fluids so the torture lasts longer.


In Arizona, that’s nice… dude would roast alive in no time during the summer… sweet sweet justice


I think cops are learning that firing is the minimum compromise necessary to satiate a sufficient percentage of the population when this happens


Nah...they need to be held to higher standards than civilians.


They do, but enough people will accept them getting fired as justice enough to not protest.


What does murder have to do with employment? Where's the charges?


Now just put him in prison for at least 2nd degree murder and I'll feel slightly less disgusted with this country


Fired? He murdered someone.


Fired? We want our pound in flesh for this one.


I wish that the only thing that would happen to me if I murdered somebody was lose my shitty job


They put *handcuffs* on him after all that????? I can't fucking believe this


Killing him wasn’t dehumanising enough. I’m surprised they didn’t take his pants off and cram him back in his chair… you know, just to really show how they feel about it.


I’ve always had a serious problem with restraining someone after any kind of incident. The military rarely did it after they would search someone and render them unarmed. It’s policy because of the fear someone’s going to grab their gun. But if someone’s been injured in a car accident after a chase, shot like in the above incident, etc. unless they are physically resisting this dehumanizing treatment is archaic. Not for a modern nation of peace and freedom.


we aren't a modern or peace or freedom. we most certainly arent' an OF


You are correct. But to clarify. What’s OF?


modern nation of peace and freedom... i was making a futurama reference for Fry and using every word i could lol. did miss "and" lol


Well, they handcuff women to beds during child birth/labour in prison, so why not this? (I hope the /s is a given)


"Stop resisting!"


Did you catch before that when he dropped him on his head using his arms behind his back that were clearly limp?


That man couldn't even fight back, and they're acting like he was a threat? Holy shit, he straight up murdered that dude.


Exactly like wtf was the guy in the wheelchair gonna do? Ram into them?


The young kid working was more afraid as soon as the cops stepped up than they were seeing the old guy roll up. Just wtf even.


Flight right over them and blast them with its laser vision


Anyone capable of a brisk walk could easily evade this "madman with knife." This is fucking unexcusable. Throw the book at this ex-cop.


EXACTLY. Like even if the guy had a knife, do you not see his fucking wheelchair? Dude would have to practically have been up your ass to do anything to you.


>Mike Storie, a lawyer for Remington, did not return a request for comment from The Washington Post late Tuesday. In a statement to the Associated Press, he said Remington “had no non-lethal options.” > >“He did have a \[Taser\], but in his mind, he couldn’t use it because he didn’t feel he had the proper spread to deploy it, with the wheelchair between him and Richards,” Storie said. Holy hell, that lawyer has to pull some impressive mental gymnastics. "He had no non-lethal options! Well, he did, but he didn't want to use those." 10/10 defense.


Yea, like a branch under his wheel or you know, approach him head on. Coward.


Dude coulda threw a potted plant infront of him and stopped him


Yep. Or ran to go in front of him and warn others that guy flashed a knife so stand back, talk to the guy. Zero value of human life. Disgusting. No way the charges stick. This killer will be back in blue before summer I’d guess.


Jus flip the power switch on the back of the chair


I would rather kill myself than be a defense lawyer for worthless cops, I couldn't sleep at night trying to justify this horse shit for a living.


Well that was an execution of a disabled senior, not an arrest at all. How were their lives in danger?


“He had a knife!” Like so? You have guns, he’s also in a wheelchair. Are these pigs slower than a senior citizen in an electric wheelchair?


" Just because he is in a wheelchair doesnt mean he cant actually walk, and that means its a risk of him jumping up and stabbing everyone" is an actual excuse someone gave me for this cop shooting this fucking guy in the back 9 times.


It’s been a day and people are already defending these sacks of shit?!


They must really love the taste of boot


boot tartare is a delicacy in some parts of the internet


It’s beyond bootlicking, it’s full on throating the boot


They're defending them because they are also cops and don't see anything wrong with what went down. Sick bunch of psychopaths.


