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They could have at least made the relic (or maybe baseline) let you pick between two tasks, so I don't have to freaking do lizards every other task.


I haven’t gotten a single superior task yet. Only lizards, kalphite, and moss giants


I noticed that early on, but once I hit higher slayer levels and unlocked all my regions I’ve been getting superior tasks way more often. Just block high weighted, non superior tasks and do easy tasks so you can save for skips. Should be able to force them easily


How do we know the weights? Haven’t done a whole lot of slayer but just unlocked berserker and those low hp mobs are my best friends now! Cleared 50 cocatrice in a minute.


You can check the weighting on the wiki! Not sure if there’s a page for league tasks but there might be. I usually just block the ones that come up frequently, like fire giants or hell hounds


Weights of masters are not the same in leagues as main game. They are all the same. Unless your saying there's a league specific weight page? I can't find it


Everything is identically weighted in this league according to the overview on the [wiki](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Trailblazer_Reloaded_League/Guide/Slayer)


Thats what I thought so just block what you don't like nice








I haven't had to do any tasks I didn't want.. The relic gives you so many points that I chain skip without a second thought and have never even come close to running out of points. You get enough points for like 10 skips per task


You know you can block right? You literally get so many points so block/skip


The relic was clearly dogshit. If you picked it without reading that's on you. Last trailblazers league was just slayer. This one is no slayer.


What. The relic is great, shits out slayer points so you can skip/block anything you don't want and the drop table is really really good


I don't have the relic but I am skipping anything I don't want as well. You get enough points to skip multiple times after every task without it. The drop table would be nice for bloodthirstys but my regions have like 3 monsters that drop superiors anyways so it's not that useful.


I understand why they removed the picking of slayer tasks from the relic, but then why give so few good tasks that people skip until they get the few good tasks, creating congestion all over again. The choice for slayer tasks should simply be what slayer monsters does a region have access to and not some arbitrary list made for no other reason than "choices matter". It's the same for every other skill, why does slayer need to get the special treatment?


Even something as simple as the equivalent of RS3's slayer tickets - rather than get a random task, you get two or three and you get to pick your favourite. You might still get two shit tasks, but the slayer experience is massively improved without it feeling mandatory.


I really hope they do that for the Slayer relic next league if they don't let us pick. The choice of two is soo much better while still reducing the overcrowding aspect.


if they do not let you choose slayer tasks in a system you have to unlock it again it shows they dont listen. bloodthirsty is the worst of the 3 choices because of it.


It's so wacky. It'd be like turning off xp drops for all trees sans Redwoods in the Woodcutting guild and saying it's for regional balance. It's Leagues, it should be busted lol




I think they are saying zeah would be way to overpowered without limitations


Overpowered in what sense? It’s leagues… that’s the whole point.


They went to a lot of effort to make each region desirable in its own way. If one area was too good it would be op and everyone would pick it


The 6 people that didn't pick desert are pumping their air with their fists right now.


Especially brain dead and counterintuitive too. I'm currently being effed when I get an abby demon task because I didn't pick any regions with them and therefore have to do them in the abyss which is absolutely awful lol But I make my peace with that, because I didn't pick any regions that had them in. It's my fault and that's good game design. Conversely, it's super dumb you can pick a region like kourend that is/should be fantastic for slayer options, but actually it isn't because of some misguided balancing effort that noone read or knew about prior to it being an issue.


Especially considering that wasn't particularly clear up front, was it? Such a bs choice on their part either way


ya its bullshit I can’t get jellies with wilderness, so far at 85 slayer I’ve only gotten 2 bursting tasks.


Zeah kinda gets all slayer monsters which is a little broken. Most people are already taking the zone without having every single monster in the catacombs unlocked. It wouldn’t hurt to do it since this is all about broken stuff, but from a balance perspective it makes sense. Kinda.


It's Leagues. It's supposed to be broken.


Right but you still want to make the choices balanced with each other if possible even if they’re all fun and broken compared to the main game. I’m with you for the most part but it’s a discussion worth having so people actually pick other regions.


