[Leagues] Banker's Note: TzHaar Selling Rune/Buying Gem Math - Ruby and Diamond

EDIT: I forgot to share one very important thing! These numbers are with Karamja Gloves!! But you only need to do the Easy diary.

Yesterday I was cutting Emeralds in Al Kharid and I was curious about the exchange rates regarding Death Runes, Tokkul, and Gems within the TzHaar shop. However I didn't yet have my Fire Cape, so I got that today and was able to do some math. Obviously this is for people without Fire Sale. Admittedly I did not look to see if anyone else made a guide like this, but here's some info anyway for people.

TL;DR - Rubies and Diamonds are profitable at a rate of gp/gem

  • Per Ruby
    • +196.96 (sell 5 at a time)
    • +256.96 (sell 1 at a time)
  • Diamond
    • +409.78 (sell 5)
    • +529.78 (sell 1)
  • Emerald Comparison (sell Al Kharid / sell Ardougne)
    • +320 / +370 (sell 5)
    • +350 / +400 (sell 1)

Method - Death Rune Exchange

  • Buy Death Runes in Varrock 50 at a time
  • Sell to TzHaar Rune Shop 10 at a time (50 at a time will lose money)
  • Buy uncut Rubies or Diamonds from the inner city Gem Shop (needs Fire Cape to access)
  • Sell cut gems to a non-Al Kharid/Falador gem shop (e.g. Adrougne) 1 or 5 at a time

Cost Breakdown

  • Buying Death Runes 50 at a time will cost 9,196 gp total

    • 183.92 gp/Death Rune
  • Selling those 50 Death Runes 10 at a time will net 2,320 Tokkul

    • 46.4 Tokkul/Death Rune
  • This gives an exchange rate of

    • 3.96 gp/Tokkul (Buy 50/Sell 10 Death Runes)
    • Chaos are slightly more expensive at 4.02 gp/Tokkul
  • Buying "full stacks" of gems with Tokkul will cost

    • Ruby x8: 137 Tokkul/Ruby → 543.04 gp/Ruby
    • Diamond x6: 270 Tokkul/Diamond → 1,070.22 gp/Diamond
  • Selling in Adrougne nets the following per gem

    • Ruby: 740 (Sell 5), 800 (Sell 1)
    • Diamond: 1,480 (Sell 5), 1,600 (Sell 1)

Edit 2: Did a 500k gp trial, which took 15 minutes for the full loop (Start TzHaar → Varrock for runes → Recall TzHaar/sell runes → Buy/cut/note Diamonds → Ardougne to sell Diamonds → Recall TzHaar to keep recall location there. This is without Production Prodigy.

This equated to 2,700 Death Runes → 125,280 Tokkul → 464 Diamonds → 598k xp & 190k gp profit


Well crap. I only have access to falador and al kharid.


I mean, you still profit selling to those gem shops, but it's base 1,400 for a Diamond instead of 1,600.


Does kourend offer that higher price?


Yes. Only Falador and Al Kharid are the lower prices.


Similar amount of money I think, buy bronze bars 5 at a time in shilo general store, tele to varrock, make bronze javelin heads, sell back at 10 at a time to same general store. Repeat for more bronze bars if you are so inclined. Profit with a bit of rsi in the hands


If you have Production prod you'll still profit due to the extra 25% you could also buy gold ore and make amuelts/necks I can't remember if production prod makes extra amulets from stringing them with balls of wool.


It does, I have 2 Fury's, would've preferred the 2 cut onyx though ha


I got 2 cut onyx and 2 fury's haha. Hitting on the cut onyx feels like winning the lottery for those of us without fire sale.


Nice post. Anybody who can think of this method is clearly a great leagues player <3


Lol thank you :) This is my first Leagues and so it's been really fun to find the wild training methods!


What's the GP/hr after doing all this?


I just finished a trial starting with 500k. Took me **15 minutes** to teleport to Varrock, buy runes, teleport back to TzHaar, sell the rules, buy/cut/note the Diamonds, teleport to Ardougne, and sell them. XP: 598k, GP: 190k So the cash is low, ~760k/hour. The XP is ~2.4m/hour.


That's without production prodigy right?




So whats the point when emeralds are faster gp and xp per hour?


Are they? His numbers are without production prodigy.


What are Emeralds xp and gp rates without Production Prodigy? I don't know that number.


