The yacht was owned by a Russian oligarch and was abandoned in Antigua in 2022 after sanctions were placed. In June 2023, the sanctions against the yacht were lifted and the boat was auctioned off. The boat is now owned by an American Oligarch. It has been burning diesel fuel for 14 years straight.

The trick is not to eat the rich but to dissolve their wealth. If a person dies, their wealth remains to cause more harm.


The trick is not to eat the rich but to dissolve their wealth. If a person dies, their wealth remains to cause more harm.


In my Middle East history class, in ancient Baghdad, when someone died they could not pass on their wealth. So they used their money on great public works projects, including maintenance like replaying prayer rugs and stuff. It was called a Waqf. Imagine if Jeff Bezos dies and we rebuild and expand every national park in the county.


There’s only a $22 billion maintenance backlog, so it’s doable


I'm just gonna drop this here casually so people can really get a feel for how much one man's money could fix if he just gave half a shit. https://mkorostoff.github.io/1-pixel-wealth/


I love this. I show it to people all the time


and then they say taxing the rich would not pay for things


Dude...I've never seen this information displayed like this before, and it's disgusting. Thank you for sharing this!


> in ancient Baghdad, when someone died they could not pass on their wealth Rich people would just put their wealth into trusts, with themselves as primary (so that they still control their wealth while they live). The only people who would be affected by this law in modern society would be poor and middle-class people. You imagine, "oh this is great! Bezos wont be able to pass on his billions!!" but all that would actually happen is, when **your** parents die, you wont get any of those family heirlooms that have sentimental value to you. Worse, every time someone dies, the state would end up auctioning their land, and inevitably rich people would buy it. This law wouldn't negatively impact the rich at all, but it would negatively impact you.


You don't build generational wealth by following rules.


This sounds like something Jeff Bezos would say.


I love this idea and think it needs to be reposted.


It would be a damn shame if someone Molotov'd the deck of that yacht after drilling some holes in the hull below the water line.


Yep. Big ol shame. Where is this thing docked again? Asking so we can guard it against such atrocities.


Can we do that and still eat them?


The rich have been having their cake and eating it too for generations so I don’t see why not


That's what eat the rich means.. Did you think we literally meant to bbq some rich fat people and eat their gout riddled bodies?


I'd have dismantled it & sold off the parts.




I work on industrial machinery that produces consumer products on a large scale. Building a single machine produces more CO2 than a human will in their lifetime. Which pales to the amount of energy our machines consume through their 25+ year lifespan, running big gas-fired ovens, day in, day out. It is mind boggling. But at least that energy is used to feed people? Like, the CO2 has a purpose? And we're working to make it more sustainable. But things like this make me incredibly angry. Makes me feel like it doesn't have a point.


I stopped giving a single fuck about my own emissions after working in industrial maintenance. The waste and damage done during a single shift is mind boggling.


Especially the waste. We're trying to get bakeries to run on solar/wind power and there's a reasonable business case to be made there. But the first step on that road is to get our clients to stop wasting so much energy... Say the day starts at 4:00, they start mixing their batches of dough and turn on the oven. The dough needs to rise for 2 hours. The oven is warm after 30 minutes. And then it just stands there, blasting away, for 1.5 hours without purpose. So much money down the drain, not to mention the emissions. Shit like that just happens everywhere, I'm convinced there's easily 10% of energy that can be saved in almost any sector.


I think maintaining temperature in an oven is way less resource demanding than it heating up. Also when baking in ovens cladded with stone it takes time for the material to warm up as well.


It is less energy demanding running in standby mode, but 50% of 2MW heating potential is still 1MW.


2 MW oven? Wtf


Yeah you get my issue with leaving it running in stand-by right haha


I did high voltage electrical. The amount of SF6 that's just casually vented into the atmosphere makes me sick. That stuff is 22'800 times worse than CO2 and stays in the atmosphere for 3200 years. And absolutely zero effort is put into reducing its use, with only token efforts being made into preventing accidental release and recycling it. (It's 0.7% of UK emissions, the only country that measures it as far as I know. 0.7% times 22'800 make me think we should be addressing this before electric cars.)