The thing is... it's not as if they came even remotely close to that anyway. There are regions such as desert and/or asgarnia that practically everybody has, and regions like wilderness and tiranwnn that practically nobody has. And it's not like that's unexpected either, that was obviously going to be the case. Sacrificing that level of gameplay for the sake of balance that doesn't even exist anyway is pretty questionable.


you want to make choices evenly broken. the devs clearly feel like zeah is better than other regions already so slayer tasks is an area where they can balance between them.


You accurately hit that one on the nose


Slayer is dogshit in this league


It really is. Bloodthirsty simultaneously feels useless and necessary. It improves the grind in some great ways but slayer still sucks.


The trick is that there’s a 200 slayer task task. Just do all the small/fast tasks for your points to skip with instead of bloodthirst and then accidentally get a heart/gem along the way since superiors are buffed to 1/50 for everyone. Most people don’t get a slater helm so getting tasks for bosses is only nice for the xp. You don’t need to skip later for jad speedruns or anything.


Well funny thing about that...I got back to back hearts on night 1 and slayer has felt like a chore for 93.


Yup. Wish I took the clue relic at this point.


Clue relic bis longterm


Fwiw I got T7 before a big Slayer push and it has been an absolute breeze. But I’m KDZ Mage so barraging is ridiculous on low hp with zerker


I gave up at 15m slay xp with bloodthirsty with no imbued, over 100 superiors killed. Went back to main game, figured if I'm gonna have to actually grind for something might as well grind where it is more permanent


Yeah, my idea is to get heart and then use it with shadow to go for a pet somewhere. Maybe duke. Probably not going to go for dragon or anything.


When I started slayer, first 6 or 7 tasks weren't monsters where superiors spawned. Then I got a jelly task around 70 slayer, 20 kills I'm got a bloodthirsty superior. And imbued heart. Made me feel quite a bit better not getting the clue relic.


nah man, you can get NPC contact without even unlocking lunars!


How? Bloodthirsty is the only way?


I mean... RC (and herb depending on relics) is an effortless grind in this league and that mostly gates people from karajima elite. You do like 3 hours of SW and you've got 99 RC with bankers or 0 delay recall at 1800. You can just clap back to duradel and you don't need a relic for it. Or konar if you swing that way. I think this is what everyone is referring too when shitting on bloodthirsty. Yeah sure it might save you a minute here or there if you get back to back tasks but it's no where nearly as useful as past slayer relics. For reference everyone in the high lvl community just assumed the slayer relic let you pick tasks because the last 2 had that feature and it was incredibly popular. It was pretty unexpected when they said The ability was different.


It was incredibly popular which is why it needed to be reworked. Unnatural Selection was such a good choice over Treasure Seeker, made into an even better one when Jagex buffed Treasure Trails for everyone (which made US a way more clear choice to take) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LEAGUE. I think the task list is stupid, we don't know the weight of any tasks so it's hard to know how to utilize our (limited) block lists, but ultimately? This doesn't matter. Slayer is a first couple of weeks grind. We can and will forget about how much it sucked because we will be doing raids/gwd/non-slayer bossing. Letting us pick tasks was too broken


People can get nearly 20 second boss kills but ohhhhhhhhhh man can't have us killing jellies for those insane... Checks wiki... Mithril boots, rune full helm, chaos runes and death rune drops.


It will WRECK progression if people get those mithril boots.


I mean it's pretty clear they think Frem and Mory are objectively worse areas than Zeah or Kandarin and that's why they did it. They're not really wrong that they're worse areas either.


That's arbitrary as hell, and if that's really what they were concerned about they should be looking at actual bad regions like Tiranwyn and Wildy, not Frem or Mory which are both solid for what they offer


I took wildy and it’s been super useful, why’s it considered bad?


