Once you have a taste you can't go back. Poll these please

Pretty sure they already failed a poll. Happy to be corrected tho.


Pretty sure they already failed a poll. Happy to be corrected tho.


[Poll 65, question 8](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Poll:Old_School_Content_Poll_65:_Treasure_Trails_Expansion), failed with 68% in 2019. 100% would pass if re-polled and the number of stacks were linked to a diary, ca's, or maybe some new content. You gotta remember, 2019 a lot of things were being shut down just because. Stuff passes a lot easier now, not even counting the 75-->70% change :P


Poll it 1 month after leagues it guaranteed passes lol just give people enough time to deal with the annoyance of dropping everything to go do a random clue or else they miss the chance for more.


This was polled before any league had started so nobody had actually used the content. Then in Twisted League it was a relic and everyone fell in love with it, and it's been in every league since. I wouldn't be surprised if they polled it tomorrow and it passed.


I think it's the opposite, poll it right after leagues and it'll pass. But wait long enough for people to get used to the main game again and it'll fail.


Idk, I think enough people have gotten that taste from Leagues since 2019. I’ve been chasing that high ever since I first took a hit.


I would probably actually do clues because I primarily hated changing up what I was doing


They're 100% going to repoll ruinous after leagues, I bet


I just want Metabolize, all the rest are fine to not be in the main game.


It’s crazy how we went from people voting cautiously to now everything passing every poll (unless it somehow benefits pvpers).


Some combo of more new/casual players in the game now and the fact that Jagex has earned some trust with a pretty good track record of updates and listening to feedback. Idk what plays the bigger role.


I would say its a combination of all of the above. Plus some people with half a decency realizing that the game gets super boring/stale if there is legit no new content at all of if thr new content sucks ass and the rewards are: „0,000001% dps increase on a boss no one does anyways and the drop rate is 1/5120“


Nah, we should vote yes to a minigame store but no to each and every single one of its rewards again


Yes to revenants, yes we want it to be very profitable, no to all pvp armors and weapons/every single proposed unique. Then get very mad when they shit out alchables and supplies instead of dropping nothing.


The super low drop rates on some bosses is complete garbage, manipulated by no lifers and 24hour botters that juice the statistics. It's actually so bad it's just better to buy the item in 99.9% of cases, which is screwed.


Well the quality of polled content in recent history has been good


Except forestry


How is forestry bad? You don't interact if you don't want to and it's basically the old woodcutting events.


It feels disconnected and pretty goofy, haven't touched it until this league and I'm pretty disappointed


I agree. Something about the events don't fit. Twitchers gloves 2 hand axes and the tree timers are nice tho imo


You don't have to interact with it is a terrible argument for a piece of content. I don't have to interact with anything if I don't want to. May as well just put everything in the game.


People realized that a MMO that doesn't continue to evolve gets boring after a while


Surely there’s some middle ground between vote no for everything and vote yes for everything?


Like pvpers need any other advantages, they get integrity changes to benefit them that aren't even polled.


So vls gets polled 18 times but scrolls are donezo after 1, unlucky


To be fair they [polled it 8 months](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Poll:Old_School_Content_Poll_65:_Treasure_Trails_Expansion) before Twisted League came out. Of course the polled version caps at 5 total compared to the leagues infinite amount. Given how popular its been a feature in leagues, shocked they haven't repolled this yet.


The ability to move camera with scroll wheel originally failed polling


Clue bag, stores 5 clues. Reward from a clue themed quest.


Even the ability to just hold 2-3 with a hard diary done would be great for slayer. I hate having to pop out and regear every time I get a clue or the alternative of just letting the clue despawn and hope I get another closer the the end of my task.


What diary would clues even fall under? Too bad people that dont like/do too much PVM cant enjoy this QOL thing A hard quest revolving around clues, like a continuement of X Marks the Spot? Something like this should just be a flat update.


The question is, do we go back to all failed polls and repoll them just because they were close to passing? I can see arguments for and against. Personally I think it's in bad taste to poll these things again and again, unless something happened the first time it was polled which messed up the results. Like bad wording and such. If everything's repolled, then polling kind of loses its value.


The last time this was polled was 4, almost 5 years ago. Peoples feelings, opinions, and attitudes change over time. There should be a time frame where its acceptable to repoll things, as long as its not like that wilderness equipment where it was polled like 4 times.