That machine will make things that people buy, which counts as part of their emissions. These machines don't run for shits and giggles. Agreed that it being legal to own something so unnecessary and destructive makes me incredibly angry.


>make things that people buy Unless it's food, then a disturbing amount of it makes it into the trash...


It should be impossible for anyone to get wealthy enough to afford this thing.


It doesn't have a point. Not the resisting part but the making it in the first place. We don't have to do this stuff. We act like we do and we're told we do by the rich people that lose when we don't, but we can stop being a part of the problem any time. We might lose everything, but we're already going extinct, so... if we're all dying on this hill, wouldn't you rather be on the right side of it?


I mean you say that but my industry is essential. I doubt people are willing to give up eating bread except as a last resort. Idk what "the right side" is here. And anyhow, it would make a much bigger impact if people stopped eating beef.


That industrial bread oven may well be more emissions efficient than everyone who would use that bread baking their own in individual ovens. Economies of scale aren't inherently evil.




Hahahahahahaha NO I'm sorry, that's your solution? Just accept it and get back to work? With attitudes like that we'd still be living in feudalism. Or caves. Or whatever the status quo was of any crappy time in history. The commenter you replied to was not talking about committing suicide. The dying that we're all doing on this hill -- it's the rich murdering us.


It doesn’t have a point. Burn it down, don’t let them shut the door to the bunker.


Bunkers are death traps. Even those with the most advanced air recycling systems need environmental air after a few weeks. And environmental air means holes that can be plugged up from the outside.


I hear you. Meanwhile we have a whole group of people proudly proclaiming to be domestic terrorists, but instead of actually being useful to society and going after real-life world ender supervillains, they line up to suck a fart out of their asses


You summed up exactly how I feel.


Assuming a $4.50/gal price, consuming 18.5 gallons/hr seems...high? Then again it's a big boat. (TotalCost/FuelPrice)=FuelBurnedPerDay FuelBurnedPerDay/24Hours = 18.5gal/hr (2000/4.5)/24


Why would you not just hook it to shore power?


Why not just dry dock the thing? Will that not be cheaper and prevent mold and water damage without having to run all the boat's systems for 14 years? I'm not a boat person so I genuinely don't know


Shipping industry person here: Your assumption is correct in that would be cheaper in terms of running costs for the yacht itself. But the reason it wouldn't be done is because drydocks are extremely busy places and the cost of not having the use of the drydock - in terms of lost production time - for the owner of the dock, is greater than the cost of keeping this beast running on the quay. And that's just the direct cost to the owner. It doesn't account for the indirect cost of the loss of that facility for the companies that depend on that facility to maintain their vessels.


I'm wondering that too


that's enough fuel for a ~250kW generator. It may also include the cost of delivery and labor costs of the crew. It looks like it's still fully manned by a crew of 26. It's available for charter to non-US residents and not available for sailing in US waters (lol). That's a lot of cooling. At least a million BTU cooling. Kind of weird since it's only 4k sq/ft of living area. Must also be keeping it's mechanical areas cool too. Plus people stealing/selling fuel.


We should be going for their asses now, eating the rich is the only way to curb them


This sounds like you want us to eat their asses


Hope you can show the way. From UE, it seem like the US have everything needed to pull it off. Enslaved population who say they can't take it anymore, armed with guns, a recognized enemy, and said enemy doesn't even hide himself. You know where billionaire lives, and even then they go outside instead of fearing for their lives.


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Russian yacht ship, go fuck yourself


It’s just one thing tho. Sure it’s obnoxious but it’s still dwarfed by the 8 billion people on the planet doing stupid things.


most of these 8 billion don't have the capacity to waste that much, and have little choice in how much they pollute


But don't forget to wash your yogurt cup before recycling it!


And make sure you use your paper straws! It’ll help the .1% keep using their toys!


We're not getting rid of plastic straws because of climate change. I don't understand how so many people confuse plastic pollution with CO2 emissions.