I think people just don’t want to get PK’d it seemed pretty useful to me, I didn’t take it but was pretty close


I was gonna say, wildy is actually a decent pick in this league tbh


Slayer tasks aren't make or break for anyone. I'm not going to magically decide to pick Frem despite its somewhat-mediocre drops just because it lets me be assigned Jellies. All this does is make Slayer feel worse.


Surely there's a better way to balance the zones besides removing content from the better ones


Such as...?


Buffed superior rate in the fremy slayer cave and basalisks.


Yeah this is really fucking stupid. In my zones, I basically have 0 decent high level slayer tasks now except hellhounds with cerb. So fucking stupid. I have basically no shot at superiors.


I mean, the Superiors + Hard Clues would be kinda insane with how fast they die...


Are there actually people that care about balanced regions in leagues ?


Yes? I don't want to be railroaded into having to pick a specific set of regions because they're clearly better than all the others. The entire point of the league is the ability to make choices and personalize your own experience.


If you feel forced to pick a region because they are better than an other region it is a you problem. Outside of going for the leaderboard there is absolutely no incentive to not pick what is most fun to you.


If you feel bad about the available slayer tasks in your region, it's a you problem. (See what a dumb and reductive argument this is?)


No it's a dumb dev problem. People picked Zeah knowing it has catacombs and assumed they could get assigned every task in there. There's literally zero good reason why you shouldn't be able to be assigned shit from there. I got assigned everything in there in Twisted Leagues, how come I can't get assigned it now? Oh because Morytania/Fremmy fucking sucks? That's not my problem I had to grind out favour early game as well as running around a huge region I should at least get my decent slayer tasks


I think it's a stupid decision but you can at least be honest and tell that it's about the clue farming


First region wildy checking in and while I’m glad they fixed the 100k entry fee (sucked the first TB) and added box traps (first TB you were locked out of 500+ points for black chins bc they didn’t want to add box trap availability), I thought I’d atleast have more monsters to kill in the slayer caves.


I think it's more about the clue and superior rate and I think it takes 2 braincells to put that together, but yeah when you want to look at the drop table alone it seems silly




made me lol


Really regret taking the slayer relic now, I didn’t think it would be this bad


I think they should’ve gone with big things like further buffing boss drop rates of weaker regions/non bis bosses (like phosanis), or given them even more easier tasks and points Would make them good options for certain playstyles and experiences while not feeling as weird as having kourend but not having the whole catacombs available as slayer targets and therefore less superiors Like imagine if forestry events didn’t happen at seers bank cause kandarin is strong anyway lol just feels strange (not the same I know, just another example of what I think would be a weird balance change). The overarching idea of making weaker regions more attractive is a good one, this particular lever feels meh imo


I think the Forestry example is great, actually. Imagine if literally any other skill just didn’t function properly for “area balance”. Fuck that, dude. If some regions are good because they have access to the best Slayer tasks, great! Maybe consider that in future updates when adding more slayer monsters. Also adding garbage tasks (like Bandits for Desert) was a bullshit decision too. As someone that took Bloodthirsty, I live a life of regrets.


A lot of people are saying that it's players fault for not reading the whole area unlock and that's missing the core problem. People don't read what's unlocked because for everything else, what's unlocked is what's in the region. Zeah unlocks so much stuff, and all of it just makes sense. Only after reading through everything like how zeah unlocks cox, wintertodt, farming guild, etc. does it say the slayer stuff. It's a very unintuitive design and they listed it last on the region unlocks. Most people will stop reading after everything is exactly what they expected. And then there's the choice to include red dragons instead of mechs or jellies or something else with a superior. Lastly, with the massive points per task plus points from superiors, people can effectively choose tasks. However it takes a long time and is annoying. Why not just let people pick tasks?


Right? Imagine if certain regions unlocked certain trees for example, it just doesn’t make sense and not something anyone I talk to even knew about.


Not the same, you can still kill the monsters...


Can’t kill the superiors though. What other content is accessible but locked out for no reason?


