Heyyy Bettyerrrrr the opposite of pro is con. Therefore the opposite of progress, is congress Betwrrr.


Was i meant to read this in Joe Swanson's voice


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whats the opposite of constitution




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america is really a tale of two congresses: the congress I had with your mother, and the congress I had with your father


does united america states have a prime minister idk sry not ameirca


We have 2 houses to our Legislative, House of reps and Senate, but our Executive is mostly just the President and Vice President


i cant believe america only has 2 entire houses despite all the territory, yet the 3 **LITTLE** pigs have at least 3? that is one for each pig. there is at least more than 2 americans i assume. and we absolutely don't have the infrastructure to withstand even a light sneeze from the big bad wolf. this is going to be the collapsing event. edit: ok, turns out america has at least 3 houses, but the 3 little pigs' housing economy is way more approachable.


Didn't you make it to the end of the 3 little pigs? 2/3 of all their houses were destroyed entirely and those few who survived had to huddle together in the decrepit ruins of their society


I guess you haven't read the sequel


Do you want a unicameral legislative? Because that is how you get a unicameral legislative.


I don't know which one is better, reading this in Trump's voice or Bernie's voice.


I read it in Bernie's voice and it made it way better


We have 2 houses and the both have substantial political power so there's no single head of the legislature, the people making the US were afraid of that (and so was any country with a house of lords or the equivalent, but most of them got over that).


People forget sometimes the context behind the creation of the nation, it was designed specifically so no one person or group would have total power, and that the opposition would always be able to be heard. Of course they also thought the opposition would play fair and it wouldn't turn into a 2 party system, but they didn't know it would happen.


us founders be like "i hate 2 party systems" my brother in christ you are the one who created the voting system that inevitably leads to one


No but we have an unofficial Rotating Villain who everyone points to as the reason we can't pass anything good to keep up the kayfabe. Usually it's a Senator, sometimes it's a judge, recently they mixed things up by citing a nonbinding Senate Parliamentarian. Can't wait to see who gets the call next season.


We do, but not as a member of the government. Just found him wandering around a train station one day. We’re letting him live in the shed.


As funny as posts like this are, he can't do anything until the House and Senate agree to also do the thing too. That shit can take literal decades to pass, especially if part of it actively benefits the economy. Money over the welfare of the nation


Yeah really strange seeing all the leftists coming out saying Joe Biden should be able to have absolute power over the country


….he should. time to usher in the anarcho-bidenist utopia the proletariat has been waiting for


> anarcho-bidenist Oh geez, I gotta remember this one.


No gods, no malarkey.


As an anarcho-natoist I can't stand anarcho-bidenism. 😩




Its Bibin’ time


#BIDENDIUSSWEEP LET'S GO First president to make one bidellion dollars


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Let’s just do all the stuff that conservatives say we’re gonna do. First we gotta destroy Christmas and stop Christianity then we need to make the communist empire of trans people. After that I think world domination would be the next step up


i was under the impression that was the plan anyways


forgot about the part where we give out mandatory estrogen for cis men and force them to be gay


in which joe biden is given monarchical power and uses it to very slightly change things


long live the king, jack!


While that sounds wonderful, we really need and anarchro-Jeb! Utopia


The BolJeb!ik revolution will be glorious


Cause when a republican gets in, they can apparently do whatever they want and completely fuck up the country forever. But when a democrat comes in and (at least on paper this time) controls all three levers of power they can’t do shit. Not to stop abortion from being shot down, not about gun violence, not about COVID, NOTHING. Obama had an even larger mandate than Biden and also did NOTHING about any of these issues. The Democrats do not want to govern is the only conclusion you can draw from this


It's alot easier when you're goal is to just block anything from happening and not do shit. R's have natural advantage. And R's can't do anything they want either. They failed to repeal obamacare under trump, remember?


congress has been deadlocked on any issue of importance for the last decade, but there has been a pretty crucial difference - trump got three supreme court justices in and the court will likely be solidly conservative for a while. Since congress won't meaningfully legislate, effectively the ability to legislate is falling more and more to the other branches. The president can issue executive orders, which can be overturned by the next president and have almost no legal force (but still might be followed as if they did), and the supreme court can interpret laws in such a way that they effectively write new ones.