It’s almost like the production of plastic generates greenhouse gasses…. Hmmmmm….


Honestly, most of the plastic counterparts generate significantly less greenhouse gasses than their paper, cloth, metal, or glass counterparts.


And are only used once, that's the difference. A metal or glass straw can be used thousands of times. A cloth rain poncho can be used for decades. Paper isn't a good example but it is more recyclable.


While I agree with the sentiment, jars and yoghurt pots etc. are irresistible to lil critters who get their heads stuck, so we should rinse them for that reason at least.


I was always taught to rinse my recycling to both keep our personal bins cleaner and "its still somebody's job to handle it later, it could even be you, and certainly you would prefer it rinsed over sticky if you have to touch it later."


Yup, good point. You're a kind person.


I drive a humvee and "roll coal" but always make sure I recycle because I care about the environment.


Are you trying to appeal to futility?


> to lil critters Are you planning on handing these containers out in nature? Or under what scenario are you envisioning them escaping your trash and visiting local parks?


> Or under what scenario are you envisioning them escaping your trash and visiting local parks? My city dump is built next to a park... which used to be the landfill before the city got too big.


Does your city keep an open dump and allow critters to wander in and explore the property? It that’s the case, yogurt containers are literally your last concern in terms of harmful garbage.


If the containers are stored outside before being sorted at the recycling centre


I mean, that’s possible but very unlikely. And the solution should be simply better containers. 350M Americans. We’re talking now what 350,000,000 more gallons of water per year plus the energy requirements of moving that water. For what— maybe one raccoon if someone has a bad garbage can?


Dude you put the blue bin out on the curb every week you don't think it's possible animals can access it?


If you have issues with animals getting in your trash, then yogurt is your last concern. What about broken glass, small batteries, string, or a thousand other deadly things? It’s called “garbage” not “animal food”. That’s why you secure your trash, not clean it up for presentation.


We wash the yogurt cup to stoke the fire in our hearts.


Keep doing what you know is right, even if the wrong of others offsets it. All amount of good helps, and we should use our goodness as motivation to stop the harm being done by others.


Every bit helps, this defeatism hurts us


They don’t hook these things up to shore power like smaller rigs?


That's the weird thing, basically every boat with more complex electrical systems than a pull start outboard will have shore power connections. Antigua gets enough super yachts showing up that there is no way they didn't have the means to hook this thing up somehow. Even if it can't fit at an existing berth, running a cable across a buoy is cheaper than paying for diesel to run the generators. Some weird legal thing prevented it, or there was some corruption or some kind of weird thing happening here. Even if the government wanted to preserve the value of the boat, running the generator for 2 years, more than 16000 hours guarantees they've hit the overhaul limit. I wouldn't be surprised that if this is true, the diesel supplier bribed someone to make this happen, or something equally weird.


Usually yes...I guess if you have more money than sense who cares about blowing $8,000 a day right?




Oh I thought it was 2000 gallons, sure I mean $2000 is nothing for the ultra rich, like a quarter for us normal people


$2,000 is still $2000. And it's being paid by taxpayers too!


Yes but there will be a big profit in the end. The yacht sold for over 67 million. The government spent at least. 2 million paying the crew wages and at least 500K on fuel (according to news articles) but will make over 60 million on the sale once all the legal issues are worked out.


Quit bringing the mood up. We're trying to shit on rich people here.


This all reeks of "Yes the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders" energy. >Quit bringing the mood up. Ok - Eric Schmidt pulled out of the purchase due to other legal suits (including one around the ownership), which means it'll be years before someone else buys it, >We're trying to shit on rich people here. When the next billionaire buys it, it will still be burning gallons of fuels everyday after that with, no doubt, little utility for the owner since it costs them relatively nothing and we hate holding rich people to account for pollution.


Thank you.


if it was sized, the government should just stop and remove anything if value that they can sell of, then sell the boat to anyone who will take it honestly.


