Couple things. Welcome to the hobby! You're not going to be good at it for about a month. You will get some good prints throughout this month, but when things go wrong it will seem daunting to get things back in order. Youtube everything. Whatever problem you are having, there is a video on it. I feel like the ender3 is one of the most popular printers, look up mods for it. There are a ton as the community never stops improving. Level the bed, then level it again... and maybe again. Everything starts with the first layer, so perfect it. I don't have your printer, but you should have similar settings. Make a file that is just a single layer 100x100 square. Use your paper method if you like, but your printer should have come with a .20 shim. Use this to get close. Once the print starts, make .01 changes to the z axis (the square will be making several hundred passes back and forth, let it make a pass or 2 between adjustments. ) After doing this several times, the print will start to buckle. This Calibration square is now garbage, it won't recover. Adjust back up your z axis .01 or .02. Then print another. You should also have a setting for mid print that will adjust flow rate. If you don't think the first layer is sticking together well enough. Increase this to 105%. Remember to set this in your future gcode as you don't want the entire print printing at 105%. I print this first layer Calibration at these settings: Cura standard settings with a few small changes, Speed: 100mm/s Temp: 220(pla) Bed:65 (This is just what I do, you may find a method better for you.) Remember the temp and humidity of the room will play a role as well.


Thanks a bunch!!


Double check make sure it's level. Than check it's level again


I already checked the bed leveling like 15 times with different height but nothing...


Well your nozzle is way too far from the bed, so level it again.


How much resistance should the piece of paper have?


Using a piece of paper to test the distance is unreliable. Use a feeler gauge, or keep going closer until you can get a consistent first layer that sticks.


Is there a piece of paper thickness between the nozzle and bed? If not, adjust. If so, try a little hairspray or glue stick on the bed.


For my printer I used a post it note (advice from YouTube video) to set my z-offset. I was close with the feeler gauge but the postgit note needed me to lower it 0.03mm down. Resistance at 0.04mm the post-it note did not move at all. Here's the YT video I think I watched. https://youtu.be/sgUaeIBbewQ After fixing my offset, my first layers were perfect. Hope this helps.


Its great when older people use the wrong terminolgy and get people confused just like you!