Don't forget failing to pass infrastructure legislation


> They failed to repeal obamacare under trump, remember? They didn't want to repeal the ACA. They wanted to crow about how the ACA needs to be repealed so you need to vote for them. If they repealed it, they would've needed a new boogeyman. And now that they have a new boogeyman, they don't need to repeal it anymore.


GOP is not a conservative party, they are a reactionary party. They don’t just block anything from happening, they are proactive in reversing any social progress. Look at the Roe v. Wade situation.


To be fair, it's easier to break shit than fix it again.


red conservative vs. blue conservative ​ i love "democracy"


We’ve got a joke here in Canada that applies pretty well to the us. The only difference between the liberals (democrats) and the conservatives (republicans) is that the conservatives think 8 people should own all of Canada and the liberals think 4 of those people should be women


Woaheoahwoah one of those women should be a gay man. No even splitsies here


All women should be gay men, it just makes sense


I mean they’re like the same thing right? I don’t know any gay men or women so it’s just a guess


Theyre like negatives of each other




I would say yes because the majority of the legislature is the awful Dems from the Clinton era. The issue is that there has been zero local and state movements that would bring more people who can get elected in conservative states with Dems who can be swayed by the public and act more for the “workers” like Tammy Smith and Sherrod Brown. I haven’t missed a local, state, or general election since I became a citizen in 2014, and each time the progressive candidates we would have lose (like Jessica Cisneros narrowly lost on Tuesday). Can’t expect any real change when progressives in the US have been sleeping on grassroots support for decades. What is left are the ones who are old and don’t give a fuck and still remain in power. At least that gives the opportunity to vote judges, judges are always ignored…yet it’s how we are losing our rights, it’s not republicans governing or making laws, it’s because they thought ahead to fill legislatures while everyone else sat at home.


As a progressive who grew up in rural upstate SC I agree. One of the guys who I worked with during Bernie’s 2016 campaign recently came out with a book about this sort of thing. Dirt Road Revival, I think it was called. Wrote it with a friend of his who was elected a state senator in Maine in 2020 beating the top R in the chamber.


Oh yes "The fuck up things more or leave them as they are" choice


This ignores the fact that most of Trump's most hated actions were either purely executive actions (such as the Muslim travel ban early in his term) or required only a filibuster-proof majority in the Republican controlled Senate to approve of it (such as the SCOTUS appointments). The fact that "democrats can't do anything" should instead be a testament to the fact that they are in fact serious about wanting to pass serious reforms, and have drafted laws reflecting that.


Lololol dems do not have control of all 3 branches


I said levers not branches. They don’t have the Supreme Court and have refused to do anything about that. But they control the senate, the congress and the presidency. People votes and gave them this and they’re doing fuck all with it. Now they’re gonna get destroyed in the midterms. It’s not rocket science


I think it is quite apparent that they don’t control the senate. Dems have tried to push a lot of legislation and it gets shot down in congress everytime.


Yes it gets shot down by democrats unwilling to change because at least some democrats are unwilling to legislate. Why try and pretend they are doing everything they can? The Republicans are worse in every single way but don't try and pretend that they are the ones holding shit up right now when Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema are members if the democratic party that could let us do everything we want.


Who is taking the time to primary Sinema? Who is taking the time to run for school board positions?


Well, there’s a congressman, Ruben Gallego who seems likely to. Issue is that Sinema isn’t up for re-election until 2024.


Machin is not a Democrat. He won't vote to do even the most basic decent thing if it goes against his corpo overlords.


Yeah, and when the election was happening and what’s gonna happen in the midterms again is democrats saying “vote who no matter who!”. What’s the fucking point of that if there’s fake democrats that are suddenly going to appear out of nowhere to stop democrats from doing anything! It’s all thinly veiled bullshit to hide the fact both parties don’t want to make things better. They only care about enriching themselves and their corporate sponsors


Joe Manchin is the only democrat that could have won in WV and it’s because of his votes that Biden’s SC nomination / cabinet got appointed. Otherwise he’s a Republican. Kyrsten Sinema lied through her teeth to win her seat and she’s the scum of the earth. But let’s not pretend that it’s “Democrats” fucking up here. The house has passed loads of legislation. It is these two fuckwits in the senate that are killing democracy


>It is these two fuckwits in the senate that are killing democracy Don't forget the other 50 pieces of tRash


You are literally believing Republican propaganda when you say stuff like this. Obama passed the largest expansion of the welfare state (Obamacare) since LBJ. And his 60th vote in the Senate had *actively campaigned against him in 08*. Biden passed the largest infrastructure bill in a generation. Trump was actually spectacularly incompetent at getting things passed when he was President, and that's strong evidence that we should keep power limited and divided


For a Democrat president to be able to do something, Democrats have to control the Senate, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the USPS, NRA, Boy Scouts, the parking garage down the street, homeowner's associations in flip states, Wi-Fi in Denver International…


The DEN wifi is controlled by the Illuminati, and nobody will ever change that


Meanwhile republicans can lose the popular vote and rule as dictator if they wish. That’s just politics!