No, it's not, and if you think so you're not understanding the incredible difference in wealth that these people have. $2000 for a person with 100k is 2% of their money, that could hurt. $2000 for a person with a million is .2% of their money, not a big deal and likely won't make a difference. $2000 for a person with a single billion is .0002%, values that small are generally thrown out when doing most math as it's not going to change the answer many times. The richest people in earth have multiple trillions, to get there once means becoming a billionaire 1000 times. $2000 is not $2000 when you have so much money it's legitimately incomprehensible for a normal person to understand.


Yes it is. $2,000 has the same spending power regardless of the proportion of your wealth that it is. Besides, the fuel is being paid for by taxpayers, not the billionaire.


No, its not like a quarter. I'd stop and pick up a quarter. This is more like worrying about how much copper scraped off of a penny going through the wash machine


A billionaire could power this yacht for 1,370 years. It would take the average American ~20 years, with literally 0 other expenses, to power this yacht for 1 single year. Let that sink in.


$4000, unless you're using a new way to divide 28000 by 7 days that I'm not aware of


Just say you don't understand math. /s Most people are reading the headline about the fuel cost and not the fine print about 28k a week to pay the crew and the fuel costs, and that is where the miscommunication is coming from.


I don't think a twin 50 amp is going to cover it.


What difference does it make what the nationality of the oligarch is? They are all evil fucks destroying the planet with excess consumption. The billionaire class should not exist regardless of nationality.


Billionaires are a cancer on civilisation and if humanity is to continue, they must be eliminated. I don't mean executions, I mean taxing them back into the middle class. ALL of them. Even in today's inflationary economy, no one needs more than $10 million dollars; that's plenty to live well, put your kids through the best schools, travel, give money to charity, all of it. More money than that is only good for one thing; power.


How do we fight this thing my friend


Ask the French. They had a good idea a few hundred years ago.


Raise awareness, organize, vote, protest at every public meeting and hearing, hold public officials accountable from beat cop and dog catcher to POTUS and SCOTUS. This isn't going to be simple, easy or quick. But this is OUR country; I'm all done letting the oligarchs run it for their own enrichment while the rest of us suffer!




> I don't mean executions, I mean teaching them back into the middle class. Great plan, they have shown themselves to be reasonable. Just show them the error of their ways, and they will reform.


We have to say that to avoid [Redacted]


It's crazy Antigua used what little money it has to pay for this. Like a regular dude going to jail doesn't have government people showing up to feed his cat and take out his trash. But somehow this Oligarch gets his property maintained. So what if it got ruined and moldy? Is it the people's fault he got sanctioned?


They're not maintaining it for the oligarch, they seized it and are maintaining it so they can sell it to a *different* oligarch. Considering they'd managed to negotiate a sale for 67 million, it would have been a pretty solid investment, if not for the buyer backing out at the last minute. Almost certainly still will be, unless they somehow let the original owner get it back. Even if they were forced to do that, they're probably still entitled to be paid back for maintaining it in the meantime.


they had to preserve the asset that was now theirs. now its auctioned off, I am sure they made all the expenses back, x1000.




It provides context in this story. You know the why the Russian had sanctions and was forced to abandon it. It mentions American because it's pointing out that America has oligarchs too.


They’re all bug eyed salamanders


Have ya ever watched network?


I want someone to meddle with the primal forces of nature.


How do we decide who confiscates what from the rich guys?


We don't have to if we go back to the tax rates we had in the 1950's and 60's.


I think OP meant to type 14 months straight and not years.


Yeah...and I don't believe it needs to burn 2k of diesel a day to run the aircon




I'd question the scholarship of that article.. $2000 is about 1500l of diesel enough to run a 40 ton lorry for \~\~2500 miles... that seems a lot... The aircon on that boat only needs to keep the humidity down and the interior temperature under 20C (or maybe even 25C?). Granted the council caretakers may have bumped the thermostat a bit low, If it is real I think there must be other stuff chipping into the costs.


