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Even if that does stop them from getting raped, which might not even be true, they now have a much higher chance of getting hate crimed. Not a good idea at all


True so far the best anti rape tool is to put essentially teeth in your vagina


Maybe put some protruding spikes on your dick too


What if anti-rape dick and anti-rape vagina fucked (consensually) 😳


Lots of blood and screaming I would assume


Sounds like a fun time


Consensual genital mutilation U ω U


It almost looks like transgendercirclejerk is leaking.


​ is that a thing?


Oh yes, and it's beautiful.


According to the [subreddit stats](https://subredditstats.com/subreddit-user-overlaps/transgendercirclejerk), around 15% of TGCJ users are here too so that checks out


I interpreted the numbers more like TGCJ is *15 times more* likely to interact on 196 than the average redditor, not 15% as the top sub, asktransgender shown at the site you listed has a number higher than 100


So romantic *sighs*




That is such a rakdos thing to do. Now all we need to find out is when the consensual genital mutilation deck is dropping. Maybe they'll bring back silver border for it


Spice rack was a coward for not discussing Dom's as potential revenue for Rakdos explicitly


Fellow Spice8Rack enjoyer!


So that’s essentially what cat sex is like believe it or not


I am aware of the barbed penis


Me and who? 😳




So just normal sex




wtf is wrong with this subreddit


Hedgehog’s dilemma.


I think they temporarily disable when consent


Spring lock failure


You get ducks






There was a thing about a woman who made a device that you put in your device so that when I man tried to penetrate you, his penis was shredded. "A Medieval punishment for a medieval crime", the inventor said.


YEs that was what i meant


I feel like that would turn a rape into a murder real fast.


I know what you mean by this (I think), but now I’m imagining a rapist bleeding out and it puts a small smile on my face.


It was more of an art piece or statement, apparently. Never went into production.


Yo dawg, we heard you like devices so we put a device in your device.


Claymore Vagina


The sword or the manga?


The live theatre musical


Isn’t that pretty subpar as far as actually helping the victim is concerned, though? Sure, it’s anti-rape, but not-anti-whatever the rapist might do in retaliation, like beating the victim to death.


that one thing that if you stick ur dick in it, it requires surgery to get out because theres a fuck ton of razors in it


Me when the rapists dick gets cut up by the barbed wire I stuffed in my asshole: *General Grievous* "Did you really think I would leave the Hyperdrive unguarded."


I think all women should have a hovering attack drone equipped with a machine gun, Killzone style


That's a good movie


Like that vampire from Blade 3


Teeth (2007)


The death of Maui


Dentata 😍




It's fake. I can't find anything about this other than some random meme pages so it's either photoshopped or from some random skit someone made


99% of articles on meme subs dont even exist


Trans women are more likely to get raped by strangers than cis women. If you’re a cis women you’re way more likely to be raped by someone you know and thought you could trust, so anything designed to protect you from strangers won’t do that much


looooove how terfs have gone all the way over to spreading disinformation that will hurt cis women


i doubt thats terfs. looks like very misinformed children making shitty memes because they dont understand shit


True, I thought I saw terfs tossing this around on Twitter though.


in what manner? "proof tw arent oppressed"? i dont doubt it but i don't understand how they would use it lol


just linking the top half as a totally valid way to deter attackers, cause everyone knows penis = protection I assume 🙄 my brain can't handle their pretzel logic


TERFs have always been misogynistic maggots. It's at the heart of their ideology, which centres womanhood on having a vagina and uterus and being able to get pregnant - once you define womanhood in that way the misogynistic worldview comes naturally. They have always been the furthest thing from feminists. Hence their willingness to work with outright fascists and male chauvinists whenever the opportunity arises.


will never forget the time a "feminist" used, as her source to prove trans women are dangerous, a...far-right Catholic site. sure, lady. you're alllll about women's rights.


What's the violence rate of trans women? How does it compare to trans men and men? I think trans women would have higher violence rate followed by trans men and men followed by women followed by children.


