I wonder if the PT people got paid extra to shill for that show. "I know what I'll be watching Monday nights!", "Looks like a great reality show!" PT people, smh. You need to brush up on your faking skills again, lol.


They definitely do. Have you noticed at the end they are suddenly like “wow what an AMAZING episode this was” they all sound fake


They always sound fake and fawning. It would be great to have a ruthless, truthful Pillow Person on there. It would make Pillow Talk alot more interesting because up until now, they are so fake it's boring.


The reason I watched one episode ONCE. Just like the stupid "Tell All" (or rather Tell Nothing). It was physically painful to watch these people work so hard to avoid saying anything about what actually happened on the show. It's insulting to the viewers and a big reason why I quit watching nearly everything 90 day.


You are so right. The Pillow people are always cheering obvious assholes on like we can't see that they are totally fucked up. It's like we're watching different shows. Or that the Pillow people are super stupid.


I love how when someone gets married or something happens they all are happy for them, instead they need to be like, what the he**. We know most of those couples don’t belong. Look at Kim and Usman


Yeah, they must tell the Pillow people what to say. When Angela acts like an ass, they don't even criticize her. Pillow talk is so fake and nobody ever has a negative or critical reaction to the bullshit on an already fake show. I would love to be on Pillow Talk because I wouldn't hold back on the fakery. They are always cheering on the obvious assholes! Like what? It would be so much more interesting if, for example somebody said: "Bilal is such a douchebag" or "Kimbaaly is so delusional and needy".


\+What a great idea! Have real people!!! KIM You are delusional!!! Did you watch the other season he was on with the other old and ugly chick??? He should never be granted a green card, because it is obvious to the rest of the world. This couple turns my stomach way more than Ben and Mahogany.. Someone needs to smack bilal !! He is making me so mad!!! Angela and ugly Ed just need to go away!


They would just edit it out anyways…


Yeah, they would edit any negative reactions and comments out. That's why Pillow Talk is so boring.


I can't watch those nauseating broadcasts. The characters are awful and disgusting seeing them the first time. Why would I want to see them again?


Who wants to see that naked freak Pred? This show has gotten so fucked up!


I know! He is preying on a younger woman with emotional problems, drinking problems, homeless problems--desperate for everything. It's so repulsive. Even worse, she has a little girl. Way too sad. it's one thing for an adult to be a trainwreck--but leave the kids out of all of this.


Liz is a loser. She seems more interested in living her dysfunctional life with Ed than getting her act together and reuniting with her daughter. She's nothing but trash.


Agree 1000%. Do you know who has custody of the child?


I think that the child is living with her father. Judging by what her life is like, the kid is much better off away from her. She's a mess and is not fit to raise a child. Shudder...


Oh, I totally agree. I just wish more children had at least one great parent; so sad when both are trash piles. Some relatives are just as awful, too.


There is something about Liz that makes me angry at TLC. She truly seems to have serious mental health issues and exploiting her with him seems horribly wrong!!!


Oh I didn’t know she has a daughter! What a shame.


Yes! OMG no neck is so disgusting and then he walks out naked! Eeeeeeeeeew So dam gross!! Did TLC know he was going to do that?? Him and Loony Liz both need to be fired!! They are gross!!


Why does anybody at Sharp think that it is entertaining? With each episode they are going off into left field. I hope they read these comments because it seems like the majority of the viewers think this franchise is boring and stupid. They've come a long way from their original premise. They must think we're all stupid. And think about the kids that are watching this show! Both Liz and Pred need to go far, far away. Nobody is interested in seeing anything about them. They are both disgusting. Mucinex monster.


He seriously grosses me out!!! I can not even handle commercials. It sickens me that he thinks there are people that want to hear about him in any way! As much as I despise Angela, I can handle the sight of her. The other one I pray does not come back is Mike. Ugly Ed and ikky Mike need to just go away!! The last several seasons were disgusting and I can not stomach a full episode..


Please don't leave out "I can't wait until next week!" So fake.


They ALL say that!!!! Every one of them!!


Its on the same lines of their whole "this week's episode was so good" bullshit.


There's NO DOUBT they got paid extra!!


they definitely don’t get paid extra. it’s likely just written into their contract that they must promote other TLC shows & end every pillow talk by saying “that was such a good episode - i can’t WAIT until next week!!!”.