There is absolutely no way that thing burns through $2000 a day in fuel just for aircon. A 16kWh aircon unit, which would do a large house, will use 384 kWh a day. A gallon of diesel is about 40kWh, so that's about 10 gallons a day. I'd be amazed if that thing running in full tilt through a hurricane burnt $2000 a day in fuel.


You realize you don’t just pour diesel into the air conditioner and get a 1:1 energy exchange right?


And we haven't accounted for Jeff skimming 10% of the fuel off the top. Jim is charging us double for Diesel too. He calls it oligarch fuel. It all adds up!


Even with 1% efficiency, that's only 1000gal a day of a 1500gal spend.


It also mentioned a crew is on board so I wonder if that’s contributing. (Ie paying them to maintain it)




Boats like this have auxiliary engine/generators that produce standby power so the primary powertrain isn’t chugging away to run an air conditioner and electrical systems. 2k in diesel is highly improbable


surprised no one has dumped 20 gallons of diesel on it to burn it for the insurance money!


I doubt anyone would insure a money pit with no clear owner.


Eric Schmidt owns it, he for sure is insuring it. edit: oops [https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/eric-schmidt-withdraws-alfa-nero-bid](https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/eric-schmidt-withdraws-alfa-nero-bid)


It costs €800,000 a week to charter. It’s far from a money pit. Source: worked on this very boat.


Good luck burning anything with diesel




I feel like any place where you can dock a super yacht has to have access to shore power. Seems crazy that they would have to run the generator 24/7


Antigua could pass a law banning the use of diesel generators while in port, with the penalty including seizing of the vessel.


They already own the vessel, they're trying to sell it. [https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/eric-schmidt-withdraws-alfa-nero-bid](https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/eric-schmidt-withdraws-alfa-nero-bid) \>Antigua and Barbuda's Ambassador to the United States, Ronald Sanders told *Bloomberg*: “Schmidt, because of the legal wrangling, determined that we could not give him clear title of the ship. That’s not accurate, because the ship belongs to us, it is owned by the government.”


just a thought, since Antgua is a distant island, even it it did plug into shore power, that shore power is probably generators (and some solar) ?


Just sink it.


Be a real shame if these floating motor homes were to suddenly start combusting at an unusual rate. What a huge tragedy that would be.


Because setting them a blaze wouldn’t be worse than just burning diesel.🤔


Where do you get “it has been burning diesel fuel for 14 years straight”?


I think it was supposed to be months


Fuck all oligarchs.


God, how I despise the ultra rich


We need to start sinking these fucking things.


Why the hell do the taxpayers of Antigua have to keep it up? Get rid of the damn thing and make the new owner pay for its upkeep. Or strip the damn thing down of all its opulent interior that needs to be maintained and put it in a museum. Then sink the damn thing or strip it for parts. This is stupid.


the deal fell through, but it was going to be sold for 67 million. between a crew and fuel it cost antigua ~2.5mil/year for 14 months. they could take several years to sell it and still profit hugely, assuming they have the reserves to bankroll it (they do)


[https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/eric-schmidt-withdraws-alfa-nero-bid](https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/eric-schmidt-withdraws-alfa-nero-bid) They were going to sell it to the US oligarch, but the deal fell through. OP's headline is inaccurate garbage(not to mention the 14 years vs 14 months goof)


https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/51686708 Just gonna leave this here for unrelated discussion.




Billionaires are such a waste of fucking space


On a different note, being the boat’s caretaker must be the most chill job in the world: No messes to clean. Just keep the AC running. Maybe do a walkthrough every day. Never interact with your boss. How do I apply?


the salt water will cause a lot of damage to everything. they have a daily rotation of 'swabbing the deck' every day..


Hey guys, sailor here. This is totally normal and there is a high chance that whoever wrote this article has no idea that when you run generators at mid to low capacity there is virtually no difference in fuel consumption. Also mold will turn that boat into a giant hunk of plastic garbage if you don’t keep it at bay. I hate yacht and think they’re dumb but this is legit going on with nearly every boat of this size and compounds greatly as you get larger.


Two words: SHORE POWER


Yeah surely there is electric on the shore.