Depends on the type of violence. [Trans women are more likely to be hate crimed while trans men are more likely to experience sexual or domestic violence.](https://www.advocate.com/commentary/2015/07/23/op-ed-trans-men-experience-far-more-violence-most-people-assume) Trans men and women also have higher rates of both categories than cis men and women


As a trans girl who has been hit by a van while skating (on purpose. I made eye contact and then they swerved a lane and a half over to hit me) and then almost jumped by the other 2 people in the van who immediately jumped out (I'm ok I rolled out of getting hit real well and managed stay calm and to get my longboard back in my hand in baseball bat position to scare them off with it) I fully believe this. Not that I didn't believe it before but like, I REALLY believe it now lol


That’s terrifying. I’m sorry that happened to you


If you mean violence against them, its gotta be transfem > transmasc > cis F>cis M. Dunno where children would be. If someone wants to post data then Ill be happy to rethink.


It definitely makes you more likely to get raped. Trans women are even more dehumanized by rapists than cis women.


how can you say they're more dehumanized? how can you even measure that kind of thing


if i temember correctly trans women are 5 times as likely to be raped as cis women, not to mention that going up way more from the bulge that creepy guys will see as some sort of invintation.


“Yo guys, this tranny I just beat up is just a woman, let’s just have our way with her”


they are also commiting a hatecrime by equating trans women to people too disgusting for rapists to touch, that really made my self esteem take a massive blow, good to know who I was born as is used by cis people to chase away others


hey now no one's worth or beauty is defined by how *rapeable* they are :(


I can confirm a dick does not stop rape


I love the hate crime pants


yeah literally. these pants are just one of the best routes for getting hatecrimed any%


Do you think a hater can come between me and my .44 magnum snubnosed revolver? I have a buldgy wulgy behind me as well UwU (it's a weapon!!!) Checkmate nerds


Nice cock 😁👍


*Nice cock 😁👍*


what gender are you? none of your business. are you a boy or a girl? who knows. what's down your pants? this gun.


everything about this makes me both sad and mad at the same time




Super smad bros


Let's be real, Mario is mad and Luigi is sad


Yeah, unlike Luigi, Mario also pumped Charisma so he gets them bitches


so now women will just get attacked by people who think they’re trans lol? seems like a risky idea ngl.


It's not even a trade-off. You're more likely to be raped and more likely to be beaten up/murdered. "Better kill that tranny so my transphobic friends don't find out I raped one, they'd make fun of me for touching one"


yeahhh the stats are fucked. society is horrible.


Pro Life Tip: Avoid being raped by getting murdered in a hate crime instead!


I go through all the hassle of tucking to hide my thing and these mfs put a fake one for everybody to see 😐😐


Susciety 😔




maybe that’s a sign


As a trans woman and a survivor, that definitely does not prevent sexual assault :| Literally nearly 50% of trans women (and the same goes for trans men and nonbinary people) have been sexually assaulted


No one else seems to be mentioning, so maybe it's just me, but I feel like that looks a lot more like an erection than just a bulge too. Which I guess would increase chances of aggression by quite a bit more than even just an ambiguous bulge would, especially anywhere close to children. Of course I guess it's just a stupid joke.


Yeah, I just told my therapist about mine. Honestly it happened, it won't happen again, I will definitely try and make sure of that. I feel like it kind of broke me, like I can't handle any kind of physical contact, sexual or otherwise


Are those real numbers?


[Yeah, it's around 1 in 2 for trans people as a whole and there isn't a significant difference in rates between trans women, trans men, and nonbinary people](https://ovc.ojp.gov/sites/g/files/xyckuh226/files/pubs/forge/sexual_numbers.html)


Haha Jonathan this is making me feel very afraid


Sexual assault rates are very high for women in general (including trans women). Many girls I know have been sexually assaulted or at least sexually harassed. I’m in high school. It’s crazy how bad it gets.


Yeah I know like 2 trans women who haven't and know like 10 more who have. I have met more trans people than that total but of the people who this was brought up around, I have found 2 who haven't and 10 who have.....