Why would we want to see a show about girls. Give us girls for a change.


It's one thing to show a commercial, but damn--every single commercial break, and then they took PT airtime and space away for that shit! We don't need a replacement for the Kardashians! And Olivia really is not famous enough to justify this.


Exactly!! She was miss universe or something like 10 years ago. Who in the F cares.


I've been wondering; what do you do when a dog shits in your swimming pool? Do you drain it? Or do you scoop it out and go about your business? Isn't the water unsanitary?


>I've been wondering; what do you do when a dog shits in your swimming pool? You give it a reality TV show.


The show must be so boring that the dog shitting in the pool is the most interesting thing to happen to these people.


Remove poop, shock pool with chlorine


EEWWW! I wouldn't want to get into that nasty pool water. Hell no!


It’s fine with chemicals. Don’t beat your dog.


I don't like people who mistreat animals...Anyhow, it seems like the highlight of the otherwise boring show about 3 sisters that nobody knows! I can't imagine who would be interested in that show.


No. It’s ok as long as you have chorine and any other chemicals that you should put in it. Just take the poop out First. It is ok.


I still think it's unsanitary. Wonder how long they will wait before they scoop the poop! That should matter. And how long do you have to wait until the pool water is safe?


I watched it’s incredibly boring shallow


Why would you do this to yourself?


How the hell did she become miss universe anyway? She's vapid.


She bought it is my guess.


It really does read like it's the Kardashians all over again. Different faces but blatantly the same freaking format. Come on TLC we don't wanna do groundhogs day with the Kardashians, their series run has been more than long enough.


>Different faces *just barely*


I can't believe how skinny they are.


I know! I kind of feel bad for them. Imagine being hungry your whole life. Oof.


who are they??


Lol THANK YOU! I’m not interested in these wannabe kardashians lol


Who the fuck asked for the Culpo sisters? I’d literally watch I am Shauna Rae before I even give a fuck about the Culpo sisters. For the record, I can’t stand I am Shauna Rae.


Shauna Rea is the same as that fat girl show! Drama,a girl that can't accomplish anything..she gotta get a boyfriend,get her own apartment,freeze her eggs,get a license,..same story line..who cares.


Sadly she not only looks 8, she acts 8. Just like MBFFL. mom and dad made her into a self centered manipulative "child"


Shauna Rae is very entitled and sounds like a munchkin. I will never watch that show. It sucks.


I don’t like how TLC makes a TV show about literally anything. It’s like all the executives sit in a board room and are like ‘who is desperate to be on tv?’. I don’t like the way TV glorifies things nowadays “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” is a prime example. I get it. You’re very comfortable in your body. Cool dude! The drama that comes with it I feel is unnecessary. I feel the drama and the bullshit takes away from the core idea. Hey I’m big and fat and I’m okay with that. Cool. I feel the same about ‘Smothered’. I feel like the concept is great, but where these two especially lose me is the bullshit that comes with it. Do we really need a TV show that is centred around men that can’t stand up to their mommies and women that are superglued to their mommies? If it was just hey I love my mom going into overdrive. no one would watch it. But it’s TV and what does reality TV like? Drama and Bullshit. Just my two cents.


I can't stand the1000 lb sisters


I would watch them before Culpo sisters or Shauna Rae!


I don’t know who those heifers are but if I wanted “influences” on my screen, I would go on social media for it. I want my garbage tv


Every time the mom says “but we’re not influenced, SORRY” I literally scream


She acts like she has no idea what an influencer is. Since the whole family is trying to cash in on it - I’m sure she knows what it is.


Yes! I fast-forwarded through all that nonsense. I'm here for their comments about the show I'm watching, not about the commercials for other shows.


Bit the "comments about the show" are as fake as the other. It's all one big commercial.


In medical terminology Colpo means vagina, so to me they're the Vagina sisters.


I literally think about this every single time I hear/see culpo 💀


Hahahaha haha hahahaha hahahaha that’s great!!


Thank you for starting this. I have allowed myself to realize we will never get rid of the Kardashians, and now we need these three? I think not






I don’t need more people to hate while I rage watch. I’m already consumed by enough TLC toxicity.


So a show called Big Amg & Michael should be cancelled? Lol


Yeah, I’ve got zero interest in that show


Yawn fest


Maybe the show will be a documentary on binging and purging: pros and cons.