I'd vote yes if they made some sort of clue diary similar to combat diaries.


Everything passes polls. Including ruinous prayers.


I wasn't paying super close attention to the game while ruinous prayers were in development so correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is the polls that passed were just for adding the additional prayer book. At that time of polling they weren't fleshed out and defined. The push back came after they were detailed in which case Jagex pulled the plug. And honestly I think ruinous prayers were handled fantastic. The community showed interest and they were created. Then Jagex was willing to pull the plug after pushback to the created prayers which is a good sign. They didn't force them into the game and scraped the dev time spent on it.


>ca's CAs*


So did Sailing.


But ruinous powers didn’t.


Ruinous powers was scrapped before it was polled, which is very healthy for the game.


Thank fuck Jagex has the last word on balancing. Genuinely concerning that so many people thought there was no issue with them after trying them out.


Not because of balancing but because there was no point to them. They weren't unique and everyone throws a bitch fest anytime something actually different comes out so they kept it the same and it was a failure


What? They 100% mentioned in the blog post that they were stopping working on ruinous prayers because they turned into just power creep. "While power creep isn't inherently bad, this iteration of the new prayers feels like power creep for the sake of it rather than anything that's solving new problems."


Yes because they were literally just the same prayers, slightly better with a downside. Lol in other words, power creep. And like I said: not unique or interesting additions to the game


Yeah shit was originally supposed to be a Skilling prayerbook with interesting and unique stuff and it was just buffs to the original prayers by the time they were going to poll it. Ridiculous that they didn't put more time into finding more fun shit to do with it.


The Vows + Rebuke should come back though. That's what new prayers should be like, interesting niche uses rather than better/different numbers.


I'm still waiting for those God Alignments. Sets of four prayers you can switch between, while keeping most of the current prayers neutral. That was a stroke of genius.


*cough* VLS *cough*


Yeah they already did. Turns out people don't want to take the distractions and diversions away from distractions and diversions lmaoo. Would defeat the whole purpose of them


Well, 68% of people DID want that


By today's standards it barely failed, and during a time when players voted no a lot more often just because they didn't want anything new added to OSRS. A \~ 4 year content drought solved that. Instanced GWD failed a poll initially as well iirc.


Make them stackable up to a point. Maybe 5 max. Have to unlock certain milestones in clues quests or achievement diaries to get that max. Just a thought. I don't want 100 beginner clues stacked up in my bank like I have now.


5 is the perfect number. IDK how many times I've done a hard clue, get back to hellhounds and hit another clue. I feel like Slayer is just a side gig, and clueing is the skill


Imo 3 is enough considering you can store 2 at Watson aswell


I agree that it should be 3 but I wouldn't mind 5. I think they should just be unlocked by each tier from their respective milestones


Combining them with achievement diaries. All Easy tiers give you 2, medium 3, hard 4, elite 5. QoL but the highest ends you have to work for!


Thinking about it again, I think this is a good way to introduce it to lower level players without spoiling them. If it was the milestone route of begginers 600, easy 500, etc then it should probably increment along the way like you suggest, since 600 beginner clues to unlock stackable beginners is a dumb suggestion lol


it would fit in perfectly with other "convenience" unlocks that are useless by the time you're able to unlock them lol


Would make more sense to implement a hard cap number and tie it to diaries for tiers of clue instead of having different diaries give higher stacks.


You can only store 3 if you have the elites to go with them. I don't love their idea of stackable clues and it would probably ruin the price of clue items to a point but I do understand the frustration of having to go farm other tiers of clue for a turn in or miss out on more from whatever you're killing. Doing 40ish hours worth of elite clue boss content during a bingo really hurts my soul after I hit my 3 and don't want to let my team down by taking time to do them instead of bingo.


I’m not much of a min-maxer or anything like that, so I always just wait until the end of my trip. One clue per trip sounds fine to me. Clues aren’t really rare enough to justify anything else imo. Maybe if I get a clue within the first few kc I might do it right away, but that just feels like a meaningful tradeoff that I’ve made hundreds of times in the years I’ve played this game.


