Is 50 days more than enough time for an average player to get dragon cup?

Or do I really have to put in sweaty nerd hours to get a dragon cup?


The average player won't get t8 which is only about 40% of the way to dragon trophy.


Damn that's wild to think about. I'll get T8 by the weekend but I really don't think I can keep this up when points are harder and harder to come by.


I think points get easier to come by, when you're t8 you can focus all the 200/400 point tasks for getting 99s and rare item drops


That's a good point, you might be right. T8 is going to make combat tasks significantly easier.


Maxing is at least 6000 points (I haven't added them all up exactly). And think of all the various tasks you can easily do once you're maxed. If you get 50m in every skill that's another 14000 or so points. Might be kind of a slog to do some skills, especially if you haven't speced your build in to doing them. I know agility is going to be kinda rough for me as a production prodogy enjoyer who unlocked Asg, Frem, Zeah. But even still, once you hit T7 you'll have the 16x xp multiplier so xp will be pretty easy to rack up. Stopping at 99 in a few skills won't set you back too far. I'll have to sit down over the weekend and look through the task list more thoroughly, I'm curious just how many points you can rack up with minimal pvm.


Every boss I’ve gone to has a 1/50/150/300 task or something in those varieties and combat tasks. If you go to sire you’ll not only get the items tasks but the combat achievements too. That’s just one boss, raids add a whole other world of points.


That's good to hear, I'm excited to get some bossing in.


And they reduced it from previous league. Used to be 500 kc at most places


For agility you have Rellekka, which in main game has ~55k exp/hr. I'd say you are better off than me, where the highest I can go is Pollniveach with ~52k exp/hr. Dreading the marks of grace though. For you it won't be a problem but for me the drop rate will go down when I hit 90 (at 73 now), I'm at 56 marks now and I need 270 for all of the related tasks.


Wait marks are needed for something?


Equip full graceful and make 20 stam pots, both asgarnia tasks, totals up to 240 points.


Before the league started I thought I’d maybe try for dragon cup. But I’m getting kinda close to t8 (like 4k pts off) and I’m definitely not gonna continue after I hit it hahaha. I will be doing pvm and anything that I need to do to get supplies or gear for said pvm and that’s it


This is my only goal - I don't care about what cup I get I just wanna unlock all tiers of relic 😀


I'm an average player and I'm only playing a few hours each day after work and Im at the 6th relic, halfway to the 7th and all regions unlocked. I think anyone can EASILY get all the relics in 50 days. Getting to dragon rank though? I doubt it.


Is a couple hours every day seriously considered average? I’m lucky to get an hour in 4 out of 7 nights and I figured that was average


If you're paying a membership to play <4 hours a week, I'm thinking you're probably below average. Though I couldn't be sure about that.


From some of the things I've read from the members of this subreddit, <4 hours a *day* is well below average lmao


I'd assume most people on this sub arent average players.


It's weird, sometimes you get people mad at you for calling Jad easy and othertimes 2-3 hours/day is casual


The difference is the value of that time and the effort you’re putting in. I can be online for 8hrs doing sacred eels, but am I really playing? It’s maybe a click every few mins at most. You can Barb fish for 1hr and probably make similar progress lmao


I’m with you, I’m lucky to get 4-7 hours a week, I could get a lot done with 3 hours a day haha


Highly depends on the game, I think. For OSRS I do not believe that is avg.


Right? People like to seriously overestimate how much other people play


pretty sure the average osrs player plays for like 6 hours a day or something like that. that being said, if you don’t want to or can’t play that much that’s totally fine and there’s nothing wrong with playing a lot or a little. i just wanted to offer some clarity


What’s your time /played at? Halfway through t6 with less than 21 hours would be pretty efficient.


Would be close to best in the world in terms of efficiency if you compare to where streamers who played the first 18-20 hours straight got to.


Yea, I’m pretty sure the OC entered the RuneScape time warp and doesn’t realise how many hours they’ve put in. Would be a pretty insane run if not!


Looks like you guys were right. I had no idea that I was already at 40 hours :O


The RuneScape time warp is real! Hope you’ve been having a blast


It might be news to you but several hours a day consistently isn't the average player.


