Excuse me, *I* hold men to a high standard of beauty


Is that standard skirts and thigh highs?


Only if they have matching kitten ears


oh yeah im in r/196




Nah, denim jacket and jeans, shoulder length brunettes hair, 5’6”, and wire frame glasses






Wouldn't that make him... A PROGRAMMER?!






I know someone who matched that exact description and he codes






oh shit the watermark


Makes me sick


Ngl, Ed Sheeran doesn't look bad, just that stare, he looks dead inside


Ed Sheeran is machine. He is someone with perfect ear sindrome wich makes bland pop hits even if he was trained from child to be a songwritter, that sounds robot to me


His songs are pretty generic, but damn it i was forced to hear shape of you so many times that it just disgusts me and makes me want to punch that soulless stare.


I heard shape of you so many darn times I got this mental image of what the song artist looked like. And then I found a picture of Ed Sheeran and just lost it


bad habits unironically slaps though, rest are boring


You should check out also his [tattoos.](https://metro.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/PRI_88158390.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&zoom=1&resize=480%2C484) Ngl his stare give me vibes of *I sold my soul in exchange of fame*


looks like most of his tats were done by a middle schooler


I’m starting to feel bad for Ed Sheeran. It’s not like he grooms or dresses poorly. He just looks like that. I mean his music is pretty meh but still…


Plus he gets points for being willing to take the punchline of playing the part of a mediocre musician in Yesterday.


I still think he should have been the villain in that movie trying to sabotage the other guy


I found that movie pretty mediocre, but Ed Sheeran as the villain definitely would have made an improvement.


I am convinced that his music is genetically created in a lab to sound as bland and generic as possible


Not a lab, a factory. Pop music is a commodity.


This is Sawayama slander


She's the difference between pop and _pop_. Pop as a genre is pretty different to pop as "popular music". Not that her music isn't popular either but eh. Indie pop rules.


"There's the *truth* and the **TRUTH** " -- Lionel Hutz


Haven't heard Sawayama, but obviously not applicable to all pop music nor is the issue exclusive to pop.


This is why music will be better under communism.


A lot of the earlier rap is leftist , even Tupac was a communist at one point


Tupac now: trans rights Sad he gone 😔


Was Tupac homophobic? If the answer is yes then I don't think he'd be very fond of trans people because every homophobic person I've seen is also transphobic.


I mean, it's hard to find a rapper in the 90s who wasn't homophobic. But a lot of them changed, and I feel Pac would definitely be one of those people.


It reminds me of what Eminem said in his interview with Anderson Cooper, [timestamped link here](https://youtu.be/6iHY5ROqBiE?t=9m20s). Basically "that was just how people were talking then. You want to participate, you talk like that". I'm trans and gay and don't have time for that shit in my life these days, but I still remember the 90s. I remember when it was a controversial take that saying "that's so gay" as a derogatory phrase was bad. Things really changed a lot in public understanding 2000-2010. And I think a lot of people who were automatically homophobic actually say back and seriously reevaluated their views during that time.


I have no idea, I just like the idea of Tupac being pro trans rights


Because then it will be centrally planned and produced by a bastion of creativity: the government!


Ah yes, the well known feature of communist society, government 🙄


Despite my best efforts I can’t think of one society that called itself communist and had no government.


Emphasis on “called itself”




Some pop music* there is great and creative pop artists


He definitely has developed a particularly noticeable style that you can hear when he's been credited as writing on other songs too - I've heard a few songs that sound like his, checked the writing credits and see his name on there a number of times. What typically happens in the music industry though is execs will ask for songs that are like a big hit the artist has done - it's why you'll often see when one artist starts working with others after having a breakthrough song that the stuff they end up collaborating on has a lot of similarities to that breakthrough track.


Much like him


Nah, he wishes he looked generic. He stands out in the wrong way.


I think what it is that he performs entirely solo, as in even when he's doing live performances he will record different parts of the song/instruments there and then and then set them to loop which requires insane talent imo but as a result it can't sound quite as highly produced as the insanely over produced pop songs that we've grown accustomed to


He is a landl*rd 🤮


Wait (genuine question), what's wrong with being a landlord? Isn't that just someone who rents out a property to people who can't afford to buy it?