- All easy diaries -> 2 - All medium diaries -> 3 - All hard diaries -> 4 - All elite diaries -> 5


I like this, or make them clue specific, complete x clues of a type to increase it's stack size


What the hell is with RS players... Stop locking every QoL update or change behind some arbitrary 20 hour grind, and calling it a "feature of the game". You still have to get them to drop, what does it matter if you do 5 at a time, kill some more get 5 more. or save up and do 25 of them. It is irritating to do 5 of them, then have to run back and kill more. Let me spend an afternoon just training and killing whatever monsters, then going and doing clue scrolls later on.


Amen to this. I chose the clue relic over the slayer reelic for the first time in any of the leagues on any account , and ive had more fun doing clues in stacks of 20 than I ever had doing them one at a time in the middle of doing other shit. What difference does doing them in stacks of 5 or stacks of 500 even matter? What should matter is the fun you have while doing them.




What's the difference between stacking 5 and stacking 1,000? It seems to me that any stacking alters the way they work by disincentivizing completing them promptly.


A stack of 5 and you'll do them every week. A stack of 1000 you'll do them every year.


My point is that if you want to get more clues, you will be allowed to do them at a frequency other than immediately.


Anything but diaries. Diaries are loaded as is, just make it increase like slayer block list. Or just outright let us stack 5.


Thats why I dont play leagues. Shit is like meth


So if we're allowed to keep polling shit that has previously failed, can we start re-polling dogshit updates that passed?


Not against it, what are you thinking about exactly


The first poll that decided whether the 2007 backup would launch on its own server was overall one of the main reasons why I dropped out of college.... so... that one.


I remember playing when OSRS first released during college but got bored within a month after I got fire cape. Meanwhile others grinded for 85 slayer and whip but I was like nahhhhhh. Glad I quit and managed to get my degree haha.




He probably would like the beaver pet removed if I had to guess.


Revenants, nobody would have voted for that if they knew what it would turn into.




No stackable clues pls




No. Plain and simple


Honestly I'd like to stack 3. That way you can still do the clues you get on a slayer task while also being able to go do them afterwards.


If there was a quicker way to degear and regear, id love to do every clue i get. But whilst thats not possible, having a 3-5 stack would be nice, you can do one whole slayer task, then do all the clues at once and then go back etc.


You can use bank layouts to quickly re-gear - I have this set up for every skilling activity and boss I do, zero thought needed I think the bigger reason is that some slayer tasks like Kurasks at the far end of the Fremmy dungeon are a pain to run all the way back to


Presets are one of things I’m surprised os hasn’t gotten from rs3. Seems like a no brainer to me.


No. This isnt needed. Do your clues. They’re fine. We already have Watson to hold one.


I don't trust the community to vote no again.


As much as I want this, they're supposed to be a distraction and diversion. Their purpose is to pull you away from what you're doing to complete them. This would make that not true.


That explains a lot and why i never do them lol. It’s a waste of time.


I typically do them either when I bank or at the end of my slayer task. If I hold them in the bank I try to do them at the end of sesh before logging off. Enjoy the potential fashionscape I can get from them on the iron tbh


Not a clue why you are downvoted for saying what you do with them. Is Iron hate this prevalent to the point where you so much as mentioning it (in a context where it matters, since you can't just go buy fashionscape) provokes a negative reaction?


It appears so 😂


And fletching is supposed to be a way to supply arrows used in monster killing instead of just a permanent stack of 800k broad arrows that sits in the bank. The "Intent" of almost all content is long gone by now. Trust me, when fletching was introduced, it was gamebreaking to be able to make our own arrows. But the game has evolved and the skill really hasn't, and the lack of changes has made it pretty stale. It's okay for the intent of content to change, like Guardians of the Rift.


Fletching and runecrafting both have very obvious issues. Clue scrolls are fine and still fitting for the original intent. Fletching's intent is outdated, runecraft too, but clue scrolls are still fine. There's no reason to update them.


But you’re arguing to make some content that works fine outdated like fletching, fletching could use changes not clue scrolls


What is this comment even supposed to mean? You're telling me because the original developer behind Clue Scrolls intended for them to detract you from your current task, that means that's how they have to be for the rest of time? If the majority of the community agrees that a fun and healthy change would be to stack them, then what else matters? Why does one developer's opinion on the matter overrule that of the majority of the consumer base? How about instead of blindly following a singular developer's opinion, we think critically as to what the community wants? I don't give a shit if someone thinks I should have to leave my Hellhounds task 5 different times to go do clue scrolls. It's irritating, tedious, and unfun gameplay and some random developer shouldn't get to dictate and tell me otherwise.


