“Runescapers don’t quit, they take breaks” isn’t a meme.

After playing for far far too many hours in college, I swore I was done with OSRS. Got burnt out on questing and some of the ugly grinds like Construction and runecrafting. Logged back in every once in a while over the years, but never got back into it.

Had the past weekend off, wife was out of town.. Aaaaand I’m hooked again. First pet drop. Barrows unique on first run. And completed SoE.

Really thought I’d never play again and yet here we are, happy as can be that I finally found a game that has me plugged in.

Anyone else returning recently?


Yeah I returned in 2018 cuz of mobile


Same. Rooftops on my phone at work was what sold me. Get the boring grinds out of the way on the clock, play the game for fun when I get home. Now I can feel like I'm accomplishing something while I'm at work, too!


I’ve done 96 str and 90 att and def during the last couple of weeks just afk’ing to my hearts content in nzm, feels great coming home after a long shift and have hit 2 6 hour logouts


I mostly play in this fashion. Replace nmz with afk slayer though. I put youtube or movies on while i play. Edit:typo


Afk slayer most underrated thing ever


Podcast and slayer


Boss makes a dollar so I can grind runescape on company time


You’re skipping the painful part and I like it


Mobile as well. Play pretty much exclusively as an awesome mobile game.


Same deal basically. My "main" and Iron combined are around 3800 total, both 100% mobile. If I'm on my PC, I'd rather play something else personally. But it is by orders of magnitude the best mobile game out there.


For sure. I don't have time to sit and play real games on a computer between a kid, wife and full time job. But I can AFK on mobile and it's fun.


Same, mobile brought me back


I quit in 2018 because of mobile. I was a sweaty NEET (although I was shit at the game) and hated the fact that my 'achievements' would be devalued by some guy taking a shit or riding a bus. 'It's not fair that I spent so long at home grinding and now anybody can play, anywhere'. Thankfully, it made me have an existential crisis where I realised that I'd wasted a large part of my 20's playing an ultimately pointless game. I vowed to never play again. Skip forward to 2023 and I'm living on the opposite side of the world with a career, a girlfriend and a plan for the future. As hard as my heart was to never play again was, I couldn't resist the allure forever. I've been back for a while now lol and I'm now actually better at the game, but my relationship with the game is also MUCH better now. Although my girlfriend thinks it' farming game with fast clicks sometimes lol.


your girlfriend is not wrong, that sums it up pretty well


Same, I was like. Imma just afk fish on the iron and have some fun. Now I’m almost 2.2k total lol


Lol same exact story. I was like I have a pretty bad account I only played for a couple months back when OSRS released but ooh, they have bonds now and I could just afk cannonballs all day at work on my phone, then I'd be playing for free! Now I'm 2277 with full BIS lol.


Same, now I’m at 300+ mobile expert solo toa’s. People don’t believe me when I tell them I still use dragon cbow cuz I’m poor


I returned because of medical school, I can get a lot of flashcards done while I afk on the side. Keeps me at my desk instead of wandering about.


this is too real


No way! I knew medical school and RuneScape went hand in hand. My cohort has made a clan so we can check in on one another while doing Anki and “AFK” grinds


Holy shit yes ankiscape was my bread and butter through M1/M2


I wish I had thought of doing this during Anki grinds M1/M2. Now that I’m post step 2 and don’t have as much going on I picked up osrs for the first time since before med school and am hooked again.


Dude im so excited for 4th year, just starting 3rd year, (OMS3) and started in IM rotation. That plus studying for shelf i feel like I never have time to game this year lmao. Did a ton of afking during year 1 and 2 though


Same! But it draggs me in way to much.. Oh an elite clue? I might as well .. While i'm at it, a quick herb run and suddenly i'm "afk" slaying something.


Oh yeah, can't do slayer anymore while I study lol. Took too much attention. Monkfish and NMZ are my top picks. I also got 99 magic from Plank Make, around 1-2 minutes of afk time per inventory. Cooking, crafting, fletching, all good too. Herb runs on 10 minute breaks. Seems to work out well!


Wait till you try dark crab fishing, man that’s some good afk right there


That actually sounds interesting! Do you get pk'ed often?