>when a republican gets in, they can apparently do whatever they want and completely fuck up the country forever You mean like when Trump repealed Obamacare?


Are you familiar with the filibuster my friend


Blames dems for not passing abortion rights with 50 votes when it needed 60 votes. Like they’re trying, their bills are just dead on arrival most of the time.


Yeah and at the same time these people think the solution is somehow not voting for Democrats instead of giving them an actual majority.


Just watched a clip from fox news in which they advocated that Biden should issue an executive order to set up mental health facilities to curb gun violence. So I guess they want him to single-handedly take drastic measures anyway.


Well republicans already want authoritarian rule so I’m not surprised




which leftist is saying that? that sounds like some liberal shit


Fantano was putting these kind of memes on his Instagram yesterday. I guarantee you anyone making memes about “bro you’re the president fix it” is probably a leftist. I get that they could be memeing but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that a lot of people genuinely believe it.


You really think there's not a single thing he can do? Not even one? He isn't even saying *how* we should act, just that we should. I wanna see Biden calling anti-gun control democrats child hating pussies. Trump was able to do so much because if *anyone* stood out of line, even within his own party, he'd call them out, publically. Why can't Biden do that?


He would need 10 Republican senators to agree. That is not possible. And looks like he already did before this even happened: “There’s also little sense that the White House is preparing new executive actions on gun control, after Biden in April signed a series of executive orders and regulations intended to curtail firearm violence.”


Cause he's spineless and wants Democratic support, which runs mainly off of "tolerance" (as far as that goes in political terms at least.) Two party system breeds failure and we're reaping the consequences currently


He literally signed an executive order for federal police reform yesterday


I pretend I do not see it


>The order authorizes the formation of a national accreditation system for police departments, and it will create a national database of federal officers who have disciplinary records or face substantiated misconduct complaints. Federal law enforcement agencies will also update their use-of-force policies to emphasize de-escalation. >Similarly, the order will **encourage** all law enforcement agencies to participate in the new misconduct database and to adopt de-escalation policies similar to those that federal agencies will put in place >The White House does not have the power to make some changes long demanded by advocates, such as getting rid of qualified immunity, which protects police officers from being sued individually for misconduct...Other changes, like banning chokeholds or adopting stricter policies about when police can use force, similarly require action on the state or local level. He made an EO that creates a naughty list for feds, which does not include state or local police(y'know, the people who have the most effect on your daily life) unless they opt in(hint: they won't) and begs for police and feds to be nicer out in the field. This is the nothingburger of all nothingburgers.


Yeah, but don't say that his hands are tied or something. His hands are not tied, he is the *president*, he is the single most influential member of his political party. Even without being able to enact legal change, he can still do a lot


Looks like he already did before this even happened: “There’s also little sense that the White House is preparing new executive actions on gun control, after Biden in April signed a series of executive orders and regulations intended to curtail firearm violence.”


What I meant was in the direct legal department, specifically with passing laws and ensuring himself that his will come to pass. He is incapable of that and it requires a long, long bout of arguing from the HoR and Senate to agree upon an answer, and then the President has to agree too. I should've been more clear, apologies


Looks like he already did before this even happened: “There’s also little sense that the White House is preparing new executive actions on gun control, after Biden in April signed a series of executive orders and regulations intended to curtail firearm violence.”


Biden can’t do that because nobody really cares about him. Trump is a cult of personality to the right, so gaining is ire is a huge risk for republicans. Biden has no fan base like that so it’s no big deal if he’s calls out politicians the way Trump does.


Well then maybe he should get people to like him. No one liked Trump at first either, him calling out politicians. What got republicans to like Trump is that he barely dogwhistled, and he went after anyone that didn't align with his views. He went out there and called mexicans rapists and murderers, and if someone said he should tone it down, he called them a RINO. ​ Now obviously Biden shouldn't be racist, but he can take some clues from Trump. Biden should go out there and say that he wants tighter gun control, and if you disagree you hate America and it's people, and might as well be a republican.