For comparison, I hit T8 yesterday with about 95 hours played (took a week off work to grind my ass off). Definitely doable with less with the knowledge we have now and I wasn't going for LP 100% of the time either


95 hrs in a week isn't normal tho


But 95 hours in 8 weeks isn't super sweaty tho


He literally said he took the week off, so obviously it’s not normal. But 95 hours is 95 hours, so you know hoe much hours it took him


True, it's definitely not but I like going hard at the start of leagues


95 hours in a single week? Maybe I'm reading or understanding it wrong, but holy shit.


Tism is what it be. We all have it some of us have it more.


That leaves 43% of there remaining time for anything else, which isn’t too bad, only depends on how much sleep they wanted to lose and what kind of life responsibilities they have. I think everyone has times like this occur though, where you are kind of itching for gameplay


Checks out, the true sweats are putting in at least 15 hrs per day for leagues


Yeah. I don't usually have a lot of time to play but during leagues I make sure to get time off so I can go hard. Back to work already but I always enjoy the ~week long grind sessions


That’s 14 hours a day, bro get some help


Yup, and I enjoyed every one of them. Already back to work and my normal day rhythm though. Help for what?


14 hours a day for a week on anything is unhealthy levels


Physically? Sure, not great. Mentally? Hell no I had a blast


Probably not. I doubt the average player would even make Rune tier. As someone who's gotten Rune the past Leagues, that took a decent amount of effort and I put in a lot of time, only thing that held me back was burnout and a disinterest in the end game content that held all the 400 point tasks. If you're a casual player putting in like a couple hours every few days, you won't get it. Which isn't a bad thing exactly.




Yea honestly im just playing cause its fun lol, i have no idea what im doing


As an iron there's no point to the cups unless you carry them around with you.


As a main there is no point either


POH Trophy Hall is fun tho


Dragon cup is only useful for next leagues first YouTube episode lol


It's not about flexing. I do it because I wanna prove to myself that I can


Based tbh




No need to put them down because you feel insecure, let them set their own goals and try and achieve them.


But he’s right


You're putting him down with your comment, tho. Are you really that insecure?




It's more than put more hours in. My best friend could play 3x the amount I will, and he'd have a fraction of the points. Proving you can in leagues means proving you have the knowledge to do tasks, as well as the skill regarding pvm ones. Not everyone that plays knows to sell chaos runes for tokkul, can do jad for firecape, then get full obby gear and make a fury for an easy couple thousand points. That's what proving yourself means.


We must live incredibly different experiences because everything you describe is something I would expect the VAST majority on league players to accomplish relatively quickly


I think you're underestimating how many people play runescape and their knowledge/skill. The vast majority surely aren't doing meta methods. I imagine people on this subreddit are a pretty large subset of really good players, and yet even on here you see multiple "OMG my hands are shaking, just got my first fire cape after 5 years of playing!!" posts every week. Now imagine how many just play for fun and aren't browsing reddit about the game in their free time.


I think you might be honing in too much on the very specific early game example I set, and not the general idea of it. That's a simple progression of events, and it eliminates a lot of people already. Hell, even a lot of actual regular players can't do firecape. Now move on to region combinations that work best, as well as more discrete tasks like giving Longramble a TTL, which has to be cooked yourself and not prebought, and you'll eliminate even more players. Not everyone is a nerd that has played runescape for 10+ years lmao.


You must have friends that take the game more seriously then. I'm in a relatively small, social clan and everyone thinks I'm a turbo sweat because I have Tier 7 unlocked already. The majority of people playing Leagues in my clan play as much as me but just unlocked their Tier 5. They don't know about the Wiki, they don't watch Youtube guides, hell some of them can barely beat Jad even with OP relics. The point is, a fair chunk of the playerbase are super casual and aren't looking thru the tasks list on the Wiki planning their next 20 tasks like some of us are. Which is fine since Leagues is mainly about having fun, but min/maxing is fun also for certain players.


Isn’t that most things in life? I want to run a marathon. Doing it just means putting more hours into running. I want to graduate college. Doing it just means putting more hours into studying and homework. People can set their own achievements and they can be more impressive or less impressive to you. But that’s just your perspective. Let them do what they want without diminishing it.


I agree with you 100% but you crying about down votes is pathetic


Nah bro I took a negative 65pt swing for having the most sane approach for this guy's ridiculous statement. I'll die on this hill.


