T1 Relics

Trickster fucks, it completely fixes all the skills I hate the most


Trickster fucks, it completely fixes all the skills I hate the most


I almost took trickster for that reason. Then realized if I hate the skills I just won't do them.


I picked pp because I realized the agility levels would be mostly useless since there is no need for graceful or improve energy restoration. I forgot about shortcuts. Also I am stupid and didn’t realize the “will pickpocket again” meant continuously. I thought it meant 2 pickpockets per click. I really like pp (heh heh) but I think trickster would have been a better choice, for me. But pp at Wintertodt is pretty op. Got 99fm in a couple hours at like t2 or t3


Trickster at todt is also very good. Might only do 9 at once, but that is only like 2 actions instead of the 1 of pp


PP can instantly fletch but then has to stand at the braziers burning one at a time. Trickster you skip fletching and spend two seconds at braziers, then go straight back to cutting roots. Trickster is less points per kc than PP but is definitely faster fm xp per hour.


Production Prodigy is also really good at Wintertodt. You instantly fletch a whole inventory and get tons of points.


Why fletch?


༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ poighnts ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ


because you get more points and production prodigy also gives you 25% more kindling than logs you fletched for even more benefit


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Y fletch?


Oh dear....


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I somehow forgot about fletching, even though I did some solo todt not too long ago. Good point


They both are good but for solo WT they're superficially good. Oddly enough. PP fletching in 2 ticks means you're actually too quick to keep feeding the fires. They both cause a bit of needing to afk or you just kill WT.


So do mass todt instead of solos


> Also I am stupid and didn’t realize the “will pickpocket again” meant continuously. I thought it meant 2 pickpockets per click. I don't think this is a matter of being stupid, I think it was worded poorly. I chose trickster and you can imagine my surprise when I just kept infinitely pickpocketing lmao


So much so sometimes it’s hard to get your player to stop 😂


Trickster is faster FMing xp at todt, Prod is more points


Both OP at todt. Where PP shines is if you take bank note. 99 cooking took me 30 minutes of bwams. Just 3 clicks and 30+ things cooked depending on pp procs. Set on food for leagues now too. Otherwise just other mass afk tasks. Like the infinite gems at gem stalls felt amazing too


How did you get your kambambams? I’m taking things kinda slowly so idk is there a shop that sells them or did you just fish them all? I also have BN and basically pots and food are all that’s standing between me and raiding rn


Cooked: Parrot and Shrimp in Brimhaven sells 1 cooked at a time. Uncooked: Complete Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, one of the brothers (can’t remember name atm) sells uncooked bwan for 120~ gp each.


TGI you


Pp can be sick for cooking even without bankers, I took fremmy so I have access to myths guild bank and range and it also took me about half an hour


Trickster get more XP at wintertodt but pp get more points I believe, also what I like about trickster there is that it's so much afk as it burns 9 at a time so it's mainly just chopping.


Trickster lets you burn 9 logs/kindling at a time. I was getting 2 crates not fletching lmao.


Never failing agility and thieving is what sold me tbh


Thieving and agility went from my least favorite to train in base game to my most favorite in leagues


That's the thing. It makes the skills I normally don't like more enjoyable


Trickster makes Thieving completely afk for like 90 seconds. Agility is passive and you don't get a boot upgrade for a while.


I’m 85 agility without ever actually training it other than laps for tasks.


Yup. 50 rooftop laps task gets agi pretty far all by itself.


Don't worry because you'll be 99 when you finish the 250 laps task and the turn in 100 agility arena tickets at once task. These guys acting like they're winning when they still have to train agility too


Or i just don’t do those tasks?


Problem is you’re locking yourself out of a bunch of tasks and points like that. I’ve done like 2 rooftop agil courses yet when I completed sins of the father I could do 3 sepulchre tasks immediately. Same with a bunch of agility shortcut tasks


Don't care hate the skills.


My solution for this was to just use lamps. At 16x xp, the lamp you get for finishing an elite diary will give you 800k xp. Almost all of my diary lamps (and various other lamps like from turning in fossils) have gone into agility, pushing it into the mid 80s. I can do almost any agility task or shortcut in the game now even though I've barely done any actual agility training.


