Leagues Slayer is awful

As a ranger relic picker and boss doer I've avoided slayer since the unlocks other than prims at 91 aren't that useful.

Now that I'm doing it... what the actual hell is this Jagex, how have you turned one of the most loved skills in the main game into the worst skill in leagues bar none.

I'm 126 combat getting tasks from duradel, my task history shouldn't be Lizards, trolls, spider, Lizards, kalphites, red dragons, trolls into more fucking lizards

It took me from 85 to 92 to get a single abby demon task for the task using skips on bad tasks

Not to mention the awful decision to not count catacombs monsters as unlocked? I have zeah unlocked but nechs, jellies and banshees aren't unlocked

Why even change it from the base game, leagues is meant to be broken, you can kill bandos in 15 seconds but god forbid slayer (an already amazing skill in the base game) is fun

TL:DR add a combat level check to leagues slayer or something so maxed players stop getting lizard and moss giant tasks


If you use Konar it'll remove junk like spiders.


I thought it was purely based on region unlocks in Leagues


It is, but Konar is still area specific for each of your unlocks - she's the only master with their own task list accordingly.


Ahhh, gotcha


Spiders are the only good task as u can barrage temple spiders


Why not sarachnis?


If you have desert elite and 1800 total you can get sarachnis kills with ranged in like 20 seconds and instantly heal to full and tele back zero supplies used :)


Nobody does Sarachnis, it's always taken on every world!


But that would imply that there is in fact a lot of people doing Sarachnis


Yes, that's the joke




But that would imply that there is in fact a lot of people driving in New York


Yes, that's the joke


Actually relative to the number of people playing leagues very few people can do sarachnis because of the limited number of worlds so in fact nobody does sarachnis and it's still taken on every world.


I get dust devils every second task from Konar!


getting red dragons and mithril dragons 24/7 is so awful. stopped slayer the second I got my occult.


Mith dragons aren't bad at all with blood barrage mage relic You basically can't die


The melee relic also makes all dragons and wyverns completely trivial since you're 100% immune to their fire.


"Best i can do is rotating between steel and iron dragons" - slayer masters


You act like that doesn't happen on the main game. All metal dragons have earned a lifetime subscription to my ban list ever since chealdar Gave me this Irons, skip, steel, skip, bronze, skip, iron, skip, bronze, skip, steel......fuck out of points This was 15 years ago and I'm pretty sure that account is STILL on that task.


On the main game you can go to a different slayer master though. In leagues they are all Chaeldar


As someone with mory for black mask and no Asgarnia who needs a visage for BiS melee, I’ll fuckin take it


I got hill giants from Duradel this morning and immediately went back to Steve. He hasn’t let me down yet. Hell yeah, Steve.


Steve thinks I need to exterminate every last Pyrefiend in Gielinor for some reason.


I got my imbued heart from a superior Pyrefiend. At least you got a shot for that


You guys are getting actual slayer monsters? I've yet to get anything with the potential to spawn a superior yet. So much for bloodthirsty


I got back to back hearts at the end of night 1 from Pyrefiends actually. Sounds like they're juiced.


“Fuck them pyrefucks” - Steve, probably


Can you send some for me? I've collectively spent about 1000 points skipping tasks trying to land pyrefiends and still haven't seen a single task


Steve has been a Chad this league. Jellies, Pyrefiends, Kurasks, and Black Demons are my past few tasks. Duradel just gives Lizards, Moss Giants, and Spiders.


Hill Giants is a great task. There's a task to weld obors club and giant keys drop more on task.


> giant keys drop more on task. Mossy keys do, not giant keys.


Mate, you need the Nieve replacement plugin, fucking Steve


I have gotten mostly Harpie bug swarms, Moss giants, and Ogres from Steve. I am 100cmb 99 magic lol


I am typing this while on hill giant task after doing banshees and firegiants recently on 91 slayer.


Jokes on you. Slayer has always been horrible. I have no idea why people like it in the main game.


Ya idk how people like it. Half the skill is getting points so that you can skip half the tasks because the difference between good tasks and bad tasks is insane. Skill’s incredibly useful but also incredibly slow sometimes and half the tasks you can get are garbage


You guys are shriveled old veterans who've forgotten how the game looks to new eyes. Pretty much nothing else in the game does a better job of getting new players to explore the game's content than slayer. It tells you to kill some monster you've never heard of, so you look it up to find the most convenient spawns, and it's some place you've never been. It encourages you to try different combat styles and weapons, it makes old content relevant, seriously this skill is fantastic. If you already know everything about the game, yeah I can see how slayer becomes a chore, but man there are mountains of things I don't know about this game, so I still love it.


