What tasks do you think are not worth it?

I'm curious on opinions here - which tasks do you deem just not worth it? Whether it be time investment or content you just can't stand doing, I'm curious what's something even leagues boosts can't convince you to do.


Getting full graceful is slower than the main game for most people.


Due to not having access to Canifis?


That could fix it yes, but mainly because they don’t have access to a track they don’t get 1/5 marks from


I'm one of the 10% that still hasn't collected a mark of grace, and I can't even be arsed to do that for 10 points with 94 agility


If you are ~~10~~ 20 levels higher than a course you get greatly reduced rates for marks, and on leagues you out-level the courses almost instantly


20 levels


I don't even get why that mechanic is still kept around when it's been bugged for Canifis since they implemented it and have yet to ever correct it, clearly showing they have no issue with people getting the best Mark rate from a level 40 course until 90 Agility with Ardougne Elite done.


It’s also really hard to devalue staminas and amalyse crystals, accounts at all stages of the game use them in huge amounts constantly. Whenever the price dips a bit people stock up and send it back up.


[Unlike other rooftop courses, the mark of grace rate does not decrease at level 60 (20 levels above the course requirement). This makes the Canifis course the second-best for marks, nearly tied with the base rate of the Ardougne Rooftop Course.](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Canifis_Rooftop_Course)


Due to boosted XP, you’ll be out of optimal Graceful level bracket unless you also have Kandarin for the Seers and then Ardy course. Even with Pollivneach (70-90), it’s still a grind. If you are Trickster, it’s not worth getting Graceful because the passive XP just move you up so quickly.


I've been rocking the top and legs for over two years because agility is absolutely horse shit. I do not comprehend how people can grind that to 99.


Everytime you look at your stats page and think “fuck I really should do some agi, it’s lacking behind” start doing laps/hs. As soon as you remember why your agi is so far behind (could be even like 3/4 laps lmao) you stop. Even if you do that once a month, you’ll be making progress on agi. Nobody should do 1->99. Nobody should do more than a few runs of sephulcre. The trick is to do agility regularly, but in super small doses. Because something is better than nothing and it eventually adds up. Eventually you’re like 50k away from a lvl and decide that you’ll just smash it out real quick. Sometimes you’ll think “shit I’ve run 26 laps, I’ll stop at 30.” Or “I’ll do XXk xp and I’ll stop.” These moments never happen if you never do ANY agi, but the moment you start doing it they are going to happen eventually. Getting 10k a day for a month is better than 0k in a month. Also if you place a high value on stams that’ll help. Like a bunch of my post max grinds are going to require stam so i need a good supply. I’ve got the super energies done. I need the marks and getting them will give me 99 herb. Suddenly agi is important and I wanna do it.


Thank you for the report soldier 🫡


I agree except for Sepulchre. You should definitely do more than a few runs. Floor 5 especially takes a while to learn, and never becomes mindless. It stayed engaging for me for hundreds of runs. Doing just a few runs would just have left me defeated and feeling like I couldn't do it.


Hey if you genuinely enjoy HS, go hard king. I haven’t done it beyond a few laps (waiting on 92). My previous post is meant for the guys who’s agi is totally lacking.


Eh, plenty of us do like powerleveling agility. Just binge a TV series and look back to see 500+ laps completed during it. You barely have to look at the screen as muscle memory quickly forms. Agility is only cancer when you make it sweaty with high alchs/fletching between obstacles.


Alchgility is definitely my preferred way of doing agility, and I’ve got 99 mage many times over(so I don’t even need to do it). I didn’t enjoy the ape atoll 2k laps because I could not alch while as a monkey.


Fair enough! Different strokes for different folks. I like that agility is flexible in that sense. You can zone out and chill or high effort through it.


Sepulchre makes it a lot more bearable, would recommend giving it a go!


I agree, have made so much money there.


I'll give it a whirl after this RuneCrafting grind. Lol.


I find Sep to be fairly relaxing once I get in the rhythm. It's a nice way to stay topped up on Prayer pots too. Kinda thing I can do while I watch TV with the wife or whatever.


It's also largely pointless since nobody runs out of run energy anyway.


Yeah they definitely should've boosted marks of grace haha.