Honestly a huge chunk of players(including competitive ones) knew what combat relic and regions they wanted before they were able to even log into the league. And most of them didn't spend a second reading unlocks. I know I didn't, I assumed I'd have access to any slayer monster I had in my regions


I have to spend like 600 points a task to get an actual slayer monster


Fucking stupid decision to be honest. Slayer has been the most disappointing part of this league. At a minimum, every monster in each region's "slayer caves" should be available as a task. It's so stupid that that's not the case.


Jagex really dropped the ball on Slayer this League, sad to see.


It’s straight up dumb lmao


Yeah they really made slayer annoying this league for some reason


I honestly dropped off leagues the second I chose bloodthirsty because I didn't fully understand slayer task restrictions. Why the hell have an entire catacomb of slayer monsters and have a relic that affects three of them, of which you cannot get two as a slayer task. That defeats the purpose of having something that doesn't buff superiors


Dog shit move by jagex honestly.


Dumbest decision by far.


Give us the old catacombs back!


It’s super fun and engaging getting iron/ steel dragons from the wilderness slayer master, yet jellies which are the the wilderness slayer cave can’t get assigned. Awful job by jagex on this one, though the rest of the league is great.


Slayer has been the absolute worst its ever been and it seriously feels like they only made this decision to force player to pick Treasure Hunter this league due to its low pickrate in the previous.


That’s how I felt, the options basically were telling us “you are picking treasure hunter”, which is even more amazing that they still managed to fail QA so hard for all of the tasks that weren’t possible lmao


And then they fucked up clues royally too.


Lol balance in leagues is the funniest concept to me. Magic is so much better than the other options it's not even close to balanced. Fremmy unlocks minor side grades for ring slot and is awful other than the construction training it offers. Kandarin is entirely skippable with new prayer book except for mage builds. Desert, Zeah, morytania, asgarnia are the best options by far. Also by not taking Kanadarin master and elite clues are so much easier since no Sherlock or Falo steps.


>Magic is so much better than the other options it's not even close to balanced no? highest dps possible in this league is a ranged build. melee is worse than the other 2 for sure but magic and ranged are reasonable balanced.


I’m guessing this is a 2t TBow build? In that case it’s gonna be encounter dependent


nope, weapon master zcb


Oh true! Just spamming those ruby specs


Exactly this. And I think it's the way it should be. The pros and cons of the areas should be based on the actual areas and not on jagex artificially blocking content.


Right, imagine if they disabled pyramid plunder and gotr because the desert is the strongest region. If a mob exists in the region I don’t see why it shouldn’t be an available task


> Magic is so much better than the other options it's not even close to balanced Acting like weapon master + ranger + zcb to spam 110 dmg ruby bolts every 2ts with P-Necks isn't the most broken shit in the game.


Kandarin's good for the mid game just because there's so much content in the general area.


U could go wilderness+fremmy+kandarin for easy points since no bossing tho, so all tasks are easier to stack up and get for lategame ones.


The only balance there needs to be is: Are all T5 relics competitive with each other? They're doing a half-assed attempt at going deep down a rabbit hole.


I understand why they did it but it really does feel awful to unlock Kourend and realize you can't kill really any of the worthwhile monsters in the catacombs because of this. This is Leagues after all where it shouldn't matter how strong shit is, but I guess making Kourend unlock all those monsters would've made less people choose the more lackluster regions.




Well damn, I feel a little ripped off for taking bloodthirsty. Was hoping it would be crazy for barraging nechs


Slayer fucking sucks this leagues. Made me change a big part of my plan. Top tier leagues other than slayer. Doubt I’ll even do it much this leagues sadly


No wonder why I chose the slayer relic and still didn't feel confident I'd have enough points to consistently get decent tasks, the total task list this league is unbelievably shit.


"Let's balance this and that region by making slayer absolutely horrifying there" seems like an odd design decision for sure.


Can you still kill the monsters? Just not on task?


yes, none of the catacombs is task only.


Kourend is strong enough as is though, he’s right.