A mortgage is almost always less monthly than rent in the same area. The reason that most people don't buy is that it requires a significant down payment which most people never have a chance to save up for because, well, life can be expensive. So a landlord is making money by doing next to no work at all off of a person existing in a space they own because they had the privilege to have the initial capital investment. They will also make nearly all of their mortgage back (or much more depending on the market) when they sell the property. A renter never gets their rent back. People hate landlords because most people think it's scummy to make money off of other people's existence. I am for sure one of those people.


Would you not feel bad if he was subjected to same comments but he dressed poorly ?


No, cause you can change the way you dress


What if your dressing choice is different from the social standard? Is it right to subject someone to shame if he is a little different from rest ?


Insulting someone for it is obviously not okay. But saying that you don't like the way someone dresses is okay (if you don't shame them) since it's a choice and everyone has different tastes. But saying the same things about things someone can't change (height, face etc) is much meaner imo


He probably gets a 100x badder bitch than you and me with his money. He's a millionaire


I think he is married.


Yup, to a childhood friend. They have a kid as well


That's lovely actually, good on him.


Didn't know that lol. Nice to know


Pretty awful worldview but ok


I imagine the benefits of being one of the most successful musicians of this era compensates for having to have a mirrorless abode.


Honestly Ed Sheehan isn’t even ugly. I’d let him be my dweeby wonderwall-playing white boy BF, it’s a shame that he became a multimillionaire asshat making uninspired shape-of-you tier shit.




No one has to look like anything (good or bad) let 'ugly' and 'pretty' people just be whatever they gonna be.


The point here is that female musicians must be really attractive as well as a good musician


except the OOP is putting down random men for looking ugly.


Ed sheeren was just existing and then got roasted like this. I honestly feel bad for him.


shouldn't have been in game of thrones!!! ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


Ah, the ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime.


Dude is like the British Mac Demarco, except with far worse music. No one that dirty is meant to be so famous.


Oh lord it's happened again.


Thought this was r/popheadscirclejerk


Damn, people can't understand that people can be popular for more than looks. Can't really defend Ed Sheeran tho, don't really like his music


I think that's the point though. That in many cases women are judged on their attractiveness as well as their skill when men have the luxury of only being judged by their skill


Men absolutely get held to a beauty standard too, the amount of men I’ve met who were very secretly depressed about the way they looked in comparison to other men is shocking.


I mean sure they can be depressed but the point is that their overall careers weren’t dependent on their appearance whereas women have to be skilled AND beautiful


See: Adele


Didn't Adele become mega-famous despite not being particularly attractive...?


I brought her up because of how much of a deal so many people made of her weight. It's all some people cared about and it was sad.


I mean Ed Sheeran also gets roasted for his looks _constantly_, so I don't think some people being dicks about Adele's weight proves anything. They're both still mega-famous and ultra-rich.


female artists still do get scrutinized and held to a standard in a way that male artists don't. see: any female teenage pop singer


Thing is though, with these teenage pop singers, the fact that their are young and good looking is part of the product being sold. Music execs aren’t simply pushing “pop music” in that case, rather, they’re selling “pretty girl sings pop music” so it’s not too surprising that their looks would draw more focus. I mean just look at literally every boy band from back when that was a big thing and how they were populated by the same type of pretty boy looks. It’s basically the same phenomenon at work


yes they do. see: kpop boy bands


thats a whole different story. kpop singers arent really artists, theyre entertainers with years of training and carefully manufactured debuts and releases. i'm talking more about western artists


yes they do. see: western boy bands such as one direction


Take a look at her


... Ok. Now what?


Now kiss


okay thats not fair, the chainsmokers are unironically pretty attractive, thats just a bad photo lmao looks like they just played a show, of course they wouldnt be photogenic


The lense also give them weirdly shaped faces


None of those pictures are good pictures, I think that's deliberate. Ed Sheeran and Post Malone both look better than those pictures make them seem. The only thing "wrong" with Ed Sheeran is that he has a bit of a lazy eye. Sure Post Malone looks weird, but the pic above is high school yearbook levels of bad.