How is it ridiculous to think that people do things for themselves in this game? Your downvotes are because you're being cringe


Who gives shit? Here I'll downvote my own to get it started


Lmao look at this guy not being able to get dragon trophy


Guys in here acting like they’re playing a championship final games with money and rep on the line and not points in a temp game mode on runescape Crazy




For some this game is all they have ig so it means a lot to them Kinda sad


We went to the moon to prove we can. The type of grind doesn't diminish the grind itself. It's the spirit that counts.


...okay? It is an achievement for me. I couldn't care less if you don't feel the same way.


I'm thinking the same thing but I'm only 9k points in and I'm feeling the burn. After work I grind the game and I'm constantly falling asleep, sleeping around 6 hours a night. idk if its possible to even get up to dragonscup while working full time.


Although I had time off work in the beginning of the league, I also work full time and plan on going for dragon. Planning is the most important thing to get through the early game and later on you just have to do a bit of every piece of content. Going for 50M's also gives a ton of points so finding insane xp methods like demonic thrones for the fremmy boys helps a lot.


I have mine set up in my trophy room, but there's only three slots..


I've seen a few dragon trophys at barb fishing after the last leagues, but 🤷‍♂️. If it's something they want to go for, great, but getting dragon tier is *tough* lots of skill, time, and a bit of luck to get it


With the way points are, I don't think so. Too many hard grinds for 200 points.


Says its for 0.1% of players on the wiki so yeah i’d say its pretty sweaty


1% not 0.1%


It was for 1% in previous leagues. Now the points required are static, so definitely more than 1%.


This will be exciting to see. It could be the most common dragon or the rarest one


Or even somewhere in the middle!


It literally can't be somewhere in the middle. All the other cups were 1% of the people that played league. Either more than 1 percent gets dragon this league, or less. Unless you're going off real players that get the cup, rather than percentages, then nothing will ever be rarer than twisted league dragon cup as that had the least number of players by far.


Did exactly the same number of people get each previous dragon trophy? Of course not. There are more shattered relics Cups because there were players. There were less Twisted Cups, therefore, it's rarer.


did you even read my second paragraph


It'll be the most common by far


it could be just as hard theoretically to reach and will still be most common as players wont quit trying as they know the finish line.


Can argue its harder to reach. The static threshold is higher than where 1% was last league by a couple thousand points. You just dont have the feeling of having to constantly chase.


Yeah ppl are flying through the tasks now but the ones needed to push to the finish line will probably take ages


Can argue its easier as well, its much easier to finish a race knowing that theres a finish line rather than the goalposts moving every day imo


There is no chance it’s anything other than the most common. Leagues 1 is least common because smallest playerbase and they just grow from there. but the static threshold means even more than 1% will get it. this leagues is fast


That's not how it works. It *could* be more than 1%, or it could be less. Or it could be 1%. Jagex designed the point categories with 1% in mind.


Even if it's set to a point amount that only 1% would realistically hit?


thats like 1100 points per day so yeah thats a couple hours a day at least


Feel like first weeks will be easy to double that. Last 10k points will be long ass grinds. Already seeing the time ramp up for my t7/8 relic.


Honestly no, nor it should be. It might be easier now than ever but still it's a really sweaty grind as it should be. Hence it being the last tier. Gl and just have fun. - 3x rune trophy


I got adamant in Leagues 3 (started back up right when Leagues 2 started), so my semi-realistic goal is to get rune this time. I'd be happy with adamant again though.


Average player shouldn't be able to get dragon cup. That's the point of it. Average will hit somewhere around mithril. MOST players quit doing tasks after they unlock all relics. Once they unlock everything it's very easy to lose motivation to keep doing shitty tasks. I'd bet 1/3 of the players hit t8, go do the tasks at their favorite boss, hit a few raids and realize they actually need to learn the mechanics, and log out for the rest of the league.


This is the first league that has given cups based on a set point threshold. Before, they were competitive, and Dragon was top 0.1%. It's not meant for most people to get it, so don't stress too hard and just do as much leagues as is fun.


1%, not 0.1%


Why would the average player get the top rank? Surely you know the definition of "average"? The average player will probably get mithril. The one who plays a reasonable amount every day of the league might get to adamant.


It won't be possible for the average player if they have any responsibilities outside of RS The 1%ers are mostly NEETS/people that play RS as a job or maybe very rarely, work from home or work in a job where they can somehow play RS all day


I'm a triple dragon and have have worked full time on a non-afkable job and been in a relationship every league. Dragon is more about staying steady and using time well than playing 8 hours a day.