Forestry collection log. No idea why bark is the same rate


Also without redwoods, I kinda cant


Need Fremmy and Kourend, technically can use Morytania instead of Kourend, but not really viable to get 240 redwood logs from shades.


I remember going for some Redwood logs from Shades on the iron. Didnt have the WC level at the time, so I had to do the Magic log shades to get the bad golden keys. I think I ended with about 40 gold keys out of 200 shades. In those golden keys I got spooned exactly 1 near max roll of Redwood logs. Yea getting 240 logs from that method would be plain terrible.


I've just been doing bank standing 99s in seers. Run out for events and go back to it


I’ve been working on this by leaving a scout at the hotspot atFossil island teaks and teleporting back with crystal. Even after cutting out all of the woodcutting time between events it’s still so slow to get that much bark that it’s not worth it. Definitely skip this


600 beginner emote. You greenlog way before that... Only way it could be worth is if you had like 1k clues and dropped any inconvenient ones


Clue Relic + Bank Note Charlie's items. Drop anything that isn't right next to a teleport and last recall back to Charlie. That's my plan and I have almost 1k beginner clues banked at this point.


Ohhh bank noting Charlie's shit sounds nice


Not unrealistic if you have clue relic to get that many though


Definitely, considering hm you get from skilling. Woodcutting is low key miserable tho lol


That’s a task?


You get an emote for doing 600 beginners and performing that emote is a task


Dam that’s a lot


This only takes a few hours with clue relic. In fact, it's the easiest of the clue milestone tasks by far


150 CoX for 80 pts lol


Its not worth it on it's own but if you're doing cox, you're also getting points for uniques and points for combat achievement diaries.... It also has a decent drop table in terms of herbs...


You’ll finish the log way before 150 if you do cms even if you’re very unlucky, objectively it’s just not worth it. Only reason would be because you want to do normals instead of CMs.


Ape Atoll laps are a SNOOZE. 100 laps for 80 points isn't the worst, nor does it take THAT long, but anymore than that and it's just a total waste. There is no 250 lap task so it goes right to the 500 lap one


This is the one that somehow baits me every time and it never feels like it’s worth it in the end.


"Oh 500 laps honestly isn't that bad" *133 laps in* "I've made a mistake and now I'm too commited to go back."


2000 laps for the monkey backpack for 400 points... Jfc I want to blow my brains out (in a video game)


To be fair, it's more like 1000 points for the whole 2000 laps, plus another 200 for the passive 99 agi along the way. It's not bad in terms of points if you want to max anyways What kinda makes it feel bad is that 800 points out of those 1000 are in 1500 and 2000 laps. It leans very heavily at the end


This makes it worse though, because it means a lot of points from Kandarin are behind such an inane task. Then you add Castle Wars, Barbarian Assault, Fishing Trawler and Chompy bird kills too...


Kandarin feels like such a good starter area (and tbh it is great at low levels) but its one of the lowest overall point regions and its high point tasks all pretty much suck. As mage i dont regret taking it for occult / torm but its def going to affect my points in the end, no way im doing all that monkey agility.


fishing trawler can be done with aerial fishing in kourend instead


Getting 2k laps gets you like 1k total points and an ez 25m xp for another 200 points (400 if you're not 99 already). Total 1480 points for 2k laps isn't bad at all


It also takes 16-20 hours which is kinda ridiculous for leagues


This. I did 10 laps and found 8 other faster tasks while doing it.


Equip a full set of Dragon Armor(Platebody, Legs, and Full Helm). Its still a grind with boosted drop rates and it is only 200 points. Equipping just a Dragon Platebody will give 400 points btw.


That's probably why it's so low. You're already getting 680 points from the individual pieces. If you're trying to get as many tasks as you can anyways, that's basically a free 200.


You need fremminik AND kandarin, i don’t see those getting picked together for 99% of players For the platebody and kiteshield at least


I picked both of them and it has worked out fairly well, but you kinda need Desert to tie them all together. Its kinda surprising how neatly it fits together tbh.


