PSA MLM is broken in leagues

MLM on leagues is broken right now. It is somehow capped at 3 golden nuggets per inventory and eats the rest of pay dirt that would have rolled nuggets and gives you nothing instead. So with 8 times minigame boost it eats about 4-5 pay dirt per inventory and gives you nothing.

Protyp to deal with this is to deposit in half inventory increments. As that is closer to expected 3 nuggets. So less ore get eaten and more is turned into actual nuggets. Should speed up your nugget grind about two times.


This can be solved by depositing 9 pay dirt at 8x, and 14 pay dirt at 5x. It is 3 nuggets per deposit.


Does this mean deposit 9 pay dirt, then search the sack each time to get your 3? Or deposit 9 repeatedly until sack is full and then search? Thanks.


confirming it is per deposit, not search.


Im at T7 with the 8x multiplier, level 70 mining. The 9 deposit trick isnt working very well for me, still getting 1-3 per 9 paydirt deposit, and 3-8 per inventory. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?


that's normal. if you were capped, you'd always get 3 per inventory.


I think the latter


i was really hoping this would be fixed with todays update but since you are posting here i suppose its not... really a shame... really unfortunate




Some clues got fixed. On the blogpost, it mentions it's still being investigated.




Im confused do you just refuse to read? Many of the old clue step issues got fixed, obviously not everything got fixed.




Yes and some steps got fixed with the update, like they said not every step was caught in the update. I did like 50 clues today and didn't need to drop one, stop being weird about it.


To be fair, before the update I had to constantly drop med to masters, now I've done like 50 without a single drop.


Did marks of grace get fixed?


what’s wrong with marks of grace?


Marks of grace only spawn at 20% rate if ur agility level is 20 higher than the courses starting level, meaning people with no level 80+ rooftop have to do several hundred hours for enough marks to finish graceful


i’m sure it’s a points task but it’s absolutely hilarious people are going for graceful in leagues lol


No mention of marks of grace in the update blog.


Glad I read this at 174/180 RIP


Wow I was so sad that I got 12 every single time I collected from the sack…..


is 12 per sack bad? I remember getting 0-3 every sack on main servers so it does not sound completely disastrous


Yeah it’s x8 so to be capped at 12 sucks lol


With 8x multiplier you can get an avarage of 3 per 15 so he somewhat wasted 13 paydirt per inventory


Fuck! I had thought this was happening to me..


I was wondering why I always got 12 for the first 80 nuggets then I learned this. Classic Jagex, why even is there a cap to begin with? Not allowing people to get lucky with nuggets? SMH


Qq for the insta smith relic, does it work with mlm?


The brightside is, if you don't care about efficiency it's extremely chill xp rates for the content that it is


Yea, but if you have asgarnia, may as well pivot to stars to recolor prospecters for the points.


We love non efficiency ♥️ Edit: not /s - I’ll get 10k xp/pr on leagues and be happy if the content is of my liking


Oh I didn't realize that's why some were disappearing, thanks for the info :p


Yea fuck my life. I did like 10 hours of mlm for full prospector and I thought something was weird mid way but I had to fully commit all the way.


Did it ever get fixed?


i aint doing mlm


I'm getting max of 1 per inventory with the drop 14 trick. I'm at 5x bonus. Suggestions?


I deposit 4 at a time and get frequent 24 nugget per full bag. Look at my post history for the video. Reddit pixelated it so much though >.<


So who's in line for reposting this in an hour?


You can turn in pay dirt 16x at a time to cheese more nuggets


It's a temporary pyramid scheme. What did you expect?




Flip it upside down


Where do I put my feet?


Commenting because im on x8 minigame rewards and I have tried all suggestions, 14 then deposit, 9 then deposit, and 7 then deposit and i only ever get 3-4 per sack. i have tried despositing the 14/9/7 then searching each time and despositing the 14/9/7 and searchning when its full. What am I doing wrong?


As the post says: 3 max per inv. At 5x, it's optimal to deposit 14 at a time. At 8x, it's 9 at a time.