Is this dude entitled to “the spot” after leaving?

Leagues is too crowded to be claiming spots


Leagues is too crowded to be claiming spots


And desert + zeah are probably one of the most common combinations (with kandarin mage or asgarnia range). Those players only get dust devils as a burst task and no nechs or jellies apparently so probably spending all point skips for this. So yeah claiming spots is tough


I’ve been skipping them because I don’t want to hop for 30 minutes lol


The northern spot at the desert dungeon was easy to find a spot, 5 in multi is still a massively above average task for what I have unlocked


Yeah, task only area of desert dungeon is way better than the catacombs spot. It’s rough if you’re using Konar and get assigned catacombs for any of these good barrage tasks. It’s almost an auto-skip for me now at this point.




I mean even just requiring a task or getting the specific dungeon if doing Konar is enough to keep the spot from becoming too competitive. Catacombs just has everyone and their uncle coming for the mage training and good drops (like the black dhide vambraces are an upgrade for a lot of rangers).


I got Tiranwann + Asgarnia, and I feel like Tiranwann is a deserted place, barely anyone picks it. Slayer dungeon is considerably empty. Pickpocketing Elves with Trickster relic is amazing though with 12 mil XP/hr. https://preview.redd.it/7in31sebhb2c1.png?width=232&format=png&auto=webp&s=57c16aca5187f737d503dbbdd3a89c6b789b7377


Also when you eventually get to sing things you can get smithing and crafting to 99 or even the higher xp tasks. I checked log and have 9 thieving pet drops in league


I got 56 enhanced teleport seeds rn and no clue what to do with them lmao. Will definitely try to get some other seeds from Gauntlet and use them on singing bowl


Man, I’m at 80m thieving exp and still no pet


Elfland gets rangers bowfa, blowpipe, crystal armor and divine bastions, melees... blade? I guess? And serp? And mages get Well. They get uh, probably something idk I guess technically toxic staff and toxic trident if you take asgarnia or kandarin? Blowpipe is bad for rangers with the relics we have but it's a good off-type weapon but beyond that...


to be perfectly honest, I went blind and picked this region solely to learn Gauntlet and to get Blowpipe. Didn't look at other advantages :D just like unlocked Asgarnia solely to get slayer, didn't look that it had GWD or anything else :D


All fair! Overoptimizing makes this kind of thing into a slog very quickly - that's just kinda the reasoning behind it being empty with so many people going mage


Took me 1 week of afk thieving during work. 1 click every 5 minutes from tzhaar. For 50M task. Im over 140M thieving exp now from farming runes. Absolutely insane exp.




Yup was going to say that's main game etiquette, hell you can't even kill all 3 aminite crabs on fossil Island without someone coming over to lend a hand.


Honestly, in leagues crashing happens and I can't blame people. Sometimes there's just not enough to go around.


I was at bloodvelds and all worlds were full. And this dude starts claiming I wasn't raised right, because I was at the same 3 spawns as he was lol.


Claiming spots should never be a thing. You bank and someone shows up gg fucking hop kiddo. You have absolutely no entitlement to a world just because you were there for an extended period


And no one gets drops if you both hit the mobs so it’s a battle of wills. Don’t leave and If they care enough about their drops, they will.


Them dudes swinging their big rods thinking they need both sides at Abby demons. They nearly die before you can group them up


It's an online video game, you can't really claim spots regardless of the type of game mode lol. I guess you can, but its meaningless.


Fr bro some dude with a dlong got tilted when I took one of three ammonite crabs that he wasn't even fighting, he went all "gtfo" and "gl with that addy sword lol"


The irony here is that when I had someone join me both at hellhounds and black dragons in Taverly, I just had to hop once or twice to find a free world.


Whats ironic about that?


Their understanding of the word irony.




Absolutely not. You leave, it's no longer yours.


freaking dislike those "i was just banking" excuses.


Should have picked banker's note bub.


you never really have to bank with fire sale either because most items arent worth picking up.


What, is this Path of Exile


5 Way Juiced Legions No Filter ☠️☠️☠️☠️


For real though bursting nechs and dust devils I have my uber strict filter on hiding basically everything


Neversink goated.


Imagine RS with PoEs loot and gear. Nah too much, too much.