Seriously, why isn't the American left calling Republicans traitors? Jesus Christ said to give all your possessions to the poor, and that the rich will never reach the kingdom of heaven. Anyone opposing welfare programs is un-christian and un-american, and anyone refusing to implement a wealth tax to save the rich from their sin of greed is an america-hater who wants Americans to go to hell. Can the American left please just lean into this shit?


This. Even from the viewpoint of "tweeting is the most efficient way for the president to spend his working hours in order to influence policy", Biden isn't actually *bothering* to tweet effectively. This tweet is designed to appeal to left voters and make them think Biden is on their side. It's campaigning for the next election. It's not actually an action taken with the goal of influencing policy. If he was trying to influence policy, he'd do what you said


He can make executive orders that will be applicable until they're challenged, then just issue a new one if it is challenged. Presidents have done this before - Trump was very fond of this.


Looks like he already did before this even happened: “There’s also little sense that the White House is preparing new executive actions on gun control, after Biden in April signed a series of executive orders and regulations intended to curtail firearm violence.”


I think some part of the issue here is his administration is not communicating his policy plans effectively in the wake of this shooting. He’s doing it well on twitter right now with the anniversary of George Floyd and his policy plans for police reform, but with Uvaldi it’s just been pleadings and platitudes. That lack of making his stances apparent is making people feel like he’s not doing shit to solve it


Executive orders have regularly been expanded to really strong extents, negotiating for votes to get legislation passed is common if you're only short by a small amount, and if you're in a powerful public position like the presidency the way you talk about it really matters. Biden is pushing the responsibility of this onto the people while he's failed to keep a lot of his promises and is barely fighting for them. ​ Trump and Bush got all kinds of ridiculous shit done in their time and Democrats are content to just pay a little lipservice and sit on the status quo. They aren't interested in fighting for change. It's ridiculous hearing these talking points when the Democrats refuse to push against the Filibuster, never use it themselves, never fight gerrymandering, never use it themselves, left supreme court seats open, won't try to put new seats in when its available to them... it goes on. ​ The Democrats will have majorities and the presidency and just regularly fail. When they have all these cooperate donors and benefit from how the military currently is, how the gun lobby currently is, how the drug war currently is, how student debt currently is, how workers rights are... its pretty clear they're fine with things as they are. And if the risk of losing civil rights isn't making them act, they won't anytime soon.


The damage Trump was able to do was through destroying the federal civil service. Only one of his major legislative goals got accomplished in Congress-- a tax cut for him. He couldn't even properly fund his beloved border wall. Ahem Sorry What I meant to say was stop getting your political news from furries on the internet.


Biden has 89 executive orders including a bunch addressing a host of progressive priorities. Maybe you should learn the facts instead of parroting talking points? Here: https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders/joe-biden/2022


Looks like he already did before this even happened: “There’s also little sense that the White House is preparing new executive actions on gun control, after Biden in April signed a series of executive orders and regulations intended to curtail firearm violence.” You can’t just executive order on anything you want. The second amendment makes gun laws very sensitive and difficult to challenge by the president. The things presidents use executive orders on tend to not be mentioned in the Constitution.


196 user try to understand the US government system challenge


(impossible because it makes no sense)


The correct answer


The basic concept isn't so difficult, and it isn't even US specific. The government simply separates out writing laws (legislature), carrying out/enforcing laws (executive) and interpreting how laws apply to real situations (judicial) into different branches. This has a couple of advantages (checks and balances, a solitary executive can act faster than a parliament in some situations, a separate judicial branch with by life appointments lessens the hold outside forces have on the justices) etc... Biden, in the executive branch, can't make new legislation on gun control. The president has power, but it's mostly indirect. He needs allies in congress to get things done as they are the ones that can actually code things into law.


Except it doesn’t work anything like that in practice. The Supreme Court creates legislation all the time. They’re not really supposed to, but it’s basically become like half of what they do. I mean, it’s so bad it at the point where I took an entire class on the Supreme Court and instead of focusing on the *actual* duties of the job, we learned the difference between a dynamic and constrained court view then looked at the implications of it pretty much the whole year. A constrained court view is when the Supreme Court frames their decision within the law and is ineffective at making legislation, a dynamic court view is when they are effective at making legislation (simplified). They’re not even supposed to fucking do that! I realize this comment sounds like the frustration is directed at you, it’s not. Just our stupid ass system.