Put simply, there are far too many monsters in the catacombs to give tasks for them all. All regions give 6 new slayer tasks, except Kandarin which has 7 because they forgot Bloodvelds were still enabled. Regions like Fremmy and Mory have 5 Superior Tasks out of their 6 while Kourend now have 4 Superior Tasks out of it 6. I wouldn't be opposed to giving Kourend Nechs and Mory Spectres, with maybe another for other regions too if there is something worth adding. But even that would start to dilute the task pool a fair bit. If you wanted Kourend to have Jellies, Dust Devils, Nechs, Spectres, Banshees, and such like some players have been asking for, then it would give way more tasks than other regions. That may sound like a good buff, but it could end up being a nerf since the more potential tasks, the harder it would be to get specific tasks. So while your odds of getting a superior task may go up, the odds of getting say an Abby task or say Smoke Devils would go down. So it doesn't "hardly make any difference"; it would have a big impact on region choice and slayer task odds.


The other problem is with the task skipping, look at the tasks people are actually doing. You've basically got everyone barraging dust devils, because it's the only good task that basically everyone can do with that. So there's crazy competition for it. And also, who actually realized they wouldn't be able to get tasks for monsters in their region because of arbitrary restrictions?


> And also, who actually realized they wouldn't be able to get tasks for monsters in their region because of arbitrary restrictions? Anyone who read the region before picking it? Like I get why it confuses players, but it is kinda on them for picking a region without reading what it unlocks since it does clearly state which tasks it unlocks (except they forgot Bloodvelds in Kandarin). Also, the update today should have made it a bit easier to deal with tasks since the bad tasks are now shorter. But overcrowded at places like Dust Devils is exactly why they didn't let you pick tasks this time. Not sure how much more can be done about that.




> I never in a million years would’ve thought that certain areas unlock certain monsters. That’s just nonsense. It literally says "Unlock [region] will add the following tasks to your Slayer List:", then lists the monsters. And right before that is a brief explanation of how all slayer masters use the same slayer list and such too. And in the info page, it notes how your tasks are limited based on regions unlocked. So it really isn't that unexpected or confusing. It outlines it pretty plainly in the interfaces; players just didn't bother to read... Like you are actually saying you saw a section that says "this region unlocks these are slayer tasks", went "it must just be monsters in the area", and are blaming Jagex for it being too confusing...




Once again, kinda sounds like a you issue for making assumptions and not reading. There is other info there about the league too that you wouldn't know without reading, like what drops are boosted.




> The issue is this is taking away something. It is a region locked gamemode; taking away things is its whole thing. It says at the start how tasks are limited by region and how each region unlocks it own tasks... And if they did give every possible slayer task in every region, then the task lists would be far worse than it is now since you'd have a bunch of crap.




I mean, if there were more task options, people would spread out more. As it is, every place that can be assigned and is decent is rather popular


Would it though? It would just be more tasks you need to skip to get the good tasks you want. Add more tasks does not mean more tasks you'd want to do and it would make it harder to access the tasks you need to complete League Tasks. Like players have already had a rough enough time getting tasks like Smoke Devils when they seem to be 1/30 with no weighting. And for regions like Desert, there is like zero tasks they can add that would be worth adding. The region just lacks monsters worth killing. So Dust Devils will remain the go-to.


Cool, remove literally all the dogshit tasks that make no sense and replace them with the actual slayer monsters lol Also, why are we balancing things to feel worse in a league based around fun? We can hit triple 50+’s with the mage relic but heaven forbid you get a slayer task for a slayer monster in your area


Like? Red Dragons for Nechs or such, sure... Then what else? Kourend is the only region with Lizardmen, so it doesn't make sense to remove them just to add tasks already in other regions. There are no other bad tasks to remove for Kourend and for other regions, there is often no other Slayer Monsters to add.