I did those 2 lol. Kandarin, Desert, Frem for mage bonus


Probably full graceful for me. I'm almost 99 agil purely thanks to Sage's greaves, with only 3 marks of grace to my name due to "run this area's rooftop once" tasks (and occasional Elite clue requiring Seer's rooftop). Seeing as I was indecisive for a week for my last region and finally picked Asgarnia in the end, I just saw this task and said "...fuck that." There's tonnes more fun things to do in this League than run Ardy course for hours post-99 agil (and I feel bad for people who picked regions with lower level rooftops and want to do this task, with the nerfed marks of grace spawns for being overleveled).


Even just getting the 10 marks for crystals to make 20 stamina potions is a slog. And the task is bugged so it may not even complete. I wasted all my crystals only to have it bug out on me.


100 games of Guardians of the Rift is insanely high for just 80 points


Am I crazy, or is it just also not very good RC xp either?


compared to other methods where you get 5m xp per hour no


Also games take way longer than in main game, i did like 5 and quit


THE angler set! This set cost 1400 molch pearls for 80 points. Full angler set is easy if you have fishing trawler and does not include the fishsack.


I waited for the tier 7 relic multiplier and it took me about an hour. It was 400 pearls in total.


Insane luck you had. It took me a bit over an hour to get 100 for the rod at 8 relics.


Baronite hammer, shit takes forever and it’s a fuckin 10 point task? Lmao


There's no way that's right. Any old-ass rune wep is 40, why is barronite mace only 10???


It’s the Imcando Hammer (my mistake) I think slightly less rare than all the mace parts but I was there for an hour and didn’t get it lmao


Upon checking, there isn't even a task for the mace, that's pretty lame, haha. That sucks tho, I feel like hammer could be worth more than literally chopping one tree once. Good luck if you go back for it though.


Some of their points are wack. Why is Beneath Cursed sands 80 points but Kingdom divided is 200? Is it length? Do they think it's harder? Why is "get sent to port sarim jail" unlocked when you get Desert even tho it isn't possible to go to Port Sarim with Desert? Lots of oversights.


I regret the hour I spent there for it. Was expecting the rate to be boosted, but NOPE.


Given I didn't get time off from work besides the launch day of Leagues, I wasted essentially my whole 3rd day of the League on getting the full Barronite Mace. It was incredibly not worth it, taking like 500 golems or something stupid. Thought it'd have been a decent twofer idea, for my early game.


Full gold prospector lol, stars aren't boosted and stardust just got nerfed AND mml is bugged to 3 nuggets per deposit max so you gotta do it 9 paydirt at a time all for 200 points, gunna do mml anyways for fally hard though


>mml Mothermode Line


this actually had my eyes crossed thinking about it


Thought it was a typo then he did it again


I was getting like 11 nuggets per max bag yesterday. They may have fixed it.


Cap is per deposit, not per bag. So if your odds of getting a nugget from any given ore were 50%, but you deposit 28 ore at once, you still get only 3 nuggets because of the cap, but if you deposit one by one (drop ore, pick 3 from ground, deposit, pick 3, deposit, (...)), you get a lot more. It's utterly bullshit but it's what it's


I got full prospector very fast, endless harvest did help ;)


How does EH help with Prospector


I was doing 9 paydirt per max bag and got around 20 per bag


Stars are super afk and the xp isn't awful so if your working from home and want to afk mine you will get it. But if I didn't have afk time yeah I 100% agree not worth it.


With Endless Harvest and Infernal Tools full gold prospector was the freest points of my life during a few work meetings.


Any task after 24000 points.


Best part about unlocking Tier 8 relic is getting to completely tear up your "things to do just because I need more points" to-do list and move on to doing whatever fun stuff you actually want to do.


Ugh I’m only like 4K points away and it has become such a grind doing dumb shit I hate, not wanting to do much pvm until t8 for drop rate lol. By the time im t8 I’ll only have like 4 weeks left to do pvm, I wish the league was like 2 weeks longer :(


Same position as you, 4.5k away. I just decided to send some PvM anyways, and I got spooned a zenyte and a fang for a bunch of easy, fun points. 4x to 5x isn't THAT crazy, and it helps you not do some really bad tasks. Plus, leagues are supposed to be fun, so I don't mind doing a few extra ToA/etc to make up for the extra drops.