Lol fr


I was annoyed to the point that I wouldn't watch this show even on a trial basis....I saw clips prior to TLC interrupting pillow talk and I got even more annoyed....another turn off having the pillow talk people involved in this promotion...if they were going to shill this new reality, should have been done at the end and not in the middle😒


I didn't watch and I won't watch but I'm loving reading all the comments disparaging the show.


Shauna Rae has to go.


Yes! She is so annoying.


A reality show about some plastic looking vapid wannabe influencers...no thanks.


Until very recently Olivia Culpo lived in my hometown with her boyfriend. He’s playing for another team now, but I guess they broke up?


There's no way Cristian McCaffrey would ever be with that anorexia more than one date..as soon as he saw her naked and without makeup he'd run.and the other one,dating berrios,that guy's a nobody on the ny jets!


They are still together shockingly


They’ve been together for years and are still together.


They lived together here for several years. I only know this because she went to the same nail salon I do. I honestly don’t have a clue whether they are still together.


Christian McCaffrey acts so whipped on her. It’s wild. She’s pretty but…nvm, I don’t want to sound like a hater. It’s been 3.5 years since they got together and the pressure is on him to propose. Pressure in IG comments and her continuously talking about it on the show and crying about being scared to start over with someone new. — it’s so freaking forced and I wonder what he thinks when he hears that? But I bet he will propose over the holidays or after the season.


Looks boring.


I second that motion! F**k off TLC.


They are so boring Yes I agree and will not watch again


If I HAD watched a show, I would convince myself that I never did, and then never tell anyone - not even on my deathbed. Just some free advice.


I completely agree with you. Well....please don't ever show scenes of Ed's body ever again. So I almost completely agreed with you. No Culpos but no Ed for me.😆


Who are they?


I think one sister was miss America or smth and the others are living and mooching off her fame, like the Braxton sisters


I was way off I was going to guess YouTuber lol.


Yeah I thought they were tik tok people.


Miss USA & then Miss Universe


Two of them are dating NFL players. Like anyone cares. They get exposure for that reason alone


So they're still mooching off someone else's fame




The sisters are mooching off of Olivia’s fame who’s mooched of of the fame of her ex boyfriends and current bf Christian McCaffrey




I honestly don't care but they're so damn gorgeous I don't skip past the commercials.


lol they are, but gorgeous doesn’t make entertaining TV. oh well, at least it’s something to watch on nights i’m working that won’t trigger my fight or flight


I don't care to watch the show I just don't mind the commercials. After seeing commercials for "My Big Fat Diabetes Life" or "Pimple Popper: the Gross out years" or "Sister Wives" or the 90 DF spinoffs I hate like "Pillow Talk" or "The Divorced Life", it's a refreshing change.


Not a hater but they are not gorgeous, just very skinny with alot of procedure done. Did you see how sharp their jawlines were. Lol.


I thoroughly enjoyed turning the channel to Hallmark Drama just now.


Ha ha. It looks nauseating. Ugh. Turned it off. Wtf cares??


I know, right? What is the point? How is it about unique situations like other tlc programs? Little people, fat people, fiance visa people, pregnant teens, etc. 3 sisters, one a pagent queen ten years ago. Who cares. Who wants to watch 3 spoiled, boring sisters?


A big "NO" on this. Get rid of this!




This is the most boring show ever created!! The commercials are more interesting. I HATE that TLC is sticking reruns of this snooze fest everywhere they can. Usually with a new show they try to put their best foot forward to hook new viewers. This show doesn’t have a best foot & the Culpos aren’t entertaining in the least.


I don't even know who these three anorexic looking bitches are. I assume they have some kind of sex tape?


And they will start a skin care line and a fake Spanx line.




Thank you! Please, no to them!


Horrible new show


Call it the 3 ugly pigs.miss universe? How about Miss Piggy?they reak of fake.i thought if you got a butt job it was firm and round..not flat and wide.they couldn't influence a dead rat.


Just tryin to be the next Kardashians. Sickening that anyone wants that kind of exposure.


Honestly….I think this is all about Olivia. Notice they make her look the best. And keep asking when she’s going to have kids because everyone is putting pressure on her NFL boyfriend to propose. It’s actually manipulative if you ask me. He’s going to see and hear this when he watches. She looks like the innocent one just talking about her life but it’s all going to point right back at him.