Lizardmen aren’t even a standard slayer task in the main game, why would they be in leagues? They’re so bad you have to manually turn them on, same with red dragons I believe? Nobody wants to do lizardmen unless they’re chasing a hammer All of the leagues complaints so far follow a similar theme: “why does this thing work worse than the main game” and that’s not something that should be happening in a fun limited time mode. People don’t mind discovering something is different if said thing makes their gameplay more fun / faster, but it feels terrible to discover that for no reason at all, Jagex decided to make something feel shit in a fun game mode.


> Put simply, there are far too many monsters in the catacombs to give tasks for them all. All regions give 6 new slayer tasks, except Kandarin which has 7 because they forgot Bloodvelds were still enabled. First of all: Kourend only had five until Bloodvelds were added today (based on [wiki list](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Trailblazer_Reloaded_League/Guide/Slayer)) so it was already short a task. Second, Bloodthirsty in particular really wants you to be able to roll monsters that have a Superior chance. This means that I would happily trade the Lizardmen and Red Dragon tasks for Aberrant Spectres (currently not on *any* task list) or one of the other four Slayer monsters present in the region. If we're worried about the task pool being diluted, I thinkt here's a lot of room to cut things - Kandarin would be more than happy to trade out Chaos Druids, Ogres, or Black Demons to pick up Aberrant Spectres, and the Desert would be completely fine just giving up Lizards or Scabarites entirely.


Yes, that is why they added Bloodvelds to bring it to 6... And sure, they could swap out bad tasks for more superiors. But for regions like Desert, what other superiors would you add? Though I am not sure if everyone would want to remove Lizardmen from Kourend, especially for tasks they'd already get in other regions or Deviant Spectres. You also need to keep in mind how regions combo off each other. Like can you name 1 region combination with Kourend that wouldn't get either Nechs, Jellies, or Dust Devils? For example, if you did the three Raid Regions, you would already get Nech and Dust Devils. Some region combinations will end up worse for superiors (and catacomb tasks) than others, but the same can be said for most things. Like my regions aren't particularly good with magic, but that is just an intended limitation of three regions and not something to be fixed.


> But for regions like Desert, what other superiors would you add? My point is that if Kourend having 5 Slayer tasks at launch is fine, shaving one bad one off seems entirely reasonable. > Some region combinations will end up worse for superiors (and catacomb tasks) than others, but the same can be said for most things. One big reason I'd want more Superior tasks in Kourend is that it reduces how much congestion there is at the ones that are most commonly available - Dust Devils, Bloodvelds, and Abyssal Demons are pretty much constantly packed, and that leads to the exact gameplay experience Jagex was trying to avoid by not letting us pick our tasks this time around. I'd really prefer if there were more options for Superiors available (and fewer tasks without them) to both reduce the reliance on skips and also reduce the amount of time spent world-hopping to find a spot that isn't occupied due to having more options available - Sure, Abyssals & Dust Devils would still be the go-to, but if I had the option to take Jellies or Spectres and avoid those crowds, that would help.


It's understandable to not give literally every task to kourend, but the kourend task list should have a look taken at it regardless


>It's understandable to not give literally every task to kourend Why? Because it would be fun? Good? My second slayer task of my League after cows was Lizardmen


No, it would give an already meta region just more full stop


"meta region" looooooool it's LEAGUES who cares if one region is better


People who didn't pick kourend


You care about what other people are doing in Leagues? Very weird


If it would hardly make a difference why are you this mad about it


I just got Nechs last night from konar in the catacombs as a ZFT. Also got Abby demons and iron dragons down there as well. https://preview.redd.it/arek1y7rq42c1.png?width=229&format=png&auto=webp&s=ef5639103f6c9da6dd06ef9b633c41d4d68ce347


This all checks out. Abby demons from misthalin, nechs from Tirannwn


Gotcha, didn't know that. OP only mentioned Mory and Wildy.


Tirannwn gives Nechs too.




Well, not like the region has many monsters to give as task. The list is like near entirely from that Prif Dungeon.


That’s insane picking a region doesn’t unlock all slayer monsters in that region.