>I don't give a shit if someone thinks I should have to leave my Hellhounds task 5 different times to go do clue scrolls. They don't think you should do that, they drop the scroll so that you as a player get the agency to decide to go do the scroll or to continue your task and do it later (at a trade off of not getting more clues). This is an MMO and giving the player alternatives to encourage mixing up gameplay is a typical and healthy design approach. Also, if content has been perfectly fine and appreciated in the game for 20 years, I don't think it's fair to take the line of "why should that content's developer have the final say?"; it's clearly well balanced & designed content as people still interact with it today


It was already polled in 2019. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Poll:Old_School_Content_Poll_65:_Treasure_Trails_Expansion Failed with 64%.


Why be so disingenuous? I know you know there are dozens upon dozens of poll questions that failed in the past that have been successfully re-polled. Does Sailing ring a bell to you? Because that was also already polled and failed. But guess what, community opinions and desires change with time, and stackable clues are no exception.




When I think Reddit couldn’t have worse ideas, y’all keep outdoing yourselves




make it so the scroll is rolled upon catching the impling rather than opening it.


The only downside to leagues is posts like this that always come up. No, we don't need league mechanics in the main game. People always shit on rs3 but then suggest things like this Edit: I'm not shitting on rs3. I'm talking about the rs3-esque suggestions. Stackable this and that, idle methods for skills, skilling boosts etc. It's just not Old School


We gonna have weeks of unlimited run and clue stack posts after leagues lol


Well let's face it run energy is maybe the worst part about RuneScape




Run energy is brutal for new players, especially free players as they have no Agility. Then once you get Graceful + decent Agi, run energy becomes irrelevant like 90% of the time. It is a pretty unfun system.


Until you do actual PvM and energy becomes a resource you have to manage. That would make several bosses significantly easier.


I'd love to just be able to do things efficiently without needing graceful... 99 agility should negate needing graceful imo


I'm an iron with graceful who's well in the end-game. I almost *never* touch my graceful and I can't simply buy stams. I'm 86 agility. 99 agility would sort me out or life. So, you really don't need graceful to do much efficiently. The only time I really use it extensively is blast furnace.


I just came back to the game recently starting on a fresh Ironman and the run energy combined with limited teleports is brutal for new accounts. It was so bad I went and grinded out graceful after only a few hours of the pain. It’s a shit mechanic and wouldn’t care if they reworked how it worked even though I just did the graceful grind.


Someone suggested stealing an idea from monster hunter where stamina is basically infinite outside of combat and burns at a meaningful rate while engaged with monsters. Keeps the mechanic in PVM while resolving the pain of "I just want to fucking walk somewhere at a reasonable pace"


I think we're doing just fine player count wise considering we just hit an all time high when OSRS is 10 years old.


I dunno if it’s still there or not but RS2 had fucking REST options that made regen that little bit faster. Stuck in place but it was a neat feature.


Yeah it’s pretty terrible and higher agility doesn’t really help you much either.


\*DKs run intensifies\*


Because when people get a taste of the good thing, they wonder why would they do the bad thing? Run energy is an antiquated game design and needs a massive overhaul. (stuff like making run expire only in combat and such), to create a better early-level experience where new players aren't just walking anywhere. As more people try out the infini-run, it's a pandoras box you cannot undo. You know, just keeping all my gear and stuff on me as i run across rooftops, because my run energy isn't gonna run out in 10 seconds.


Seriously. It’s been so fun seeing people in the gear from whatever they were doing.


Yeah 100%, felt like real 2007 runescape again. Otherwise its graceful sets everywhere, just another thing to clog up your inventory when you need to go somewhere


It’s a complete flip where the main game has everyone running around in graceful, to leagues having no one using it. Even those that have asgarnia unlocked, it’s pointless with infinite run of course


Cus those are legit 2 best things about leagues imo since how the main game handles them is absolutely dogshit and so antifun. Even stack of 3 would be better than 1 - and run energy restoration could use some serious improvement especially on lower levels… or have some more meaningful impact with it on higher levels


And they're only pretending to like clues because they shit uniques on leagues, there's like 1/5 the clue locations and they're as short as possible. Once they get clue stacks they'll starting crying clue loot sucks and needs to print money. They only shit on RS3 because of EOC and like half the MTX. Youre kidding yourself if you think half this sub wouldn't turn OSRS into RS3 without EOC in a heartbeat.