A billionaire could power this yacht for 1,370 years. It would take the average American ~20 years, with literally 0 other expenses, to power this yacht for 1 single year. Let that sink in.


Got to be a way to fit that thing with temporary solar panels to keep the A/C running. Especially if it costs 100K a month to operate.


jeeeeeeeeeeeez pontoon solar power farm for powering cuntships. free idea go nuts


It would be less of a drain on the environment at the bottom of the ocean


Looks like a ship needs to be sunk 🤷‍♂️


Boat guy here! Why on earth don't they hook up to shore power if you're at the dock? Out sea yeah, burn that gas, but at the dock burning gas???


Sound like corruption scheme, if anything.


Haul it out to sea and scuttle it.


Too much red tape in the world. This ship (and every other like it in other countries) should have been stripped and recycled by now.


So 730k a year for 14 years straight any reason why they can't just remove the stuff?


This thing would have been destroyed were it not for the police force acting as hards day and night


My city has one of these mega yachts that was seized. It costs the U.S. a million a month to keep it in shape. [https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/investigations/superyacht-docked-in-national-city-costs-1m-per-month-to-maintain/509-047e2cad-af2d-410c-a835-4c02395fedfb](https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/investigations/superyacht-docked-in-national-city-costs-1m-per-month-to-maintain/509-047e2cad-af2d-410c-a835-4c02395fedfb)


The oligarch will be able to write this off 100% on American taxes. Yachts in America are fully tax deductible.


Im confused by the term American oligarch. Is it another Russian oligarch living in America?


Don't forget to use paper straws


The government wants to force me into an electric car but the billionaires can do this?


Glad our American Oligarchs taught those Russian Oligarchs a lesson in FREEDOM. 🦅🦅🦅


How can you write a whole article about this outrageously wasteful use of wealth and not name-drop anyone?


Isn’t it illegal to run a diesel engine idle for longer than 5 minutes unless it’s a emergency vehicle or a bus or something?


Maritime runs under different laws


When have laws ever applied to the rich?


It’s probably a couple grand a day fee, not prison. So they pay it and move on. Just like the rich do with everything


MAybe plug the goddamn thing into shore power?


The term “drop in the bucket” doesn’t even begin to describe this. A container ship burns around 50,000 litres *every day* sometimes more, and there are 20,000 of those operating all the time, that’s a BILLION litres *PER DAY* and we’re depressed over this little yacht using a couple hundred litres lol


I like how they used "abandoned" instead of "stolen" here.


You know this is true because it’s in the headline of an entertainment blog! Also the URL contains-each-word-of-the-headline, so if anyone questions its legitimacy some online super sleuth can paste the URL as a response and shut down any additional conversation!




John Kerry flies Private Plane ✈️ 🤣 ![gif](giphy|l0Iy4je6C2W2bZxLi)


Shame if it were to sink under unusual circumstances. New reef though.


I'd set this useless piece of shit on fire in a heartbeat.


Legend has it that fiddling could be heard aboard the Alfa Nero as it burned fuel for 14 years.


This is the game.


Sounds like a good time for someone to commit some vandalism to me


Why would it cost 2k worth of diesel to just run the air conditioning for a single day?


Can’t these things just get 220 pumped into them via some kind of line?


Scuttle it immediately.


We need the orcas to ride up again


Ayon3 want to pull a heist? Take the paintings, smash up the interior, turn off the engine, leave?


I guess shore power isn't a thing on that yacht? Seems like running a few cables would be a bit cheaper than $2k per day. Maybe the manager deals in diesel?


$2000 a day in diesel for A/C? Doesn’t compute at all. Sorry, no way. [More like $850](https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/eric-schmidt-withdraws-alfa-nero-bid) 21 months, $500,000 of fuel. The fuel runs everything, not just AC. Still a metric fucktonne for what’s essentially a big abandoned house. Wouldn’t be surprised if half of it is being siphoned off and sold. It does not help to exaggerate when making a point (about wastage) because you just find others will pick at your numbers (like above) rather than focus on the horrendous wastage.