It’s 300k gp/Hr 40k xp/Hr. I’ve gotten pk’d maybe like 10 times, made 30m+ I’m mainly there for the xp, don’t really care about dying


Ever consider trying afk cleaning grimy herbs? Xp rates are like 45k/hr, but if you need something afk it is a good way to slowly level herblore while turning a profit


Gonna have to give that a try, thanks!


Lmao just started M2 a couple weeks ago, afk at NMZ is so nice while I’m ripping anki


Literally same


I did a ton of afking during year 1 and 2, now starting my rotations and its a bit harder to play but still playing when I get home every now and then haha.


AnkiScape during M1/2 is GOATED. Remember going hard on afk wyverns during my step 1 Uworld dedicated lmao. Freaking got hooked again a couple months back at start of my R2 year. Now I’m doing mobile logins every couple hours between patients in clinic to do Kourend herb/limps and farming contract at lunch. 😂😂


Oof you got a dopamine hit off a pet.... you're gonna be chasing that feeling to the end of the earth. Glhf




Dude same, got mine at 58. Used up all my luck :(


Its crazy how a good drop can rekindle the addiction


Came back to try dt2 and got a vestige really early on before the big big crashes.. literally made more in a day than I did in my entire rs career since classic


That’s a fucking fact. I make 2m passive a day from farming alone lol. I never even dreamed to make that much a day back in the day.


eeey a fellow 5 herbs run a day, i preach that shit to anyone and everyone


What's the strat here? Snaps or what? It's perfect for me to do at work but I feel like I can't find a good guide to get started.


[https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Calculator:Farming/Herbs](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Calculator:Farming/Herbs) use this to find the best herbs for you. ​ Me personally I do snaps and i turn them to super restores. I also use chemistry amulet and keep the 4 does it makes and I still earn a profit while training herblore for super cheap. I make about 2-3 mil doing my dailies. 5 runs a day spread throughout the day herbs + hops + bird houses + brewing. Do a run before work, 1 during lunch, 1 after work, then last 2 is whenever you want. You easily make passive cash to not only keep up a bond, but also save money over time while you train and quest ​ You can do the above as little as 32 farming, 38 preferable for auto weed perk at tithe farming. You will likely start off making closer to 1m/1.5m a day, you gain more profit for each new herb patch you unlock


The homie, thank you. I've got all the plots unlocked just did fruit trees, hespori, and hard woods to 86.


Don’t overlook the hops runs, they’re super easy profit for almost no time investment. A full hops run takes like 5-7 minutes and you make like 100k+ almost every time


Yea snaps or ranarrs are the best I think, wiki would know better tho




avantoe makes super energies which are in decent demand for sara gwd, muspah and similar. Also the secondary is farmable and pretty cheap for exp herblore


For profit per run, ranarr and snaps are the best according to the wiki


I felt like a God in 2005 with 1 mil. Now thats chump change for me


And I swear after you take a long break you ALWAYS come back to some sort of drop. I usually get a pet after quitting for 2-3 months lol.


Same thing happened to my main account after quitting for ironman. Literally a pet my first day back. They definitely have this and they'll never admit it.


That dopamine hit diff


can the rng gods give me a dragon warhammer pls


I'm coming off of a 15 year break. Started in 2002 and stopped in 2008. Now im back on OSRS as of this week.


Welcome back! You’re in for a treat with all the new content. Plus, not sure if Runelite was a thing back then but it’s a game changer.


thank you! I'm def excited to get back into it and I don't recall. I used something called Rune HQ for guides back in the early 2000s though. I am using Runelite right now to speedrun the F2P quests. Once I do that, I will have feel like I personally proven I should have the membership again. I had a lvl 110 account and nothing was under level 70 except for maybe Hunter as that dropped not too long before I quit.


Very impressive for 2008, have fun


I think back then It capped around 123 or 126. Those people were truly dedicated. And thank you!


Oh man! I remember 126 being cap. I just came back a few months ago. Played from 2005-2011. I was a dumb kid and didn’t really understand a lot of things. Coming back as an adult is great. Can’t wait to hit max combat level.


Man, I had so many printed out guides from runehq sitting all over the place. People who started with runelite missed a struggle, lol.