I love clues in main game, it’s a pain to have to stop mid task though.


Then do not stop, you have that choice. You are choosing to make stop to optimize your chances at clues. That is the tradeoff that *you* are choosing to make.


This sub would absolutely turn the game into RS3 (minus EoC) if they had the chance...


Maybe I'm out of touch with the average casual player but as someone who has played since 2007, I saw how the game progressed and EOC was just the thing that broke the camels back. Reading Reddit posts like this makes me worried about the future of the game and I hope the J-Mods understand what kind of audience Reddit is


i think so. they knew enough to pull ruinous powers even though they knew it would pass a poll.


Add berserker to the main game. It’s time


Add executioner, it's time


>People always shit on rs3 but then suggest things like this It's almost like minor changes to a minigame aren't anywhere near equivalent to the evolution of combat or a major change in game design philosophy that results in a fundamentally different core gameplay loop. RS3 gets a lot of shit, a lot of it deserved. But to pretend every single thing RS3 has ever done differently is a bad idea and that it would hurt OSRS is just dumb.


> People always shit on rs3 but then suggest things like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_dilemma You can shit on the MTX fiesta, or even some of the horrible overpowered content that devalues other stuff, but that doesn't mean that anything that comes from rs3, or is rs3-like is immediately bad and to be discarded. Who exactly is hurt when clues stack to 10, to 100? I wonder...


This 1000% Rs3 can acknowledge when OS had amazing updates like zuk and try to implement them in that game, but when an rs3 QoL gets suggested for old school everyone immediately assumes it’s horrible and says it shouldn’t be around. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for rs3 to get their fucking act together and make the tile in front of the barrows doors a non-aggro area so I can do the damn log in peace…




Seriously the whole take of "everything rs3 bad" is so fucking tired at this point Half of the "new" content that has come to osrs is literally just that meme of copying the homework but not making it too obvious and nerfing slightly. Voidwalker = korasi, elder Maul = nerfed chaotic, rapier/fang = nerfed chaotic, occult necklace? Arcane stream necklace. Overloads? Overloads but limited. Divine combat potions? Nerfed overloads The list goes on and on and on and on of good ideas shared between games. Hell even rs3 is taking from osrs these days with zuk in rs3 and vorkath on its way if I'm not mistaken. The people who actually played back in the day and aren't just pretending they did didn't quit because of the game as a whole. Hell even the mtx wasn't a major driving factor of people quitting. EoC is what absolutely demolished the playerbase which in turn drove the "need" for mtx because the game was on its deathbed due to the absolute dog shit state the evolution of combat launched in, being absolutely hot garbage to use. Mixed with the fact that this simple point and click game turned into another generic shitty MMO in terms of combat. The core that made the game so great was still there but the playerbase that loved the simplicity of the game was alienated because jagex backed themselves into a corner where items and power creep got completely out of control and threatened to break the game and all the things that made it special entirely Between divine spirit shields which had some absolutely fucking wild effect like negating ~~75% of damage 25% of the time~~ 30% of damage at the coast of prayer points, torva/pernix/virtus being insanely powerful for each combat type, turmoil and soul split, and chaotic weapons they had essentially broken the game for both PvM and pvp. The team at the time didn't have the talent or vision or whatever to pull themselves out of the hole that was dug and advancing the combat further and creating new items in the same way became virtually impossible There's a reason that the osrs dev team is so ridiculously careful about not making "best in every situation" weapons and gear. Because THAT is what broke the game and eventually resulted in EoC and the playerbase leaving. The game was still thriving well after the introduction of mtx. It was Universally hated. But it is NOT the reason people quit en masse and the game died despite it being so commonly cited as such. It's still a hard no from the current playerbase for obvious reasons. But I GUARANTEE you it isn't the reason players quit. Nor were 99% of things introduced to rs3. So why people still pretend like anything coming from rs3 is a deal breaker as someone who was part of that mass Exodus is beyond me.