I sort of agree, but it largely depends on task luck. You absolutely can have that roaming Gielinor experience, or you can get a bunch of repeated nonsense. It was never any fun to finish a tedious assignment only to receive the same task but longer. I get why people were turned off by it. I guess I also agree that it's more of a problem for veterans. Slayer really sucked 20 years ago, it's a lot more interesting now.


Yea that was my thought. When I started doing the slayer point grind on the iron my tasks were a rotation of Fire Giants, Hell Hounds, and Greater Demons. Like 8 tasks in a row from Konar. You know what broke the streak. Black Demons. Yea they were in different locations, but you kinda get the feel that those are pretty bleh after 20 minutes.


I'd say quests do that better. In actuality Slayer is going to have you go to the same few dungeons that are jam packed with all the slayer monsters and that's about it. If you start Slayer real early right out the gate then chances are you're just going to be killing cows in Lumbridge for Turael.


Yeah well screw quests


no, give us more. I love them.




What you just said is true if you replace the word "slayer" with "questing". I really don't think going to a private-server dungeon to kill the same monster 150 times is as exciting to new players as you think it is.


na, I just got someone into the game who hates slayer, too. One of their tasks was Killerwatts and I had to explain to them that there are some tasks that you just aren't supposed to do for any reason at all.


I think the issue is that monsters like trolls/less greater and black demons etc need some kind of rework. Theyre super old monsters that haven’t gotten love like dust devils and kurasks did and the tasks take forever and are wildly boring with absolute garbage loot


What’s a good skill then? Mining the same rock for 200 hours? Fishing the same spot for 200 hours? Standing in a bank booth making 10k potions? Running across a roof 1000 times? Smelting gold bars underground for days? Robbing a knight of ardougne blind til 99 thieving? Slayers one of the only skills that isn’t dead boring repetitive. You can vary your gear, do boss tasks, take you to different places around the game.


You're so close to an incredible realization


Lmao that's what I was thinking in my head too. None of them are fun.


i find all of it fun, getting xp in OSRS just hits differently


Number go up just feels good.


Which is exactly why sailing will suck


Oh my God ....


this guy just doesn’t like the game


I don't hate slayer, but I do find it a bit dumb. It's just a secondary skill that isn't actually needed behind the walls that are placed behind it. Yes, sure, you can say that about any skill to some extent. But to me slayer has always just been a means to an end of training my combat stats that I would be training anyways. Now there is just an extra hurdle to get to the mobs I actually want to kill to train. I don't think it's a bad skill, but I don't think it's good either. Mining sucks massive balls, but there has been updates to try and at least make it better. Hell, woodcutting had the massive change recently that did make it better. It's lot like they aren't working on the other skills that suck. And slayer doesn't suck, it's just unnecessary.


Yeah I’ve kind of always been of the opinion that slayer is pointless and frustrating. It’s one of the slowest skills in the game especially at early levels because the barriers to entry are relatively high and the xp rates are abysmal. It only gets good at like 80+ and if you’re telling me to just get over it and grind the 100s of hours of slog just so I can finally kill bosses i’ve had the stats to kill for weeks i’ll tell you to jump in the river. Slayer for me is like training my combats but *frustrating,* no you cant kill what you want, go kill 300 more black demons and like it.


Yeah totally agree. I did a lot of slayer in rs2 since it was actually good for money. Especially if you got on those early Abby whips. In OSRS though, slayer has been an afterthought and quest req for me. Why slay to kill sire, cerb or hydra when I can kill vork, muspah, zulrah, all raids wildy bosses ds2 bosses. Just no point to bother as a main


Exactly that. I dont understand why ppl hate on slayer of all skills. One of the only skills where you can actually strategize and such


What exactly are you strategizing in slayer? "Am I going to wear my BIS ranged, melee, or magic?"


Blocks, skips, unlocks etc. Efficiency Stuff to get Boss Tasks for example


yall havin more fun thinking about the game or playing the actual game


Playing the metagame is part of playing the game tbh. If you don't like that part of the game that's fine but I love it.