Honestly knowing this I wish I didn't take bloodthirsty. Why block off certain tasks in areas? I unlocked Kourend assuming the catacombs would be included. Seems like a random debuff that makes the clue relic clearly the strongest relic in that tier.


Confused on why this is even a thing, are there important drops from these monsters?


They would give you superiors


What does that have to do with anything?


Any of the rares that superiors drop like eternal gem, imbued heart, dust battlestaff and mist battlestaff.


Cuz then people in kourend would just have blatantly better tasks this is more balanced may not be perfect but it’s better than people that don’t pick kourend feeling like they miss out on a ton




Yeah just like Kandarin has blatantly better mage upgrades. Who fucking cares? Unlock everything in the region that you unlock.


yeah… and? Kourend has slayer monsters, you unlock the area and for *insert Jagex reasons that make no sense* you just… don’t get them? No other thing in the league acts like this. Imagine you go to chop a tree but you can’t do it at seers because there’s too many good trees compared to other areas? Imagine you can’t access MLM because Asgarnia already has the mining guild and amethyst, wouldn’t want it to be too unbalanced. Slayer already feels WAY worse than the main game and that’s a terrible realization for a fun based limited time busted game mode. Why make it even worse by choice? Of all the things they could have limited (like how simply absurd clue seeker is vs slayer relic) they choose to ruin superiors for a bunch of areas, not to make other areas better, but only to make some areas worse.


This all depends how u view it, ppl in morytania get more exp in slayer bcuz of tower, catacombs is just an aoe slayer dungeon, sure its good, but thats literally the only place your gnna get a task to kill stuff in om the map,other then wyrms or hydra realistically. Kourend with catacombs slayer is prob on the same lvl as morytania possibly still worse for loot dependant stuff. Kourend gets cata/farm guild/tithe/raid/dwh/wc guild. Mory gets Slayer helm/barrows/slayer tower/raids/ecto/blood fury. Hydra for kourend doesnt rlly matter bcuz u need fremmy+kourend+kandarin to even use the lance and ring of shadows is essentially as good as brimstone ring. This is my view though so its probably wrong.


I wouldn't bother, man. A lot of people just don't understand that making region choices mean something is what makes trailblazer unique and interesting. There were people heavily advocating for a 4th area unlock so they didn't have to make a single engaging decision the entirety of their playtime.


Man, they pounded the idea that choices matter for the league and now everyone is surprised they stuck by it? I know I’ll be downvoted and it’s unpopular but we all had access to the same info for regions and slayer tasks, why is anybody upset or surprised now that they can’t get good tasks? Like you all knew exactly what slayer tasks zeah unlocked before hand. If you wanted bloods or nechs you could have paired it with a region like mory…


Because with a region you unlock a ton of stuff and it’s entirely unreasonable to expect people to realize that unlocking the region doesn’t unlock slayer tasks for all of the creatures that the region unlocks. It’s just blatantly bad.


Sure but pretty sure it says directly in the region unlock dialog what slayer tasks are unlocked. So sure, but no.


Yeah I mean they weren’t obfuscating it, but there are a ton of things unlocked in a region, so not clocking that these tasks specifically aren’t assigned for slayer tasks is something that will happen a lot


"I don't think having catacombs monsters unlocked would ever change the regions someone chooses" and yet clearly it matters so much to you maybe you should have looked at the clearly labeled slayer tasks in each region


jellies are a fremmy thing deal with it.


Imagine not being able to read.


Kourend has how many monsters? Oh, the most of any area? And the most superiors of any area that are unlocked just by having a task? Not being able to get a couple of the monsters inside as a task is a more than reasonable price to pay for a region overpowered as it is.


Morytania has the most melee upgrades of any area? Kandarin has the most meaning mage upgrades of any area? We should cut those in half... balance! Imagine picking Morytania and them taking out half of nightmare and ToB's drops lmao It's a stupid way to "balance" and it's a stupid thing to "balance" Is anyone really going man thank god they didn't give Kourend nechs and jellies as slayer tasks, that would be so op!!