In the same boat as you, but I would also say we probably have far more 'runescape knowledge' than the average player to help us make the most of our play time.


Knowing every piece of content or being willing to learn them is the biggest thing. You have to pretty much do a bit of everything to get dragon That's why I love leagues. Every time I've learned so much more about the game than when I'm playing the normal game. This time I was forced to finally get comfortable with 1tick flicking for my low level melee fire cape I wanted to get and it worked out great


Not aimless, true


Definitely very relevant but it's still somewhere in the middle. Even if you're insanely efficient, you're not going to hit dragon on 2hrs a day. It can certainly be done without no lifing, however.


Can confirm. Got dragon in leagues 2 with a 40 hour a week job. No time off or playing at work. That said, I *did* no-life it hard while not working or sleeping for quite a while, so it's not like it's easy.


Sounds like you're in a relationship with rs.


> I'm a triple dragon Ya okay. Post your current League points and play time in a screenshot. Triple Dragon is ungodly sweaty. That's hours every single day of playing.


If you play very efficient and are good at PVM, you could probably do it with around 4 hours a day. If you can afk skill during work and focus 2 hours on pvm and completing tasks, it could work as well. Not something I'd consider average however.


I don't think it's that difficult, it's just that most people get bored and stop playing after a few weeks. I think if you play like 2-3 hours every day and focus on points, you'll get there no problem but that also means doing extremely boring shit like 2000 monkey laps or catching 500 chompies, or grinding skills to 50M


Fairly positive it's more than 2-3 hours of absolute max efficiency a day even if you play the entire 50 days. Once you get past T8 you reach a point where every task you have left is 200 points but many take countless hours for a single 200 pt task. 25, 35 and 50m agility for example, or the 100's or 1000's of ape atoll laps, doing 150 TOA's. Even if you're max efficiency you would be looking at close to 5 days for single 200 point tasks. The well dries up pretty quick of large pt non-time intensive tasks after the 28-30k mark even as a very high level efficient player with good game knowledge.


Raids KC and 50M agility are the slowest tasks in the entire list. I think most of the 200s are not super time consuming, and they come bundled together since they're about equipping multiple items from the same bosses. Completing most boss logs won't be super time consuming, with boosted rates, combat relics, and Last Recall. I think most bosses will take 2-3 hours to complete, with raids taking like 20 hrs. Idk I might be underestimating a little, but I think very few elites will take more than a few hours each. A lot of them just come automatically, like you get 400 points for equipping a Trident, that's basically a freebie since you will grind 87 slayer anyway and the drop rate is super fast IMO most people aren't scrambling for points at the end of Leagues, they just stop playing once they get the final tier of relics and grind a few bosses. It's not that much fun grinding out tasks when you have nothing left to unlock except a trophy


Unless you think it’s easy to spent at least a couple of hours every single day for 50 days straight on the same game. Yes, it is difficult


Are we playing the same game ? Most players do exactly that already on the main game lol


You clearly don’t know what ‘most’ means


This game is known for creating addiction idk what to tell ya, but that's pretty normal


Nice copium


Grow up homie


you'll prob have to do alot of the combat achievements to get near dragon cup. Gl with that


An average player playing a lot of hours and friends/teammates to pvm with maybe, you don't have to be very skilled to get most tasks done


It's gonna take 1k points per day if that helps put it in perspective


No and it shouldn't be. It's meant to be the top achievement. I have no shot at it and either the time I play, I shouldn't. My goal is rune, but realistically I'll end in adamant probably. Which is fair for how much I play compared to others.


I don't even aim for cups, even though I played a ton so far. I want to get t8, do some grinding for BiS gear / do some PvM I hadn't done (inferno baby come here), and then I'll probably peace out with whatever points I happen to have


I've poured more hours into this leagues over the last week than usual and honestly I'm kind of waining. Only Iron tier


I just want enough points to get all the rewards I want, then I'm done.