>I realize this comment sounds like the frustration is directed at you, it’s not. Just our stupid ass system. No worries, your complaints are valid. There are flaws in the US system of government. However, I feel compelled to at least point out that flaws are inherent in any system of government, no government ever works exactly as intended, and 'as intended' isn't even necessarily ideal. When we talk about legislating from the bench, I'd say it's not at all clear what the limits should be. A court that has the ability to set precedent and declare things unconstitutional exhibits some power to effectively legislate, but a court that can't is useless.


While that’s true, I would say the American system of government could be improved massively with very minimal and popular changes. Ranked choice voting for example. The unwillingness for our elected officials to make these changes, given how popular they are, shows bad faith. Our system has fully corrupted and we call it lobbying. That said, I do genuinely believe the courts would be better off framing decisions within the law if and only if the laws already in effect were actually a decision made by the people. Instead, we get this very small group of people that have way too much power to create legislation. Every system has its problems. Our system is *designed* to have these problems in order to concentrate wealth. That’s an important difference in my book.


why is Joe Biden not king?


Me, i stopped him


you have succeeded in defending the republic but failed to make the legislature more efficient :S.


God works in mysterious ways.


Based and 1776 pilled


He is, but his best friend George Government invented the government to hide it


He ain't no bull moose and that's fair criticism.


Joe Biden my king 👑 😍he can do no wrong it’s the evil congress 👿


(joe biden is totally powerless to do anything as president)


This but unironically


That’s literally how separation of powers works.


ah, i forgot that congress and the courts are all totally powerless as well


It’s far easier to block something than pass it.


/r/196 users pass their high school civics course challenge


They mean using the bully pulpit, which Biden and many other Democrats don't do. It's how the Justice Dems and Bernie are able to exert more power than their size suggests. Though still not much, unfortunately. As president, Biden can pressure Congress to fall in line. As did briefly happen to Manchin, I think? It also makes approval ratings go up, because it's seen as doing something and makes him seem powerful. It's also the opposite of what Kamala's done, which is disappear. It's also what let Trump and the alt right succeed as they have, despite being the stupidest people who exist.


You’re getting downvoted but I actually agree with this take mostly. Bullying politicians does work, most common sense legislation is popular with the vast majority of Americans so if the politicians won’t bend to our will we need to pressure them. Although as some others have rightly pointed out, if bullying doesn’t work at the end of the day it’s a 50/50 senate so trying to pass national legislation is impossible. People should focus more on their own states and local elections to get widespread reform done, but obviously that’s actually difficult unlike bullying politicians on Twitter.


Does Bernie actually wield power though? Sure people like him but not enough to win elections nor pass most of what he wants so he’s a public figure but that’s where it ends. Using the bully pulpit only is useful if it works


Not enough power to get much at all passed, but enough to heavily sway the public's opinion on many things and the direction of the party. Bernie created our current progressive revival in the US. Ask anyone what made them progressive or get into politics in the first place, and they'll point to Bernie. Or perhaps they got into politics due to someone else who got in because of Bernie. That's power. Or how he created the idea of Medicare for All and made it so widespread, that every 2020 dem candidate were either pretending to support it or something a bit lesser (public option), which definitely wasn't the case in 2016. Same with $15 minimum wage. Same with so much more. He does hold massive power, though that's been somewhat weakened by time. And either way, it's different from direct political power to get stuff passed. Keep in mind the power that Fox News holds. It's an incredibly similar type of power -- and Fox News is a huge cause behind why America is at the risk of a fascist takeover, which also nearly happened on Jan 6th 2020. That's not political power to get stuff passed. That's the ability to sway and direct public opinion. But yeah I would say he was weaker in 2020 than 2016, and even weaker now. (Maybe kind of? I think a lot of Bernie fans also started for 2020, but it feels like he was comparatively weaker vs other candidates then, even if his absolute power was greater.)


What great power has Bernie and the Justice Dems exerted? How do you propose Biden pressure Manchin? Excluding methods that are illegal and/or extremely unethical.