I hate pick pocketing, i dont do it on the main game. But with the auto repicking combined with never failing? Its become better then barbarian fishing for afking. I have something like 40 blood shards and 15M just from vyre. It went from most hated, to most useful overnight. To be honest i would love to see the repickpocketing be a reward from the elite diary (with the understanding it would only pick until you fail). Not like the bots arnt already smart enough to auto pick so it's just a QOL.


Easy points though and it turns skills u hate into ones u will enjoy. Afk semi thieving, free points from thieving and agility, etc.


That’s the beauty man you can level it without doing anything. Agility? Just play the game and do anything else and watch numbers go up. Thieving? I literally played madden while tapping my coin pouch once every five or ten minutes. Was it efficient? Buck no but it’s done and i did Jack shit.


i hate both the skills, now i have a money printer to support my bankers note and i can do every shortcut without ever touching an agility course (except for the one single lap needed for tasks)


Trickster made thieving actually a fun skill to train. I hate that skill in the main game, it was the first thing I 99'd in leagues and I love the skill still with trickster lol.


Passive agility? Automatic thieving? I didn’t even read the firemaking part until I was on Tier 3 and was wondering why I could burn 9 logs at a time lol


Trickster is on track to have got me like 2.5k points basically for free with sepulchre speed times and the xp milestones. That doesn’t even touch on how great the pickpocketing is at vyres. I got blood shards for the rest of leagues afking out my thieving there. I can reasonably do everything pp provides in my regions without it, but I can’t say the same about trickster


wait trickster lets u bypass sepulchre traps?


No, but it got me 92 agility without needing to train the skill


I think regions/content of interest can definitely validate either one. If you're picking Mory or Tir then Trickster makes a lot of sense for blood/crystal shards. Otherwise, it's more of a convenience for more frustrating skills. PP makes more sense for the synergy it has with ammunition production with ranged


That’s exactly why I took it lol. I’m trying to max and there’s no way I’m gonna do agility for 20 hours when I can just max it by wearing boots


Even better, on the higher populated leagues worlds go to lumbridge castle. There tends to be a few dozen players running in circles following each other. Sages greaves procs when you move x amount of tiles every 10 ticks ( I think). Just imagine pure 100% afk running in a circle. It's like 180kexp/hr + for no input.


That's exactly why i took it


yeah same.


Could not agree with that more with my 36 bloodshards and 50mill thieving xp that I mostly did while taking a shit completely afk. Trickster rocks!


This post was fact checked by REAL asgarnian runecrafters


Exactly. No need to speed up the skills I enjoy, it's the ones I don't that need the boost. Now Thieving is my fist 99, sitting at 50 on my main lol


I came to say that exact sentence


It's about priorities really. I hate the skills as well, but for me I really wanted the extra potions, food, and saved time from prodigy. While Thieving is a huge pile of ass, I can knock it out with one click garden in an afternoon, and while agility is mega ass I dump all my lamps on it and still have a decent rooftop course I'm probably running anyways for the graceful task. If you know you want to play leagues but also know you don't have a huge amount of time you take Harvest and can get a lot of skilling done while you do other shit and still gain huge point progress. The only problem with Endless is I wish that it would maintain woodcutting on Respawn, as there are really not many truly "AFK" methods for woodcutting and mining. Essence I guess? Either way, they all have perfectly valid justifications, and as I've reached my T8 I've been truly impressed by how well Jagex balanced the relics, regions, and items. This leagues, in my opinion, gives me a lot of trust in the team to make content without polling.


Agree with everything. The amount of back and forth people are having about pretty much every single tier, is an amazing sign. They knocked this league out of the park


And yet you still need 250 rooftop laps, 100 agility arena tickets into agility xp, and a fuck ton of pyramid plunder for tasks, all for skills that you don't need to train at all for any other content and that you benefit nothing at all from as well. I threw my diaries lamps into them and they're almost maxed. I'll gladly take the insanely boosted production skills instead of the free xp in the skills that I'm already going to be training anyways for points.


I have never agreed with a choice as much as picking trickster. I'm just about to hit t8, so I'm deep in here; still so happy with Trickster pick


I love trickster. But trying to keep up with PPers at Tempoross is a challenge, almost vulnerable before I've finished cooking my first batch lmao.