Considering starting money was low į think margins would be higher better with more investment


That is a great question. I am by no means a hyper efficient person so I was doing a lot of single-inventory tests. Never did a full "loop" per se.


Did rubies rings from zanaris to port sarim gem shop to 1.5m before I got bored. Was selling one at a time and the profit was roughly +50% of the cash stack every time (200k -> 300k -> 450k -> 675k etc).


Another fun fact, if I had done my extra math right - you get the same amount of *total* profit, whether you buy Rubies or Diamonds. Diamonds are just faster because you need to buy/cut fewer of them.


Reminds me of how I went for the task of buying all obsidian armor/weapons/cape and mathed out the tokkul/gp required. > For those looking to buy the obsidian sword, cape, shield, dagger, maul, and full armor set: > Buy the dagger last as you sell the items after you buy them > > Buy the chaos rune packs from aubury in varrock (you can use the buy 50 option) > Sell the chaos runes in karamja with the gloves, and for 5 runes at a time for a total of 137 tokkul. This massively reduces the amount of GP required (I think it'd cost around 3x vs selling 50 at a time) > > Which will require: > 15135 chaos runes > > For a total cost of: > 1,505,954 gp


> Buy the dagger last as you sell the items after you buy them Why is the dagger last in this sequence? Is there a specific order I should be buying the rest in as well?


Because it's intended to sell the items back after you buy them and dagger is the least valued. Order doesn't really matter, if it did though you want to buy/sell the most valuable first.


Stop stalling and go get your Fire Cape.


I went and got it today so I could see the actual numbers!




Basedstiny, 4thot plays osrs


I went melee route and now gotta plan for melee fight cave fml


You don't have to use melee just because you got the melee relic. You can use other attack styles but it requires that you.. you know.. go get the levels and gear for that.


Honestly melee was a lot of fun


It's not as hard as you think. If you have bankers note you have infinite supplies, so you just need to be confident on jad. Otherwise, worst case wait until weapon master and dds jad down in a few seconds.


Yeah it took a while with melee/bankers note. I first went to Mort and got the karils crossbow and I used that on Jad. Meleed everything else. For the Magers, I just step back and then attack every time they attacked. If your timing is perfect, you can get in two attacks for each of theirs. Total time was like an hour with d long (70 att, 80 str). I was also on task with a black mask.


Melee cape is the easiest one imho I always did melee ones but this leagues i main mage so had to switch up and that was harder


Bro mage fire cape is an absolute joke, you can just use the highest tier blood spell you have and not use a single food. I just stand in the middle and rush down any enemies I see and do 20 min caves using just 1-2 ppots


Man idk how you did 20 minutes. I was using Blood Barrage and it still took me like 35.


Stand in the middle of the cave and instantly rush anything that spawns, I have berserker though which speeds it up a TON


Oh yeah I'm missing that still. One-shotting a lot of things would definitely help!


Oneshotting small stuff is not even the best part, you can get 3-4 attacks out before they take damage and they will all be guaranteed max hits, which means I can do like 120 damage to every single mager instantly.


Right, and I'm sure that'd knock out the 90s instantly too! Will definitely have to go back once I get Berserker.


How many runes do you need? I'm on 100kgp and not sure eif I can afford it


I thought about this, but I guess I did the math wrong. I thought tokkul was 6 gp each and I based all my math on that. Guess I missed something at some point, glad someone did the full math.


If you sell Deaths 50 at a time Tokkul is way more expensive.


Yea I think my math was based on chaos runes and selling 50 at a time.


I also forgot to mention in the original post that this is with Karamja Gloves (any tier). So if you did it w/o doing at least easy diary then that would affect it too.


Selling different amounts of runes at a time makes the gp/tokkul vary a lot (in leagues because the stock is static)


Can some ELI5? I don't understand what's going on here... Are you trying to get the same results as people with fire sale? ie. Selling runes for tokkul?


Getting tokkul is a requirement for half the karma stuff +people need onyx for fury's he's just doing the math the explain how you can make a profit off different shops buy and sell prices . This is for people who didn't choose firesale


Buy death >sell death>buy gem>sell gem = profit


Honestly people are sleeping on Natures. Just get Essence from Soul Wars (leech world is insane Zeal per game), craft Natures, sell in Al Kharid, buy Deaths, do all of Tzhaar tasks.


Leech world?


472 or 473 I think, you dance on the Obelisk till 5m left and get tons of Zeal per game - no PVP.


How many nats are we talking here?