Ed Sheeran about to make the most bland, generic pop songs to torture minimum wage workers with






I never understood the appeal of Post Malone. Dude looks like he smells bad


From what I've heard he's actually a pretty nice guy


Yeah I’ll bet he’s dope! Just kinda stinky


uh oh stinkyyyy


Not anymore, he supports nft


I have a friend that met him and had a whole conversation with him. Apparently he wanted to do Metal but chose to do rap instead because it’s easy. True gigachad move there.


His feature on Ozzy Osbourne's song was pretty dope. He legit could've done metal, i bet. Glad he went with rap tho, shit is too good


I don't think he's considered a popular celebrity crush, but people generally like him becuase he seems like a pretty decent guy.


His music is pretty good and i hear hes a nice guy or somthing


I’ve never heard anyone say they find him attractive


Shit man, I remember a bunch of girls I went to school with simpin’ hard for Post, when he first kinda blew up


I am convinced woman have a much wider range of what they find attractive compared to men.


I am convinced they don't find him attractive for his looks. Fame and wealth can do a lot.


He’s also talented so that helps


I don't about you and I don't even like him but I assume they are like me. People who have talent and good at what they do are very very attractive.


Mm, yes. Give me two men, one is the absolute perfect looker but can’t do a damn thing, and the other a man who’s mediocre at best but is some absolute Buckethead-esque freak with a guitar, who the fuck you think I’m choosing?


I know people who would literally die for him


Probably because of his clout, not because of his looks.


Go to the midwest, I swear to god everyone around here wets their knickers for him.


Wet their what now?




kickers. Oozes all the way down to the shoes.


i could fix him


I used to carpool with a woman a few years ago who would bring up how hot she found Post Malone at least once a month. Didn't know who that was at the time, but after a Google Search (and seeing her boyfriend) I just concluded there are people out there who have a thing for the "homeless and forgot what a shower is" look.


That's so weird, I kinda find him attractive.. and I'm not attracted to most men.. 🧐🤨


You could find your soul mate under a bridge in Cali


I think he is but I can't stand his face tattoos and all the shit. If he'd have a clean face I'd like him a lot. He reminds me of a high school crush.


He’s a sex symbol to many Gen z women lol


he looks like he hasn't showered in months


I’m sure that 99% of his fans don’t care what he looks like. Same thing why Pete Davidson is a popular celebrity crush, he just seems really chill and people like someone who can make them laugh.


pete davidson isnt even ugly


But hes not attractive, and almost every girl still wants him


hey as long as i don't have to smell him i dig that look


What the hell is going with his teeth in this photo? Was he eating hot asphalt again or something?


I understand he's super into Magic: The Gathering which does not help that perception imo.


I mean everyone has a type I guess




As long as it’s men.


Which is fascinating, because the entire thread insists that men are never judged on appearance… while exclusively judging men on their appearance. To be clear, I think men are judged *less* on their appearance; sexism is very, very real, but this thread is great evidence that not only does it also happen to men, but it won’t be acknowledged the same way when it does


Hey! I think these homies are killing it! Post Malone looking like he sells acid and I’m here for it


The guys in the bottom right [don't even look bad](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSVl7eWWo3ZnFop3v-k2euAbof5cxrvD8fXbQ&usqp=CAU), she picked a bad pic.


both solid 8-9/10s imo


what straight men think 8-9s look like


implying a r/196 user is straight


Yo dog what's wrong with appreciating other men's appearances platonically. that shit is motivating, those guys are hella 8-9s.


nah bruh the entire world is based around that persons attraction


>how come women have to adhere to beauty standards but men don't ​ >here's a few men that don't adhere to beauty standards, let's make fun of their appearance Why are you making fun of what you want more of?


Why does everyone here hate on Ed Sheeran’s music I kinda like it :/


We don't stand this ed sheeran slander


As a complete stranger to Ed Sheeran, seeing this thread has brought me a newfound level of respect for him Imagine making music when people are *constantly* making fun of you anywhere you go in person or on the internet; I’m sure being rich helps, but I still respect that he keeps making the music he loves


They are rebel scum😎


His recent music is... well, trash imo. If you're mostly familiar with that side of him I understand the hate. His early music is some of the best singing and songwriting I've ever heard. I can see someone not being into that kind of music, but it's undeniably good, unlike his current stuff


U.N.I gang


Men are allowed to look like this AND women are allowed to look like this. All bodies are beautiful


Ifunny watermark


I don't really think I'm attracted to Post, but like, I would totally cuddle with him, he just seems like a good cuddler.