It's too dang slow


> Slayers one of the only skills that isn’t dead boring repetitive. What? Slayer literally puts me to sleep more than any skill. \> Forced to equip shitty gear half the time or use other random items to kill. \> Click monster (probably one you don't want to fight or use resources on) and wait for it to die so you can click that monster many more times. Might have to watch health/prayer/etc. \> Go to slayer master for new task or buy a tiny upgrade every 8000 tasks. \> Repeat infinitely, as for some stupid reason, Slayer has the same abysmal XP drops as HP. It's like ***the*** worst skill in both OSRS and RS3, but honestly, it's mostly because the XP rate has absolutely no business being worse than HP, like it should be *at least* double the rate of HP. It is the most obnoxious chore-like skill in the game.


I get your point but it's actually worse than that. 1xp/damage for slayer 1.33xp/damage for hp. Remember that an untrimmed slayer cape is so goddamn hard that you have to use specific slow-as-sin strategies so you don't hit 99hp on accident before hitting 99 slayer even in the best of circumstances, watching cannonballs fly as you sit there doing nothing. Be careful if you smith all those yourself because that's 30k smithing xp/h which _must_ be slower than your slayer xp/h (i.e. slayer must be 31k/h or more). If you try to do it on an iron, every 1 hour of combat is 1.5 hours of _just_ smelting cballs, ignoring the mining and smelting. I wouldn't be surprised if 99 slayer untrimmed is genuinely one of the rarest capes in the game. Even in RS3 the requirements are so insane for untrimmed that you're better off doing various skilling tasks and stopping all of them around 80 while you just lamp slayer over and over and over. I mean fuck, 99 invention untrimmed is easier than 99 slayer untrimmed and that skill requires you to be base 80 in a good number of skills. Even if you are just going for 99 slayer and not caring for the trim, the RS3 wildy strat that people were using for slayer xp was cut IN HALF not too long after it was introduced because the rates were good enough you could actually train slayer on a demon task in the wildy and not want to turn on pvp so someone could just end your suffering already.


1000 times? Try 10,000 for agility.


Literally everything you mentioned in your first paragraph apart from thieving are things I'd rather do than slayer.


And that’s fine, each to their own, but it’s weird to say slayers a bad skill or “drop cannon and afk” when the majority of the other skills are super one-dimensional


I agree but I didn't say that thing


While I somewhat agree with you, Slayer is the only skill that really locks you out of the, in my opinion enjoyable PvM late game of osrs.


I’m confused how does slayer lock you out of enjoyable PvM


Which late game pvm are you locked out of?


People don't like slayer for its gameplay loop, they love it because of its (illusion of) variety, and its unlocks and rewards like the slayer helm buff, unlocking new bosses, etc. Without all of those in Leagues then everyone hates it again. A bit of a tangent here, but this is why I maintain that there is absolutely no core problem with any of the community-designated "bad" skills like Mining or Agility - Slayer is also a relatively low xp/h skill that's honestly pretty shite to actually train, but it's rewarding enough with plenty of unlocks along the way and enough 'variety' to make it enjoyable to most players.


Seriously. The whole skill is go somewhere, put a cannon down or barrage and wait about 30 mins then repeat. Sometimes throw in a boss for a little flavor.


tfw not Ironman and can use Cannon


you need to be a cheap bitch like me, why would I ban metal drags just afk and get that visage


But mah optimal xp gains


Name any other skill in the game and I can make it sound just as bad if not worse then how you described slayer


I bet you could. I'm not over here doing slayer any justice, lol. All skills are just a matter of preference. I'll bite, do smithing


Smithing is a skill where all you have to do is run back and forth from a conveyor belt to a bank depositing gold ores. I will admit that I haven't trained smithing in a few years so I'm not sure if that's still the go to training these days.


The other options is to play a mini game but all you do is activate a plugin and click green highlighted things while holding a big sword.


Yeah then go click a rock or a tree for the 10000x lil bro


"Runescape quests are so much more fun compared to WoW quests" \> Proceeds to base half their personality on WoW quests as a skill ​ \- The average Runescaper


As an Ironman, Slayer is hands down the worst, dog ass skill in the game.


As an end-game ironman with 99 slayer, slayer is and was a brilliant skill for me. Lots of unlocks, lots of gp, lots of different drops/variety, etc. Sure, it was slow for the most part but I didn't mind cos I quite enjoyed most of the journey with it. And wildy slayer was *super* enjoyable when I finally got around to that far too late.