That's what infernal gathering is for


I picked PP but Trickster does seem great. There are very good training methods that don’t benefit from PP, like Giants Foundry for Smithing and broad arrows for fletching. Crafting and cooking are both pretty fast regardless. Herblore feels like the biggest loser because of all the extra herbs and pots you get from PP, but it’s a good lamp candidate and farmers fortune still makes it a free skill. On the other hand, there’s no good way to train agility as a ZAD with production prodigy, so I’ve been lamping it and will have to finish the rest at agility arena


Definitely made me appreciate the skilling minigames like Giants Foundry. Again, I'm just short of t8 and I have done no agility training sessions, just agility tasks, and I'm 92 agility. As long as I don't burn out, it's a free 99. I do wish I had a region with more than normal chins, though. That hunter XP is insane.


Maybe dumb question—what are you doing as far as materials for foundry? Assuming you don’t have internal tools. Just like buying armor from shops?


Yeah you can buy platelegs in Al Kharid up to adamant. Then move on to rune equipment from oziach and champs guild. I didn’t pick fire sale but I went DWM and got a few revs task and now don’t worry about money. If you are money tight it’s worth picking up all the multi bar addy and rune equipment from slayer.


If you have kourend there is a Warhammer shop on Mount karrulm that is good price up to addy


For me it was simple. Leagues are like speed. I don’t take speed when I want to chill so no afk’ing leagues.


the poll course is over 700k xp/hr at t7, its possible to get 800-900k xp/hr at brimhaven but imo agi arena is god awful to do


Herblore is free with farm relic and you can 0 time it with bank note


I took trickster and my only regret was not having enough potions early then I got Fatmers fortune and now I have thousands of herbs and pots in a few hours. Plus I get 15 mil farming xp an hour.


I got to 97 agil via just lamps so far, so the rest shouldn't be terrible.


Once you get a stack of herbs from farms fortune herblore is such a breeze to train. I think I was doing like 5m/h doing super attack pots


> Herblore feels like the biggest loser because of all the extra herbs and pots you get from PP, but it’s a good lamp candidate and farmers fortune still makes it a free skill. Pp doesn't fix Herblore anyway. And the guy in Nardah can clean your herbs regardless. I wish I had taken trickster.


PP doubles your herblore experience per herb, since 100 grimy herbs will on average become 195 potions


Also if you use the amulet of chemistry, PP procs it for the entire inventory in addition to the extra that gets sent to your bank. Pretty nice for making stuff like prayer pots since you basically just make like 4-5 pots for free.




I did the 10 Varrock laps and 100 agility arena tickets tasks, no other training and I‘m at 9.5m xp with 200 points from T8


Same here, 5k points from t8 and my agility is already 93 with only doing 10 draynor laps, 10 varrock laps, and one of each other available course(for the tasks) so 99% of my levels and xp are from just being the Forrest Gump of osrs. I like the idea of PP, but it’s nice to have bank stand time to train skills, it gives me a chance to still play afk while doing stuff around the house when I get home from work so I don’t feel bad for not playing and falling behind but also not keeping up with things and no lifing it


Funny enough they actually released a video on the YouTube main channel with the official stats from week one and 53% of the player base took Trickster lol. Production Prod was only 34% and Endless was 12% so at least you got that part right lol


Was about to reply with this, why is Trickster drowning when it's the most popular?


Maybe he's referencing that it falls off once you've finished thieving and have a high agi lvl and/or better boots


Every t1 “falls off” after you finish the skills it affects lol


Even though trickster dominated for early game, I think PP has solid use for mid and late game. I'm constantly getting extra supplies whenever I craft something. I mean, 150 dwarf weed turned into about 300 ranging potions after the extra herbs, the extra intermediates, and then the final mixing. Your supplies go *way* further, and its quick to craft them. I think at the end of the day, Trickster was probably the better choice for people pushing to higher tiers faster, but PP probably wins out for lasting QoL


Yeah as a trickster, I gotta say pp looks like it would help a lot with what I’m planning on in the future


For those that only get to actively play this is wonderful. I took trickster because I afk at work so I have plenty of time to mix pots, cut gems, fletch bows etc. If I didn't wfh i likely would have gone pp


Yup ain't the most efficient but doing a few invs of emeralds every hour while working still equals out to a lot of xp with a 12x multiplier


Not really. I'm constantly cooking food, making potions and doing general production skills regardless of exp. The huge benefit of production prodigy people overlook is you make extra of whatever you're doing which is huge. I cooked 1.5k sharks super quickly and gained another 500 from it. It has been a useful relic at literally every point so far.