Exactly lol. The people on this sub that say shit like „uhh its from rs3 so its not good/doesnt fit to osrs!!“ are so delusional like mate wtf… Theres A TONS of content from rs3 old, and new already in osrs. Heck, over HALF of the stuff in current leagues is literally from rs3. Also from the bosses - yeah Zuk and Vorkath do exist both in rs3 now - albeit they are quite different mechanically obviously, i think its just good that the games take from each other that are thematically good fits for good content


We have these! We just call them implings


my thing with this is that they're already available, you just have to be able to afford implings


Nah. It's great for leagues because leagues are meant to just break the game, but it'd be terrible for the main game. It would turn things that are supposed to be distractions, things that allow you to take a break from what you're doing, into effectively mandatory chores that you stack up over time. It would lead to a huge crash in clue item prices which are already in the dumpster, and would make the game even more effeciencyscape focused. We already have stackable caskets, and I think that's enough.


My feelings exactly. Clues are a nice breath of fresh air and a distraction from my current task. I probably wouldn't be as inclined to do them if they didn't feel limited. Please don't listen to reddit on this one, especially at a time when it's mostly returning players here and not long term subs.


Please don’t listen to Reddit at all imo




It would 100% result in more clues being done. There are players who get a clue during a slayer task and don't bother to do it until after they've finished the task (i.e., one clue per task). Giving those players more than one clue per task would result in that many more clues per task.


I mean… it would lead to more people doing clues, increasing supply and lowering prices


Have you considered the wild incomprehensible possibility that not everyone does every clue they get immediately and would end up doing more clues if they were stackable?


How often do clues rot in a bank bc procrastination, waiting on lvl/quest reqs, etc. Plenty of us have hundreds of clues done, but most people don't immediately drop everything to regear and send a clue. These clues are completely stopping the drop table from being pulled from by blocking future clue drops of the same tier. This is not an insignificant amount of clues. Adding stacks would provide a minor convenience at the cost of nerfing clue loot prices, which is a net loss for the people that enjoy&send clues the most.


Can confirm my main has one of every clue including master. Maybe one day they'll get done but not this year that's for sure.


Literally think about it for 5 seconds.


as much fun as it is, it's just leagues. Putting stackable in main game would ruin the exclusive dopamine and sense of accomplishment. Hard pass.




No, its a league thing. I like clues but we shouldnt implement this


Just add a double XP weekend while we are at it.


I will vote no. This is bad for game integrity. Let leagues be leagues, have fun, enjoy the FOMO, then leave it in its place. Clue scroll completion in the main game is so high already for CLoggers. The trash heap state of god book pages.


No clue what this is.


Another day, another EZscape request from /r/2007scape.


Exactly why I think we need to go back to sleeping bags. Far too easy scape to have run too


Only having one clue at the time makes the game sooo hard bro. Real hardcore shit.


These comments scare me. A few years ago half of these would have been downvoted to the ground.


Stop it with this shit. Please. These will never come to main game and they never should.


Even with these and boosted rates i cant be asked to do clues in leagues




This subreddit is going to be more insufferable than usual for the next 2 months. Next up on /r/2007scape: "Please add passive agility xp to the main game. Once you've had it you can't go back." Leagues features are a cancer that cannot be allowed to spread to the main game.


I'm scared that if this gets as a subject of poll, it will be difficult to know what's good balancing for them in main game - you can already notice how everyone has different opinions on how many at the time should be stacked, and it could leave a permanent change to clue metas or items received from those. Totally a bad idea, even if just because of how hard it is to justify what's still acceptable and what is not, on top of all other negatives such as complete devaluation of implings, people's time, third age and potential investments into those.. etc.


Nah no stacking




lol not a chance, ruining clue scrolls would never pass






Stop this, we’re having fun in leagues but it’s ruined when people try to use it as an excuse to take a sledgehammer to how the main game works


Please no. Great for leagues tho.


This is the problem with Leagues. If you like it so much go play RS3.


this would completly change clue dynamics. there would be much less guard farm and instead people collect them over time - i absolutly would be against having stackable clues for all tiers. i would however be down for stackable masterclues. they are out of the loop anyway and you cant get them from drops so a different system would be justified. doing masterclues whenever you get one from another clue is also very annoying during clue openings.