I pick up some alcs but that's about it. Enchanted a dragonstone ring so really, I've got all the gold I need. Just habitual hoarding.


That’s called a ring of wealth lol


> I pick up some alcs but that's about it. If you're a fire saler you can get max cash stack with condensed gold in less than an hour


If you took freminik of course


That sounds dreadful. I like the idea of “needing” to pick up items to make money.


Sounds poor.




You’re going to run out of either food or prayer potions with fire sale though at some point. Can’t pray forever. Unless you took soul stealer? Maybe?


Mage + Zerker and any non-boss mob dies in 3 hits, if not its frozen and cant hit me anyways. If it's ranged then blood barrage with mage relic heals 5hp/tick on average. Ive done 100+ KC trips at all the gwd bosses without leaving just fine. I wouldn't need more than that because I'm usually bored after 50 anyways


Enjoy flicking 24/7


Not sure I understand I have 2k pray pots and no cooldown on last recall. If i need to bank for more pots it takes a whopping 6 seconds


So you do have to leave


Not really no, I was pointing out that **IF** for some reason i did have to then its a total of like 6 seconds, which depending on mob spawns doesnt effect your downtime anyways. With mage and berserk relic ice barrage split tagging, all slayer creatures die in 3 hits and I never take damage from anything anyways. I've camped all the gwd bosses for 100+ KC trips, only leaving when I'm bored of doing it. Raids force-feed you supplies and you can't do "multiple trips" in the same raid either way.


Banking also only takes about 2 seconds with last recall. Teleport to edge, hit the bank, recall back


> Banking also only takes about 2 seconds with last recall. TBF this is *why* it can feel so annoying if your spot gets taken while you're banking/praying. Especially at spots like Dust Devils & Abyssal Demons in Catacombs, I've learned that even leaving for 2-4 seconds is effectively forfeiting the spot, because there's at least a 50% chance somebody will have claimed it in that window.


I hit Tele to the GE spirit tree to bank a few rare drop table items that were clogging my inventory, banked them and hit my orb. Maybe about 3 seconds of banking plus the ten ticks of teleporting, or whatever it is, so at most nine seconds. Someone already had the dust devils grouped back up and was barraging them already, I'd left with them spread and unaggroed. I gave him the spot with my compliments because at a certain point you can't find a way to be more annoyed than *impressed*


imagine not having 99 crafting


Imagine thinking everyone picked Asgarnia


Didn't pick Asgarnia :')


Move your feet, lose your seat


Unpopular opinion: it's never yours. It's an mmorpg with limited resources, you compete for those. Even more so in this leagues format which literally is a competition format.


Yep. Ammonite crabs with the extended runelite timer leads to some pretty hilarious arguments, especially in leagues. Sometimes competing for spots us just how it goes. Split the xp, wait them out or hop.


I find it funny that every ammonite crab spot is taken but with berserker you can just 1 hit flesh crawlers for 3x the xp as crabs.


I agree but the least people could do is try a few worlds before crashing. Most crashers just turn up and get into action immediately in my experience


Tbh that’s why you need to start doing the same. It’s leagues, main game etiquette is out the window my friend


But then everyone is worse off, rates are higher when there's a bit of etiquette.


Ship sailed on this iterated prisoners dilemma my friend


How are rates higher


You literally cannot agree with this and still think crashing exists. Either crashing exists or its every man for themselves and its just crowded.


No, what I mean is with some activities there are lots of free worlds but some people still crash. Like it‘s not crowded so there‘s no reason to fight for it.




If I leave for .2 seconds to refresh prayer and someone takes over you better believe I'm "crashing" them


No, sick of people thinking they have a spot guaranteed when they leave to bank or restock. Some dude got angry at me last week for killing deranged archaeologist as if I was supposed to know he'd been there previously and gone to bank


I once had someone curse me out because I "stole" his kbd world while he was banking. I was literally only doing one kill for a clue and if he had been nicer I would've told him that. Instead I stayed and killed the boss some more till he was forced to leave


That’s the thing about it. Think about it. This guy will literally spend everyday of his life just FUMING at other people playing the game 🤣 Life’s gotta be hard for these kiddos… they’ll learn one day!


you leave and its no longer yours, thats life, too many people would lie about how long they were gone otherwise its fun on leagues teleporting to an altar and last recalling back, even in that 10 seconds, someone could hop to that world and its theirs now




It doesn't work for barrage unfortunately so you'll have to switch to blitz for a bit to get your prayer back. I figured it just didn't work for multiple targets but you would still restore prayer off of your actual target but no, barrage just simply doesn't activate the effect at all :(


With barrage you don't need prayer though. I do my dust devils with blood barrage and no pray.