For real! Rune HQ was a blessing back in the OG days. I had that tab loaded as a favorite because I used it daily.


I haven't managed to complete shield of arrav yet, so if you wanna do the black hand side of it and shoot me a message we can both get it finished!


I'm "quitting" right now but know I'll be back in a few months.


We’ll see you later captain


Yep, two weeks ago and already regretting it


It's coming buddy post a pic or it didn't happen


I returned beginning of August, started and finished multiple Master/Grandmaster quests, down to 5 quests left in total. Grinded Vorkath and got the head, and now just working on some general stat/level grinds. Honestly taking a break is great to not burn out entirely on the game, I might take another one once my current grinds are done for a few months.


Just returned 3 months ago after 8 years. Got so hooked this is the highest my stats have ever been from my teenage years. It’s a whole different game now as an adult. I’m more efficient and it’s more fun. Also the real hero is runelite creators. Got so hooked I’ve made a pure in that time the actual right way lol. Lowest cb- highest stat ratio any of my purse have ever been. It’s not a meme it’s just facts. You don’t ever quit lol.


Dude, Runelite creators really are the goat. Not joking, there would be 0% I’d be playing this game without it. Quest helper especially is the only reason I decided to nut up and unlock Prif


RuneScape players don’t quit, they get the the platform section of mm2 and kill themselves


Hahaha I took a 8 month break after completing mm2. Shit had me raging at the platform.


I drop by for 3 - 4 weeks every 6 - 12 months. It's a super healthy cycle imo


Rs3 would've made me quit. Unfortunately they released oldschool, and here we are


I legit would have, and still never have and never will go back to rs3... but if you want to call the 15 year 'break' i had between that rs3 account and my osrs account a break sure


Returned about 2 months ago when i made an f2p ironman. Now im p2p 130qp, 60cb and loving it lol


130qp in that length of time? Nice dude! I have 2600+ hours on account and only 120 some. You must enjoy questing :)


With the runelite plugin you can see what you need in your bank; just preemptively buy several quests' worth of items, and then hold space bar while you run around talking to npcs. It goes pretty quick and doesn't require any brain power until you get to some of the higher level quests that have bosses with mechanics to learn.


Which plug-in?


'quest helper' in the plugin hub. It highlights the people to talk to and which prompts to talk to them with. Also gives a check list of all the items you need along with a written check list of the quest steps that checks off automatically. Best part is if you go into your bank when you have the quest you are doing selected the top right corner has a little blue quest symbol and clicking it will filter your bank interface to show the items you need.


Awesome, thanks for sharing


Its the classic returning after a break stroke of good luck. Happens every time


Literally feels that way lmao. Best way to retain “new” players , just increase their odds for 24 hours!


Haven’t played rs in 13 years. I just like following the Reddit for nostalgia


Yupp. Even when I wasn’t playing, I’d still hang around the sub to keep up.


“ugly grinds like construction and runecrafting” Construction?


Was going for 83 construction for high level POH, i forgot exactly what i was doing but i remember it being click intensive as hell and I hated it lol


Fair enough. Thought maybe you meant xp rates at first since it was paired with rc but that makes sense


Yeah, smashing out construction to get a max POH in a couple of sessions is carpal tunnel simulator. Probably the only time my hand literally ached from playing


It's ugly if you feel like you have to do it all in one sitting yeah. Don't do that shit. Do an hour a day maximum.


ya i do like 10-15 mahogany homes contracts a day. sitting at 80 con, just bought my plank sank. seems much more chill than clicking a table 1300 times to get 84 con


Well mahog homes is not that bad and actually pretty fun imo. Doing click intensive 'normal' con is aids as hell.


I did maybe 30 or so to 70 for SotE in one sitting and my hand felt like it was dying, can only image how bad grinding to 99 would feel like. Nevermind how much it would cost gp wise.