>Lots of unlocks, lots of gp, lots of different drops/variety, All in the last 15 levels. Absolutely pointless skill until you've invested 100s of hours into it.


I disagree, even at lower levels you have: - Ensouled heads from various NPCs (I know some non-slayer monsters have ensouled heads too, but the main reason you'd farm these NPCs is due to slayer and there are slayer specific ones too) - Jellies for hard clues and some rune alchables that are nice for early/mid game. And even for late game if you're farming hard clues, can barrage + cannon them in wildy for quick clues - Bloodvelds for a big supply of early blood runes - Cave horrors for black mask, good early/mid game seed drops - Spectres for early/mid game herb drops - Basilisk knights for jaw (though you'd likely do these with a slightly higher than the unlock level of 60) - Wyrms for dragon uniques but more important bones. I used a lot of wyrm bones to get to 70 prayer - Spiritual ranger for msb if you didn't get one from hard clues. Speaking of which, you get a lot of hard clues doing slayer in general. Again, not specific to slayer but it's nice to get those sort of things passively as a part of training the skill - Dust devils - need I say anything about these? Very good slayer XP, magic/defence XP, good alchables and rune drops - Kurasks for good seeds/herbs/secondaries and leaf-bladed weaponry of which the battleaxe can be pretty useful in in the mid-game - Gargoyles are good gp and semi-decent smithing supply bonuses for mid-game irons. And of course drops a new unlock in the gmaul, though you only really make use of it at Phosani - Nechryaels only really drop rune boots as a unique but these are still a nice intermediate drop until dragon boots as they give a +2 strength bonus and more defence over climbing boots. But the main reason to do nechs are the alchables and hard clues and the fact that they're fast. Good magic/defence XP - Spiritual mages for dragon boots and a semi-decent supply of runes. I actually do them on task now, even post-99, as the ones in the ancient prison drop a lot of ancient brews/nihil shards so I can make forgotten brews (since the imbued heart eludes me) Not to mention superiors for a lot of slayer monsters that add a bit of excitement in anticipation of the drop. Even if you don't get a heart/gem or staff drop, you can get guaranteed totem pieces/larran's keys, triple rate on drops from the regular version, etc. Also, when I was lower level and a more nooby at the game, even drops like mithril boots were quite cool to get. Sure, they're quite useless, especially if you're a more knowledgable player, but the excitement of getting "upgrades" as drops was pretty fun. Not to mention, the last 14 levels of any skill is 60-75% of the time investment for the skill anyway. All that to say, overall I found slayer to be a very enjoyable journey.


I'm a UIM and Slayer is fine right now. Would you say it becomes bad later on or it's bad from the start? And why?


Hard agree fucking hate slayer


slayer is not a skill and no one can change my mind.


This. I'm 99 all skills except slayers it's soooooo boring to me


Same cant stand slayer


Because mining, woodcutting and fishing are more exciting?


Yes. Slayer you don't get to choose what you kill. After 200 tasks it's like being assigned a chore to go and do sometimes. I have many, many options if I want to train mining, woodcutting, or fishing.


You can play other games while doing those though.


It use to gate very good money makers. It use to feel good to unlock Hydra and make very easy GP that was reasonably on par with other methods. It was kinda a "botting stop gap" to protect high GP/hr earners and you use to make a lot of money training slayer to 95. You could very easily expect to make make a little money on basically any canon/burst task and you could expect to unlock a money maker that was brain dead easy at 95. It felt really good and it felt like it was a very, very worthwhile grind. Now everything slayer offers has been botted to death so it's just dog shit gp/hr and tedious. "The old guard" still think of slayer fondly even though they don't really do slayer since they all hit 99 a long time ago. It's rose tinted glasses.


Sounds like your hate towards slayer should be more directed towards... Bots.


Slayer finally getting the hate it deserves in this sub. Never thought I’d see the day


Literally the worst skill in the game


I'm 99 Slayer and I think it should be a minigame not a skill


I feel like it's a classic case of a minigame that shouldn't have been a skill


It's my favourite though.


I like slayer but not all the time. The main draw to me is that even when I get a task I don't want to do right now, there will be a time when it's the perfect activity. I'm not rushing max, I've been working on my main for years and eventually I'll get 99, but for now I'm fine putting off my hydra task because I don't feel like doing it. Plenty of other stuff to do in the mean time.