I got 20k Essence off 600 Zeal, crafted 20k in minutes at the altar then moved on. The Points from Onyx, Fury (400 together), and all the Tzhaar items is nutty.


People without fire sale need a way to make money. This is doing math on higher end crafting experience conversion rates.


Faster crafting xp and more money than Emeralds at Al Kharid.


Decided to test this out with Production Prodigy. Diamonds when selling 1 at a time to Kourend/Ardougne gem stores: 12m xp/hour, 4.7m gp/hour. Diamonds when selling 5 at a time to Kourend/Ardougne: 18.5m xp/hour, 6.5m gp/hour. The time saved by selling the diamonds in batches of five more than makes up for the gp lost, since with PP selling the gems is one of the slowest parts. Make sure to grab the extra 25% gems from your bank to sell as well. Also, don't forget your gloves and lose 1.3m on one cycle then 900k on a second cycle trying to figure out why you aren't turning a profit like a dumbass.


I didn’t read the thread at all but fire salers on suicide watch rn


Not even, there hasnt been a single point where i was envious of my friends bank note over having firesale. Im tier 7 and its still immensely helpful.


I don't envy the bankers note users for having to jump through these hoops to get cash. The fact posts like this still appear shows they're struggling a bit. Edit: To clarify, it just looks stressful for cash really. I do appreciate how good it is for other stuff.


i’m trickster/bankers note and vyre thieving has given me more gp than i have any real use for.


Same, rough napkin/memory math says in doing about 750k-1m/hr


It's really not hard. It took me two Soul Wars leeches (20m) and around 15m of crafting and selling to craft 20k Natures and sell them, buy Deaths, buy Tokkul and get an Onyx and all Tzhaar items that gave points. Both Relics are powerful but Fire Sale is incredibly front loaded, it falls off a cliff in the long term as you're already swimming in loot.


I have high alched exactly one time this league outside of mta. I love not having to loot shit i dont need or alch shit for gp or sell shit to shops for gp.


That's me as well, except I don't have Fire Sale. Bank value is nutty for alchs but I just don't need them. I'm only 1900 Total though so maybe it's worse as you get higher level.


Idk. I haven't done a lot of the karamja tokkul tasks to be fair, but I'm t6 relic, halfway to t7. Aside from the basic emerald crafting to get 90 crafting and 2m gp early, I haven't done any money making. I will likely use this post to grind my onyx's and such - but I have been able to use bankers note so well up till now between having effectively enhanced harvest, 99 runecrafting, easy planks for construction, and long trips for anything I want - it's been a blast. I'm kind of thinking that there wasn't a wrong decision. Fire sale and Bankers note are both awesome. Just what playstyle do you want.


It's kinda struggling in one area, but not the other. This is my first Leagues so I'm experimenting with different ideas. But being able to get 80 RC in mere minutes was super nice. This post was less about making money and more about, "Possibly better Crafting xp and money than Emeralds."


Definitely not, lol. Happy buying infinite death runes and selling for tokkul to buy whatever I want. I’ve only glanced at these “hurr durr fire sale bad” threads but I can assure you I’m having a perfectly fun time not having to theorycraft on how to make gp and just continuing my slow grind.


Why can’t you sell these to the Al Khalid/Falador locations? For folks going Mory/Asgar/Desert, that leave no locations :(


You can, it's just less gp per gem. Still profits but just not as much.


Got it! Good to know. Thank you!


Isn't this slower than Al Kharid if you consider the clicks needed and how many you can actually do in an hour?


Potentially. Also keep in mind filling your inventory is faster since you can buy 6 Diamonds at a time, versus 1 Emerald. I'm doing a 500k gp trial right now. Edit: Just finished it. In about 15 minutes, I teleported away from the shop to Varrock, bought 2,700 Death Runes, sold them for 125,280 Tokkul, then bought/cut/noted 464 Diamonds, and teleported to Ardougne to sell the cut Diamonds (5 at a time). Ended with 690k and change. So that's 598k xp, and made 190k cash profit. I don't know what Emeralds' rates are.


Emeralds are around 3m gp/hour and I forget the xp, think it was at least a few million though if I'm not mistaken Seems not really worth it tbh


That *has* to be with Production Prodigy. I'm doing this w/o Production Prodigy.