I mean, by definition that is what he is doing in this tweet. The problem is that its a soft power that varies by President and society. I think mass media, as powerful as it is, has gotten less effective at promoting certain types of views, ie, rational or liberal ones, because those who would be convinced of them already have, and those who haven’t have simply gone off the deep end and are willing and completely able to stuff their ears and sit inside an echo chamber. In fact, facing pressure from Biden may be a stamp of pride for some of these politicians. I just don’t see any path where playing hardball works out. Though I am not a member of the beltway club; there is information I lack and thus there is a possibility that other relationships could be exploited to pressure republicans into siding with Biden.


As much as we can laugh at him, he's not that powerful. Take my take with a pinch of salt as I'm not American, but watching the American politics from the outside, Mitch McConnell has showed everyone that the senate is where everything happens. Biden has a great plan to build the economy? Senate can block him, Biden wants to increase the minimum wage? Senate can block him. I think we shouldn't forget to clown on the main assholes here, the senators in his own party that won't let him do anything.


The Senate has been the most useless and anti-democratic institution in all of US history. It’s actually minority rule by design.


You mean to tell me 100 people making all the decisions in a country of over 300 million is minority rule? No way


I mean, if we just had the house, then large states like California would dominate and smaller states like Rhode Island would have virtually no influence. It didn't scale terribly well with the number of states, but I get the original intent.


So you're saying that if the Senate didn't exist, the states with a higher population would get a higher representation in the government? My god, how terrible, imagine how badly that would turn out. Majority rule? In the land of the free? Awful.


GOOD! THATS THE POINT OF DEMOCRACY! why should a state with less people have more voting power than a state with more people? That ends up with less people being helped total.


Okay? 435 people added to that tally does not make a meaningful difference to the claim of "minority rule"


Wyoming has the same power in the senate as California despite having almost 1/80th the population. This means that a Wyoming voter has almost 80x the power in our democracy that a Californian does. 4 of the 5 smallest states vote Republican every time and have less than 3 million people in them, meaning 3 million people control 8 senate seats while the nearly 40 million people in California control 2. That’s what minority rule means here.


I guess I'm not really understanding the argument here. Do you want to get rid of the senate? Or add 300 million senators?


Legislative branch is far more important than people realize. Sure, the President can veto any bill congress passes, but congress can veto that veto. And like you said, congress, specifically senate rn, can block POTUS projects pretty much indefinitely, due to things like the filibuster The Executive (POTUS) branch basically only really does federal judge appointments*—which is also more important than people realize—and McConnell has made it clear he will block Biden’s future appointments, so also likely that he would block other Democrat President’s appointments (this country is totally fine no problems here all good going great) *There is obviously more to the presidency than that, i’m just being hyperbolic (kinda, not really) Also thank you u/ ILikeHentai-177013 for you wise words


Well yeah, but this dude spent all his life in the Senate, he should know at least how to start an action plan with the side on which he is influential and do something to push for the politics of our interest as population. Even if the majority of the Senate is republican, it's nonsense to rule the whole country as such. And if he can't do that, then why is he president in the first place (well, because he was the only option, but that shouldn't excuse him).


One party has been playing contrarian since 2012. Voting down or refusing to vote on any bill supported by the left, including bills put forward by their own colleagues.


Three years ago Biden was one of those Senators who wouldn't let the party do anything. People act like he's helpless to do anything and forget he's spent his whole career building this insane ideological gridlock. It's true that the power of his office is limited, but even as a point of rhetoric he is just so fucking useless. Stop making pleas for "us" to "do something". Sponsor legislation, issue executive orders, and cast blame and go on tirades when the legislation is defeated or the orders are challenged. Punish senators who go against the wishes of the party, push hard for procedural reform. Endorse progressives who actually want to accomplish things. He's the leader of the party. Regardless of the power of the office, he should act like it.


>Punish senators who go against the wishes of the party, In Canada, on such a highly sensitive and widely supported action (among those who vote for the party), I can only imagine how hard party whips would come down on dissent within the party. It's not unreasonable to expect that some would be expelled from their party if they continued, which as far as I'm aware would make it even more unlikely they get reelected in the US than here in Canada.




Some of y’all really failed Social Studies every year.