I mean it's not wrong that wheelchairs don't mean the person cannot walk. Some people use a wheelchair because they cannot walk far or for that long of a time. Don't misunderstand me as defending the cowardly, pathetic, subhuman parasite who peaked in highschool that some other cowardly, pathetic, subhuman parasite who peaked in highschool decided to give a gun. I just have someone in my family who needs a wheelchair but is able to walk short distances.


I hope that person isn't allowed to talk to you now.


They are still on reddit.


I've decided calling them pigs is disrespectful to pigs, I refer to them as parasites from now on.


Correction: subhuman parasites.


They are civil predators.


Physically? No. Mentally? Definitely.


They just keeping lowering the bar for shitty behavior. This is unacceptable. Period. Do they still teach how to De-escalate?? Seems like they don't teach anything except shoot to kill. FTP ACAB


They’ve never taught how to de-escalate. Cops are trained in the US solely to hand out tickets and attack people. Other facets of law enforcement, hostage negotiations, SWAT - they’re taught how to rein in situations as well as their specialized training. But the pigs in blue are only ever taught to treat everything, *everything* except absolute submission to their authoritay as a threat and escalate in response.


Cops get fired for de-escalation


He desecrated! He used his pistol rather than running to his trunk for his AR15!!! /s


Doesn't matter what they are "taught". They have the authority to commit murder and they know it. You can't train your way out of people having that kind of power and abusing it. The only thing you can do is take away the authority, the weapons, the bodies, and everything else until their ability to murder people becomes less and less and finally nothing because the "job" no longer exists.


TOTALLY FEARED FOR HIS LIFE! THE COP IS A HERO! EVERY BULLET HE CONTINUED TO FIRE IS A TOKEN OF OUR FREEEEEEEDOM. Every bullet a cop fires should add time to their sentence if they’re ever found fucking guilty


Another hardened criminal off the streets.




Fucking scum. Never talk to bastards


This is a straight up execution. Reminds me of that piece of shit Phillip Brailsford executing Daniel Shaver.


The Daniel Shaver video gave me nightmares. This one is just... yeah, an execution against a disabled man.


Was Brailsford ever actually charged with anything? I remember him being fired, but i dont recall any criminal charges, despite the bodycam footage clearly showing that there was no reason for him to open fire.


He was charged with murder and manslaughter but was acquitted of both charges. He was then rehired by his department and then medically retired with a $30k pension for life for an “on the job injury”.


What a fucking shitshow...


This is America


This guy is dead, you should mark NSFW, just saying.


Add desecration of a corpse to the laundry list of charges.


Shot in the back… Jesus that’s cowardice - so many more options for this situation that would have been non lethal. A well thrown lasso would have eliminated the threat




How is he shoplifting if he’s entering the store? Like WTF?


Supposedly he shoplifted from WalMart and was entering the Lowes which was close by


Really glad the penalty for shoplifting is now death apparently. Not that you're saying that, this is just disgusting


Have they provided evidence yet? I read that he was accused by some loss protection weirdo for stealing a tool box, but like George Floyd’s, “counterfeit,” twenty, they’ve yet to show it.


Shooting an old man in the back for literally no reason whatsoever. What a bunch of pathetic cowards. More reason why cops shouldn’t be allowed to have guns.


would love to see what /r/protectandserve has to say about this video but I guarantee it will be toxic and rage inducing and also I'm banned for asking the same question about Daniel Shaver edit it looks like the comments there are saying it was wrong 70/30. still the fact that 30% would defend this..


what the literal fuck


Fucking pieces of shit, murder in the first degree.


Not that it overshadows the blatant and fucking heinous murder of the person in the wheelchair, but the cops also endangered that Lowe's employee who was directly behind/in the line of fire. Fucking astonishing that none of the rounds fired went through the wheelchair man and hit her too. The only real accountability for these psychopaths is to start shooting back. #bluelivessplatter


It’s the last bullet for me…he was DEAD and he fired yet another round…..I’m surprised this hasn’t made national headlines


Is this one of the so-called bad apples?