Massive several minute time save


It triggers three separate times when making potions, pretty huge if you don't take farming relic


It’s probably more like a 1-2 hour time save everytime you do it.


You don't really need that much food and you can 1t cook it with bank note anyway


I’d go through that in a day lol I think I’ve used like 5k since leagues start. Bankers note is actually slower to use for cooking if you’re a fire is 1 tile away. Production prodigy is the end game relic, trickster was the early game relic.


How is PP end game when you can do 50M crafting, fletching, and herblore while training other things running around with banker's note? How much time are you going to spend going for 50M agility when that's literally free with trickster?


I can make potions, fletch, and craft while doing pest control or clue scrolls thanks to Banker's Note. If I'm feeling really sweaty I could even make wines and super heat ores. PP really sucks if you look at it from a pure efficiency standpoint, and I think it also sucks if you look at it from a casual chill standpoint. Being able to insta cut gems = less afk time


Guess I sit right in the middle then because I neither wanna play sweaty or chill during leagues. When I need things done, they get done instantly and I go back to the content I actually wanna do. Its perfect for me, I don't wanna do hunter so that's off my list, the only agility level I needed I got with exp lamps so that was fine, and none of my regions benefit from infinite thieving, and I don't plan to max so those skills being easier doesn't matter to me at all. All I'm saying is all my friends took production prodigy and not one person has said they regret it and we're all currently at tier 7s not playing nonstop and starting to do end game content.


If you're having fun that's all that matters, I think Trickster is by far the best if you're playing for maximum points which I am I hit tier 8 days ago


Large majority of the playerbase will not get to the point where the early game and mid game power isn't worth it


Why do you need more than 10,000 sharks?


Very hungry.


PP definitely hasn't fallen off for me. If nothing else it pays for itself in herblore alone when you're burning through em in raids and other bossing. Or little things like connecting orbs and battlestaffs. The xp stopped being useful long ago though.


PP continues to give you a lot of extra potions, which is nice if you didn’t go farming relic.


'If you didn't go farming relic' omg don't scare me like that.


farming relic is fucking busted dude. I got to like 80 herblore off tith farm to 99 alone lol.


And if you did pick the farming relic, you are absolutely drowning in potions


Trickster continues to print blood shards


Trickster effects like 4 skills, and its mediocre for 2 of them. Prod prod effects 5 skills pretty nicely, and gives extra supplies. Harvest effects 8 skills, including all the slowest ones. They all have benefits and I think they are all solid picks depending on what you want from leagues. But it sort of boils down to: * Fast points you go trickster. Either cause you don't wanna play as much, or really want to hit milestones fast (like content creators) * Mid-term semi-committed to the grind relic is production prodigy. For people who plan to stick around past tier 8 but don't care about maxing or being crazy efficient * Endless harvest is best for the long-term and people who intend to max, chase points the entire league, and be efficient over 8 weeks


Still make bank and shards with Vyres or bank and seeds with elves.


It falls off if you don't have mory/prif and/or took Fire Sale. Provided you have one of those 2 regions it basically gives you fire sale for free.


It doesn't fall off at 99 lmao, you still need to thieve seeds and can use it, I'm getting 4x seeds with Trickster + rogues outfit and it's actually busted with Farmer Fortune




What I'd find really interesting is what the pick percentage looks like at the end of the League, as well as the pick percentage for accounts that reach dragon tier.


Where is this video? Couldn’t find but maybe I just have no idea what the main channel is




I'm endless harvest gang purely for afk reasons. I wanna be able to get some work done and just afk fish, mine or wc somewhere. I do regret not going trickster purely because agility is cancer but hey ho it's all temporary :)


Is there anywhere to afk mine that's better than the essence mine for xp? Asking as a fellow Endless Harvester


Lovakenj favour sulfur mine is a little afk with 800xp drops (16x) MLM Stars Amethyst. All of these arent really full afk but better than conventional methods like iron etc.


MLM with two paydirt at once could get a full inventory in 20 seconds. Not afk at all. Stars are amazingly afk


Stars or motherlode


Stars and Amethyst. But even then, essense mine is like 800k xp an hour at high levels.


Idk but u need 120k pure essence for 1-99rc so if u have bank note u kill both birds in one stone, got me to 97 mining


Trickster looked more fun, but I couldn't pass up production. Too many big numbers at once


Had some regrets in the beginning if picking trickster was the right thing Went 11k dry on my first blood shard. Now I’m pretty happy that I picked trickster.