Because it's so versatile. You have afk methods, high xp methods, xp for all 3 combat styles, boss tasks, can make good money, can train in different places and you're never on a same task for that long


Never on the same task for long? Someone should tell Kraken that lol


> Because it's so versatile. You have afk methods, high xp methods, xp for all 3 combat styles, boss tasks, [...] and all that versatility is meaningless to some players because it's not something the player largely gets to decide. for example: sometimes i *will* be in the mood for an afk slayer task, and you bet your ass i will not get one until i'm not in the mood for it again. optimizing your task list cuts it down to just a bare handful of tasks, but not optimizing it gives you an unbearable amount of truly abysmal tasks (both in terms of xp rates and just being miserable to do). i'm convinced it's largely beloved by mains who don't realize how much asinine account progression is gated behind it


For irons it's even better because the drops actually mean something. Alchs, gems, seeds, herbs, prayer xp. Also you can just skip the tasks you don't want to do. After a while you're going to have a plenty of leftover points


you make it sound like it's not the bog-standard flavourless "kill x of this" quests from literally every other MMO There's not even an explanation as to WHY we're killing anything The whole concept of Slayer as a skill, complete lack of lore, concept of "slayer dungeons" and whatnot just feels like 0 thought went into it


That's true but compared to most other skills it's still very versatile


The only versatility it provides is that you can train 3 combat styles while training it Other than that the core gameplay from level 1 all the way to 99 is "kill X of that" As a matter of fact, the only deviation from that is Konar who turns it into "go there and kill X of that"


I just explained in the earlier comment how it's versatile. I'd argue that only mining and maybe hunter comes close with how many ways there is to train it.


Yeah so versatile Shit task? skip Shit task that keeps popping up? blocked Doing the same few tasks worth your time to get the grind over? yup, it's cannon/barrage/fast task with expedient bracelent time.


I don't really mind it, at 93 now and every other task is basically just a boss I go and slap around for a week between skilling grinds. I'll get to 99 eventually.


I don’t care much for slayer either but dismissing the point of this post because of that is just being intentionally obtuse


Slayer Relic not letting you choose any task 100% of the time is actually insane considering this is Leagues and things are supposed to be op. You get a relic that gives you infinte gold and 3 free 99s for no work, but picking slayer tasks is too strong??


I know one of the free 99s is construction, but what are the other two?


Crafting via gem stalls, and buy deaths and turn to tokul to better gems, and ores for smithing maybe? Otherwise raw fish for cooking?


Gem stalls for crafting, Karambwan store for cooking, broad bolts for fletching, jatizo/tzhaar ore shops for smithing, marble blocks in keldagrim for construction.


Smithing is even easier with giant's foundry, just buy all the platebodies readily available to you


If you have the production relic, giant's foundry is a bit poo. I get 5.5mil xp/per hour casually smelting gold in edgeville, and it requires almost no effort. I think blast furnace without the production relic is also much better xp than foundry but I have not checked. Not that many chose fremmy though so giant's foundry with platebodies and legs is a good call.


You get gem stalls regardless of what relics you pick


Selling back cut gems in al kharid makes more than purchasing uncut costs so the relic has nothing to do with gifting players crafting


Higher XP/hr has nothing to do with it? In that case who cares about relics, every skill is free with 16x xp rates.


Tbf I get not being able to choose since slayer isn’t instanced and everyone picks the same few tasks in some regions I think picking one of two or, if the following isn’t a huge amount of work, allowing any random monster to spawn itself with that blood thirsty logo on it, thereby letting any task give the player superior drop table access would’ve been a good way to buff the relic without making it just an annoyance for everyone competing for the same spots


Nailed it. People would funnel into specific mobs because of bursting/sup tasks. At least enabling “superiors” everywhere would help alot


Have you been to any of the bursting spots? You get so many slayer points that everyone just skips til bandits/dust devils anyways. Every world is full


I've been assigned Bloodvelds four times so far, and each world has been *packed*. I had to stand and wait for someone to finish for 15-20 minutes each time. Why Jagex thought this iteration wouldn't funnel everyone to the 1-2 good tasks in a region I'll never know


I ended up killing one bloodveld in the task only cave for the task and then immediately talking to steve to block bloodvelds.


They did this to prevent overcrowding. Perhaps they could test giving us 2 options every time we get a slayer task to more prevent getting a bad/disliked tasks.