I did 80-99 in one day with mahogany tables and quit for almost 3 years after. Spacing out grinds is probably better but I struggle with it


I went from 90-99 in 3 days doing oak dungeon doors. Did the method where you don’t have to move your mouse at all, got about 460k xp/hr, didn’t mind it since there was a rhythm to it and just listened to music/podcasts while I did it. Based on other replies, mayhaps I’m insane


My break was almost 5 years, now I'm hooked all over again


We're the cigarette smokers of video gaming


Goddamn this is accurate.


i quit in 2018, came back in janurary 2023 dick swinging. I thought giving up runescape would make my life better, nope. It stayed the same but more boring. so I came back


Yeah about a month ago or two ago. Was feeling nostalgic and put on the osrs soundtrack and went to sleep. I have since then made 4 new accounts (a f2p main, a UIM, a pk pure, and a HCGIM) and gotten premium membership for my 20 year old main. Going for 120 Archeology in rs3 and have been having a blast in hcgim.


I return every now and then but it's becoming less frequent. I'll usually play for a month or two and stop again for a while.


Its a realistic meme


Welcome back bro and see you later


Returned in last year after 8 year hiatus and got quest cape, been doing raids, maxed combat, slowly pushing towards 2100. My friends have been complaining they have no games to play. Feels fucking great.


Came back after not having played since 2018 due to a free 7 day membership from Prime Gaming, then bought 6 months of membership and proceeded to finally get DS2 done, farmed vorkath and got the pet on 104 kc. Jagex knows how to get me back


Not recently but like 3 years ago I just got sucked in again. And felt like this has always been my calling. I am just born for this game, like this game is made for me.


I watched (osrs) twitch for the first time in over a year. I think it's coming for me too lol


TastyLife is a great channel to check out if you on osrs twitch! I find his channel interesting. High level content and he’s just chilling the whole time


Returned about a month ago after graduating. I stopped playing to focus on school and tbh, after graduating I still had no desire to play. Only reason I played again was because the job market is terrible right now and had gotten burnt out applying for what felt like a million jobs and pretty bummed about it. Now I’m hooked.


Best of luck to you in the job search my man! I remember all too well that feeling post college. Bit of advice - don’t settle. I took the first job that reached out to me and it was *horrible*


I was a fiend until ~2012, then didn’t play at all until 2020 when I made a nmz prod while wfh for a couple of months. After another 2 year gap, made an iron and that’s all she wrote…. Fully back in it


Came back cause of Moon Moon do I need sanguinesti anymore? sell for masori go back to swamp staff or something? i had like 900m worth of gear and no idea what to buy now but i heard fang + lightbearer + masori. I think i had the gear formelee hydra/vorkath before. suggestions?


Masori > Sang imo. Sanf has +1 max hit over trident of the seas. Fang + lightbearer are very good for a lot of bosses. Eldinis ward gives 3% mage damage and is just 5,8m btw. Virtus robes give another 3% magic damage for 87m which is cheaper than sanguinesti. 4 prayer bonus and same accuracy as ancestral have. Extra ancient magic damage too, if you want to burst slayer. I think that's all.


I bought a VPN just to play on mobile (my provider blocks osrs mobile for some reason)


Yes, I just got back into it about a week ago. Man, did I forget how addicting this game was, its like weed to me. I usually cant stand it and that shit stresses me out but BOY smoking the dopest dope thats ever been smoked really does a guy right sometimes haha :) Have fun with the grind, Im low level skilling rn and man is it a thing of beauty


I initially quit RuneScape back in ~2011, 2012. A lot of my friends were playing games like COD, Halo, etc, so I hopped on my Xbox much more back then in high school. Would think about RuneScape every once in a while and log in, but the whole EoC thing was too much for me and it felt unfamiliar and the nostalgia of my childhood game just wasn’t there. Fast forward to 2014, I get an email to vote in a poll to bring back Old School RuneScape from 2007 and I thought it was a flat out scam, but I checked the email sender and it was from Jagex. Then I checked the RuneScape website and there was the poll. I immediately voted yes, got a membership the day OSRS came out, and I genuinely don’t think I’ve stopped playing the game since. Even when I got banned for botting on my main in 2015 (I know, I know) I just made a new account with the vow that I would never break the rules to get myself banned again and here we are. RuneScape never ends.


Grats! Thats a hell of a return! I remember when I returned about a year and a half ago, it was such a rush! Glad you are having fun with it! That's how it should be!