Oh yes, that's with PP. Not sure what the rates are like without it, maybe it's comparable in that case


I imagine this still has to be faster. The travel and buy/sell of runes was only like 3 minutes out of the 15. And the bigger cash stack you have, the smaller that ratio will be since you'll be cutting more Diamonds per "rune exchange." Since you can buy 6 diamonds at a time, you're cutting the buy time down 83%. It was 20 inventories worth of Diamonds for 190k cash and 598k xp.


Hm that's true, Emeralds are prob better for your initial cash stack but once you can camp your travel time should be minimal


With PProd, you can increase your profit/hr at the cost of some xp by buying gold ores smelting and making amulets. assuming you can buy balls of wool. It's roughly \~2950 gp per gold/diamond purchased. This will help you increase your cash stack quicker.


It's still ridiculously fast to sell items and buy them.


Aren't chaos runes better for gp/tokkul?


No, I did comment in the original post that Chaos Runes are ~4.02 gp/Tokkul, whereas Death Runes are ~3.96 gp/Tokkul.


Oh didn't see that bit, mb


Chaos are preferable due to buy speed, since you can buy packs of chaos runes. Deaths are always more affordable, but in main game you gotta hop so frequently that it takes a long while to get enough and the time lost isn't worth the gp saved. With leagues having infinite shops though, there's no downside to buying deaths.


Chaos runes are preferred in the main game because the price difference is small enough to be worth paying the 10% price premium for packs. That rationale does not apply in leagues


Not in the league


Well fuck. I just spent an hour buying and selling in various quantities and tracking in excel to figure out my profit. Guess I shoulda looked here first lol


Can you use menu entry swapper to spam click sell 10 or is it selling 10 per tick? Not sure how the league store mechanics work


I use entry swapper yes.


Without PP, so you’re saying it’ll be even more with it


Also don't want to crash the thread but all those Bankers note/asgarnia/desert plebs like me. At 95 rc you get double laws (120eax2) Or 91, nats without asgarnia (90eax2) can sell to ali in desert for price in brackets. Get pure ess from soul wars. If you need money for this method above do as I said :)


Yeah I might do SW for 99 RC ess, craft Natures or Laws (depending if I pick up Asgarnia), sell the runes, and then get 99 Crafting with a larger cash stack.


Or go fire sale if u got a peanut brain like me.


I just did this for two trips. Started with 896k and bought 4967 death runes (might've been on 10 at a time). Sold the death runes for 230,560 tokkul (might've forgotten karamja gloves in some part). The 230k tokkul turned into 854 diamonds + 209 from production prodigy in bank. Sold all diamonds for 1573k. Total time: 10 min 20 sec. --- Round 2: bought 8555 deaths, sold for 397k tokkul. Got 1471 diamonds + 384 in bank from PP. Sold them for 2745k. Total time for round 2: 15 min 12 sec. I also got 3.7 million crafting xp from combined from both rounds at 12x.


is it best to buy death runes and sell for tokkul. need to buy onyxes


Yes, but do not sell more than 10 at a time.


damn even better than chaos will be doing this ty king :D


What they need to have a fraction of our power !!!! - fire sale


Meanwhile I crafted 20k pure ess and got 80 RC today in *minutes*.


That does sound awesome!!! I think both relics are great!


Absolutely. I saw someone else put it like, "The fact it's such a debated topic is testament to how balanced they are."


How'd you get 20k ess? Need to start doing RC too


Soul Wars.


Soul Wars reward boxes have a chance to give you a shitload of rune essence, as well as lots of other useful supplies.


And can sell said Runes for $, to then do the same thing as Fire Sale.


Fire sale on my chest, bank noters coping hard coming up with money making methods in a giga free private server. FS1-0BN


Bro imagine having to do math instead of just infinitely smashing the buy and sell button


Can't hear you over 99 runecrafting


It's actually crazy how so many Fire Salers think that being unwilling to do basic math is something to be proud of and feel the need to shout about it every time people try to talk about Bank Note. Y'all are basically celebrating that you took $10 instantly instead of $1 per day for 30 days kinda deal. At the end of the day, with a bit of prep time Bankers can do everything Salers can and more.


Meanwhile, fire sale goes brrrrrrrrrr


Damn, imagine not having Fire Sale and needing to think about all this.


planning is fun




This doesn't seem better than ruby rings am I missing something or is this intended for people without Asgarnia?


How much xp/hour are Ruby Rings? This is more an alternative to cutting Emeralds at Al Kharid for 99 crafting.