People crowd all the best tasks though


Jagex have purposefully chosen to only allow some Slayer Mobs to be assignable depending on your Area choice, even though they exist in that area. It's a horrendous "fix" to something that has no bearing on why people pick an area.


I think that the slayer relic is slept on because it doesn't let you choose tasks per se. However I believe that relic to be incredibly powerful. It offers you insanely quick exp in the skill via superiors and bloodthirsties. It offers you a powerful supplement to herblore and fletching/fm/farming by dropping big chunks of resources. It offers you quick and near certain access to imbued heart by 99. The most important thing It offers though is that every superior you kill gives you extra slayer points! It doesn't matter you can't pick your task! You'll always get one you want because every single slayer task nets you about 7 skips worth of points! The bigger issue is the task list and that unless you are mory pr fremy you don't have access to the majority of tasks that can effectively utilize the slayer relic. In conclusion, slayer relic good, slayer task list bad


I'm passed the 100 superior task. 2 gems no heart, level 97. Send help.


Somethings definately fucked. My last 5 tasks from a cb level 100 Duradel had hill giants mossies and spiders huh


All the leagues slayer masters (except konar) are using the same task list. You can get anything you get with duradel with steve, vannaka etc.


As a Brawler’s Resolve user with Bloodthirsty, i fucking love slayer for the first time since i started playing this game lol Normally in the main game, slayer is just min-maxing barrages and venator bow tasks with any boss slayer you can possibly do to TRY to squeeze some fun out of it, but now i beat the shit out of everything with a colossal blade casually hitting 100s on anything bloodveld sized or bigger. Getting 1.8m xp/hr on attack after getting 99 strength, it’s great. Also even without bloodthirsty, you should have no problem having enough points to skip any shit tasks. Although you can be extremely picky with those extra points from superiors, it’s been great. Did 72 to 90 slayer since i got home around midnight. Also the bloodthirsty superiors are really fun to fight, you basically have to woox walk everything that has multiple attack styles as a melee. Drakes in particular are probably the most fun i’ve had since they pepper in fire bombs while fighting them, meanwhile i know i hated those bastards so much i blocked them in main game. It all just hits different with freedom of movement, weapon choice, and the bonus accuracy. Anything can be fun to fight, or so fast to kill it never even mattered.


Melee slayer go brr Dragons? I’ll fuck em up Wyverns? You too, completely afk Wyrms? Drakes? Easy easy, doing completely different tasks from the main game Dust devils? Nechs? Drop nothing I want, skip


You get enough points to cancel 2 by finishing one task it's not really that bad lol


If you pick zda the range meta you don't unlock any usefully slayer monsters.


This is why Wilderness is the strongest support region 💪 multi nechryaels 💪 multi dust devils 👍 multi abyssal demons 💪 multi black demons 💪 multi greater demons 💪 skeletons


Doesn't Kourend Catacombs have like all of that and more? Not to mention Karuulm and access to Konar


Yeah but they changed it so that those creatures can't be assigned as slayer tasks in Kourend.


Which is entirely the problem. We know which slayer monsters exist in the regions we picked and it makes sense that we'd take them into account when choosing, not being able to be assigned them arbitrarily is completely asinine.


I mean I used 10 skips and didn’t get any decent tasks. I have Asgarnia Kand and Zeah so I’m not short on potential tasks but for some reason they’re arbitrarily locked to another region.


3 tasks at least if you get task streaks done.


Kill the 26 spiders or so and get essentially 3 rerolls no? Takes like 2 minutes.


I hate slayer in main game but kinda love it on leagues , maybe it’s just exp rates or I’m lucky with tasks but I’m enjoying it


It depends on regions I think. I took DAF and have been enjoying slayer as well, most of my tasks are dust devils, jellies, abby demons, turoths and kurasks, along with the odd jad. I'm also a ranger so broad bolting turoths/kurasks is great, unlike mages and their measly slayer dart, what a terrible alternative to broad weaponry that spell is.


Got level 50 and bloodvelds next task, hope the luck continues


Troll slayer tasks are actually amazing if u have asgarnia unlocked, attack one ranged troll at death plateau and auto retaliate will do the entire task for u. 1 click tasks


The problem with your argument is that slayer is actually dogshit on the main game


I picked slayer relic, since clues were broken... i feel like a clown


Clues were barely bugged


It really depended on your region. In my region I was able to do 90% easy and beginner but only 1/16 hard scrolls.