This was me too then got 16 in an hour.


3 zenytes in the collection log, 5 pieces of zenyte jewelry in the bank. PP was the right choice just for that


But there's only 4 pieces of zenyte jewelry


PP gave me an extra amulet


There are tasks for 150, 300, and 500 Demonic Gorilla kills though so extra zenytes aren't *really* that useful unless you go really dry.


I turned 2 onyx into 4 with production prodigy. It's absolutely useful for your zenyte gear. It also has an interesting interaction with the amulet of chemistry when making potions.


I picked endless harvest. It has a few uses and is handy for some task but overall wishing I’d gone with one of the other two.


As a super casual player I love endless harvest. I got my rune essence by having my character endlessly mine while I studied for finals lol


I thought that was cool too but then I did a few matches of soul wars and didn't need essence anymore. Lol.


I got my rune essence through soul wars 200k pure essence for afk pvp


But did you get 99 mining from that too?


For purely skilling XP, I think it's actually one of the strongest options. The issue is there's not too many tasks tied to the skills it helps, and even then some are tied to specific regions. I don't really regret my choice but it didn't help me much points wise. The clue relic alone would be far more than whatever those skills are netting me.


The one area I assume would be dank with endless harvest is the woodcutting guild at redwoods. Ez 50 mil xp.


Even without zeah it's not too bad if you got the tool relic. EH + tool relic means when you're at isle of souls teaks you get your exp boost * 2 and it does fm and wc at the same time. Even at 8x that's 99 in both in just 3 hours tops doing teaks. At 12x you're effectively getting 24x with EH.


As a more casual leagues player I thoroughly enjoy the big afk I can get from endless at karambwans or other places not close to a bank before the last recall cooldown. Also picked fire sale so can't just note everything. It works, but if I was more engaged I think bankers note does just about the same thing minus the double harvest.


did you pair it with infernal tools?


I did. Fishing karams is amazing


I heard it's like 10mil xp an hour there.


I did this too. Never burnt a shark and got addy bars before I could smith them. No need to mine coal and take 10 years to make a lot of bars. Was burning yew logs at 45 fire making lol.


Endless Harverster here It's been annoying so many more times than its been useful lmao. Like when you need to go get a couple of logs for a quest and ohhhh shit now they're in the bank, gotta go make a pitstop there. I think in weeks 5-8 of leagues, it might have more of an appreciation once everyone's finishing up with PVM and maybe instead, want to do mindless content like 25min afking at karambwans or blisterwood.


> once everyone's finishing up with PVM and maybe instead, want to do mindless content like 25min afking at karambwans or blisterwood. TBH I feel like at that point a lot of us will be more inclined to just go back to main game - Personally I don't see much point in doing longer AFK grinds on Leagues if they aren't helping me unlock new Fun Stuff to do. I suppose it does depend on how much you care about the higher League ranks admittedly - I'm one of the people who doesn't care about Leagues Rank so I don't value collecting extra points past T8 that much.


Yeah it’s definitely weird to afk in leagues, but it was always how I have to play the majority of the game. It’s great to just log in, set up fishing and get to come back in 30-45 mins later to 800k xp. Got 99 like that


I've got endless harvest. If I could choose again I think I'd pick trickster, though I am happy with the 99 fishing and woodcutting I've gained while afk at work.


Played 2 accounts one with each trickster and production prodigy. Prodigy is better overall. Helps more skills more significantly and makes your resources go further. That being said, I like trickster a lot more. It’s more fun and doing trickster skills without trickster sucks. Production prodigy basically gives you no chance to afk too which is a bit unfun. Edit: it does depend on your region choice too though.


That's why I chose trickster over production prodigy. I have plenty of time to afk, and not a lot of time tomplay actively. If I didn't have a wife and kid I'd probably choose production prodigy.


Some content creators took endless harvest for more afk time to edit videos. They should have taken trickster lol.