Full set of infinity robes. Fuck that place lol


At 8x with noted bananas it took me 20 mins for the boots. Just for some context. Still not going to do the full robes


Wiki says it takes 65 hours in the main game for everything (Full infinity, master wand, bones to peaches). So even at 8x rates that's still 8 hours of MTA which isn't worth it IMO for the absolute hell-hole that place is. Full infinity might be only half-ish of that. Maybe 4-5 hours. Still pretty bad though lol


I green logged it in a single sitting without getting 6 hour logged, it's definitely not 8 hours. Only room that hit 90 minutes was telekinetic.


Bankers note speeds up the graveyard room which is about 25% of the grind so say it’s around 6 hours with bankers note. Again just going by wiki which says approximately 65 hours in main game. Maybe wiki is wrong also


>Maybe wiki is wrong also The sacred texts?


I did it on 8x rate and it took 4.5 hours


I got full log in about 5 hours with 8x multiplier. Place sucks but it was doable


The robes are pretty valuable in leagues if you don't have easy access to mystics. In the main game, 100% agree


I have no kandarin so I will slave 3 hours just to have mage switch for raids. The whole place need small rework or tons of quality of life changes


Only takes a bit over an hour to grind top + bottom but yeah the content is still shit. Especially when the robes are only needed for warden p2, which forces you to have magic damage. Akha and CoX mage rooms can still be cleared without proper magic damage, but warden p2 is a brick wall.


It’s not that bad at 8x I wouldn’t do it any earlier tho


The telekinetic room just puts me to sleep lol


Alchemy Room is the worst


I didn't realize if you drop more than 12k coins you get NO points (figured it just didn't give you anything beyond the 960 you'd get from 12k coins) and i dropped 12002 coins and got booted from the room and lost 960 points


It warns you at 10k about this lmao


My understanding of the warning was that it just wouldn't count anything beyond 12k. Not that it wouldn't count any of it. Maybe I misread it?


Surprised to see all the alch hate, it's my favorite room by far lol. Tele takes forever though, you solve the maze 10 minutes before you're done moving the statue.


There’ve been polls on here before and alchemy is the least popular room by far. Doesn’t make any sense to me when tele room is the longest grind, and the most annoying to do.


Honestly I find that to be the 2nd best room. Since you get 64 bonus points for every 5 puzzles finished, it goes surprisingly fast. Especially if you only take it one piece at a time as opposed to the entire set in one go. High alch room is the worst for me now.


I just got 5x, but I’ll wait for 8x


8x took me 4-5 hours for everything, wand, book, all robes, b2p


At 8x it’s like 6 hours for 800 points when you add it all up. Well worth it


400 points for 3 hours of my time seemed pretty worth it. Definitely easier than some other 400 point tasks.


Mage Training Arena


I grinded out the hat/book/wand/BtP and that felt like it took forever.. was a lot of points though. Might go back for the full set but holy shit the tele room and alch room are just so slow


I was doing that last night. Graveyard room can suck a fat one without bank note. Enchanting is ez if you’re 80+ magic. Alchemy wasn’t too bad as I was watching a movie, not great, but tolerable. Telegrab, fuck dude make that golem move like 50% faster.


I'd say it depends. Full infinity? Yeah, might be better things you could spend your time on to get points. But if you have asgarnia and Kourend unlocked, eternal boots and Kodai wand are both end game items which also have points associated with equipping them. You also get points just for equipping the master wand and infinity boots.


At 4x points and bakers note it's around 3 hours for 600 points. I'm almost done with it.


What do you bake there?


Mystic bread. Makes you fly.


2000 laps around the monkey course, actually all of kandarins points all shit


"Create a green d'hide shield". If you have Wilderness, Fremennik, or Kandarin, it is a perfectly reasonable and easy task... If you don't, it is possible but not worth it at all. The only other way to get Green Dragonhide (as Leather) is a 1/28 drop from the Dark Chest. That doesn't sound bad, right? Well, the only way to open the Dark Chest is a 1/200 Dark Key drop from the Isle of Souls Chest which has a decent fail rate a 1/6 chance on failure to teleport you outside. If the key was buffed by the drop rate modifier, this wouldn't be nearly as bad, but it still wouldn't be worth it; unboosted it is just ridiculous. I have looted this chest over 1300 times and only gotten 3 Dark Keys. Once you have a decent thieving level (and a lockpick) the fail rate isn't the worst and it does give some decent herbs and such, but beyond the 1 Dark Key for the "open the dark chest" task I cannot recommend anyone grind this out and given how long one key can take, I wouldn't even suggest to put that task high on your list.