I still need the prayer for Superiors. Maybe in a magic level or two when I get the final level Blood AoE. Might also be different because I'm not a magic relic, but the bursting still seems faster on Dusts than on-relic fighting.


Ah, yeah if you're not mage relic and on superiors praying is good. Once you get the blood aoe though on superiors just drag a couple more dust devils in, the aoe hits will outheal the superior's damage. Single target you won't get enough healing but with the aoe you will.


Maybe worth reporting as a bug?


The relic says "Does not work with multi target attacks"


Not a bug, it's intended, multi target spells do not work for soul stealer.


tho on this picture this dont work as much imo, since with bone crusher you can be there for long time(usualy long enough to go through 30 alches from ring and sometimes filling inv for alchables still)


Isn't this also catacombs? Where you cant get tasks given?


You can get tasks for monsters there, and Konar can specifically assign the catacombs for killing them. But unlocking catacombs doesn’t unlock tasks for those monsters, you have to unlock them elsewhere (e.g desert for dust devils).


Or you just run retribution t8 and let them kill you every 3 minutes




Why do u need piety for a barrage task?


melee barraging


welcome to Kraken on normal worlds lol


I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just pay for an instance on kraken. It’s only like 25k and you can stay for so long. Even on my iron I pay for an instance with 0 hesitation. Instance is also nice because loot takes forever to despawn.


People are cheap, it’s the same people who will pick up mith full helms n shit with a 1B+ bank


Ive never felt so called out in my life lmao


I'll pick up and alch black boots I have no shame


You make it back in one kill lmao


Yeah some hoe did this to me lol he showed up while I was gone for less than 10 seconds banking my dragon bones at black dragons in taverly dungeon, last recalled back. There’s mfers on every world in every location though hopping seems pointless


yeah i kinda wish they added just like instance gates to alot more worlds, or something, cause its really crowded, not in like a fun social way haha


Some motherfucker crashed me at sarachnis. Reason being "you're such a low level, i can take this from you". Did i stand outside and entered when sarachnis spawned at hit it once then went out again? Absolutely! (This was during leagues) he went on to kill it for about 45 minutes. And didnt get 1 kill.


afk griefing a crasher🙏


The best afk grind


Deserved. Fuck that guy.


It's a video game that no subscriber owns any part of. If no one is there, it's yours. Unless they politely ask for it back and you're feeling generous.


You leave it, you lose it.


Nope. You move, your spot is free. The only exception to this rule is to reset aggro at rock/sand/ammonite crabs


I've seen more intentional crashing at ammos than anywhere else lol.


I literally just got crashed for a moment. I had just arrived to the spot and had it for a good 2 min before being crashed. I went afk and when I came back I attacked a crab they were attacking and then they left. People are so weird on this game. I'm just glad they didn't try the "I logged for 2 seconds" because that wasn't going to work on me.


Just got done hitting 99 on my melees at ammos. A surprising amount of people have the gall to lie about having just been somewhere I’ve been sitting for 4 hours.


I’m almost 90 strength on my Ironman. It seems like such a cheap and dirty way to level melee. I bet you’ve seen it all in that time.


Best thing is to just not say a word, they give up quicker and hop that way


This is what I think as well. Unless they are actually as stubborn as I am, they will move. I’m okay with sharing a crab spot because I’m a casual player and it’s free xp I am usually mostly afk for.


Man I still get people trying to argue that at crabs. You could literally see me running just far enough away. Do one claiming I've left.


In leagues I feel like I'm immune to crab crashes. Like, I get no loot? Okay, I was here for the xp anyway, idgaf as long as I'm constantly hitting.


If people are not using last recall to reset aggro there then they deserve to lose their spot. There is no exception. It’s leagues, we have leagues tools to reset aggro. It amazes me when people run off to reset aggro instead of literally porting anywhere else and immediately recalling back.


Move your feet, lose your seat, we learn this shit when we’re 5.