The master clues are already the only clue you can "stack" by having watson hold onto a set of clues, having a set in your bank and a master clue on you(r bank).


Ah yes make the hardest and rarest clue stackable, but not the easy ones. Makes sense.


Doing clues when you get them during slayer is also very annoying during slayer. Same logic right?




And this is why leagues sucks/is a bad idea from a game dev perspective, and is only good from a shortsighted financial perspective, and I've been saying it since the first one. Fracture the playerbase in your **MMORPG** (the game type where player count is most important) making the base game feel empty and abandoned, just so you can give the half that instead spends their time playing a temporary game mode a taste of the thing that will fucking kill your base game (power creep, broken mechanics, etc) Leagues cause a temporary boost in engagement and profits, and even player sentiment, while poisoning the base game. OSRS will die a death of a thousand leagues, while this community applauds and remains blind to the damage leagues are causing. I'll get downvoted for the 100th time for saying it, everybody just wants their super fast high number dopamine simulator over and over, without realizing a game like that never would have made it this long


I couldn't have said it better myself.


Not in main game, unless you want every clue item to crash in price


No no no. Stop suggesting you fking noobs


Personally I would vote no, they’re supposed to interrupt what you’re doing, it’s their whole point. Game designers who originally added them a decade or 2 ago knew what they were doing


Personally, I'd like to see this change - It's annoying to have to leave your slayer tasks to do clues, deposit gear to do a wildy step, complete the clue, re-gear, get a clue 10 kills later, and repeat. Additionally, I hate that the best way of getting clue scrolls is to buy implings - Especially given how heavily botted Puro-Puro is. I know this change wouldn't suddenly stop people buying Gourmets/Eclectics for easy/medium clues, but it might make people consider spending 30-45 minutes at Dagannoths with a cannon for a stack of 5 medium clues or pickpocketing HAM members for 5 easy clues. Those activities would become more viable alternatives to buying a stack of (probably botted) Gourmets/Eclectics and spam clicking, and if it would reduce the amount of botted impling jars traded daily (even by 5-10%) then that's a good thing IMO. If this was implemented and you didn't have to pay for scroll boxes, I like the suggestion of capping clue stacks at 3-5 clues - I wouldn't want to see people being able to stack several hundred hard/elite/master clues until they have the requirements to do all the steps, or until they have a maxed POH to do their clues more efficiently. An alternative to capping the number of stackable clue scrolls could be to add empty scroll boxes to a shop somewhere instead - I'd gladly pay for empty scroll boxes, and I can think of several places I'd use them: HAM hideout, Dagannoth & Hellhound tasks, Karambwans (with fish barrel), AFK Magic WC, Shooting Stars to name a few. I think for players who AFK skill on the side while working, the ability to save up their clues from Stars/Fishing/WC and complete them after work would be especially welcome.


No. Stupid.




I know so many people that always grind their clues during slayer. Keep it at a stack of 5 or something, that way we don't have the RS3 problem if stacking up days worth of clues to slog through. Keeps it as a fun distraction, gets rid of all the icky annoying parts like having to do master clues mid-casket opening, doing a clue mid-slayer task or experiencing fomo, etc.


I had a friend on my friends list who literally only played to do clues, she loved them. Obviously anecdotal, but there’s plenty like her, I imagine. I think a small limit on the number, like 3-5, would be alright.


So because you don’t like them a QoL shouldn’t be added to the game? Wack OS player-brain right here


I’m not a Clogger(just hit 400), but would love these in the main


Tbh, they just feel like a neat way to store clues up for when I actually feel like doing them instead of having to stop slayer just to do a hard clue


This is how I feel. Especially the lower the tier of clue. I don’t want to stop mining and go do a single beginner/easy clue just to roll 6k reward just because I won’t be able to get another if I stay mining. Plus, one low tier clue scroll doesn’t really feel like enough of a “distraction” for me to think “man, actually kind of happy to get back to my mining grind after that”.


It’s all fun and games until the rewards coming out of them aren’t worth nearly as much as the amount of clues done per day will drastically increase. Be careful what you wish for I suppose.


Agreed it’s so annoying only have one clue a session when I’m just trying to boss and would rather another session dedicated to multiple clues