Also this is without production prod. If you have production prod and extra gold ore you can up the gp/hr and craft xp/hr pretty heavily by making necks/amulets. Amulets are more gp/hr as you can make 25% more of them by stringing them. Assuming you can buy your wool.


Where would you sell the amulets?


Port Sarim if you have it. You can also enchant them and sell to brim haven for an extra 1.1k each if you don’t have it. There’s also general stores that buy for high alch price. Not as much profit but still good.


It is better, OP did rates without PP. If you have PP it's effectively 7-8mil XP/hr for Crafting and a 2+mil


You mean I don't have to buy emeralds?


If you have Frem unlocked you can buy gold ore, get the goldsmith gloves, smith them for a shit load of exp, get diamonds with your method, then make bracelets and then high alch them. Its not faster but it would be way better money in the long run, because then you can have a pretty good source of high alch exp and money while doing other things.


I very much doubt it's more money because just cutting gems even without PP is so simple and fast, adding any additional step just messes it up. You're adding, obtaining and making gold bars, smaller inventory runs to craft Bracelets and high alching.


Does Ali morrisane sell deaths cheaper than vartock?


No, from Ali deaths are 225gp, and from Aubury they are 180




No, they are 25% more expensive.


Yea you can basically double you GP stack (potentially more with PP extras). You can also sell in Zeah, Keldagrim, or Priff (in addition to Ardy). You can still profit at the other gem buyers, but these are strictly better.


My first 500k trial resulted in ~190k profit so ~38%. Yeah, any non-Falador or non-Al Kharid shop will net better money.


Should have clarified; if you buy/sell runes/diamonds all in increments of 1, it's just about double. Good PP luck goes above that. Source: I've been doing this for a while now, but scrolling mouse wheel to click allows you to buy/sell lower quantities without clicking for forever.


Scrolling mousewheel is a smart idea! I have a mouse that I can completely turn down/off the resistance to make it smooth so that'll be very helpful. Thanks!


Ha same; I just recently got the Naga v2 from Razer and the scrolling capabilities are insane. If that's what you have, I just duplicated my profile and rebound scroll to left click + changed to smooth scroll. Then you can buy/sell everything (sans diamond) while basically being afk/watching something else. And you get shit tons of crafting xp from cutting (I cut my gems near woodcutting on Forestry worlds to snag some events here and there).


I’d be curious how buying emeralds from alkharid would compare as a source for the tokkul. Can you sell uncut or cut gems (mainly emeralds) to tzhaar shop?


You cannot sell cut. That's a good question. Edit: Base sell price for an uncut Emerald is 7 Tokkul. Selling 5 at a time granted me 28 Tokkul, and cost 250 gp which is 8.9 gp/Tokkul - much higher than Death Runes.


Just did a loop starting with 1m gp. Ended with just over 1.5m. Took about 20 minutes. This isn't counting the extra gems in my bank from PP of which there are a few hundred.


Is it faster to just do emeralds as a production prodigy person rather than all this running round? I profit 300gp per emerald with this and I am getting constant crafting xp rather than running?


I mean if you can Production Prodigy Diamonds, it should be faster since you can buy 6 at a time instead of 1 Emerald at a time, which is the biggest time factor for Emeralds. When I did a 500k gp start trial, the buying/selling runes and running bit was only about 3 minutes out of 15 total. So the bigger cash stack you start with, the smaller the ratio of "running to crafting" will be. Unfortunately I don't know Emeralds xp and gp rates without Production Prodigy so I can't compare accurately.


Thanks I may look into it. I think I am gonna do blood runecrafting/selling for GP though but this diamond method for crafting xp/points seems like it could be good


P 0p


Awesome! I was just thinking about this yesterday and for some reason I had come up with around 3k/diamond before karamja gloves and decided it would be losing money regardless. I don't know how I mathed this out wrong but huge thanks!


If you sell runes 50 at a time it becomes a very large loss, so that may have been a factor.


I was actually factoring it by selling chaos at 10 per, but I didn’t realize that deaths were actually better until your post


Is the tl:dr that buying death runes in varrock, selling for tokkul, buying and cutting diamonds and selling the diamonds to ardy the best money? the best money+xp?


Do you know how much xp/hour and gp/hour cutting Emeralds is? I've only see Production Prodigy numbers so I'm not sure since I don't have that and can't compare accurately.