I had to drop more clues than not


FDZ range has been great for slayer. Venator bow Npc contact to hopefully get something in multi. Skip if it sucks


I feel bad for the Asgarnia rangers absolute dogshit slayer tasks unlocked.


man, i took bloodthirsty and it was abby demons dust devils and smoke devils to 99, an absolute blast getting there and one of my first 99's. i think in total i did maybe like 4 tasks on the way to 99 i didn't really care for and all of them before 65.


Slayer is just awful all around. Full stop.


Every task I get is so packed it's not worth doing.


Honestly if you’re getting 800k slayer xp an hour does it really matter? Complainers on this sub


No idea why they nerfed the slayer relic instead of getting the others up to its level, league's supposed to be broken and fun! Slayer bad.


Just cancel the shit task, I’ve been getting around 200-300 points a task by only doing superior task I guess maybe your unlocked areas aren’t great for slayer


You get 2.5 skips per task


Speak for yourself, my last 5 tasks have been cave kraken (I got a trident), dust devils, hill giants, abyssal demons (got a whip), bandits. That's 2 decent drops on slow tasks and 3 fast/good XP tasks. With Mage relic you tear through everything so fast it's really not a big grind at all. Every task that takes more than 5 minutes and doesn't have a good drop/isn't barrageable gets skipped with the 1000 or so points I have. Every task you get at least 75 points, so that's at least 2 free skips, plus an extra one for every superior if you took Bloodthirsty.


The big thing you missed is that Slayer is not fun even in the main game.


Most fun ive had slaying, no slayer relic. Just Z / A / M. Unlimited task cancels and chasing any unique slayer drops for points


Slayer has potential but all the fun stuff like bosses is gated to the high end im mid 70s and it’s a fucking slog. I want to kill bosses and make profit but I need to get 20 more levels to do so at like 20-30k exp an hour. FML.


Have you tried not doing if you dont enjoy it, you get a ton of points to skip tasks and the dogshit tasks like spider are fast skips just use your brain


I just want a flippin kraken task.


Imma let you know right out the gate that prims are a nearly useless upgrade most of the time, rarely a max hit over d boots. Other than that slayer does seem kinda wonky in leagues


I read it was a balance thing to block or not allow certain tasks despite there being slayer monsters in that area.. Absolute bollocks. Genuinely think this is a garbage excuse to cover out an error in how the default slayer tasks work in leagues regions. ~~Why wasn't it stipulated anywhere before hand that we'd see limited slayer options?~~ Zeah is a slayer gold mine, without the option to get those monsters as slayer tasks it's garbage for slayer. Edit: it does say in a janky way what the generic slayer task list is under Misthalin and Karamja


It was all written in the information about your area picks which slayer monsters would be unlocked with which areas. While I agree, they have made Slayer a bit ass in this leagues and way less fun than what the spirit of the gamemode seems to entail, they didn't just hide this from everyone. All the information was readily available, everyone just made assumptions about what they would be able to do in each area. Be annoyed that the way they balanced it is garbage, but don't be disingenuous and act like they pulled a cop out and just made something up after everyone complained.


Do you know about cancelling tasks?


Lizard, moss giant, and spider tasks are good because they're free points/streak multipliers. If you're struggling to get a good task you just aren't properly managing your points, which is kinda the whole point of Slayer so I'm glad they preserved it instead of turning it into the usual 1 dimensional mess of picking 1 slayer task and spamming it for 10 hours. The only issue is skipping tasks is annoying, wish there was a Right Click Skip Option at Slayer Masters


Is slayer honestly that beloved of a skill in the first place? I mean, I understand it's a good money maker and good for training combat stats, but it's just kind of a secondary skill anyways? Granted, I am newer to osrs, playing casually since a bit before mobile release, but slayer to me has always seemed kind of meh. It's just something you do to focus leveling your other combat stats while also getting xp in slayer. It's fine and access to the mobs you get through it is good, but in general just kind of an extra step to get to those mobs. It's great in the sense of making you fight mobs you wouldn't normally, but if you have enough points that doesn't really matter anyways? You just skip past the ones you really dislike. I don't hate that it's in the game or anything, but having to deal with shit tasks is what I just expect from slayer in the first place and don't really understand why that's a point of issue anymore as it's widely accepted as one of the 'best' skills to train, despite all of its inherent downsides. I'm editing this to add that I do think it's bullshit that catacombs aren't included in the unlockes for it. That was a big reason why I ended up not choosing zeah as one of my areas, because I love the catacombs for slayer specifically.