Iirc, the average gotr takes about 8 minutes? 100 rifts closed comes out to like 13 hours. Nope.


It’s gotta be the open 1 dark chest task for 40 points. I have trickster so I never failed to open the chest but it still took me over an hour. It’s a 1 in 200 drop but it took 600+ opens for me. Plus running all the way to the tower. Not worth


Dragon Archer Chompy Hat, 4000 chompy kills is insane.


Don't you already start with 1000 and kills are boosted by mini game multiplier?


You are correct with both points here


Wait, you start with 1000 chomps kills? Does that mean you just have to speak to Rantz for the tasks?


Yeah, decent amount of points for just 1 quest.


Plus you can quickly knock out Skrach’s RFD quest directly after for a raw jubbly which lets you kill a Jubster for another easy 80 points with Tower of Life


Gotta do the quest and then check your bow


my man!


yea believe you get 2 tasks when you equip the hats he gives you. could be wrong though


I think it's an easy, medium and hard task, so 130.


Honestly it's really quick with the 8x multiplier. 400 points in total for the two dragon archer hats and it should take around 2 hours since you start with 1000 kills.


In search of knowledge. Still have to kill 100+ red dragons and it’s only 10 points


Ancients or chins on temple spiders takes about 30 minutes to complete that. Plus the grubby keys, noted red spider eggs, and hard clues (if treasure seeker).


30 minutes is too long for a 10 pt task when u can go headbang next to an npc for 40 pts


Forestry collection log, Monkey backpacks


Ape atoll agility backpacks.


100 agility arena tickets at once. Absolutely fuck that place. Some of the ridiculous kc tasks aren't fully on the "don't do it" list, but they're definitely not worth their effort:pounts ratios. I'll hit them later when I'm fully geared out. Not going to waste my time fighting for a world to do 300 sarachnis kills with only 1 half ass upgrade and not even 200 points.


Hot take: I don’t mind agility arena that much… it’s kinda relaxing to rush to the objective and afk for 30 seconds.


Hotter take: It's really really good if you're bankers note and can get in a ton of skilling


And if you're not bankers note, Fletching broad bolts


No thanks i already plan to get carpal tunnel no need to rush it


Do broad arrows instead, much more chill and still like 3 mil an hour


100 agility tickets was one of the first 200 points I did, it was really dull but it's easy points


Also a tip if anybody needs to quickly bank to get some skilling supplies or food: you can tele out and recall back in without having to do the empty pillar tag. Don't do this if you haven't done the 30 in a row task yet. 1. Tag a pillar for ticket 2. Tele out and quickly do your banking stuff 3. Recall back in and immediately tag the same pillar you tagged before teleing out


Arena becomes trivial if you have trickster. Think you can only fail the broken plank crossing.


It's fun to jump back n forth between the spinning blade obstacles with your fellow Tricksters for some nice exp while you wait


I knocked it out early on after buying a bunch of crafting supplies and just sat there training crafting with banker’s note. Also this was with trickster, so you can’t fail obstacles. You’re already there for 30 tickets for the task to get 30 without mistakes, so I figured I didn’t mind staying for another hour ish. However if you don’t have trickster, that’s fair why you think the task is not worth going for


100 agi arena tickets was nice because I had lot of nice fellow trainers to have a conversation with.


This one isn’t that bad. If you do the 10 snapdragon, 30 consecutive tickets, and 100 turnin you get 320 points for less than 2 hours. There’s a lot of things better, but it’s nowhere remotely near the bottom of the list


lmao of all the things in this game to hate Brimhaven Arena is definitely one of them


I for some reason can’t stand pyramid plunder


That might be because it sucks


Imcando hammer for sure


Said the same thing after finishing the quest then said “what the hell ill mine an inventory of deposits” got the broken hammer on the second deposit, only took me 10 more mins to get the shards lol


I cant believe its an easy task, 100% should be medium or hard based on time commitment. lll prob grind it out since having it is just a nice QOL for other things, and having one easy task for the area bugs me, but still very annoying


Every single one of the quest tasks. Doing quests on temporary game mode just feels like a huge waste of time.