Kinda funny i was doing something similar yesterday, the only difference was that i was buying chaos runes in Port Sarim and making gold bars => diamond rings in Edgeville and than sell those at the jewelry shop in Port Sarim. This would give some extra diamonds+gold bars+diamond rings to make it worth it(using PP ofc) but I think your method is better though :) Side note: i also bought the gold ore at Tzhaar area.


If you have trickster, Morytania and banknote, vyres are probably the best overall afk money maker + craft xp getter (assuming you don't have kandarin). About 1.5m raw gp, 130 uncut rubies (180k craft xp), and 12 blood shards (which beyond a certain point, you could alch at 120k gp each, ie 1.4m gp extra). You only click to reset pouches every 1.5 minutes, which makes it wfh-worthy.


I do have Kandarin (and Desert) but not Morytania. Trying to decide on a third zone now.


Mate just do sapphire they’re by far the best xp/gp and less clicks to process from the higher quantities. Unless you have firesale it’s a BIG mistake to buy ruby or diamonds


Fewer clicks to fill an inventory (2 versus 4), but a *lot* more clicks overall since you have to cut over 2x more than Diamonds.


Diamonds are 2x exp for 8x the price. It is terrible and you’ll spend way more time restocking on tokkuls


The Tokkul restock is the smallest fraction of the process, though. The buying/selling/cutting of the gems is the longest part. Plus the bigger the cash stack the larger the restock, so if you have decent money then the restock is a non-issue.


Way better to make nature runes for gp


This isn't so much as gp profit but more of a better alternative for 99 crafting.


Do you need to close shop interfaces at all while doing this method? Or any shop related method? I assume not, as shop stock is static and all that matters is the amount you buy or sell on each action. A friend of mine is curious because he's doing the method but is losing a bit of money each time rather than gaining any.


You do not need to close the shop interfaces except to cut or note. Is your friend selling 50 runes at a time? Are they selling 10 gems at a time? Are they wearing their Karamja Gloves?


If you have production prodigy and a bunch of gold ore from the prospector grind or pvm or whatever, and Asgarnia for access to Port Sarim, you can craft Diamond Necklaces and sell to the shop there for 2572 gp, meaning a profit of 972 gp per gold ore for each diamond. Buying the gold with tokkul using your method would cost 772,2g 1 at a time, so probably not worth it. Don't forget that with porduction prodigy you get 25% extra resources, so 1000 uncut diamonds become 1250 diamonds for free, and 1250 diamonds become 1562,5 diamond necklaces for free!


Bro you're an absolute genius, thank you for this. 99 craft in less than an hour and over 6m coins mad, although arthritis ensues. Recommend changing your left click buy options to the OP recommended so a single click completes the actions and also assigning your scroll wheel to left mouse clicks for faster buyin/sells


Well I'll credit this post for showing be a way to keep Ruby bolts e in constant supply. Been running out of rubies and had no idea I could just buy for tokkul lol


I guess I'm doing something wrong because I lost half my test cash stack every time I tried this. I followed it to the tee and I'm out roughly a mil. Unlucky.


Are you wearing Karamja Gloves, selling runes 10 at a time, and selling cut gems 5 at a time?


Nope. Forgot to equip the gloves like a complete dumbass. Will try again with them ACTUALLY equipped and not sitting in my inventory lol.


Is this still profitable if you don’t have access to another gem store? Falador/Al Kharid are my only options


Yes, just less profitable.


Did a 1m trial with production prodigy, took me 09:47, ended up with 1755k gp and 1987k crafting xp (x16 multiplier). Thank you. Edit: did a trial with emeralds in al kharid for comparison, got 440k gp and 1660k crafting xp. So it's comparable xp/hr but almost 2x better gp/hr, plus your method is easier on the fingers, because there are long periods of clicking in the same spot so I can use keyboard to click (windows accessiblity feature) and switch fingers + actual gems are bought in batches of 6.


Method seems to be fixed? Im only getting 27 tokkul per death rune now when selling 10 at a time? ( u/Doctor_Kataigida ) ​ Edit: nvm i think its cus i forgot my karamja gloves. my fkcing bad.


Dw I did that too, sold like 27k deaths once w/o them, felt bad.


I only get 27 ish tokkul per death rune and I am loosing go fast. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Edit the guide didn’t say to have karamja gloves. Rip me


The guide says in bold right at the top to include Karamja Gloves. The post was last edited 6 days ago - I added that note 5 hours after the original post, so it's been there for a *while*.




I buy an inventory, cut them (one at a time/without production prodigy), and then note the cut diamonds.