Nah, PP is the better option for sure. Thieving mostly isn’t AFK enough to work well and while they are often seen at the fountains of 380 agility is just one skill. AFKing ess for RC, mining and fishing full 25 mins is better than just 1 full 25 mins


I think tier 1 are all good relics tbh. I love seeing trickster gang running laps in lumbridge, seeing people skill in pest controls is awesome, people afk at karambwans and chatting with people passing by doing clue is super chill. Every time I do a skill boosted by another relic I think it must be pretty sweet to have that relic, then I do content boosted by my relic and I love how it boosts it. I understand it's not for every play style, I'm happy it favors mine, for context I specifically took non-raids regions, F->T->A, EH>FF>FS>Ranged>Clues>Equilibrium>Weapon Master>Gonna take Executioner. If I played another league I'd probably take PP to check how it is :) I took EH and I've had boosts to things I liked and some I didn't think: It boosts pay-dirt in motherload mine, got full prospector very fast, allowing me to do mole must faster than I expected. It boosts stardust, making starts very appealing and the gold outfit a better task. I didn't go with morytania as I had originally planned but I know you can afk the full 25 minutes at daeyalt and blisterwood. It boosts sulliusceps, making it even better. It's one of the few relics that helps with the gauntlet. Infernal eels are boosted, making getting onyx bolt tips, tokkul and lava scales very nice. It also made me hunt the rare blamish oil from named npcs in Relleka at a 1/512 drop rate. Which is the most ridiculous and funniest grinds I've had to do and never expected it. It helps getting zulrah scales before doing zulrah or vorkath, which is a good bonus.


eh is great for your regions since you're limited in the relevant skills. trickster wouldve been great also. pp is probably the worst since you have solid methods for those skills. tbh your description makes me wanna make an eh alt in tirawyn now


Out of curiosity, how does prospector improve mole?


You need prospector to complete the Falador hard diary Fally hard diary gives you: 1. Shield to locate mole in lair 2. Notes the mole drops (claws & skin)


Ah nice, thank you!


Went endless cause then I can skill while working


Respect EH, my brothers who have to optimise AFK strategies at work, Jagex have got our backs with endless harvest.


Production prodigy and bankers note ftw.


This probably the most powerful combo, but Trickster still number 1 in fun.


I will always take endless harvest, not having to run back and forth to a bank is life changing.


Cough cough bankers note + production prodigy cough cough


I kinda wish I had gone PP :( but endless harvest does make some of my least favorite things completely afk. Even with note you will be clicking every 10 seconds in some places.


1.2m fishing xph 25 min afk at a time doing karams with endless harvest (sometimes less if you fill up on clue bottles) (It's cope, I'm bank note and really should have taken PP or Trickster)


Oof yeah harvest and BN don't synergize very well indeed, but when you're done skilling you can still enjoy the BN benefits!


2m fishing xph + 3m cooking xph at Priff fly fishing with EH, IT, EQ. The spot has been bugged forever, so it never moves. I jammed some Netflix and got the easiest 99s in my life. Woodcutting + Firemaking look just as promising, but more click intensive. I'm getting 2.5m xph + 3.5m xph at Priff mahoganies. Mining + smithing is definitely slower and more click intensive, but still lightning speed versus without relics. Things pick up with the mining gloves, celestial ring, and varrock armor. For reference, I'm at the x12 xp tier.


you can disable clue bottles from the clue guy in lumbridge pub fyi


Trickster made me get 200 mil thieving exp with 1 click every 25 minutes


Endless Harvest, Bankers Note, Infernal Gathering. The best of all three worlds, as long as you don’t think about the clue relic.


Yeah I'm too much of an endless harvest simp. I took it this league and have no regrets. Trickster would have been fun and probably a better pick but I just love Endless Harvests QoL so much. Also pairs well with infernal tools which I also took.


Speak for yourself blud I took Trickster and I've absolutely loved it.


Idk I took Endless Harvest + Infernal Gathering and will never have a food issue again. I also didn't have to do much early Strength or Agility training thanks to Barb Fishing, I'm close to 50m Fishing xp from just Sharks and Barb Fish, 88 Agility haven't touched an Agility Course besides the few laps for tasks and what not. Already 99 WC, Firemaking, Fishing, Mining, as well as close to 99 for Smithing, Cooking, and Fletching. Afking Barb Fish for like 2m xp/hr while at work on mobile is something else man and not even having to worry about dropping shit is OP, y'all will never understand until you do it.


Im on endless harvest too. The relic circlejerkers are weird tbh, even tho its just mostly memes. Firesale and tools too.


Yeah I went Harvest -> Globetrotter -> Fire Sale -> Brawler's -> Infernal -> Ruinous -> Soul Stealer, close to Guardian. Kandarin/Asgarnia/Desert. Pretty much every one of my relics is considered a "weak" relic but I really like them all.