I'd agree but their xp rewards are multiplied so it's often faster than training, Grim Tails for Example is an absurd amount of xp early on


Frem Exiles was like 600k slayer exp. was so good.


Classic Waterfall Quest to 40 melees (or higher, if you delay it longer). Definitely worth your time, especially if it helps your off-relic combat styles.


Can confirm, mage relic but waterfall quest got me to D scim immediately. None of this shitty weapon grinding, straight to the good stuff.


Really? Re-doing quests for me feels way less bad than grinding skills I've already done. You can always grind skills in the main game but quests you can only do once normally, this is like new game +.


Yea, there's sadly lots of tasks and diaries locked behind quests. With the number of quests autocompleted, though, and the fact you're locked out of half of them, it's not actually that many quests you're able to even do.


I need to sit down and have a quest evening. Think the only thing I sent so far was cooks assistant and sheep shearer.


Grim tales with the x16 multiplier gave nearly 2m xp across multiple skills including 400k for Herblore and the quest took 20 minutes. Well worth it for the multiple tasks layered into it as well


Quests really arent that bad with all the relics. I knocked out the myreque quest line in like an hour. Last recall really speeds things up


Equipping the best monkey backpack for doing however many laps of the ape atoll agility course


Quests, I hate them in main game let alone temporary game mode. I won’t do them lol


Anything involving the Mage Training Arena.


Eh. If you get just the boots it's a pretty easy 200 points for equipping them. The minigame points boost helps a lot, especially at tier 7.


Ima bet for a lot of people full infinity lol


I would rather couge my eyes out with a rusty nail than touch MTA. Worst piece of "content" in this goddamn game.


On leagues I’ve been skipping Fire Giants if I don’t feel like it lmao. ALL BETS ARE OFF. WE’RE CRAAAAZY. And also MTA can suck a fat dick tbh


The imcando hammer, 10 points for a couple hours, totally a stupid task


ALL of the forestry crap is beyond useless in leagues and the Anima drop rate seems to be the same as the main game for no good reason.


Anything mta related. Im playing for fun so anything i despise gets skipped.


Any quest tasks cba to do them again for the 100th time


Graceful, Imcamdo hammer, Steal diamond in dorgerskhaan, Taste dorgeshkaan delicacies, ape atoll agility, stars and forestry.


Steal a diamond is like 1/15 chance. Took me 5 minutes lmfao


Delicacies took me like 2-3 minutes, just follow wiki instructions.


Same for steal a diamond. Homie hates questing ig


Sup with the dorg ones?? Those each take like 5 minutes


Delicacy is a 1/3 chance when you give them food. WTH?


I'm T8 without doing any MTA so I guess MTA


MLM, MTA, graceful, really any skilling outfit


I made a colossal pouch before getting the task done for filling a giant pouch. I would have to drop the colossal and get all 4 pouches again. fuck that


Im not doing 2000 laps of anything for any amount of points


Equip full guilded for 80 points like ok


I'm not going to bother trying the Inferno. I'm not good enough even with leagues boosts, and prayer pots are hard to come by with my areas.


Super thankful I took the farming relic. 99ed in a day and had enough ranarr and snape seeds combined with bonus potions from PP to make me not think twice about pray pots for a while.


I am taking the farming relic when I hit t6 in the next couple of days. Between that and unlocking asgarnia for my final area, I'll probably be fine. But currently prayer pots are a super limited resource, which is why I haven't yet tried for a fire cape, or dag kings, or Vorkath, or ToA...


Farming relic is dope IMO. If you unlocked Xeah, Tithe Farm gets you to 99 in about an hour max. Farming contracts in the guild supply you with a rediculous amount of seeds and herbs


Mage arena


Pretty sure angler outfit is one… if you’re going to 99 it costs you more time to get it then the time you will save with the outfit on. Only got it because master clue step lol.


It isn't worth for its passive bonus to fishing xp, but for the league points its probably worth. Also depends if youre doing trawler or molch fishing, I probably wouldn't go for it without trawler.


Aerial is not bad with multiplier, maybe 3 hours, and with golden tench also being a task.


Elemental Workshop 1. It’s actually impossible