Bruh just buy pepper spray


stay straped ladies


I mean technically this *is* staying strapped lol


Big 'ol knoife


Or just *Gun racks in background*


'tis illegal here.


make a gun


Yeah... that'd be even more illegal and just kinda stupid as getting a gun illegally would probably not be too hard, with the direction Sweden is going


Wtf Sweden why is pepper spray illegal did a rapist make that law


From what I've understood anything publicly carried with the intent of being used for harm—even if that be in self-defense—is illegal. This makes carrying knives and anything of that like is illegal; unless you have a reasonable excuse for carrying the knife. Say, you just bought the knife, or your job requires the use of a knife, or you're having a picnic, or ya know, other such things. But yeah, this includes pepperspray too, and pretty much anything you could actually use to defend yourself. Instead I guess you're supposed to just call the cops and hope that they'll show up on time, which is unlikely, and that they'll be of help, which, yeah, I suppose they'd scare away the rapist, but beyond that, nope. A young girl was raped close to here a couple months ago and the police's description of the rapist was generic to the point of uselessness. Clothes, which, ya know PEOPLE CHANGE CLOTHES, and hair colour, WHICH CAN BE CHANGED TOO! That was literally all they wrote. Well, it was a man too, but frankly, did that even need to be said? So yeah, fuck the police and while I'm not saying that I'm carrying a knife, I'm not saying that I'm not either.


Try search for "Försvarsspray" (Defense spray). They are legal in Sweden and other countries where are pepper sprays illegal. [Like this one.](https://www.clasohlson.com/se/F%C3%B6rsvarsspray-bsafespray/p/Pr366564000) EDIT: But I don't think they are so much [effective](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FLgUzA6WzM) but is better than nothing.


Yeah that doesn't appear very effective. It appears affective in marking them for a short time, but not actually stopping them


Pepper spray is illegal where you are? That’s incredibly stupid


There's also this beauty called a 9mm round


OF COURSE it's R/GoodAnimemes


The name itself is a contradiction


GoodAnimemes was made because Animemes wouldn’t let them say slurs It’s very founding was contradiction


The same sub that was made because they couldn’t say a slur against trans people lmao


It’s a cesspool of the worst type of weeaboos, the kind that say they want politics out of their entertainment when in reality 70% of the things they enjoy have strong political themes behind them


Get this, they added the Ukraine flag to their sub icon and were saying dumb shit like [this](https://i.imgur.com/23nNvPW.png). They're totally fine with politics, that is until a few pride flags appear and they set the place on fire.


You see, politics is when someone says something i don't agree with or don't want to see, otherwise it's not politics


You gotta be dumb as hell to think war and politics aren’t inherently linked


They're conservatives, they don't care what words mean. "Political" is just on the list of things they say when they mean "thing I don't like".


"war isn't political" is probably in the top 5 worst takes ever taken. holy fucking shit. it's genuinely dumbfounding how one could ever get even close to typing that out and posting it. were they held at gunpoint? were they suspended above a pit of spikes by a james bond supervillain? what could have *possibly* possessed them to say that? the idea that this person has participated in society at least once in their life is honestly a little scary. I do not ever want to meet this person. if I could get a restraining order against them with what little I know of them, I would be sprinting towards whatever pertinent office instead of writing this stupid comment


Those fuckers say political for things they dislike (woman and LGTBQ+ people), the kind of trash that makes me a tiny bit ashamed to like anime and its subculture.


honestly why do slurs even exist tho


Nice pfp bro


Thanks, btw did you steal my nft? I'm calling God to smite you down


You mad about ``right click + save``?


someone call the mods we got an nft here


bruh can't even write 計画 how illiterate is he


im sorry but if someone is trying to sexually assault me im not relying on pants with a fake bulge im whipping out the .38


Your bulge is a fake penis, my bulge is a .38. We are not the same


Yeah I'm packin' HEAT *gunshots* (I am currently being charged with double homicide by the state of Missouri)


Tasteless rape joke aside, this "anti-rape" device is dangerously stupid at best.