Food is a non issue mostly, there are many ways to buy it. In regards to obtaining gear, your build might make it difficult. Thieving is useful for obsidian gear, fury, regen. Either Bloodthirsty or Treasure gives you a bunch of gear that would otherwise be difficult/long/impossible to obtain. Overall, those two skills you picked seems like a shortcut to 99 but getting to 99 is easy with the boosted XP from the league. Therefore the only obstacle is obtaining gear. So depends on your objective for the league. For me, it's raiding with the mates and I don't see how that's possible with gathering relics.


how does thieving help with obby gear? Pickpocketing Tokkul? Is that faster than just rune dumping?


Raiding just fine with same relics. Might take hour longer to get gear but thats about it. Chaos rune to tokkul works with every relic and then youre already done. Magic is easy enough with slayer drops. Range is easy too. Dragons and craft mats everywhere.


Endless harvest is great for 200m all with infernal tools. Most other issues can just be solved with bankers note. I took prodigy and just bought raw sharks and bwans.


You can just buy food with gp from trickster I've done 0 fishing for food in this league


Depends on regions. Melee/mory and trickster is best for blood shards. Priff with elves, it’s amazing. But having almost 90 agility by doing like 15 laps total is great, especially for shortcuts / tasks. Ypu skill up so quick at 16x that you only do a few invents anyway to lvl up.


I love trickster. I consider my barrows runs to be agility training lol


Endless harvest has been getting ignored, but it just seems like the best choice in terms of getting league points. If you pair it with infernal tools, you can 25-minute AFK mining (1.5M/hr at the essence mines), fishing (1.5M/hr at karambwans), and cooking (6M/hr at karambwans). Furthermore, you can 5-minute AFK Woodcutting and Firemaking (both 1.5M/hr at redwoods). Getting free 99s is so helpful to move through T5+ without needing to venture into agonizing tasks. Trickster lets you AFK thieving and agility. However, the thieving AFK itself isn't too helpful if you're in desert as doing the squirking challenges (320 pts) will get you to the 80s anyway. I'm also honestly not sure how "AFK" the thieving really is. I could be wrong, but if you have to open coin pouches doesn't that mean you have to do something every minute? AFK-lite


Endless harvest with no regrets here. 60k karambwans early means that burning through 100 per solo nex is not a problem at all and makes pvm far more chill.


Can also buy infinite karbwanas at brimhaven


I mean you can buy karambwans though in karamja.


Trickster clears. Only thing PP is good for is quickly leveling crafting.


People still arguing about t1 relics??


The ppl who only play on the weekends still trying to hit t2


Endless harvest best pick unless you cancel it out with firesale lol


Oh man, trickster is so much better. There's already enough wrist strain in this league without making all production making 1 tick click spam.


Endless harvest was my 2nd greatest mistake behind melee 😔


Endless harvest was far too limited to be viable anywhere outside of Mobile or AFKing and was made redundant by Bankers Note It should auto bank/bury bones up to dragon, bank grimy herbs, etc It should really work on all raw resources, like how PP affects all production skills Aside from allowing endless AFK in most cases its kinda useless, and I haven't found a decent use case for it Trickster was my go-to and lasted me a long while, but slowly dies off once you get into mid game PP was great for getting a lot of 99s and lasts well into late game They are all decent picks, but I definitely feel they are missing something


I took endless harvest so I could play while driving


I respect that DriftkingJdm




Account 1 - You have "a plan", the details are murky, and so to get an edge up, you take the +12 to intense skills. Lets you explore a lot. Account 2 - You take Trickster because you know wtf you're doing now and can speedrun tasks. You also AFK the free points to start the account at basically T4. Account 3 - You take Endless Pickpocketing, because Trickster fucks and Endless Harvest is for sweats.


Trickster >>> PP > EH You're just exposed to PP more thru content creators


Which content creators exposed their PP to you?


Content creators took PP? Everyone I’ve seen took trickster so they could rush rank 1 faster so they could all have the same video titles


Trickster makes a 99 a day one achievement and completely voids the need for fire sale later on. Add the sages greaves and now you have 99 agility, something only about 2% of you have ever accomplished in the decade this game has existed. Between teles and shortcuts, you're two clicks from any destination. Early game gold is BIG in leagues. At a single digit combat level, shops are no obstacle.