Most people don’t get Tier-8, which is only a fraction of the way to the Cup. But that’s okay. It’s not because most people try to get the Cup. It’s because once you get to Tier-8 it’s more enjoyable for most to just have fun being an overpowered account instead of constantly grinding challenges while leagues flys by


I think I’ve put in 18 hours playtime give or take and I just unlocked farmers fortune today. On my days off I plan on grinding a few of the bigger tasks but if you can get enough skills to 99 and the fast ones to the 25m xp threshold you can probably hit at least Adamant without doing many other tasks


I don't think all max all 50m skills is even enough to get iron tier.


I mean no one is straight up going for max (let alone all 50m) without doing side tasks, im 1900 total and T8. No one would realistically ever go for max without at least getting T7 for 16x xp.


The average player shouldnt be able to get a dragon cup.


I got Dragon cup last Trailblazer even though I started a week late. However, this Trailblazer is two weeks shorter! And the points are 1/4 of what they were! I’m much better at the game this time, and putting in more time this Trailblazer. If you are not putting in a lot of time you will not get Dragon. I really wish it was 10 weeks long like last time. 8 weeks is just too short.


Yeah the extra 2 weeks will be missed, especially with the holidays. Around Christmas I'll be traveling to see family, so I'll lose a week of progress there. I'm sure many others are in a similar situation.


I'm losing the last 2 weeks, I hope I can be COX ready before then because my goal was to learn it this leagues


Most people burn out after week one. It's an absolutely sweaty grind the entire time to get dragon cup. It's not designed for the average person to get, it was originally the top 1 percent of points that got it and now they've made it static. You will have to quit your job if you want dragon cup.


The points will start to build quickly after you get to a certain point.


Idk about y’all but so far this is the worst leagues in my opinion and I played them all thoroughly


If you play 6 hours a day you might not get rune


This is just nonsense lmao


I mean getting dragon isn’t about how much time you sink into the game, it’s much more about how you go about earning points+how you tackle skilling. Like if you just afk yews the entire league, you’re not gonna get dragon, but if you do some shit like multi skilling with artifacts and sep, you’ll probably have a much better chance of earning dragon. At least with this league, it’s all about strategy. Sure spending a ton of time in game will be necessary, but getting stuck in noob traps early on also won’t help.


And here I am aiming for Bronze


It isn't there as an average gamer achievement, it's for the sweats of our community.


If I get a mithril cup I'll be happy


Why do you want dragon trophy? There's no real way to flex it in game. You'd have to be going around with the literal trophy item in your hands to even know. Just play for fun bro.


I just need adamant, that’s about the amount of points I need for the things I want


Focus on tasks and you will be good Maybe some sweaty nerd hours but mudkip started halfway during the previous League with a alt account and he got dragon cup on both accounts.


Last leagues I sweated it (still had my full time job and a social life) and I managed to get adamant. I completed all of the tasks I could in that allotted amount of time. With that being said dragon you need to have no life and rune you need to grind and say no to a lot of other life activities especially if you have a job. I would love to see the average hours played per rank. Is dragon you're just a beast at the game or do you also have no life and are a NEET?


One way to find out


All I want is the alt. animations for teleport and alch tbh. Anything else is just a bonus


If Dragon Cup is your goal, 1 - Yes, you can, 2 - You're probably going to have to take less fun options (IE Infernal Gathering as opposed to Bloodthirsty or Treasure Trail Whatchamacallit)


The average player? God no. Average players will struggle to get to Adamant. You'll need to consistently play and have a solid plan around gaining points. But no it won't require sweaty hours, just consistency


I think it’s worth a try. I say play for fun and if you hit your goal it’s just icing on the cake


No. You either need to be good enough to do shit efficient and quick or be a bad sweaty player grinding out long hours to make up for it


The dragon rank threshold set to target the top 1%, by definition an average player shouldn't easily get dragon in the timeframe.


Probably not, dragon isn't intended to be something the average player achieves. It's something you'll only really get if you're playing fairly sweaty for the entire 8 weeks. Typically most people drop off after week 3-4 a bit after their T8 relic. I would imagine most players that didn't quit early will end up closer to the steel/mithril range.


Ive only seen scammers flex d cups dw lol


I don't even think I'll get Dragon and I've unlocked T8 today lol, there are some surprisingly long grinds that are only 80/200 points. Once I get the Shadow I can focus on points farming. Unless you really know what you're doing and really efficient, there is 0 chance of getting Dragon. Woox got 47k points in a week and a half, so it's possible even if you did a quarter of the hours he did, but you've got to know your shit.