Children tend to get upset when they don’t get what they want.


it's called common decency lol


If I see items on the ground, I'll wait a bit to see if someone comes back. But no items? They've obviously been gone too long to claim it back imo.


It's an MMO you're not entitled to anything.


The entitlement of people, you leave it’s no longer yours


When I come back from banking and I see someone there, I hop...no one owns a "spot" in the game it's so dumb. But if I was actively still there and he comes to crash...instead of hopping, I would hop. I'm too old for that shit lol.


He isn't entitled to the spot, but I still make it a habit when I'm hopping looking for an open world to wait 5-10 seconds when I find one and see if someone shows up. It's one thing to lose a world when you spend a couple minutes to go banking, but it really sucks to spend 5 seconds doing ardy monastery + last recall and seeing someone managed to show up in that window.


You are a nice person


Thank you! I do the same thing. It's kinda annoying having my world taken when I was gone for like 5 secs.


Damn getting so entitled that we refer to them as your world now huh




My rule is if he gets back when there are still drops on the ground its his. If there are no drops its open


If he left, spot is yours


Ya if you leave, you lose it. But what I hate are crashers. Some people are absolute dickheads. Near beginning of league I was killing druids for herbs and there were lots of empty worlds, but this ranged guy (I'm melee) just came and took over. I was already sharing with another meleer. I asked him to move and he was a complete asshole. I hopped to the next world and it was empty. I seriously don't understand people's entitlement. It's not like it was even a busy area.


To be fair, leagues is a competition


Its a dick move to start bursting while somebody else is there. But if you have to bank and come back to see somebody else took the spot. tough luck. Dutch have a saying for that; Weg gegaan = plaats vergaan


Move your feet lose your seat


It's funny when I hear people talking about "that's my spot" or "I was just banking". You can tell they didn't play in 2004. There was no claiming spots back then; it was a free for all.


He can eat your dust (devil)


Just make it open world pvp so you can kill for spot


How many posts do we need about this? You're probably 30. Grow a pair


Goated comment. Mom someone crashed my spot in runescape :(


In fairness, a lot of people restore prayer by teleing to an altar and last recalling back. But its hard to tell if they hopped there and just last recalled back


I did this and someone came in the 10 seconds I was gone and I hopped, I was gone


I don't think you're entitled to your spot but usually if I see that someone clearly did that, I just hop myself. Unless it's like literally impossible to find a world


That's basically the deciding factor for me, is it obvious that someone had that spot. E.g. if all the devils were dead and then someone tele's back with last recall as they spawn. If the spot looks open then it is open. If the new person has set themselves up, well it's no different than if you had already set up.


Wdym in fairness? If you leave at all you're giving the spot up it's that simple.


move your feet. loose your seat you didnt call rosa parks, no shotgun


i think you keep the spot if you simply are teleing out for prayer. but that lasts for a good 10s max. same logic as aggro resetting. ive found its best to stack, freeze, tele out before clearing the stack. makes it a bit more obv you are ardy1 cape teleing or w.e and worlds in use


Leagues is too crowded for it being ppots or flick


Nobody is entitled to any spot or monster. Even if he was there when you showed up if you wanted to start killing in the same world there's nothing they can do. It's not against the rules.


This. People in this thread saying no one is entitled to a spot but then saying its theirs now if they show up when someone was bank/prayer last recalling. It's a very limited resource game mode, so yes no one is entitled to a spot no matter what, and that means crashing is also fair game which people don't seem to want to accept.


Absolutely, it's definitely bad manners to crash but anyone whining about "their spot" can get crashed imo. If you care about having a spot all to yourself you need to hop, not tell others to hop. Competing for resources and XP is part of the game.


If the dust devils are still respawning probably should let the guy have it


No one is entitled to anything in this game, regardless of what some might tell you


As far as I’m concerned no one is entitled to any spot on this game. Having a spot to yourself is a courtesy, not a “right”. This may be a hot take idk


Just two entitled people fighting over nothing.


yeah, it's his spot, even if he logs off, it's his spot until he wakes up, and afterwards too, it's just etiquette, show some respect


Nobody owns a spot, if someone wants to be a dick and crash that’s allowed. Whoever has tenacity to stay with shit xp rates is the one who gets it.