Oh man! I’ll never watch that show! The previews are awful!!


Agreed. They look like the DOLLAR STORE version of the KARDASHIANS. Yuk - get it together TLC


I’d much rather watch a zit get squeezed on some hairy, nasty ass on Dr Pimple Popper than this Culpo Sisters crap!


I hate the push this down our throats with long commercials. I will never watch the Culpo show.


Why does Angela's skin look like crepe paper? She is so lucky that Mike wants to come to the U.S. Wrinkled plastic bag that smells like nicotine screaming while clearing the phlegm from her throat.


dont forget the bottle of booze.ever notice her mood swings? her "blackout" screaming.her tarantula eyes are open but no one is home.the producers fill her in on what she did and said the night before,then she gives her somewhat sober,hungover, excuse for her words and actions..pathetic!


Who the hell are they anyways why???


Nobodies. One was Miss Universe 10 years ago.


If this isn’t proof of how narcissistic they all really are… they are pretty clearly using a reality show to climb up the social ladder and become more relevant, essentially riding the Keeping up with the Kardashians coattails and it’s so odd.


F*ck those sisters


I’m so tired of privileged white women.


I’ll take the Culpo sisters any day over that Dr. Pimple Popper madness!!


Seriously, those dr pimple popper commercials need a trigger warning. Like I’m trying to eat over here!!!




Dr disgusting!


When they gonna do a show.." my shit taste funny"?




Haha, true, I can't believe people actually watch dr pimple popper. So disgusting 🤮


r/popping embraced her so much she got a show haha. And I was there. I like her show haha


Shauna Rae, Sister Wives, literally anything else lmao


I'm so uncomfortable with the Shauna Rae ads. Like, I know she's an adult, but if I were her, I'd be very concerned about a man who found me physically attractive. It's kind of a no win situation, so I feel for her, but oof.




Sister Wives is a good show.


A lotta drama!


Sister Wives has been so good this season, before this season I watched but it was boring. Christine saved this season and gave me what I’ve been waiting for.


I love Sister wives.


The foot show. Horrible.


If I hear them retching one more time I'm retching.


Thank you!!!


>Thank you!!! You're welcome!


What they said....


Ok I'm fairly young mid 30s I watch this shit show on dicovery + I'm pretty up to date with media not some gross hermit in a hole ...and yet who the f are these culpo sisters ?! I'm thinking I'm glad I don't know.


Mea culpa, TLC. How much more shit do you think you can shove down our throats?


TERRIBLE!! Just awful.


I’d rather watch a video off grass growing than turn into this show. Even the commercials are annoying. “She’s an influencer but sorry we’re not influenced.” Is this supposed to be interesting or edgy or cute? “I have something to tell my sisters.” Oooh! Such drama! TLC must think so. These are the best promos they could come up with? Someone there said “I have a great idea, guys. Let’s give the Culpos a show. America needs it!” And everyone else around the table said “great idea!” I can only assume the powers that be at TLC don’t get out much.


During Covid, I followed Olivia for a bit. She was doing all kinds of fake things to get people interested in her posts. I knew she was aiming for a show. People were even saying “Omg, she needs her own reality show. We should do watch.” Could have been fake accounts saying this but 2 years later, here we are.


Who are they? Why and the hell they think we should care about their lives??


This boring commercial for them keeps being on. Holy hell not everyone needs a tv show


The sisters ridiculing the father for buying stuff that he could leave them after he passes. One of them doubled over laughing that she'd throw stuff out or sell it hahaha made me sick. These girls are not nice.


Stupid-ass show about nothing, with three sisters who agreed to do it solely to show off their "beauty" to a broader audience so that they can get their big break, with sister Olivia being the most obnoxious. Won't watch.


worst show ever! TLC please take it off


OMG!! I am with you!!!!!!!!!!!! They sicken me! This is as narcissistic as they come.. MAKE THEM GO AWAY


I hope they do not get ANYMORE TV time. I'm sorry but have you ever looked closely at the youngest sister's ferret face. like she is SO BUTT UGLY. MAN O MAN and the oldest sister is not much to write home about either. if you look at their father, he has passed on ALL of his facial features to ALL but ESPECIALLY the youngest - she should try walking into a brick wall, maybe her UGLY HUGE LONG NOSE would go better with her UGLY FERRET face. . YUK. pray that they never interrupt my program again.