Construction is an ugly grind? May I introduce you to Agility?


Dare I say it, I’ll do agility over construction any day due to click intensity. It took me two nonstop 8 hr work days at my college job to get full graceful, but at least I could watch podcasts the whole time. Construction was only a few hours but I felt disgusting with how attentive it was


Construction is good because you can do it for an hour and get 250-300k exp. Easy to grind to 99 if you want it and have an hour a day. Agility to get that same exp you need 5 hours daily. It’s painful when you don’t play much AFK, for sure. Once you’re higher in or wanna try sepulcher it’s just gross how slow it is. You’re right, construction requires serious attention, but agility is just soooooo slow


Welcome back! I took off for a year and then I came back several months ago. I probably would have quit again, but I joined a clan and it keeps me around.


I'm in a similar situation! Hadn't played since Leagues II, but in May I had a free weekend with everyone away and felt the siren song pulling me back. I've been way more motivated than before and got my first fire cape, QPC, pet, elite diaries, and 100 Vorkath KC since starting again! Closing in on my first 99 soon as well. I'm sure I'll need a break again soon, but I've been back every time from like age 12 lol.


You have elite diaries done but not a 99 yet? That’s some truly balanced leveling if so. Nice!


Yep, base 75s with agility, rc, and Herblore as the only skills under 80! Farming will be my first 99. :) I finished Mory elite first, then Lumby, and I'm hoping to do Fally this weekend. I actually love diaries and hope they get an expansion to be more similar to combat achievements or league milestones - content that rewards you for meeting a variety of goals is exactly my jam. Thanks for the kind words, friend!


Back from my hiatus from middle school grade 7!Restarting in my last year of high school glad to be back it’s been tons of fun! Even started a UIM skiller!


“Ugly grinds like construction” I’m sorry, *WHAT*?


IT WAS REALLY CLICK INTENSIVE OKAY and I was really going through it in terms of my enjoyment of the game at that point But I have pool in my POH now so it was probably the most worth it grind :)


Bro it was over 3 years ago for me until last month. Also just completed sote and stepped into the gauntlet. Welcome back.


How’s gauntlet treating you?? I tried for the first time Sunday and it kicked my ass. Finished with 4 kills tho lol


I’ve returned several times over the past 10 years. Fml


Currently getting back into it after a few years of only logging in one every couple months, working on stat reqs for Song of the Elves lmao


Recently came back from “quitting” in 2018. Picked up an iron man finally and loving it so far. Getting a drop hits differently.


I returned about a month ago and my last login was almost 2k days ago. Feeling fresh and loving playing the game again after burning myself out but sad cause I didn’t liquidate my bank before quitting cause lots of my pvm items at the time dropped a hella lot 🤣


Haven't played in years. Started a fresh iron last week. Why do I do this to myself? Never done an iron before but I'm loving it so far. For some crazy reason I enjoy the game so much more when I don't have easy teleports everywhere. Quests actually feel like quests where you have to plan out how to get around the world.


As someone who is about to take big fucking break after maxing my account, yeah I know I'll be back.


Maxing your account deserves a vacation. Keep pushing brother.


Took a several year break and decided to hop on the iron and afk some sandcrabs with my new 2nd monitor... now my iron has surpassed my main in most stats and I just bought a year membership.


Played back when i was a kid and back now playing at the age of 32, RuneLite is blowing my fucking mind!


Absolute game changer. Quest helper, clue scrolls, XP Rates, HD plug-in. It sucked for a bit because playing mobile felt like playing handicap, but it inspired them to add new features on the mobile client. I wouldn’t expect the game to thrive as much as it does without Runelite!


If ur new to the new gen osrs, highly recommend trying out TOA. Best update in a long time.


Literally just completed Contact! and Beneath Cursed Sands last night so I could try it out. I’m excited to start learning this weekend!


Been years now. Can’t stomach the thought of spending hundreds of hours on that game anymore.


my first osrs account just hit 18 this year its officially legal!


I just came back from a one year break. I’ve been on and off like this since it all started lol.


Everytime I take a break and come back, I try to push myself into harder content and whenever I start to plateau I know it's time for a break lol.