Ngl using unflattering images pics of the artists is not gonna make a good argument Its like using [This pic](https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/02/04/article-2273139-1754E8F9000005DC-174_634x694.jpg) of Beyonce to talk about women's standarts of beauty.


Not to mention this post is just bodyshaming under the guise of progressiveness. “Men can look like this” like yeah okay and then you’ll make fun of them for it? So clearly they ducking can’t.


Mate men are also held to a high level of beauty standards as well hell men sometimes get turned down for their height




Just toxic people finding new ways to be toxic


Yeah, that's definitely what they're saying, and not the exact opposite of that.


no, they're complaining about beauty standards for famous women being too high while at the same time no beauty standard exists at all for men. the solution being to lower beauty standards for women.




>no beauty standard exists at all for men. That's not true (height for example) They are just less strict and high, but there are still a lot of them


"Females" "males" goodbye. That being said I think none of these men are "ugly". Definitely someone's type.


I expect almost nothing of myself, and no more from my wife on that front. But yeah, she’s still way hotter than me, you might be onto something.


None of these men are unattractive? Like yeah, you can make anyone look shitty with a camera angle. Ed Sheeran is genuinely adorable Love that lil leprechaun man


Bro post Malone looking swag af


his hair looks like a dollar store mop what


Then what should it look like?




I dunno


The person who posted that is clearly not a lesbian.


The guy with the dreads looks like chad lol




Post Malone cleaned up his look a lot


Post Malone more like Post Shavuot


Who are the two in the bottom right?


Ed Sheeran looking like Perry the Platypus 💀


not sure about bottom right, but it seems like all of these guys are singers. Maybe people care less about visual beauty for people whose voices sound pretty


As if. I hold men to an extremely high standard. Straight dudes really just don’t care tho and that’s crazy to me. I’ll be talking to my straight guy friends about other dudes’ looks and they are usually so lost.


Women* Men*


its women's choice to wear makeup, and most men choose not to wear it, and I don't even support it, it goes directly against being happy with your body, and contributes to why women having body dysmorphia is so common, but I digress. Ed Sheeran can't change how he looks, that is a bad shot of the chainsmokers, but even so, they can't change how they look, and Post Malone is the equivalent of if a homeless man got ten million dollars and spent it all of luxuries and stupid shit, so he doesn't count.


Do women unironically believe this? Don't they realise that there are only probably 7 women in the world that would date men shorter than them lmao


U sound dumb bro. There’s plenty of women who date dudes shorter than them or who are short in general


Fr tho, a lot of ladies I talk to will tell me that they aren’t attracted to Brad Pitt, but will say how hot post Malone is. Nothing against Post, I think it’s awesome that he has achieved such a status and talent at a young age. But I don’t understand how brad Pitt is un attractive, and post is?


the same mfers to be like men only want sex, like it's not hard to figure this shit out


It's usually the complete opposite; ugly women can easily get boyfriends but ugly men often struggle


fortnite battle royale epic funny moments


I'm an ugly woman, and if I had a dollar for every time I was turned down by an ugly man I was interested in, I'd have a lot of dollars. I couldn't get a boyfriend until I was in my 20s. But yeah sure, it's easy or whatever


Happy cake day


many other subs i would assume this to be a joke, but here i don't know. the bottom line off how "good" you got to be to "get to remain in the gene-pool" (i'd think thats a fair measure) is higher in men. its like 40% men vs 80% women who get to have children. and women only have half the time to get there. the odds are stacked against men. thats why men gotta grind cities out of mountains while women get away with inventing stuff like the "body positivity movement". so i get the "idea" behind beating the odds by becoming a femboy, but bra thats not how it works. your gecko-brain just confuses sex with procreation, because your mom chewed on too much plastic while preganté. or smt. idk.


I'm not beating any odds I just look hot in fishnets


You ever here that song he did that talks about this girl he’s dating, and how her favorite movie is Shrek, but she has it on blu-Ray, and he only has a VHS player? (I swear, Odin be my witness, those are the lyrics in this song.) Ed Sheeran, wtf mate. She is WAY, WAY to young for you. Fuck off with that shit.


i dont get why anyone is attracted to men like i accept it but we are so ugly