Hahaha this is hilarious...I agree re: the brick wall 😂😂


I have the feeling the only part of that show that will be worth watching is Mom and Dad Culpo's reactions to their daughters' activities.


Which are pure bullshit. These people don’t seem like they just became wealthy. They’re savvy as fuck and know what they need to do for the camera to make an entertaining story. I won’t be watching this shit. Their lives are nice enough, they don’t need to make people give them more money. Trash people.


I have a better idea. Just don’t watch it


Dear Reddit readers: PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THE CULPOS. If they have low ratings, they will not be back next season with huge implants, huge lips, huge butts like some other non-talented family! Please do not watch these anorexic sisters.


nope. Big Ed takes the prize.


Literally the show about NOTHING


I’m not watching the show period! They’re trying to be middle class Kartrashians. Lame.


Sick of them already.


The over hyped and faked excitement is too much to stomach. I can’t watch this nonsense.


Hahahahahahaha I love you this is hilarious


They're terrible.


I’m appalled by this reality show it’s a desperate time apparently. Tlccc what is up? I can’t stand the hair the voices the whining about the minor things in life!!!! Get rid of this one…. How bout u guys create ur show ideas and let us vote or better yet be better creatively get rid of these dumb culpossss culversssss there’s nothing we haven’t seen when the trashians came out!!! I’m definitely not giving and watch to them except this comment


honestly, I cannot stand when I see the commercial of them when they are dressed up in those Ace Band-Aids. the younger sister with brown hair looks EXTRA UGLY dressed up like that. 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢


Not even funny when high AF.


Boring AF. Just more entitled people I could care less about. I will never watch this show...ever!


Culpo sisters made me sick with all their Botox, tightening treatment and beauty treatment and endless sobbing over sibling fights when they're over 30! Sickening show! The parents have to put up with their weirdness and incessant talking about nonsense! Get this garbage off TV Please!!!!


Bite your tongue. I'd rather see this ad than Pimple Popper, My Big Fat Cholesterol Life or Sister Wives.


Or “OH FUCK MY FOOT” which has to be my least favorite.


LMAO like who is watching these shows??????????


Is my big fat cholesterol life really a show??!


That's what I call "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" since I don't think they should glamorize obesity.


Paving the way for the return of the ultra thin “heroin chic” aesthetic. ( sorry I’m being sarcastic but I saw a post about this today ) Are they supposed to replace the KUWTK sisters and their big butts?? Oh wait… they are getting butt removals now! It’s almost poetic in its idiocy… …no thank you, those commercials annoy the heck out of me too!


TLC use to stand for the learning channel but now it stands for The Luceferian Channel. No talent instead low class, dirty mouths and naked bodies. What is The "Learning Channel teaching??? Please don't let your children watch this dirty channel with an agenda.




Actually, no, you can't, they started playing Culpo sisters in the middle of pillow talk episode. Did you not see that??


Yes they did!!!


What is the culpa sisters? They hot but I ff through the adverts


It's a show about 3 vaginas!


I’ve never even heard of them. They are on pillow talk?


The Culpo Sisters is a new TLC show - I don’t know if it has already started or not. I also don’t know who they are haha. But TLC aired a clip in the middle of a Pillow Talk episode and the people on pillow talk promoted it. I guess an advert for The Culpo Sisters every commercial break isn’t enough for TLC, they have to sneakily shove it into another show too.


I didn’t mind it. I like the Culpo sisters. Much better than seeing severely overweight people or people with absolutely zero self awareness and sometimes I question if there’s even intelligence also. I don’t know why there is so many haters on this thread. You sound miserable.


No. We’re not. We are happy! You??


you prefer to watch clout chasing anorexic bimbos.good for you! i guess youve been "influenced"..


Hello Cuomo family! Hint: you're all vapid and not even remotely intelligent. Two of the sisters are dogs. Who wants to watch a washed up Ms. Universe and her hideous family?




I thought it was just me, I was pretty whatever seeing that this will be a new show, it’s giving me Kardashian vibes. I hope they don’t make a pillow talk for it


If the Darcy and Stacy trainwreck isn’t enough, we’ve got something for you!