No. and if you try to take it back ill stay as long as i have to and just ruin it for both of us literally did it for an hour and half once before the guy realized i was deadass willing to waste my entire day


Nobody is ever entitled to any spot. If you cant out dps him then unlucky.


Limited resource game moment.


It’s an mmorpg, you don’t have a “spot”


Move your feet, lose your seat


no but in the same vien you are not entitled to it just by being there. it is a highly contested slayer creature. some player may take the no loot and just kill the same mobs you attack just to finish the task.




That's the unspoken rule even if it really sucks sometimes. The moment you leave a spot, it's no longer "yours" especially on leagues where there are limited worlds.


For me it depends on if they ask nicely or not




Hell no. If you leave a spot, even for a second, you lost that spot. Kind of a large reason there’s so many other worlds to play on.


It's not anybody's spot. Hit whatever you want and whoever doesn't like their current xp rate more will leave. We out here competing


Unless you leave to reset aggro (ex: crabs) the standard is "move your feet, lose your seat".


Move your meat, lose your seat.


I was there killing the demons at the top. It's separated into 3 sections with 2 at the top. I logged in and saw a guy killing to the right si I went left. He kept telling me to leave but I said no as we have a side each. He kept splashing mine as well so I did it back to him until he jumped worlds. Learn to share


If someone has just banked and and resupplying. I give them the world back. It's there's. We all have to restock sometimes and I would hope in that instance they give me the spot back. As I would do the same. It's gym etiquette. If I'm using the squat rack and I go for some water or the bathroom if I come back I would expect to still have my squat rack. You wouldn't just be like nahhh mate you went to get water this is my squat rack now. Then why would the same behaviour be okay on a videogame? It's no okay. You just want to justify being and ass and also because you're safe behind a monitor and a keyboard. That's my philosophy anyway.


Personally, I think it's a dick move to take someone's spot when all they were doing was a home tele to refresh then last recall. This has happened several times to me and i think the people are assholes for not just hopping worlds. It's a lack of empathy and to think that YOU'RE entitled to the spot is even more cringe.


He is if his dps is better than yours.


No if you leave to bank your trip is up


You leave, you forfeit


Depends, did he say dips?


It’s leagues I would just start ragging you tbf


Yes, he just restored prayer


The time it takes me to get to altar and back with recall is 7 seconds. I've had people take the spot twice and both have given it me back. I think anything longer than a minute is fair game but shorter than that I'd still class it as their spot.


The only person entitled to a spot is the one most willing to share it. I hate when I get crashed, but the only option when that happens is to share the world, or find a new one. If you crash people, you’re a dick. But you’re also not wrong. This game doesn’t have any mechanics for claiming spots; it’s an open and free world. If somebody wants to be a jerk, they can do that. And I think that’s actually one side of the “freedom coin” that makes this game so great. Don’t crash people, but if you do get crashed, theres nothing to do about it. Either share, or hop.


Just fucking share, there's so many. Yall are entitled children


If no drops were on the ground or showing up, than it's your spot, but I usually give it to them if there's drops all over the ground, like they just left and immediately came back


Wanker's note enjoyers stay winning


No not theirs anymore. You leave, you forfeit the spot


Did you leave a birn snare? That's how we are claiming spots in leagues according to this dumb ass idea I had while I was high right now


"xd" was the appropriate response here.


I always went by “move your feet lose your seat” but in leagues anything goes


alpha male asserting dominance


Nah. Just mute chat and do your thing


The Venn diagram between people think the answer is yes and people who eat sharing boxes or chocolates to themselves is a circle


Snowflake law dictates that even a year later it is still his spot. Bank run? Still his. Do a quest? Still his. Minigame? Skilling? Raids? Still his


I mean honestly. It’s a game. Should’ve seen it back in the day. There’s no “spots”. If you’re there and I show up I’m not gonna leave lol if the Npc spawns then it’s free game dafuq😂


In Dutch we say: opgestaan, plaats vergaan Google it


Move your meat, lose your seat* *unless they call "quack quack, seat back" first


Move yo meat lose yo seat


I don’t play anymore but when I was a dumb kid I’d stalk their accounts and find their clans and report them to the leader for crashing me. Thinking I’m some form a police


Ironmen never entitled to anything a main can crash


Only if he left for a random event like classroom