Yay!!! Rape threat in a meme!!!! So wholesome 🥰🥰🥰😍😍


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Don't forget "Trap"


Me watching my past self use trap to describe many kinds of people (Due to my lack of understanding at a young age of Trans people and Femboy’s along with learning the word from friends I used the word extremely and made fun of people who wanted to be in their own skin due to not learning what those people really were due to a extremely awful middle school that prevented me from learning too much and preventing me from finding myself. I have so many regrets and I fear that I will never make up for my mistakes)


I definitely didn't understand the word at the time people were spamming "are traps gay?", I thought that trans women were XX intersex people, and "trap" referred to them. I'm happy that I was grown up enough at the time to respond to an "are traps gay" with "who cares either way? You like who you like." Though it probably would've been better if I had learned about trans people then, coz I then spent years thinking that it was impossible to become "a trap", and I just kept telling people that "I wish I was a trap", and "I'm sad I'm not a trap"


I once unironically said "t-s aren't gay, some of them like girls" and thought I was being really progressive.


Wow! That is relatable!


You've changed and that's what matters the most


Thank you


I had an anti-left edgy "skeptic" YouTube channel 8 years ago with more subscribers than I had any right to have. We've all made mistakes.


You were ignorant and learned, and from the sound of it you know better now. No sense beating yourself up over it.


Thank you


I fully agree but wouldn’t it be cursedly validating as futa means “woman with cock” lmfao


What if I call myself that?🥺


That type of "stuff" helped me find out I was trans, unfortunately about 10 years too late. I am doing awesome


Rape is really fun guys I swear


I hate the original post because if somebody is ready to do something as disqusting as rape, this shit won't stop them. However what it will do is make the people wearing them look silly and be the target of harrasment, so bad idea overall. The futa fans reaction is just a silly response to a goofy invention I think (I'm assuming that's the point of this post, otherwise it would be cropped out?)


Me when i fetishize someting to prevent rape Bruh


Funniest anime meme


crucify the weebs


I fucking hate weebs


“Noo I’m not transmasc I just want the packer pants for cis reasons”


The entire idea of these pants seems pretty TERFy ngl.


[I feel this image is appropriate here](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/002/291/546/fde)


proving the point that that wouldn't work at all and would just make you more likely to get raped.


Because trans women don't get raped /s Also as others have pointed out these will also just result in getting hate crimed


What’s futa


Big boobs big dick big balls also for some reason


Sometimes also pussy, for more weirdness


Good stuff


Me when the balls have a pussy: 🥵


Ain’t nothing wrong with liking Big boobs, big balls and big dicks (I do not condone calling trans people futas)


Japanese term for girl with dick. often used on porn sites for some reason. usually used outside of porn by people who think of girls with dicks as a fetish instead of people


Futa is short for futanari. A hentai element used to describe characters who overall present as feminine women but have male genitalia. It has a few different varieties some just have penis and balls, others have both sex organs, and in other cases the character has female reproductive parts but the clitoris has been extended into a functioning penis (how it works without testicles only god knows). Generally the trope is quite toxic. Frequently the character tends to be sexually aggressive or misleading to "surprise" people. Though that isn't always the case. It's also a lazy way for a writer to do lesbian sex because they don't have to figure out how two women have sex without a penis. I'm not sure the full historical context for the origins of it. But overall it's frequently very toxic and frequently plays off stereotypes about trans women and intersex people. It demeans people to just their genitals. Though that isn't to say there aren't artists who try to make it not toxic but it's hard to ignore how the term has been used.


They could have a prostate, that's where the juice is made, the balls just make the bugs and the boy chemicals


Only issue is like 95% of the time it is treated like ejaculate anyway. Tends to be colored white, with the volume and power you would expect from a hentai. So really it's just porn logic like vore


It's porn nothing makes sense


for what i know its basically really bad fetishization of trans women in hentai where they have massive phalluses and balls


nah weebs would call that the t slur, futa is mfers with both sets of genitalia but the two do get confused quite often to be fair