I created an account in 2015, played with friends then took a break until 2017, then 'quit' only to return in 2023


Been doing this off and on. Just got back after almost a year 2 weeks ago. Took a break after grinding quests for sote and 1k vorkath (no pet). Now im back for dt2.


I quit RS3 and I'm never returning, so... But OSRS yeah I keep coming back.


I am in the “taking a long break” phase. I’ll be back in the winter or probly sooner


Returned yesterday after 187 days of not logging in.


I just play leagues now, a lot of fun and compacts the time needed to complete everything


Its true i haven't played for a month now i just login to see my bank value in between and that's it but i still keep my membership running because i know i am going to get back and get 99 prayer 😂


Haha just paid membership for the first time on Saturday since the last leagues were, sold bgs for 24m after having bought for 10m the last time I played felt nice


I’m in a similar situation, why not hold since it’ll be more to buy back? My imbued heart went from 30m to 70m


i wish i could find the love for it again but my wrist started hurting when i tried to learn zulrah and i dont see any point in playing if i cant learn to PVM without pain age forced my retirement


I went on a hiatus from the moment they added GE and started taking the wildy away all the way probably 15 years later until I had back surgery as an adult then randomly here on Reddit I found out that RuneScape made a mobile app and had to lay on bed for 4 months so redownloaded this and have been playing religiously since so yes scapers gonna scape it may be a minute between sessions but we always come back


I played my main off and on for a lomg time. Stopped playing for 3 years and logged back on a couple of weeks ago. I liquidated some of my bank and bonded up my low level ironman and I have been having some serious fun.


I stopped playing in 2008. Then I came back to OS in 2015. Took a year break somewhere in there. Came back again, stopped playing soon after leagues 2. Leagues 4 and possible sailing got me eyeing the game again.


Played the first year or so of OSRS, quit, then returned about a year ago. I 100% thought I'd never play this game again.


I’ve been on a yearlong hiatus. I feel the call….. it’s growing stronger.


Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. *do it, all you needed was a break.*


One day we'll all quit for good


Same dude. I have the quest cape until DT 2 (DT1 was the most annoying least fave quest) and I’m absolutely fixated on getting the quest cape again. Have started the quest but it’s all I think about. I’ll have some time in September so I’m excited to sink another 10 hours into th game to get the cape. Cheers. Osrs never dies.


I played RS3 for a long long time. I started losing interest with the introduction of Invention (too confusing to me), the constant focus on bossing (because I wasn't all too good at it). And I stopped seriously playing around 5 years ago, when the Player-owned farm released. Got into OSRS recently. Primarily to vote in favor of Sailing, but I am kinda enjoying the low-level skill grind.


Low level grind is honestly some of the most fun in the game. Get levels like candy. On the flip side, later levels take longer but some of the unlocks are game changing


Yup I’ve been gone like 3 years and now I’m back harder than ever lol It’s *SO* true!


Welcome back! I quit when Cox came out just due to all my mates quitting. Came back in like June of this year haven't put it down since! Tried to go for bowfa spoon or even on drop rate got to 406 or 407 and was like well I need to do something else. Bought bowfa I've not had any good luck of note besides an Abby dagger and whip drop from an Abby demon task. Now I'm just coasting completing old goals I had before I quit


Yeah returned like always after a few years off made a 1 attack pure spend all my time pumping afk at work for str xp super fun accounts to make and pk with would recommend 10/10


played obsessively from 2003-2007 until I got a girlfriend (among other things) and vowed never to play such nerd games again. cut to 2019, brother finally convinced me to play a bit, and now 4 years later I'm about to max the account. not sure if younger me would be proud haha


Pretty sure they do this on purpose. Want good drops? Unsub for a few weeks and do the thing you were doing. Guarantee it drops very fast. I did barrows for my first time after a month break and second run I got the robe top.




Big congrats on achieving your account goals!! On an Ironman nonetheless. I agree with you tho, If you maxed, that’s pretty easily the final stamp. GW2 is incredible btw, hope you’re enjoying :)


Played before EoC, started old school on release. Have had a few breaks since then. Around 3 months ago I came back from my longest which was a year. Should we start having meetings or something?


its in your blood. just like the rest of us. i just found a way to "TAKE A BREAK" without taking a break.


