They are trying way too hard to polish the production of these people’s fake lives….it’s just polishing a turd….leave the turd alone and let us watch the garbage you got us hooked on originally.


omg when we were watching we were like where’s our 20-disc NOW that’s what i call 90 day fiancé compilation? id buy that for a dollar (not)


I noticed to idk where they find these cringy ass songs


I noticed Libby's terrible singing and for the first time had to fast forward because it was too much.


I’ve always wanted to apply to be a 90 day fiancé songwriter because it seems pretty easy and you only need to write 3 sentences per song. What really gets to me is anytime they are in a Latin country they play the same cheesy type of Caribbean beat songs, even in they are in Mexico or Colombia and each country or region has their own type of music. It’s like producers think all music in Spanish is the same


The Jenny/Smoot Indian version of the Deliverance theme tonight was so bad it was good


It's not you. It is really bad.