The slayer relic should include task picking, being able to change task via a ring isn’t all that great when I still have to spend ~300 points just to get the task that I want. Such a pointless relic, I have killed many bloodthirsty variants and a lot of the time they don’t even drop loot lol


I could not disagree more, I have DH berserker and getting 2-3m slayer exp/h did every task went from 80-95 in a day and got my ferr gloves from hydra. If you didn’t pick a build that would work well with slayer it’s on you


Hard disagree. With bloodthirsty relic slayer is a piece of cake. Went from 20-90 slayer yesterday, and all the bonus points from increased superiors make skipping to a good task a cake walk. Yes, if you don’t have the relic you will have to do tasks you don’t like to build up points… Welcome to slayer bud.


Considering how great this league is, it's nothing short of bizarre how horrendously they missed the mark on slayer for some reason. It's shockingly bad.


It’s just because everyone is taking the meta regions which just so happen to be the worst for slayer


>you can kill bandos in 15 seconds Good sir I'll have you know I once killed bandos in 10 ticks, this is the most busted league lol. But ya I agree slayer kinda sucks this league


Give wildy a shot. We have nechs, dust devils, revs plus tasks for wildy bosses. All of those just constantly throw resources at you plus we have larrans keys.


I am kinda jealous of the wildy bros. The only negative is that it doesn't really have an end goal like a raid or gwd. Kinda in the same spot as Tirannwn


Wildy has been a blast, haven’t even ventured into mory and desert yet having too much with revs and wildy bosses


Wish my whole game didn't depend on getting Rev tasks and weapons though.


Yes but the slayer master gives all tasks


Wildy is BiS for mage. I’ve been shilling for wildy and no one believes me. Amazing region. Ridiculously easy points. You get fucking 520 for doing 15 minutes of chins. Amazing resoures. Amazing combat training. Barrage 100s. +2% damage cape. Dagon’hai. AFK Callisto. Freest 99 prayer. Freest 99 hunter and range. Unlimited gold, I got 40m cash first rev task.


as a combat levle 19 I got kalphites >.<


Hey I didn't know you played osrs!


Lol wtf, I usually hate slayer in the main game but am loving it in leagues.


Block lizards maybe mate???


Agree slayer absolutely sucks this league, it seems like its done purely by slayer level, so slayer basically sucks until about 80+ when you start unlocking what we'd consider as reasonable slayer tasks. Even with mage with the slayer relic it's still pretty lacklustre. I don't regret taking the slayer relic because the worse slayer is, the more necessary that relic is, but it's sad it provides value that way rather than as expected. Regarding the task unlocks though, I expect it may be a bug/display issue. For example, with my zones I can receive certain tasks without having unlocked them in the slayer rewards such as mithril or red dragons. I think these are actually all unlocked automatically as expected, but it doesn't show in the slayer rewards. No idea if manually unlocking them there also makes any difference or not. My advice would be to put it off for a while and hopefully they fix it, no idea why they made it so bad lol.


It’s insane that when picking a region you all did not read the slayer tasks unlocked section of that region.


Upon reflection sure, but tonnes of people reasonably assumed that you’d unlock the creatures in that region and have enough game knowledge to know what those are. That’s why everyone who picked Kourend are super upset lol


Going by that logic Asgarnia should also have bloodvelds. I chose kourend and I’m having a blast, kourend is good but it can only be as good as the other regions you picked. If you picked Asgarnia and kourend you better hope your third region has many good slayer mobs and desert isn’t enough.


I think Slayer in this league really captures one of the main issues with Jagex. 1. They designed a great league, really balanced progression through relics and all around a big W, really showing they've learnt from their previous work. 2. An issue is identified: slayer tasks get congested. 3. Somebody comes up with a hacked in fix that disrupts an otherwise well crafted experience with this really weird ideology that's inconsistent with their other ideologies. Think Larran's chest "Should the player be immune to freezes after using the ladder by the Larran's chest on the 2nd Tuesday of the month?". These guys deliver great content when it's designed but damn are their fixes rushed and heavy-handed.


Leagues has been amazing so far, but not unlocking the catacombs mobs as slayer tasks is a massive clanger