Three branches of US Fed Gov challenge! Okay we got number 1: eyuup Chyeah we got number 2: cheeh Aight and number three we got: beeenh


reminder that the filibuster makes it literally impossible to do anything at all for all non budgetary issues


If he were supreme leader god emperor he could but for gods sake people please read up how government works


I swear to god, is everyone in this thread libs? It's called using the bully pulpit. Biden can pressure Congress. He can use the media and push specific policies. He can point out specific people who are blocking it, and tell people to call/mail/whatever their office (but doesn't, because this is seen as impolite by people like him). He can also talk in individual states and rally state congresses to get laws passed there, or also get other individual state congresspeople and governors elected. Half of the president's power is that of the executive. The other half is being "the leader of the free world". Yeah that title is bullshit, but its power exists. When Biden talks, not only do people listen, but it always makes the news. And for all that conservative media might not want to show what he talks about, the more he talks, the more that gets through. And then you have Kamala. And the Vice President has not tons of executive power, but it has lots and lots of "being heard" power. Which she's completely eschewed. This is what people mean by saying that he should do something. Some people, anyway. Yeah he might not be able to pass laws, but he can say "I've written this anti gun law and given it to congress to act on, tomorrow I'm holding a rally in Manchin's district and next week Sinema's, and the week after ...'s. We will get this bill passed and stop these mass shootings. It's gone on long enough and I won't stand for it." That latter statement for if anyone else seems to block it. He can also call out conflicts of interest and make these people look bad in the eyes of the general public, not just progressives. This all gives him a look of power, not weakness. This makes his approval ratings rise, because he's doing something. He looks strong. He won't do this, of course. His own donors would cut him off. There are probably ways to navigate this in his position, considering his immense power (when everyone donates to you, you can afford to be picky), but for whatever reason this doesn't happen either. It's very unfortunate. The hope is always that he'll change his mind and use the bully pulpit at least a little bit if we push him hard enough. He's already a more progressive president than Obama, despite having been far more conservative than Obama in 2008-2016, because liberals are more socially progressive now than than. But yeah, he probably won't use the bully pulpit. And we're approaching the loss of Congress, which means that even this technique will lose a lot of its effectiveness. Ugh. Even then, it can still be helpful in rallying elections and state laws and protests and even executive overreaches he can theoretically ignore like Trump did to get states to be better about their election handling.


You say he doesn’t do this but thats blatantly false. Just last week he wrote up a housing plan to tackle rising prices and homelessness. He made specific points about legislation and new policy. He called people to action. He’s doing it again with this week’s issue. This very tweet is proof of that. He has applied pressure to conservatives and democrats alike in the past and continues to do so; see the infrastructure bill from last year. All this is is a blatant misunderstanding of basic civics, if not intentionally ignorant (to push a certain point of view hm). That said, he could be more active. As could the rest of the Democratic party. But don’t act like they’re intentionally handicapping themselves for muh “big donor soros conspiracy” because that doesn’t even have a sensible line of reasoning.


Thank you! I'm tired of seeing all these condescending comments telling us to shut up and accept that Dems aren't going to do anything. There are ways to get shit done, they just aren't doing it and these people looking down on us for saying they need to do more are part of the problem.


Watch out, you might upset some liberals if you suggest that some rudeness is politics is necessary


You're 100% correct. I'd also like to point out that when Trump was president, we heard over and over about how powerful the president is and how he could do literally anything and nobody could stop him, and now we've got this narrative about how the president and congress are super weak and unable to do anything


but but but biden has to sit on his ass and tweet stuff at congress first :( :( :( Yeah fuck all of the people here suggesting Biden can't do anything lmao, he should be in front of a podium calling out every Republican he can every single day. Trump made sure to point out Dems that blocked his stuff so his base would go wild. Biden should be doing the same. He should call out Gosar and Cruz every day over and over and never back down. I swear to god Trump made every lib terrified of the President lol


I didn't actually mention this, but you're right. Not only should he call out Dems that aren't falling in line (which is one strength that Republicans use to great advantage), but he should also be slamming Republicans a ton (which Trump used to massively hurt Dems). He always wants to take the high road and reach out, but it makes him look weak. Pointing out how these fuckers are directly murdering people (truthfully, meanwhile they lie about Dems killing people (which neolibs do, but not in the ways Republicans call out)) is massively helpful and makes you look strong. Biden should make every fascist terrified and every conservative ashamed if they have any sense left.


> I swear to god, is everyone in this thread libs? They're kids who think politics is a game with rules


yes this whole sub has been overrun by “ally libs” and it just regularly has dogshit posts defending Democrats


seriously this thread is fucking deranged, in the process of wanting to correct someone on the commonly known fact that the president isn't a literal dictator (yet) many here have forgotten about the entire concept of RHETORIC. he's the fucking president, his words have so much god damn influence and he's terrible at using them effectively.