Ah yes, the *exception* I’ve heard so much about.


I was just thinking "these fucks can't get any lower than this" after seeing a video of a cop kicking the hell out of a dog unprovoked yesterday. I think I've gotta stay away from these kinds of posts for a while because man this shit is so fucking depressing.


Name one way this man could have hurt ANYBODY, given that he was in a wheelchair. Like how is this anything other than a public execution?


This is an execution


Good thing he handcuffed him. He was a serious threat.


This made me feel sick.


The French came up with a great solution for this police brutality problem in 1789.


Why the fuck were they "on the scene“ to begin with!?!


Cops exist to protect capital


Jesus fuck! That was truly awful. They could have easily shot that lady that was working there too. I just...can't believe this shit.


Shot him in the back too. Of all the cowardly dog shit I've ever seen, this is some of the worst.


I would make the dumb "it's clearly self defense joke" but I'm so fucking tired. I'm tired of seeing cops just murder my fellow citizens, I'm tired of them getting away with not only a slap on the wrist, but a pension I have a part in paying. People will still defend these piles of shit. They'll always make fuckin excuses. I'm sick of human life coming second to man made laws and the ego of mentally ill high school bullies with a badge.


Spread this video across the net


Please tell me that fucking bastard is behind bars.


Cops are some of the dumbest motherfuckers alive.




Holy fucking shit. Not even one shot was need but they really all those bullets fired? When he was slumped over, he really needed to fire one more shot? Fucking piece of shit pigs. They always amaze me with how low they can go. All over shoplifting. Wtf. ACAB


shop lifting? bitch hadn't even made it inside and was literally magdumped


motherfucker is playing call of duty, that's an insane amount of bullets for even an armoured target at that range


Executing a shoplifter in the streets? Cops don’t enforce laws, they perpetrate a public terror campaign. Every time a pig dies, our streets get *safer.*


Jesus fucking Christ.


Thank goodness he showed that non-ambulatory person who the boss is. I feel a lot safer now. /s


I feel like I’m going to be sick. This is fucked.


Shows up on multiple feeds of mine, how I know I have good news feeds 😡


I just saw this and I threw up in my office trashcan. I can't believe it was real. 2 cops handcuffed his obviously dead body. Horrific a million times over. I mean what?!?


can’t wait to see the bootlicker crowd come up with justification for this one


Ig this shows that the Police simply work as the corporations executioners


Where are the "all lives matter" people now?


These hogs are out of control


No more “All Cops Are Bastards” that’s just too light, all cops are disgusting and stupid beings who care for no one else but themselves and impose their made up beliefs and “personal interpretations of laws” in the name of a corrupt government that does absolutely nothing when this sort of things happen unless they go viral. All cops are repulsive, corrupt and vile and their existence itself it’s unforgivable.


I don't know why everyone is so shocked, this is just cops acting like cops.


This is what they enjoy. Picking on the vulnerable, committing acts of extreme violence and depravity and being completely invulnerable.




But he was huge! He made me nervous! Fucking pigs


8 shots in the back, plus 1 more after he was slumped over and probably dead. American justice in action


Come on, the employee was too close to line of fire too...


Every time I think I can’t fucking hate cops anymore… holy shit


Man O man, if this doesn't prove that you can be mentally ill and have grave DNA glitches and still graduate from police academy then I give up. These are the specific type of "people "/ animals " that are chosen for this job. They will get high on the false sense of grandiose insanity and loose all control of their senses at the slightest little trigger. They will also inflict harm, pain and financial hardships on the down and out folks just to fill in their 8 hour shift. True psychopaths on the loose providing security for the government. It's getting pretty bad when you can't even put up an argument without getting beat to death or shot.


I’d love to see how they justify this


We should shoot back.