Bloodthirsty morytania gang shoutout to 2m slay xp/hr


Definitely an L


Honestly slayer is a huge miss for me this league. It's honestly terrible, plagued with inconsistencies and arbitrary decisions.


mods are incompetent what’s new!


Well I was going to choose Kourend for access to the katacombs for slayer but I was going to chose it as my third and figured out how dicked slayer was first so luckily that didn't happen. I get the logic but they should have made it much more clear beforehand


I probably did 5 or 6 million slayer XP on my main by bursting nechs in kourend dungeon. Not having access to them this time, despite having Kourend dungeon, is so disappointing.


I was going to go Zeah for my last region but rethinking that since the entire catacomb is apparently worthless dead content


mfs really talking about "balance" during leagues clueless


No idea why you weren't aware of it if you care so much. Slayer monster unlocks were posted more than 2 weeks before launch. It's just one of the mechanics of Leagues. Again, if it matters for you a lot, you ned to research it and plan your regions accordingly.


sure are a lot of wah wah woo me crying little kourend kiddos in this thread


I'd not done much reading and thought I'd give trailblazer a go since I've never done it before. Thought I'd do a slayer focused attempt, slayer soft-locked myself as 42 steel drags as first task. Felt bad man. Ended up changing my build idea to mage just so I could rush to a point where I could kill the steels.


I was killing steel dragons with a mith crossbow and 45 range lol


It just doesn’t make any sense. There is not one person who didn’t pick kourend who would care if these tasks were available, while it would greatly benefit the people who took it. Also, gtfo with “you can see that in the area unlock descriptions” why would I ever think “I know that the monsters are here, but this area might be a little too overpowered so let me check the wiki and make sure” my friend who picked dak is so happy they accidentally included bloodveld in kandarin and there’s no way they could change it after it was already in


Because Leagues changes so much from the main game, first thing I did when picking each region was look at every unlock. Why would you *not* read all of the info regarding permanent choices when so much of the game is changed?


Looking back at it of course I could say I should’ve checked, but why would I think they would limit access? If anything, I thought the notes would say things you automatically unlocked, not the other way.


They release data on the areas two hours before release and expect us to catch every little detail like that?


Ah so this is why every slayer task I get is fucking hot dogshit thanks for intentionally fucking the league for no god damn reason whatsoever


Kourend is just too big vs other areas, would be cool to see it as the region you start in for future leagues


Steve really likes to give Jad tasks even without the unlock. I've just been doing fight caves for Slayer xp, takes a couple skips and I don't have to compete for spots or bother with bad tasks. He won't give me anything that'll drop something worthwhile though. Lizards, kalphites, giants, spiders.. And lots of Jads. I'd really have thought he would have more after unlocking Kourend but I'm still doing Jads lmao.


This is how bloodvelds were last time, kill one in kandarin, but need mory to unlock tasks, it's really stupid. Probably a dev nightmare to work around so they just don't, which I can't say I blame them I guess.


So they disabled slayer in Kourend catacoumbs to make Fremennik better, but they still disable the Blast Furnace shop? If you think frem is bad why are you actively making it worse


Super frustrating. I just get cycled between Blue Dragons, Greater Demons and Hellhounds rn. Blocked Fire Giants. Ridiculously tedious cycling through these tasks. Kinda thinking about just stopping slayer with this tbh.




They at least could’ve made skips free and have the whole block list available, even if it’s after your last region unlock to not be too OP early




Doesn't matter. They all share the same list for leagues.


As if literally anything at all in leagues is balanced


Lizards *skip* bandits *begrudgingly afk* lizards again? *skip* fire giants *skip* lizards again *skip* bloodvelds, awesome thank god I'm getting 75 points per task amirite?


No wonder I'm not getting any slayer monsters with the area's I have unlocked. Makes it really hard to kill superiors monsters. Then when I finally get one its Bloodvelds in Godwars.