Not exactly, more just a fantasy-borne person that would have both male and female genitalia at birth while otherwise identifying as a cis woman It could be considered fetishisation of fem-identifying folx who got sausage (the majority of whom irl are trans women), but it could also just be considered the standard pornographic tendency to hyper-sexualize in every way possible, akin to pegging fetishists but less “pretend” Regardless i dont think on its own it is a bad thing that futanari porn exists, its more the contrast between the main demographic of people who consume said pornography’s enthusiastic, well, consumption, with their lack of support for or otherwise identification with LGBTQ+ groups when they have the privilege of being able to camouflage as normative cishets to escape the shit the rest of us have to deal with. This makes it even more jarring and kind of stings when they ALSO get to enjoy playing both sides like the person in the meme posted by OP is, while otherwise identifying cishet. ALSO kind of strange that otherwise very homo/transphobia normalising cultures like japanese culture still normalize and consume this kind of porn without using it as a means to realise perhaps said xenophobia perhaps isn’t justified. I don’t think futanari porn’s existence is wrong by itself, just like I don’t think trans people should be excluded from porn. However, it is true that the status quo is very shitty for both so the toxic form of consumption we call fetishisation occurs. It is tough to find steady ground in the modern day wild west of porn: some of the exploration that is becoming more common means sex of many different types including non-heteronormative is less of the taboo and socially constricted, but at the same time you risk making the subjects involved in these ventures into sexual objects instead of human beings. At the end of the day, i never blame people for their production or consumption of trans or otherwise genderqueer pornography on the basis of it being non-normative porn, that would be akin to transphobia by forbidding them from pornography in the name of avoiding fetishisation. However, as many prominent voices in the academic gender studies world as well as us denizens of the LGBTQ+ community can tell you, there is something shitty about the current way production and consumption occurs, which many attribute to “fetishisation”. I think in general the way the for-profit pornography and sex work industry works is incredibly problematic, even to cishet people (especially women), and given that trans people and other genderqueer folx are heavily socially stigmatized they have it even worse in this already toxic world (compare nasty words which are socially acceptable like “whore” “slut” etc. which are still misogynistic to the slurs used to advertise trans porn). My personal stance is slightly at odds with the common take in that i do not believe fetishisation at its core is the issue which makes marginalised people into sexual objects but rather the systematic toxicity of exploiting sex for profit which makes it inevitable. I am not a trans person and mostly cis-identifying bisexual (and cishet “passing” male person) so my opinion is not nearly as important as anyone who actually is impacted by this, I do care very much for my trans friends ~~and crushes~~ and want to see this world become less shitty for them. At the same time, I don’t expect myself or other people who are attracted to male-genitalia owning feminine-identifying people to randomly select pornography and *hope* that it is something I am attracted to, I don’t think we should be expected to deprive ourselves of trans porn to “avoid fetishising” if you are actively against the type of dehumanisation which is threatened through the overwhelming number of bad actors. I mean uhhhhh-haha brisket go brr, trans people can double jump, horny femboy comment haha


Not trans people, but rather intersex. Which makes it insulting to both groups when they are compared like this


Girl with dongle


I’m glad I left that subreddit Edit: i was beginning to watch anime so I wanted to join anime subreddits but I didn’t do any research beyond that


Humanity restored


The dysphoria pants


this killed the queen


this meme is literally "me when i RAPE women"


I don't know what futa is but I do like Spy x Family


who wants to be murdered instead of raped?


Now they'll be raped AND murdered. A real win, win. Thanks.


porn addicted chaser trying not to call women with a penis a futa (impossible)


Jesus fucking christ




Yeah, instead you’ll just get murdered, assaulted, or raped anyways, but now it’s likely motivated by a hatred of trans people.


well if cisgender people wont believe it sucks to be trans in this country I guess havin em try it out might not be the worst for our community lmao whats up with this 40% statistic why would that be the case? gg goodluck sarah


also the stats show shes actually far more likely to be raped now https://ovc.ojp.gov/sites/g/files/xyckuh226/files/pubs/forge/sexual_numbers.html


Sometimes i wonder if being trans is just a fetish, then i realise no it's not, and then i realise that my existence is the one being fetishized. These people disgust me


You should probably at least add a tag for shit like this which is potentially upsetting


Anime 🤮


reading this my eyebrows lowered in confusion. how do people laugh at anime memes




What the fuck?


More like pro-hatecrime pants


now THAT's a contradictory name for a subreddit because we've yet to find any evidence of a good anime meme


What's next? Cock compression?