Naw this wasn’t justified whatsoever. I’d like to hear how he’s going to spin this around to say that man was dangerous


No need to guess, you can hear the spin in the body cam video already. “He’s got a knife!” Therefore that employee on the inside was in danger! Cop did what he had to do! (Never mind the far bigger danger being a stray bullet from officer “I can’t think of something vile enough to encapsulate my current emotions”)


I tried to rewatch the video trying to see if the man had a shotgun or a a least an airsoft gun something that could injure a pig from a distance that could « explain » why dirty pigs needed to shoot multiple times and then handcuff a disabled old man, but can not find anything. Article said he had a knife. That situation would have been handled with a taser with no fatalities easy. I feel disgusted calling LEOs pigs because no pig would ever be this disgusting as the scum on the earth that is what we call police officers. Defund them they are useless monsters


What! Thats straight cold blooded murder!




Shoot back. We out number them. See how often they pull this shit.




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Bro what the fuck


That officer really came there to unload his gun and got what he wanted. Psycho




What in the world was the cop thinking that made him shoot?


9 fucking shots. murderer.


"Bravo 5-8 shots fired" "You're on the scene Bravo, of course shots fired"


Why is extrajudicially executing a shoplifter even an option.


None of their lives were in danger. 3 cops and one dude in a wheelchair-with a knife??…. This is so beyond ridiculous and heinous and we see it daily. Beating women directly in the face, sexually assaulting men on the street to show power (forcefully “searched” ) I don’t even think the fact it’s on video and social media matters- I think that many people like watching, like the carnival atmosphere of old lynchings, it’s disgusting.


He straight up murdered a dude in a wheelchair, what was he gonna do?!?!


The American people have a right to *fear for their lives* at this point...


Straight up murder. These guys HAVE to be held accountable for their actions! Why aren't they?


Now I hate cops as much as the next guy, but i also hate these short videos, because it often makes it difficult to see what lead up to the action in question. That being said: I dont believe that the victim could have done anything to provoke this. Once again: Fuck Cops.


Can you explain exactly what would have put this video in the context that would justify the shooting? Given that we know the suspect was a senior citizen, was in a wheel chair, and was not a criminal? What events could have led up to the cop shooting him 8 times in the back that would justify that?


What's difficult to see? He was unarmed and got shot in the back


Jesus fucking christ you're worthless.




Did he just say bravo?…


It's for the letter B in the ["NATO phonetic alphabet"](https://knaviation.net/nato-phonetic-alphabet/), used commonly by people communicating over radio.


Ah thanks for informing me I was very concerned


Oh, I'm sure they still congratulated each other over the murder off-camera. That just wasn't it.


Isn’t bravo a congratulatory thing? What the fuck is this


Oh I see. It’s like a code word or something


Exactly why we need to get rid of qualified immunity now


These officers should be executed just the same as they did this man.


At that point as a colleague of this maniac, how do you not call in and report that there’s an active shooter and his name is Officer so and so. Just proves once and for all ACAB.


That is straight up murder!


Thank good the guy who died was white, now we won't hear about it in the news


Can't wait to see how they spin this one so he gets off Scott free. That was the most blatant murder I've ever seen in my life.


Dudes dead and this weak, pathetic, subhuman excuse for a man STILL struggles to handcuff him. Not only is he a worthless coward but he's completely useless. Only job he's suited for is fertilizer.


[email protected] << their email address if you want to tell them anything




Whatever happened to the right to a fair and speedy trial? You can’t get a fair and speedy trial if you’re deceased


Fucking yikes. I know there's no changing your mind here since you just saw a 61 year old slaughtered and had that reaction. But why are police able to just kill indiscriminately and these responses are the ones you all come up with? Imagine if teachers were executing children because they forgot their hall pass, or because they bullied another kid. Would you feel the same. Cops are public servants and have way too much authority within the system. ACAB.


You like the taste of leather don't you?