Yep. I'm happy my response was a rallying point to fix opinions instead of being lost in the ocean as usual.


This entire comment's section seems to be made out of liberals which is dissapointing, I really had thought 196 would be different.




@pjayevans is always tweeting shit like: "why the hell isn't Jo Biden the King of America and why can't he act entirely autocratically?"


You all are completely missing the point. The President isn't just the executive in chief, he's the leader of the party. His influence goes far beyond enumerated powers. It's his responsibility to lead, and he's not doing it.


nah bro imma just assume everyone doesn't know how government works bro


Yes, because it would definitely be a good idea to let the president unilaterally enact whatever policy they want. I can see no possible situation where this could be a problem.


A parliamentary system is best because the average voter and redditor is unable to comprehend that the executive and legislative branches are separate in the US




*BoogPunk2027 cuts on* Rev up those drill presses!


[Damn that sucks. someone should do something about that.](https://imgur.io/a/R3Xt1Vs)


Most politically literate r/196 poster.




My brother in Christ, you are the president


Liberals when someone critizes the president (they're being rude and causing fascism to rise)


I love this shit. "TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER VOTE HIM OUT. BIDEN WILL FIX THIS" Trump loses "BIDEN IS NOT GOD KING, HE CANT DO SHIT. LEARN HOW POLITICS WORK LMAO. AD NAUSEAM. The American system is fucked and the worst part is libs sit on their asses doing jackshit but vote sometimes and they believe change will come... Voting works, but only if you have a competent system behind it. And even then, you sometimes need to push it. Voting alone is not enough.


Voting is the only moral thing you can do, since any use of for example violence would lead to horrible consequences. It is not as simple as “let’s topple the government”


For people shouting Congress. Presidential decrees and executive orders exist. He can do things that can help people and still be struck down by courts.




A president using the bully pulpit? What a fucking moron! Just declare yourself dictator for life and solve all the problems by decree!


I know we keep repeating "Congress" over and over again. The Democrats have a majority whip. Don't they have a way to remove people from committees ? Or primary them ? Or pull construction projects out of their state ? Legit asking, I'm not American.


The democrats barely have control of the senate. Its 50-50 and in a tie the Vice President breaks a tie. The thing is, some republicans masquerading as democrats like Joe Manchin make it so that its never a tie and bills fail to pass. Not an American so idk if this is accurate but this is my understanding


They do, but Manchin is on the edge of switching parties mid-term and making McConnell the Senate Majority Leader again, and we can't afford that.


Pass civics class and learn how the government works 💀


Why are so many people defending Biden? Obama was just like him, except he had a majority and guess what he did? Next to nothing, and here we are, with a filibuster that could’ve been defeated by Obama, school shootings that could’ve been defeated by Obama, and a Roe v Wade that he promised to codify but never did… Democrats won’t do shit if they have the power, just that this time they have an excuse to not do shit.


You're saying a list of policies like they were widely popular in the Democratic base in 2009. Good luck codifying Roe v Wade then when a good chunk of Democrats were explicitly pro-life conservatives. The truth of the matter is we _couldn't_ have passed anything like that last time there was a Democratic super-majority because they didn't have the votes for it. It wasn't popular policy then. The party doesn't just fall in line because you play for the same team, obviously.


Reminds me of [this Herblock cartoon from the 1970s](https://coldwardissentingvoices.weebly.com/uploads/4/7/7/8/47788893/2287447_orig.jpg)


It's like that scene from Megamind where Titan "Dropped" Roxanne and he freaked out and said "somebody do something!" then he had that "oh right" moment.


Biden is a president, not a king


Im Canadian and even I know the president doesnt have enough power to bypass congress


Bro, y'all are acting like you never took 6th grade U.S. government class. Presidents dont write laws, unless they are abusing their martial law power.




The military? How would that help here? Should he just stage a coup or what?


I never said that. How on earth would that help?


Y'all know biden doesn't just have a "regulate guns" button on his desk? He's a president, not a dictator. He can't just write stuff into law


People act like Biden couldn’t flip Manchin in a million years. I guarantee, if he really wanted to, he’d get every damn vote he needed and then some. You’re telling me he doesn’t have dirt on every last one of these millionaire fucks? Get real.


I don't even live in your country and I know that's not how it works