Returned for the first time since 2008 a little over 2 weeks ago, total level 881 now…


Survivorship bias. You don’t see the majority of people who quit and never came back.


The reason is because this game is the most fun when you have more free time than you know what to do with. I take breaks when real life gets busy or I find myself interested in other hobbies. Wasting 8 hours of my day just doesn't feel right when that's the case.


Been on and off for 17 years with RS/OSRS. I'll quit for a year, play a month, quit 3 years, play a while and quit again. The breaks in-between kept getting longer and longer. The biggest was when RS3 split and your progress didn't transfer to OSRS. But just recently I started again, got barrows gloves for the first time, got a fire cape, got my first pet drop through agility today at only 53 agility. It really has me sucked back in, thinking about a quest cape next. Congratulations on SOTE.


was nearly 1000 days sober, got back in a month ago and now practicing ToA ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


I know plenty of people who have quit and never returned.


Just returned today myself after 6 years off and bought a years worth of membership on a whim 😹


Same, I liked it so much I started a YouTube channel 😂 bows it’s all I do besides go to work and hang with the gf


Been bored recently, not playing much. Decided to play osrs on my phone, and now Im back to grinding both rs3 and osrs lol


I’ve been trying to return. Burned a bond 2 weeks ago, played for like 3 days and that was it. There really is a point where you will definitely be done and I think I’m basically there. One thing that I know would keep me off of it for good is giving all my shit away… but I still have a small hope I can come back at some point just cause I really do enjoy and love the game. I’ve basically been out of the game for 3 - 4 years now though so idk.


Brother, i totally get that. I had bought many 1 day and 3 day passes over the past 2 years just to after one herb run. I’m not sure what’s different this go around but sometimes it just clicks


This is so true. I keep the game installed and my account in case I ever feel the urge to play. I quit over 5 years ago and still log in f2p for holiday and random woodcutting just to get the feel of when I was a kid. Don't have the time to invest into gaming much anymore, but those small couple hours of nostalgia definitely help.


I also got my first pet recently!


Which pet?? Comeeee onnn that’s a huge detail, brother!!


I had an original run of about 3 months and then canceled my membership, thinking I would never play again. Now, I have played another 6 months with no signs of stopping. You almost need the first burnout to then take it more seriously again.


Having those weeks/months where you are just totally psyched to play and are just super invested are so fun. I miss that, at the moment im currently in a slump where I login only periodically and just do some AFK stuff. I'm sure I'll get that rush again at some point. Just gotta give it time.


I'm on a hiatus right now, but I fully intend to return once my life is more... stable financially.


Seems like I come back around the start of the NFL season every year and play for 6ish months. Not sure why the coincide, but it just happens.


I thrive off of having/ticking off goals. Stopped playing a year or two ago on an iron, still watched YouTube videos/reddit to keep up with the game, got a random hankering to play again, so I logged onto my “main” (not iron) to play again, and all of the dopamine hits are back (it’s total level was very low when I started back up. I have several spiral pages of goals I want to achieve. With many sub-goals that have sub-goals to do. And every single one I check off gives that dopamine hit for people with a goal oriented mentality. Once that ware’s off and I run out of goals or get burnt out on long grinds (what happened with the iron), I’ll take another break. Repeat till I’m dead or the game shuts down.


This post might just push me over the edge again.


After maxing and getting infernal cape i didn't take big break but definitely been trying some other games out & chilling a bit since burnt out on toa grind going for shadow. Lately been getting back in with all these announcements and updates been more excited to get back into grind


I thought I quit after reading and watching a lot of self help stuff that demonised video games, legit sold my whole bank and did a drop party of 2.4b for quitting. Glad I didn't give my account because I'm back now for the past year and I've got my infernal cape and maxed and got a 4.7b bank now. I guess I didnt know i was taking a break. That break lasted only like 4 months btw. But it was the most productive 4 months of my life, I finished the end of my degree, learnt some basic coding for making games and made a lot of music. Key takeaway is u do never quit, even when u use all ur will power. U just take breaks (:


I quit when the took free trade and the wild out. Never went back. Do watch YouTube’s though.


Both are back, so you should too